Gender, Genitals, and Urination- Dispelling the Falsehoods

Ever heard the myth that all (cis) men can pee standing up and all (cis) women cannot? Yeah, me too.

In fact, I have heard so much about it, from men and from women, I thought I would scour the internet and even do some personal research (which included successfully disproving the myth several times, in multiple types of clothing). Hence, this post is the biggest and most comprehensive research article on the subject, ever.

Part of the reason I’m addressing the myth is because of the misogynistic overtone (“women are inferior”), part of it is to teach women a useful skill, part of it is to teach unsuccessful men that they should not feel lack of worth over their inability to do it, and part of it is to merely satisfy curiosity.

I also think health is intricately related to this topic. A woman who does not know about her urination or urethral hole and neglects her body will be more prone to illnesses and problems. A woman who sits to pee does not pay attention to the strength of her urine. A woman who does not spread her lips (like a man who doesn’t pull back his foreskin) will likely get urine dripping on her genitals, which wiping doesn’t fully remove, which may account for the larger amount of female urinary infections. A woman who learns to handle her genitalia will have less shame about her sexuality and also will not squeeze up her parts and cause discomfort and an overly “protective” environment that keeps the genitals away from contact with the outside world, which may help them develop better immunity.

Sadly, many women don’t even know where their urethral hole is. When we wipe our anus after defecation, we don’t use a mirror, and we don’t need to see it, to know where it is. Yet many people- including women and doctors!- do not know where the female urethra is. Basically, the asshole is more acknowledged and familiar than the female genitals. That is patriarchy.


Here are some factors that the myth puts forth as “evidence”:

*penises protrude

*penises are flexible

*penises pee in a straight line

*penises point out up and forward

*pee comes out at the tip


And my rebuttals:

*many penises are short/small and barely pop out at all

*many penises are not as flexible as others

*foreskin often prevents the pee from going straight; also can be distorted by the shape of the meatus (pee hole), or by semen or dirt stuck in the meatus, the speed of the flow, etc.

*many penises are located further down and some point down more than forward

*many meatuses are not right at the tip and a few are not near the tip or even on the penis


As for (cis) women:

*many women’s pubic areas protrude more than others’

*some women’s vulvas are more flexible than others’

*some vulvas pee in a straight line if the labia and clitoris (like the foreskin) don’t obstruct it; also, the lips (like the foreskin) can be pulled apart and up to un—obstruct the urethra and send everything forward

*many women’s urethras are more far forward and up more; many aren’t, just like many men’s

*women with urethras further forward piss more near the tip of the genital area



*Why would having a long, flexible hose with a pee hole on the tip (which not all cis men have) make it easier? In some ways it is harder, because it can be accidentally bounced and mispointed and sprayed all over.

*Is it any harder to pull the lips apart and up than to pull a penis up and point it? I don’t think so. Especially not if errant foreskin is involved.

*Is it any harder to pull the pants down a bit while pulling the lips up and apart than it is to pull the pants down a bit and pull the penis up and over- and then point it? (and pull foreskin back) I don’t think so.

*Is it any harder to pull a flexible/larger vulva above the pants than it is to pull a flexible/larger penis above? No.

*Is it any harder to pull the vulva apart while pulling the pants fly apart around it than it is to pull the penis through the fly? Nope.

*Many (not all) cis-female vulvas are located lower down and many (not all) cis-male penises are located further up in front. Perhaps the fly (hole in pants) located further down and under  would make it easier for many cis-women (except flexible ones/women with longer or bigger pubic areas, or women with higher up urethras in front), but harder for many cis men (except for those with longer/more flexible penises or penises located further down with smaller scrotum that would not get in the way).

*Who says pee has to go straight forward? The whole idea is West-centric, in that there is a toilet in front of the person. If the toilets were holes in the ground, pissing straight down would be valued and going out and forward (or up, or left, or right, or up-right, etc) would only be a liability. Many (not all) cis men would be disadvantaged and many (not all) cis women would be favored.

*Same with skirts/dresses. If many penises (not all) point forward and are located up in front, and many (not all) vulvas point down and are located more on bottom, then a dress or skirt would be easier for more cis women and harder for more cis men! A cis man would likely have to point his penis down from the outside (embarrassing), point it correctly, and even then, the pee might get on his scrotum unless his penis were long enough. And don’t even ask what might happen if he had foreskin. Of course, in this scenario, cis women whose vulvas/urethras were more forward and in front (or which were larger and floppy/movable) would be disadvantaged and cis men whose penises were pointed down, and who had small scrotum, would be okay.

*Boys are told to touch and play with their penis while growing up, and this could very likely make the penis bigger than it would normally be. Girls are taught to sit on and squish up and ignore or lock away their genitals, which squeezes them together and obstructs the urethra (imagine a boy being  always told to sit on his penis and always keep his foreskin squished over it). Girls’ pubic area (not just the lips and clit, but the area that the lips/clit and the pee hole are situated on) will be squeezed smaller, and if girls opened up and touched and played with their area more, it may end up protruding more than it usually does now.

*Boys are taught from a young age that they “have to” pee standing up to be a real boy, and therefore they grow used to pulling up their penises forward. Girls are taught to sit down, bend forward, keep their legs together while sitting on chairs and couches, and otherwise perform genital-retracting/vulva-invisibilising behaviours. If girls pulled their pee holes and labia forwards and open the way boys pull their penises up and forward (which likely straightens and trains the urethra and penis in that direction), girls’ genitals would likely end up being situated more in front. Buddha’s earlobes were made long by wearing earrings and so, too, can the way we treat the genitals cause them to change. Nothing is written into stone.

This woman’s urethra is angled further forward after four decades of doing it upright:

“Boise woman writes: Placerville woman, jeans are the most difficult type of pants to stand and pee in. I’ve found mens jeans tend to have a little longer zipper than womens jeans. After 40+ years of standing my urethra tends to angle forward a little.”

*If a woman drips, it goes into her pants, they say, but if a man drips, it’s farther away from him. Not true. Some penises, yes, are large, but some are shorter (most are, in fact). Also, some women have larger pubic areas that protrude and urethras that are further forward. Don’t forget that pants are not designed for people (cis male OR cis female) whose urethras are more on bottom, because there is no fly on bottom.

*Some people- even some proponents of female standing practices- think it is inherently easier and neater for men. This is not true, as evidence by several comments by people with male bodies, especially those with foreskin:

“Melbourne man writes: Most women here seem to be concerned about “dripping” or “spraying”, but my six year old son still pees all over the floor every now and then and guys with foreskins also have the same problem with direction and dripping.”

*Just like if a man’s fingers slip (on his penis or foreskin), if a woman’s fingers slip, the aim will go wrong. If the woman’s genital area protrudes more, it won’t get on her, and if a man has a small penis, it will.

*And if it does, so what? Urine is sterile. It is natural. It’s no more ’embarrassing’ or unhealthy to get urine on your underpants if you drip or mess up than it is to get it on your shoes or ground or dripping down the end of the penis (and perhaps scrotum). Less embarrassing, in fact, in some ways.



*On small penises and urination there has been a lot of writing indicating that size- including too large a size- does cause problems for some men (keep in mind, the average is said to be between 1-4 inches flaccid, which, of course, is probably exaggerated upwards):

“Sissyman can’t find it:
I still urinate standing up although sometimes it’s a pain having to pull the fly open and search for my tiny nub especially when I really need to pee.”

“TinyUK says:
I have a tiny dick. It’s so small that sometimes if I have a pee in the urinals I pee on my balls.”

“Norcoguy does it at work:
I have a problem, because of my small penis, when I stand up to pee, I often wet my trousers as my penis is too small to reach over my fly of my trousers. This is very embarrassing for me as it often happens at work – Norcoguy”

“cuckyman coats his balls often:
I usually pee standing up and I almost always pee on my balls and leak all over my boxers and pants even after shaking it real good.”

“litlebigman needs to drop em:
Except when using public urinals I almost always pull my pants down when I pee because my tiny penis is too difficult to pull clear of my trouser fly (I only use my thumb and forefinger to hold it).”

“smallerthanaverage has piss running down his legs:
My dick is so small that at times when I do have to pee I cant find it on time and I end up pissing in my hand and down my leg.”

“smallboy also pisses his pants it seems:
When I pee must get real close to the toilet or urinal otherwise it goes everywhere.The other day my wife and I went out to eat when done went to use toilet and didn’t realised my small dick wasn’t all out and I pissed all over my pants.”

“Easier To Pee With Dropped Drawers Because Of Small Penis
except when using public urinals i almost always pull pants down when I pee because my tiny penis is difficult to pull clear of my trouser fly (only use thumb and forefinger to hold it ) if I have been swimming, exposed to cold or any of the other things that cause shrinkage my penis is so small it is almost impossible to pee without pulling my pants down.”

“I open my pants and pull my undies down to pee, but I still prefer to sit when I pee as Willy is so short and won’t clear my pants.”

“I am glad to know I am not alone. I sit in a stall and listen to the real guys pee. ****** me off, and the you have these websites that says men only think they are small. I want to snap a pic and send it in because I know people would be like “WTF! He really is small!””

“Standing to pee when your as small as I am is difficult. I’m only an inch or so long when soft, so I have to make sure I pull my little nub out as far as possible when I piss. I also have to make sure that the open fly of my pants is pushed back and away.

…..My flaccid penis is so short that it points instead of hangs. So I have to remember to push it down when I sit on the toilet.”

“It’s humiliating having to peel back my foreskin and only my small soft pink nub head is visible against my body. Then I use my fingers in an upside down peace sign to hold back the skin while i pee. that is why i prefer to squat over a toilet so anything that dribbles out falls into the toilet instead of all over my legs and balls.”

“Having a baby cock, I can comment exatly. Small cocks like us should always sit down to pee, it suits our place in life and stops wetting our clothes.”

“I always pee on the floor and on my pants and feet, it sucks.”

“I have to sit down to pee and that is the truth. If i don’t I have to push my pelvic area out and when i shake my penis it sometimes dribbles onto me.
…Soft it is 2.5 inch”

“I can relate as a little 3″ incher it is best for me to sit and pee”

“I have this problem when wearing pants. When ever I try to take a piss when in a bathroom, being that I have a small cock, it is very hard gettin my cock outta my pants to take a piss ? It seems to turtle and I have to actually reach into my pants and pull it out (which gets caught in the zipper sometimes and hurts like hell !). Then when I am done, I always dribble down my leg.”

“I also have to reach in and pull out my penis to urinate and it is a little awkward especially when wearing button fly jeans but I think this a normal procedure for most guys.
I am in the average range for flaccid but still have to reach in.
Maybe you are not as small as you think, a lot of us think we are smaller than we really are.”

“And about getting it out of your pants. As I said I’m well sized and also have to dig down and fish it up inside my jeans by the left leg. :D”


Average penis size is smaller than you think- and, knowing our society’s phobia of small penises, it’s probably even smaller than this.


“i’m 13 years old and i pee sitting down on a toilet. i kind of have a small penis, 1″ soft. whenever i go to pee standing up, i have to unzip, move around my bunched up underwear, and then pee. After i’m done messing with that, i’m hard. i try to pee, but i have to aim my penis downward, so it kinks the flow and i can’t go. please tell me what to do! thanks!

Best Answer:  If your underwear is too bunched up you can’t find your penis, get different underwear dude. Briefs are best. Boxers are basically worthless as underwear. If you wear briefs, you Just drop the waistband, pull out your gear and let fly. 1 inch is normal flaccid size for most guys you are not small. Adult flaccid size averages 1 to 3 inches. Need to just not get sexually aroused when you need to pee, but certainly need to learn how to get it out and let fly a lot faster so you don’t get erect.”

“For me it is not a question of being too lazy to is better for me. with 2 1/2 inches soft it difficult to get it all out enough to avoid dripping all over my pants, unless the public bathroon is really not too clean I must sit or at least squat and avoid touching the seat. that’s how I deal with what Mother Nature gave me.Ray.”

“Glad to see that I am not in the minority (at least at this time) in regards to this poll. I voted for standing and sitting at times. I guess it just depends on what mood I am in. If I am reflective, I tend to sit. If I am in a “let’s get it over with” mood, then I definitely stand, but like someone else mentioned, when I stand, it (my small dick) sometimes makes one or the other more difficult (i.e., not having enough to pull on so that I don’t make a mess when I am standing).”

“I’m a guy and I for some reason cannot use urinals. Maybe it’s having to be in close proximity with other guys in public, and having to pee near them. When I try to, I end up peeing all over my pants. I think my ***** is too small to reach the urinal through my pants. I don’t know. I just can’t do it.
Is this normal?”



*Also that pee does not always come straight out the penis:

‘Now, the assumption you are making is that urine always comes out in a single, solid, straight stream, that one can aim in the same way one could aim a garden hose one were holding. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Sometimes, especially after expelling the second type of liquid, semen, the urethral opening becomes sticky. When this happens, parts of the slit can stick together. What happens when urine then passes through such an opening? Well, it can split into two or more streams that go in opposite directions. Imagine that you could pinch the end of a garden hose together in the middle; the exact same thing would happen, it would go in two streams.

Now, men can’t really tell when this is going to occur until they are in the act of urinating. One can then be caught with streams going in two different directions, both of which cannot be fit into the bowl.”

“Well, even this explanation isn’t necessary. Any understanding of water surface tension is probably enough. Ever had a tap that when you open it doesn’t come straight out in a circular stream? Ever noticed that the slower you open the tap, the more likely this is to occur?”

“OK let’s not forget about weak flow. There are times for men when it is particularly difficult to gauge the rate at which urination will occur. It varies from time to time: sometimes you can hit the bowl from 4 ft back and other times, hold on, stop there, I think this brings up a good point. Because of diminishing returns a man should always stand nearly directly over the bowl unless he has particularly granular control and can “cut off” the pee much like holding back an orgasm. Now this isn’t healthy I wouldn’t think, and from what I know it actually hurts a little bit. So if you know you don’t really have to go and there may be a possibility of, ahem, dribbling a lil bit it might be wise to bite the bullet and make wee sitting down.”

“Why is that when you first start to urinate, it is like 2 streams are coming out that merge and become one stream? And some times after sex, the streams don’t merge and you are peeing on both sides of the toilet bowl?”

“It’s just because the meatus (the urethral opening) is a funny shape. The phenomenon is known as “the adder’s tongue”, as in “Sorry for the mark on the carpet, love. I had the adder’s tongue this morning.””

“it is due to the urethra not having the perfect circumference of a straw. When you first begin, the penis has probably been folded up in your clothing and is “out of shape” to serve as a pipe. It is not too dissimilar to putting your thumb over the end of a garden hose, changing the shape and force of the flow. As you begin to urinate, the force of the stream pushes out on the side walls and the stream is no longer distorted by the shape of the channel.

After a sexual emission, there is liable to be some residual semen in the channel that will deflect the urine until the semen has been flushed out.”

“Try being uncircumsized. I can get three, four or five streams going depending on how the foreskin is sitting.”

“How about when your pee splits in half? I hate that shit.”


just sit down

the post-urination drip is because standing to pee screws up part of your urinary tract, and if you didn’t drip then some of the urine could get trapped and give you an UTI. it’s a PRIMAL FORCE

so don’t make your body do that and just fucking sit, it’s cleaner anyway than dribbling/splattering everywhere (even if you think you don’t, YOU DO)

—– sincerely, resident gay man who has to deal with penises”

“I always wanted to know what alibis guys come up with, when a stray beam goes a little too south? /me “It’s tap water, honest!” is the most occuring, but you can only use it so many times. =o=”

“How do I talk about something deeply embarrassing?
My husband dribbles on the floor in front of the toilet when he pees in the toilet. I am mortified at the prospect of bringing this up with him, and he is likely to be mortified to hear it. Help?”

“too much information answer:
the physics of urine leaving the urethra are strange, especially towards the end of the pee, as you kind of lose control over the velocity. it no longer comes out in a distinct stream, but short bursts that can be uncontrollable and drip without noticing. normally, the way i avoid this is to keep my junk squarely over the bowl and give a couple shakes in order to be sure.”

“Speaking as a guy, people without one sometimes think it’s like a laser precision instrument like those water jets they use to cut through steel when in reality it’s more like a garden hose wherein you usually get most of the water where you aim it, but it’s not 100% and all kinds of things can happen.”

“Ask him to sit when peeing? I do. Always. Unless I’m in a public toilet. Even if it’s not the end dribbles that get outside the bowl there is always splash. My housemate always stands and the toilet gets gross so fast. Ick. Sitting is the way to go!”

“Men dribble, and we don’t pee straight all the time. There’s not much we can do about it. This is why the U-shaped rug around the toilet was invented: to soak up the little bits that go astray. Wash it once in a while (or have him do that) so it doesn’t become a problem.”

“As my dear, departed Grandma said, “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie. If some gets onto the floor, be sure to wipe some more.”

All guys go thru phases where the angle and/or pressure changes, and the arc doesn’t do what we think it’s doing. Just snark at him gently and good-naturedly to let him know, and he’ll keep an eye out for it, and re-adjust his “style.””

“accidental sideways spray while peeing standing up C/D?
ok so why does this happen occassionaly, you’re peeing in the toilet bowl or urinal, and for some reason you’re penis decides not to work properly. the main flow of pee is still straight, but there is this spraying about 45 degrees away to the side of that, which can be very embarrasing if you’re wearing light coloured trousers and you don’t immediately take notice. i was once told by someone that this happens more often after sex/a wank session. is this god’s way of bringing man back down to earth from his elation of the flesh? by making him pee all over himself? this strikes me as rather harsh punishment.
any stories/techniques for avoidance?”

“It’s generally shorts that I pee over. I have becoem so paranoid about it that if I can when wearing shorts I will use a cubicle and pee sitting down like godamn gurlygurl.”

“the thing is women, well the women i know anyway, arent even aware that this is an unavoidable accidental problem. if you come out the loo with pee on you, they look at you like you’re albert steptoe”

“For the original question, I think it makes a difference if the peeer is circumcised or not. The uncircumcised has less skin there to divert the intended spray. Also I think that after swimming in cold water preventing the sideways spray becomes a nearly impossible task.”

*Foreskin (or sometimes even the lack thereof) often makes a huge difference:

“I pee thru my foreskin. The only time I retract is when it is extremely cold and my wrinkled foreskin has completely closed off my **** mouth. In those cases if I didn’t retract, I would have no idea where my pee stream would go.”

“I have to peel it back otherwise it will be all over my thighs”

“my foreskin seems to fit about right, but i always pull it back a little. if you dont there is always the risk of spraying!!”

“I pull it back just enough so that I can urinate without the foreskin affecting the pressure and direction of flow… otherwise it can be erratic.”

“I pull it back a bit to stop the pee from spraying everywhere!!”

“I’ve noticed that with their foreskins, everything points downward, and the pee goes directly into the bottom of the potty.  There’s no need for any sort of extra shield.  In circed boys the penis tends to point outward rather than downward which I would think would make pee more likely to go flying all over.

There are also certain conditions that circed boys are prone to that would make potty training especially challenging.  Some boys develop a condition called “buried penis” where it basically disappears into the pubic mound and looks like there’s no penis there at all.  It’s also common for circed boys to develop a narrowing of the urinary opening called meatal stenosis.

Meatal stenosis is a relatively common acquired condition occurring in 9%-10% of males who are circumcised. This disorder is characterized by an upward deflected, difficult-to-aim urinary stream and, occasionally, dysuria and urgent, frequent, and prolonged urination.”

“I work in child care and I much prefer training intact little boys. An intact penis generally points itself right into the toilet. A circed on usually points outward and you have to keep reminding the child to “point it down.””

“I don’t know about being circumcised really making it “easier” so to speak. I think it depends on the individual, but with some uncut guys it’ll come out in a big spray if they don’t pull back the foreskin because sometimes it can get in the way. It happens to me sometimes if I don’t pull it back a least a little bit.”

“In my last post I didn’t mention that if you pull it back so far that it pulls hard on the frenelum it can change the direction of the stream.”!

“#4 Apr 10, 2010
It depends upon how much over-hanging foreskin they have. I do have to pull mine back to pee. It makes a heck of a mess if I don’t as you don’t get the straight jet of urine. I can’t speak for others and I’ve never watched any other guys pee.”

“I sit down to pee because it’s easier. My entire penis is covered & it looks like an elephant trunk. It’s very difficult to pee standing up cause it sprays everywhere & I don’t have any aim.”
“Do a “Prince William”. The prince has been photographed several times taking a whizz when playing soccer or polo on the sidelines. He’s not shy about just whipping it out and letting fly, normal for over there. The close ups show he uses both hands– one hand holds his penis, the other uses his index and middle finger like scissors to hold back his foreskin so his tip is exposed and he can pee. Of course you have to pull your gear out your fly and not be one of those guys who unbuckles and unfastens their pants, as you won’t have a way to hold them up. Might try Prince William’s method, looks like it is a good resolution to a long foreskin.”
“Boys pee through their foreskins from the time they are born at least until their foreskin become retractable years later. There is no health hazard.

Adult males have a choice. Some retract and some don’t. There is no right way and no wrong way.

Some guys find they can aim better if they retract. Other guys find that they use their foreskins to direct their stream.

Some guys like to pinch the tip of their foreskin shut so that the pee balloons the foreskin.

Some guys enjoy the sensation of the pee running through the tip of the foreskin.

I think that guys with full-length foreskins are more likely to pee through the skin without retracting it.

I have a long foreskin which is somewhat hard to retract and keep retracted so my choice is to pee through my foreskin. I find I can make a spout out of my foreskin by holding it just right.”
“The foreskin can be tight or loose. It can be short where it’s difficult to tell if the guy is cut or it can be long to the point that it completely covers the head and even extends beyond the head.

One thing that most guys don’t realize is that the opening of the urethra isn’t perfectly centered on the end of the penis in all guys. A lot of guys have a slightly off-center urethra.

All these factors influence whether a guy needs to (or is able) to pull his foreskin back when peeing. A guy with a more centered urethra who has a shorter foreskin probably doesn’t need to pull back. A guy with an off-center urethra or who has a longer foreskin probably does have to pull back to avoid spraying all over the place (including on himself).”

“Have you ever put your thumb over the end of a running garden hose, and seen how the water sprays in a fan? Same effect. I gotta pull that shit back. xD”
“I personally don’t need to. I actually love the foreskin in terms of taking a leak; it gives better control over my urine. I’ve tried pulling it back before and it didn’t up so well.. lol.”
“I hate peeing without pulling it up, it gets everywhere and can’t really aim where for it to go.”

(Warning: pornographic video):
“I can’t pee standing up (yes I’m a guy)?
When I try to pee standing up, I can’t ever make a direct stream… it just goes everywhere. This is pretty damn embarrassing, and makes it hard to ever go camping with friends. Has ANYONE else has this problem before? To answer your first question, I’m uncircumcised… but it still happens when I pull back my foreskin too! :(“

“Best Answer:  When you are camping, who cares where it goes, you’re in the woods, haha. Just kidding man!
In all seriousness Andrew, when you pull your foreskin back, does it expose your urethra opening? Is there any obstruction when you pull your skin back? That would be what I would check out first.
When I was young and pulled my foreskin back, it would cause my opening to “kink” a bit, so the stream would spray to the side a bit, then I stopped pulling it back as hard. Try pulling it back all the way then letting it relax so you have a clear opening?
Feel free to ask me questions if I can help you out some more. Good Luck!
Source(s): personal experience and research”

“I’m not a guy but I assume it takes practice, I’ve seen some guys with a lot of messy misfires at my home bathroom where I have to clean up.”

“my ex was uncut too and it went in like every direction when the pee came out. Maybe just sit down to pee. Im sure your penis is fine.”

“Hell yes…my piss sprays all over the place when I am standing, so I sit down to avoid the mess. I don’t want to hear any guys saying they don’t spray all over the place because 9/10 times I go to a stall, there is piss all over the floor or the seat.”

“I’m circumcised and this happens to me sometimes. Sometimes it’s a solid stream. Other times it’s kinda flattens out or shoots to either side. I hate it. So I sometimes sit just to avoid the mess that sometimes occurs.”

“If you are uncut it can be difficult to aim. Mine tends to fan out in a line, basically hitting every god damn thing. People say just pull back the foreskin, but mine is fairly tight and does not easily pull back far enough to avoid spraying.”

“Is it normal for my son’s intact penis to sort of stick to his scrotum and cause him to pee on his leg?

I’m not talking its actually stuck, but it seems like it gets all curled up in there and then the pee shoots in weird directions. His penis seems totally normal (as normal as that organ gets, I mean) but I suspect maybe it’s his underwear? He sits to pee, if that matters.”

“Yep. I’ve also taught my boys to ‘ping’ before they pee – helps the pee come out in a stream rather than spraying everywhere :lol:”

“It makes hit really hard for him to pee standing up too. He has to sit. The foreskin acts like a funnel and b/c it gets sticky, he can’t just pee standing up. I will say its the one con I’ve encountered w/ an intact boy. Ethan is circed and peeing standing up came super easy to him. the pee shoots out more. Lucas’s pee shoots down.”




*Clothing can make a difference:

“One new chap who was not used to wearing a kilt tried to pee standing at the urinal with his kilt lifted up at the front but only succeeded in peeing all over the place, wetting his kilt, underpants, legs etc while trying unsuccessfully to hold up the kilt, pull down the front of his knickers and guide his penis. I also enquired of a transvestite friend who tells me that no TV would ever dream of peeing in the male mode but would want to copy the female method and sit on the toilet pan . He also said that he would not be using a men’s toilet when dressed “en femme” anyway. (This man is very convincing when made up and dressed as a girl and would easily be mistaken for a woman). He also found the Mrs Doubtfire scenario of standing to pee while dressed in a skirt as implausible and unrealistic, and thought that some other way for the son to discover that Mrs Doubtfire was really his father in disguise such as getting changed after being soaked in a downpour and the son walking in by accident with Robin Williams in a half and half state, would have been more realistic.”

“Now I personally prefer to sit to pee anyway as I have posted in the past and I have done since I was a kid, and I dont wear drag, but when I have worn a kilt I have done as most kilt wearing men do and used the cubicle and sat to pee like a woman. To try to lift up the front of a kilt and guide the penis while standing to pee at a urinal is a recipe for wetting your clothing and all over the place. Also it is quite normal for men and boys in Britain to wear navy blue or bottle green schoolgirl type knickers when wearing a kilt instead of male Y-Front briefs or boxer shorts, and of course these dont have a fly so to try to pull them down at the front, hold up the kilt and guide the penis while bursting to pee is a conjuring trick few could master. Accordingly most kilted men will use a stall and sit to pee in comfort, safety and dignity like women, with their kilt hitched up round their waist and their panties pulled down. I would assume that a
man in drag would sit to pee likewise and certainly bolt the toilet door!!! So while I accept that being discovered by his son was an essential part of the plot, the film lost realism to me with this scene.”

“I personally prefer to sit. It is much less troublesome and I have nothing to prove (machisimo is overrated).”

“Man, snaking my dick out of the zipper hole takes forever and is uncomfortable as hell.
I’ve NEVER used it for that purpose.”

“a belt makes that a hassle. also if you’ve ever worn a suit or worked at a job where things were business dress and you have to tuck in your shirt, it’s way easier to use your fly and the hole.”

“Four inches ? I have to pull down a whole 8 inches !”

“varying anatomy makes it more difficult for some to line everything up. Underwear doesn’t fit the same on everyone, YMMV.”

“Furthermore, if you are a ‘pull-down’ type of guy you open yourself up to the fun that happens when your hand slips and the elastic springs back up mid-pee.”

“Another vote for always using the flap. Even if my shirt is not tucked in that day, it is just easier. I wear boxer-briefs and it is far less hassle than grabbing the edge, pulling it waaay down and then holding it down so it doesn’t castrate me while in mid-urination.”

“I also find that getting the ol’ boy out through the flap is rather difficult, but not near so much as difficult as getting it back in and comfortable again.”

“pull your pants down like a 5 year old.

Interesting comment. Of course, when you have a man-sized old fella it’s far easier to hook the beast from above and let it unravel over the top of the undercrackers rather than trying to uncoil such a length through the junior Y-front slit. It maes you less likely to bruise your knees, too.”




*Some men are not comfortable standing:

“Toronto man writes: What a great web site!! I am happy to see that you also include males who pee sitting down in your discussions. I am a male who always pees sitting down. The odd time I have to pee outside, I pull everything down and squat. I have never been comfortable standing to pee.”

“I sit down to pee unless I’m somewhere public and there is a urinal.
1) large apartment w/ tiny bathroom. My cat follows me into the bathroom every single time and before I sat down to pee there were one or two times when he was hit with a little ricochet of piss that had hit the seat.
2) I rarely pee in a straight line due to frequent sex, masturbation and other, so piss everywhere.
3) I don’t have to clean up piss splash around on my pants, the toilet base, floor, and seat
4) you don’t need to turn a light on at night / piss everywhere
5)it’s easier”

“If there is a urinal I will use that, but hell yea especially in my own house I sit. I don’t get people who don’t feel like a real man just because of how they piss. It’s not like anyone is watching. I also tend to spray everywhere so there is that. Haters can hate, but I like my clean bathroom and smartphone time.”

“Yep, especially at night. I don’t want to wake myself by either a) switching on the light or b) having to concentrate really hard to aim properly, so I sit down.”!

“Some men have short penises which point vertically so they would have to hold it.
Some men have long penises so long that if they didn’t hold it they would piss on the floor.
It would be very rare to have a penis that is at the exact right flaccid angle that you wouldn’t have to hold it.
Also it depends on the individual penis, sometimes the penis is shrivelled and sometimes it’s hanging loose.
This can depend on the climate.
Those are all good points. Mine is about 3.25 inches soft but can shorten up maybe an inch in cold or I’m wet. I worked with a guy who had such a short penis he had to be sure to hold it or pee on his clothes. He told me that so I doubt he was joking.”




Sometimes it just doesn’t work:

“The trouble with weak stream for men not vanity. It is spashing your shoes and the bathroom floor.
The ultimate Ewwwww!”

“I have weak stream and I sit down to go pee so I don’t spray my pants, the whole front half of the toilet, and the floor with dribble. It is like now I have the precision of a sawed off shotgun whereas before it was a sniper rifle. Then after I am sure everything has drained out and I am out of the bathroom several minutes later another ounce or so of pee drains out. It’s maddening.”




*There is much evidence that women can do it:

“Aeon Blue says:
August 30, 2011 at 8:40 pm
As a girl, I urinated while standing and continued to do so until puberty. Despite clearly remembering this, for twenty years afterward I heard so often that women could only urinate while sitting – indeed, that this was part of our natural biological inferiority – that I assumed I must have been mistaken. Reading Samuel Delany’s account of his three year old daughter and her friends doing the same thing was a real eye opener. It still amazes me that american society’s disbelief in women’s ability to pee standing up was so strong I dismissed my own knowledge otherwise!”

“Suzi says:
August 25, 2013 at 11:16 am
I sometimes pee standing up (if I’m wearing a skirt or naked) if I’m in a rush. I don’t understand the author’s claim that females need to “learn” how to pee standing up?!? What’s to learn? Stand. Pee.
As Aeon says, it is implied in our society that females “having to” sit to pee (which is BS) is a biological inferiority (originating from a male-dominated society, always assuming and insisting their way is superior). However, sitting to go is preferable sometimes as one can go #1 & #2 at the same time…

“Jessica says:
January 29, 2013 at 11:21 pm
I feel the same way! I am a female and always stand to pee in public restrooms and sometimes at home. But since, it’s so taboo for women to stand to pee, I always feel a little scared of other women walking in and seeing my feet facing the opposite direction…”

“Emily says:
July 6, 2013 at 9:08 pm
I’m a girl and I stand up to pee at home but sit down in public & at school. I sit down in public because yeah, I worry about other girls seeing my feet under the stall and getting creeped out…”

“Marcia Willson says:
April 7, 2015 at 7:28 am
I am a female who always stands to pee. It is easy and I have never made a mess. I remember one time I was peeing at a rest stop along I-85. Another lady in the restroom must have seen my feet pointing toward the wall and when I came out of the stall asked me if I had a penis. I told he no I did not and that that’s how I pee. She said she was going to try it herself. I still stand to pee in public restrooms and sometimes get asked something strange. I even use urinals when I can. Any woman can stand to pee with practice. It sure beats sitting on dirty toilet seats.”

“As usual, the majority of the people replying in here have closed their minds to the advantages of peeing standing for women.

It’s not weird, and in fact it was common in past centuries where women wore longer dresses that would have made sitting to pee relatively difficult. Peeing standing is a fantastic idea in certain situations, such as when a girl has to go outdoors; she can just stand, pull down her pants slightly or pull up her skirt, draw her panties aside, spread her labia and lift upward, and pee. Lets her get done quickly and efficiently, and nearly no exposure needed. By using the spread-and-lift method, some girls can also avoid needing to wipe, which is another good thing about it.

It is also worth mentioning that a girl holding her labia open to direct the pee stream is no different in terms of “weirdness” than a guy holding his member to pee. It’s not like either of them constitute masturbation or anything.

In conclusion, peeing standing for girls is cool, and should be done more often, in my opinion.”

“I think you should teach him to pee standing by showing him how it’s done. That’s right, pee standing yourself. I know many women don’t realize that they can pee standing, but it’s actually quite easy……

That’s right, just pull your labia aside and pee away!

I am female, and I can attest to how easy it is There is no better way to learn than by watching. So, practice standing to pee in the shower, and once you’re comfortable with it, you can show your son!”

“My 4 yr old DD lately has started to pee standing. The funny part is that she’s actually pretty good and rarely makes a mess. She has a very straight stream that comes out almost straight from her little vulva, so she has figured out how to aim it right in. DH and I have always been pretty open around here, and she has always watched him pee. But now she has decided that’s the way she wants to do it too. We’ve both told her that girls need to sit, but with as long as it’s working for her she has been unwilling to change. Anyone else with a DD who tries this?”

“You’re so demanding–you make him learn to pee standing, but you don’t learn yourself? Learn to pee standing up too! You might want to practice in the shower a little. Just hold your labia out of the way of your urethra, and use your labia to steer. I have been standing to pee for years, and it’s so much easier than sitting.

Here’s a tutorial that explains how I pee:…

Your son can then watch you pee standing, and he’ll get the idea too. Since you’re his mother, he respects you and will follow your lead.”

“BECKY FLANDERS’ photographs of feminine archetypes peeing while standing up playfully and provocatively comment on cultural constructions of gender, while her photographs of vaginas with mandalas nestled inside add nuance to the political by introducing the possibility of relating to the vagina as a site of the sacred.”

“Yesterday, a girlfriend and I went walking on a local nature trail. There’s no bathrooms or anything along the trail… it was hot so we were guzzling down the water! We both had to go pee so we got off the trail and down by the creek…… she was pretty amazed when she watched me unzip my jeans and barely move them and my undies down and send a stream of piss… just like a man, arching into the creek.

Yes, I can pee standing up… and because of her amazement.. I told her how to do it right then and there …she did it right the first time!”

“Sorry to be graphic, but:

I am of the camp that believes both sexes should be trained to urinate both sitting and standing and that both sexes should put the seat down when flushing to inhibit bacteria being flushed up into the air. If you live alone and want the seat up afterwards, fine, put it back up after you flush.

Young girls are often not taught to urinate while standing because it is a “masculine thing” to do and because girls are “not supposed” to touch their labia.

Young boys are often taught not to urinate while sitting because it is a “feminine thing” to do.

I think it inhibits a child who will need those, dare I say, skills of a basic bodily function at a future point in their lives.

I think this is silly personally and that children of both sexes should be taught to urinate sitting first while they are still young and then taught to both sit or stand depending on the occasion.

Young girls who first try it on their own never seem to realize that the labia act as a channel, passing the urine further behind them, instead of of holding the front of their labia apart and urinating forward in a direct stream.

P.S. Yes, I have helped potty train children and worked in childcare, and no, I don’t force this on other people’s children.”




*Some women/girls pee more forward or up:

“Is it normal that I’m a girl, and I pee up?
Basically whenever I sit down to pee, I have to kind of control it because if I just let it go normally, it’ll fly out of the toilet! I’m a girl, so I’m wondering if this is normal or if i should be concerned or something…. “

“When you pee standing up is there anything that you do like opening your labia minora? If not, do you urinate without any assistance? I hope I’m making sense…”

“Some girls pee down…and some girls pee out…just lean forward..unless you wish to pee on the floor..<3”

“Females would pee in one stream one in one direction if the labia did not flatten it out…sometimes your lips are stuck together one way and the next day they are stuck together a different way..if you spread you lips are and will pee very much like I do…one thing that is interesting about females is the direction in which the urethra is pointed…a few females pee straight down and others pee straight out and will pee all over the seat or the floor if they do not lean forward…but the majority of females be somewhere beween 30 to 60 degrees forward. LOL! Nothing “eww” about”
“My 3 1/2 yr old daughter is fully potty trained and rarely has accidents, but our problem is that she can’t pee straight down!  The pee comes straight out, runs under the toilet seat and down onto the floor!”

“…every time I take her the the bathroom, and she goes, the pee shoots out of the toilet and does not even go into the toilet…kinda like how a little boy would go. ”!

Warning: Pornographic



*Many women have learned to use the fly on pants (myself included):

“in Helsinki one evening, I saw a girl urinate standing next to an old building—she just opened the zipper of her tight jeans and let a stream whizz out. She did not seem the least apologetic. She may well have been drunk. Till then, I didn’t know this was possible. I later learnt of an entire stand-and-pee movements among women.”



*Women’s genitals come in different shapes and sizes, too


“But, just because your labia minora peaks out from your labia majora, does it really mean you have a problem? According to the documentary the typical size of the labia minora ranges from two to ten centimetres (0.8 to 3.9 inches). Supporting this range, a study by the Department of Gynaeology in the UK in 2004 shared the length of the labia minor of women between ages 18-50 to be 0.78 to 3.9 inches.”

Warning: pornographic:




*Cultural aspects:

In Islam is it proper for both men and women to sit:

“1. Shamelessness. One bad habit that has resulted from using of public urinals is the loss of personal modesty in the restroom. It is very common to see two men using the bathroom while having a conversation at the same time. Had they peeked over just a little they would have be able to see one another’s private parts. This is abhorrent. The Prophet ﷺ (Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said,
“Allah detests it when two people relieve themselves uncovered and have a conversation.”
The Prophet ﷺ would take so much care to seclude himself that Al-Mughīrah ibn Shu’bah said, “I was travelling with the Prophet. When he needed to relieve himself, he went far away from me.”

“2. Increase in impurity. How many urinals have you ever seen that provide wuḍū’ facilities, water fixtures or even toilet paper? Probably none. This results in people leaving the restroom without an appropriate level of cleanliness or washing their hands.  The Prophet ﷺ said,
“When you go to the restroom, take three stones with you to clean yourself. That will suffice.”

“3. Disrespect for others. One of the common habits we find in people who regularly use urinals is that they also stand up while using a lavatory. This can result in an unsanitary seat…
…the Prophet ﷺ said,
“Beware of the cursed ones.” Some people asked, “Who are the cursed ones?” He replied, “People who relieve themselves in public pathways or in shaded areas.””

“The Prophet ﷺ always sat down to relieve himself. This is proven by ‘Ā’ishah (ra), who was constantly in his presence. She said, “Don’t believe anyone that tells you the Prophet ﷺ used to stand while urinating. He always used to sit down.””

“Sara says:
September 2, 2011 at 12:10 pm
To men who come up with a million non-sensical reasons on why men cannot sit and piss:
Muslim men are advised to sit down, while peeing. So, at least a billion man in this world are trained to sit down and pee, it does not sound unnatural or disabling to them and as a matter of fact, standing up and peeing is very unnatural to them.”

*In western culture, you are not a man if you cannot piss like one:

“We also need to consider what it takes to be defined as a boy: a big enough penis and the ability to pee standing up. A ‘proper’ penis not only has to be long enough and thick enough, it also has to have a urethra running through it and emerging at the tip of the glans. If the urethra emerges somewhere else — markedly off-centre, halfway along the penis or at its base, the condition is known as hypospadias. Whereas small size can only be altered, if at all, by hormone therapy, hypospadias is dealt with surgically — although severe hypostadias plus small penis usually equals female.”

“The strict sexual agenda for bodies in America extends to little boys as well. To grow up to be a real man, a boy will have to be able to do two things — pee standing up and penetrate a vagina with his penis. If a little boy has to sit like a girl to urinate because his urethra exits somewhere along the shaft of his penis rather than the tip (a condition that can occur in as many as 8 out of 1,000), he may be subjected to many disheartening surgeries over the course of his childhood to correct this “defect,” and be left with a lifetime of chronic infections and emotional trauma.”





“Denver man writes: I think your site is great. I have passed it on to my female hiking companions. A note of encouragement on accuracy, little boys take a long time to get good at this and even adult males miss every now and then so don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to get it right.”

“my husband and my son, who were left intact at birth, BOTH chose to undergo the surgery after age thirty for various reasons. They are enjoying the many benefits (being able to pee straight is a very minor one)”

“Palo Alto man writes: …does the presence of a non-retracted foreskin interfere with the aiming and narrowness of a guys urine stream. I think that varies from case to case, just as it varies in women. The tightness of an adult foreskin can vary quite a bit. A few guys have written that they can’t retract their foreskin and only have a small exit hole at the end. They claim that their foreskins balloon out when they urinate as the urine backs up into it.
Though you feel that woman should use the pee technique that she feels comfortable with, many NORM members tend to believe that peeing with a foreskin is the only reasonable way to go. If women say its not natural to hold open their lips when they pee, then the same logic could be applied to men who are uncircumcised, in that perhaps they should not retract their foreskin or even hold their penis.”

“Wellington man writes: Hello Denise A great site! Personal liberation is very important. Note: men can have problems too, and I’m not talking about old age/prostate problems – I’m uncircumsized and have to “roll back” well to ensure aim. To avoid residual dampness getting on hands or clothes, it’s easier to either sit or use a stall (so that toilet tissue can be used for wiping after a standing job). If more men were more fastidious, more of them would probably do this.”

“San Diego woman writes: Your site is WONDERFUL — I enjoy it immensely!
I learned the “spread, lift, shoot” technique when I was about five or six years old, around 1939 or ’40! I lived outside Boston then. Three of the five girls from the family next door, their ages ranged from about five to eight, invited me to join them under their laticed-in rear porch to show me how far they could pee. Squatting, they used the fingers of both hands to separate the labia and lift the urethra. I have no idea how they might have learned how to do this, but I was amazed at the distances they got, and proceeded to master the technique myself. One day, at my suggestion, we invited the only boy in the neighborhood, also about six, to join us for a “pissing contest.” He was uncircumcised and wasn’t able to retract his long foreskin, which sprayed and dribbled his flow, so he was no match at all for the girls!”
“Well, most cis women don’t pee sitting because it’s the most practical way to do so, but because they are only taught to pee sitting and taught that they can’t possibly pee standing up and (the idea of) a woman peeing standing up is mocked, seen as ridiculous, even offensive (otherwise, even if taught only to pee sitting, most would try and figure out themselves how to pee standing up or see other women/little girls do so and imitate them. Now if a little girl tries and fail, she sees it as confirmation that girls and women can’t pee standing up, because little girls aren’t parents so they don’t know that little boys fail too when they try the first times and have to be taught or see another boy pee standing up to learn.)

For the majority of cis women, they can pee standing up by using the finger “method” (I hate how it’s called a method and not seen as “natural” like cis men peeing standing up touching their penis is) and some can pee standing up without fingers. Women peed standing up for centuries, and there are still countries like Ghana where it’s a thing. It’s not more uncomfortable to pee standing up without a penis than it is with one, unless you’re one of those (mostly women) persons able to pee standing up without using hands or fingers but have hips/legs issues. In this case, well, other things will be uncomfortable for you to do standing up, so it’s really unrelated.

For some reason, they now make objects supposed to make women able to pee standing up… thus contributing to the idea that their bodies aren’t made for this. I find this insulting. Not because it’s bad to pee sitted, but because it’s about lying to people about their bodies!

Plus, not only there are urinals in the men’s rooms, the toilets are larger to make peeing standing up more comfortable… so it’s not really a question of having a vagina or a penis.

A bit unrelated, but I’m a genderqueer person from France, and people seem to obsess on the idea that people without penises can’t, no never they never can’t, pee standing up without using an object? which is why I came here searching about people peeing standing up.”

“As a guy I will tell you peeing standing up isn’t as easy as it seems. I am three to four feet above the rim of the bowl pointing down doesn’t mean it will go down in that direction. Squatting on the seat is less than six inches from the water. Perfect every time.”


*Websites and articles on the subject:



Proof of ease for many women:

(warning: pornographic)
(keep in mind, many of these women are not even necessarily trying to do it correctly)

(warning: pornographic)



Proof of non-ease for many men:

(warning: pornographic)



Small penises:

(warning: pornographic)

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Piss Myths

Something I’ve been wondering.

Where does this myth that all men can piss standing up and all women can’t come from? I’ve seen definitive proof both statements are untrue.

Not all men “can”- Google “sizematters” or “pissing with a small dick”; not all women “can’t”. Many can (i found a ton of images on porn sites proving it)- out straight forward and not messy. Besides, the urine exits the body. So it comes out. So what exactly do we mean when we say someone “can” or “can’t”?

Can’t like “not in a straight line?” Not out a pants fly? Not straight forward? Not be able to direct the stream? Not exit the body at all??

It’s already been proven many cis men are bad at this (foreskin can make it spray, some penises are too small to come out the fly or to point and aim, or not flexible enough, sometimes the shape of the pee hole just makes it come out crooked even without foreskin, sometimes the penis is smaller and down low and points down more. Sometimes the pee hole isn’t at the exact tip, etc etc etc etc……) Like a woman spreading the lips, many cis men spread the foreskin and lift the penis up and over the fly or waistband, if it fits over that is. If not, a fly can be pressed around the area, like many women can do. He spreads the foreskin and lifts or aims (if it is big and flexible enough) the penis. Actually this is more work than some cis women need to do since they sometimes only need to spread the lips and it goes forward. Some can just put their legs apart and make it go forward. The more ya know! Sometimes if men pull the skin back too much it distorts the urethra and it doesn’t come out in a stream. (Same thing with cis women who pull too hard or pull one lip further than the other). Sometimes something plugs the hole up or the sides of the penis head sticks together and a multiple stream comes out.

It isn’t really a size thing either. You can spit out your mouth straight and your mouth doesn’t protrude (many penises don’t protrude much either). Most cis women can bring the urethra hole up to shoot out the fly and some spread the lips while doing it. Very simple. Some just pull their clit up and it shoots out straight forward. Some pinch the lips somehow and lift them. Many vulvas and pubic areas are bigger than others and can rest better outside a hole in the pants. Like smaller penises, smaller vulvas may drip on the pants a bit if a fly is used. Larger ones not as likely. Some cis women can grab their lips/mound outside their pants with their hand and go. Many spread the lips. Some don’t. But there is a taboo against large female genitals and small male ones. Some cis women just put a finger above the area and pull up and it works. Many women can just spread their legs apart without touching anything and it comes forward. If pants are used the fly can simply be pulled to expose the area. Voila. Many can pull their urethra hole above the waistband if it is higher up or they are flexible or they pull far. Even one handed. Some men have smaller penises that are down low and point down and don’t bend up well.

Often, the cis woman’s urethra is more on bottom. But not always. Some are forward and further up. Often, the penis is up in front of the body but some are further down like between the legs and point a but straighter down.

The “penis” is not more equipped for easier urination than the vulva. Why would it be? You can bend your urethra area or penis to point forward. Little boys in the USA are taught to pull it up and forward and it sometimes actually gets trained to point a bit up more and be more flexible and with more and more practice the urethra “learns” to go in the proper direction so it makes it more automatic and everything lines up better. A cis woman online who learned the trick said her urethra area points up/forward more now because she has been doing the technique for a while.

Cis women are taught to sit with their legs together and it squishes up the genitals. They are taught proper masturbation is penetration of vagina and not playing with the lips and clit and mound, which would help the area grow more. Boys are taught to touch expose and play with their genitals and if they are deemed “too small”, they are taken to the doctor to help grow. Women are not taught to stand up and direct their piss forward and forget that it takes many boys a lot of practice, (some of whom still never do it well) so when they fail when learning they think it is because they are women.

And probably the number one reason for the myth: women are not supposed to touch their genitals. Men can. No wonder girls never figure it out! If women were taught to touch their genitals but men were taught not to touch their penises they would likely not figure out any (usual) male techniques and would conclude only women could pee forward while standing. Aiming the penis and pulling the foreskin back is not necessarily easier then simply pulling lips back.

And why is going forward out from the body, in a straight line, determined to be more “desirable”? Urine is sterile. Many but not all cis women piss straight down or a little forward and many but not all cis men have penises located on the front and up more on their bodies. So if you are wearing a skirt it is EASIER for a cis woman to do it this way because no hands or tricks necessary and HARDER for many cis men because his piss will go forward into the skirt unless he is long. And/or points down. And even then he may have to worry about foreskin and making sure the penis doesn’t move. Whereas the “ideal” female genitals could have the undies pulled to the side of the lips in a second, whereas a (ideal) big penis would take time to get past the bottom of the underwear without getting stuck up inside it. (If he has a small inflexible penis that points straighter down though it would be easier than using a fly or over waistband and if the woman’s urethra points forward more she will be less able to use a skirt and more able to use the male pants fly, especially the larger her genitals are.) In this case it would be said women can pee standing and men cannot! All perspective and context.

“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will go through life believing it is stupid.”
And don’t forget birds don’t swim!

For “ideal” cis gendered genitals tight pants would be easier for females and harder for males because the females urethra would be in the same place. The male would have to find and expose his penis. With a female with large lips and flexible mound or a male with a small knobby penis it would be easier for him and harder for her. If the hole was on bottom it would be easier for many females and harder for many males, because she could immediately expose the area and pull lips to make it go forward and the male wouldn’t reach because his dick were likely up in front. Even then he would have to be long enough to pull his dick down and through and then bend and point it forward. Oh yeah and sometimes foreskin is a problem.

You have all different kinds of sizes and shape body parts and all different textures and ways of using them. Different cultures too. in the Tuareg tribe the men piss sitting and the women stand. In Islam it is taboo to piss standing because one must usually touch the genitals. In most places in Africa and Asia the women stand and sometimes in Europe. Most men in Japan sit and many men in Germany.

Who says the pee has to be in a straight line? Only in a “socialized” Western setting where it must go in a toilet or something. And, still, many women can and many men cannot.

And who says just because most larger genitals are male that means that “male” or “penis” automatically means “large”? Some women’s breasts are large. Does that mean all breasts are large and can be easily popped through shirts? We have this idea that because most large genitals are penises that therefore most penises are large, and hence can all easily piss out through a fly. Well, we have just determined that size usually does not make it impossible to use a fly because some tiny men and some tiny women- even men with micropenises and women with almost flat lips and mounds- can use them, though it is sometimes harder for both of them than for larger men and women. But past a certain point size doesn’t matter as much. Really the location of the clothing hole (bottom vs front) is the bigger factor causing the gender disparity in fly pissing ease. After all, you can expose your belly button and if it shot liquid out then it would not need to protrude. You would just need to pull your shirt up.

Also, the artificial line society draws between male and female with regard to this subject is silly since a two inch penis is closer to a one inch vulva than it is to a nine inch penis. Also shapes differ from penis to penis and vulva to vulva. Flexibility and texture, urethra hole shape and size, etc., also differ.

The idea that small penises and large vulvas are not normal is silly. Look online or at any amateur or woman-friendly porn site. Shitloads of variety. When “studies” are conducted about “normal” genital size do they take into account the fact that small penises and large vulvas owners probably are less likely to show up? That people from different races or ethnicities often have different sizes? That samplings that don’t suit the preferred opinions of the survey takers (big penis, small vulva) are often ignored or discarded as “weird”? That many people with “wrong” sized genitals have surgery at birth or early childhood or were assigned as intersex? That people measuring are measuring when their genitals are at optimum size? (Big male, small female) That body part size and shape can change throughout lifetime and with temperature changes? That penises must be touched and stretched and used and acknowledged and that vulvas must be shut up, squeezed together, and all but ignored in favor of the phallic sheath (the vagina)? That we don’t even really have as clear a definition of Male and Female as we think we do?

Do we?

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When A Man Says You Nag…

When A Man Says You Nag:

We’ve all heard the bullshit- men ignore because women nag. Men “don’t know” how to have a conversation and women should pity them and leave them alone. Women want a “talking” relationship in which they change the man into a conversation obsessed woman and don’t allow him to be himself. The poor dear.

What is really happening is this: the woman is talking not because she is nagging, but because the man is shutting off and not answering questions. He is not answering questions because he is trying to keep something secret. He is trying to keep it secret because he is doing something wrong.

One partner’s stonewalling forces the other person to ask more and more questions to address necessary issues. The stonewalling partner labels this “nagging”, even though in context it is really not, and the questioner begins to have low self esteem and becomes ashamed every time she feels the need to get info or clarification, no matter how normal or average or common her level of questioning is, nor how necessary it is in context of the particular conversation or situation.

Since more men than women behave in a nasty way, they are more likely to become secretive in order to hide responsibilty for that nastiness. Since they become secretive, they become allergic to questions, even normal and necessary levels of questioning. They label their wife a nag to shut her up, and label all women as nags, even though the women are not asking any greater level of questioning than a man would.

(Similarly, whites often call blacks nags, or “troublemakers”, as a whole, because since white people harm black people with their behavior, naturally the blacks are the ones who complain! Same with Jews- ever hear of the “complaining Jew” stereotype? This is because Jews were pushed around in Christian Europe and it was in their interest to discuss it, while is was in Christians’ interest to ignore them. The abuser is benefited by silence while the victim is benefited by openness and discussion).

Talking, furthermore, is not a female thing. It is a necessary human tool- how can information be conveyed without talking? Nor is it even true that females talk more than males. Studies show that men talk MORE than women- it’s just that men are more ANNOYED at women’s talking than they are at other men’s and more than women are annoyed at either men’s or women’s talking.

The husband feels more annoyed at his wife’s speaking…so he twists reality and labels her behavior as more annoying (nagging)…because his REACTION to it or FEELING about it is different. This is lying. Your feelings about something do not change what the thing is. If you start to feel annoyed at me speaking, this does not mean I have started speaking more or in a different way, It is you who have changed, not me or my behaviour.

Of course, the man can be the one being gaslighted by the woman, too, and there are men who are the victims. But mostly, it is a greater number of men who stonewall than women, because a greater amount of men behave in ways that cause the person living with them to have to complain. So this is why I titled this piece “When A Man Says You Nag.”

See more:

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Miley Cyrus Demonized (and my comments)


Victim blaming (of Miley- victim of stardom), teaching sons not to respect women, and general idiocy.  Where to start?

OK, I’ve been a little lazy with regard to posting recently, but I still took time to author these comments I wrote in response to the commenters on that post, even if I didnt write them first in the context of a blog post here.




As someone with relatives who work in the Hollywood and music industry who can attest to a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes, and as someone who studied film and cinema in college. and is looking to finally finish a degree and keep up regularly with film and art news, often from the most obscure sources, I can attest to the very true fact that Hollywood and the similar industries are swarming with pedophiles.

The “casting couch” can and does apply to children, and as Corey Feldmann (whose acting-partner Corey Haim committed suicide after a life of psychological torment comparable only to the torment suffered by those afflicted by sexual trauma) said, it’s Hollywood’s best kept secret. Look at Roman Polanski and how he outright raped a 14 year old girl after plugging her with Quaaludes in Jack Nicholsons’ swimming pool. Look at the odd behavior of former childhood stars with regard to romantic and sexual relations and behavior in particular. It becomes obvious.

Is anyone really surprised when these young attractive former children, likely put through the same torture, break down?

Who can blame them? Let’s not judge these kids, especially not in light of the fact they potentially have been abused in such a way. If a non-famous child reacted this way to being the victim of rape, we would not judge him at all.

What’s the problem? Fans and industry workers wanting more output from moviemakers and other figures who engage in this filth, and turning a blind eye to the (literal) crimes perpetrated by them because they’re “artists, mannn!”

To some of the commenters on this thread talking as poorly as you talk about Miley Cyrus. You scold her and say she deserves no respect. No respect, why? Who has she really hurt by dressing stupidly? Has she lit a fire, has she robbed someone, raped someone, murdered someone, defrauded?

I was taught to feel sorry for people who debase themselves, not deny them the respect they deserve, as all people deserve it. Now, mind you, respect doesn’t mean admiration- you don’t have to admire her- but you have no right to tell your sons to treat a human being as lower than they are because of something they did that while, yes, is somewhat offensive, does not outright hurt anyone. You wouldn’t talk that way about a thief, the way you talk about Cyrus.

Perhaps a lack of respect (human respect, not admiration) is what caused her behavior in the first place. In that case, whether or not you think she deserves respect, if it’s something that caused her behavior, you still shouldn’t be complaining if she dresses that way if you want to disrespect her. Disrespect her, fine, but don’t complain about the result.

Fine people your sons are going to turn out to be.

Oh, yeah, and by the way, how many actors and singer do you think are in control of their own image? Even though outright slavery is illegal, do you really think directors and show producers don’t have almost dictatorial control over their “products”? You don’t need to be an actual slave driver or circumvent the 14th Amendment to be the primary controller in someone else’s life. Just ask any person working for a large corporation.

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Barbara Streisand Criticizes Misogyny in Israel

I’ve heard people say Barbra Streisand is outspoken and annoying.  Well, perhaps this is why,  People who are outspoken about unfair things are annoying, all right.  Annoying to the ones doing them!  Keep going, Barbra!

I read a very strange article by someone named Brice Taylor who claims to have been a sex slave for a bevy of famous stars, singers, and politicians.  She claims Barbra Streisand was sexually abused by men high up in the entertainment industry.  I won’t shut out the possibility of this idea at all. 

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Gay Marriage Passes in RI

Gay Marriage passed in Rhode Island a month or two ago and we had a large parade downtown a few days ago.  There were many pro-women, pro-queer, and pro-sexual-“deviance” things at the Pride event prior to the parade.  Let’s hope this is a turning point for women’s rights!  If not, you girls know what to do!

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Chef Nigella Lawson’s Husband Grabs Her Throat

Gee, I’d hate to see what a “not joking” throat grab would look like!  Saatchi is rich and perhaps that’s why he gets away with it.

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I’d Rather Be Called “Boy” Than “Girl”: OJ Simpson, Women’s Rights, And Race

I’d rather be black than a woman.  I’m never going to apologize for that.  Until white women go around raping black men, I’m going to take the “it’s worse to be black than a woman” with a grain of salt.  The whole shaker, rather.   At least when you’re black, you don’t have to love someone from the group that oppresses you, the way women (most of whom are heterosexual) do.  You don’t have to be afraid of being raped, and you can at least go to “your side of the tracks” at the end of the day.  You enjoy the benefits of a bigger physical strength (probably socially-induced because of greater feeding and strength training) so you can be relatively safe if you’re a male.

I have written– at length- about the (seemingly) surprising tendency of liberals to be misogynists, often to an even larger extent than conservatives.  The OJ Simpson case is a sort of talking point about this matter.  Liberal men seem to hate women even more than conservative men.  At least, their ideologies are more destructive.  For all their talk about banding together to fight oppression along racial, religious, class, and sexuality lines, the fact that women are being abused is conspicuously absent.

During the OJ Simpson trial, one could turn on the TV and hear a lot about race, since Nicole Brown Simpson, OJ’s murdered wife, was white and OJ was black.  OJ was rich and famous and Nicole was not as much so, so we heard about class.  But how often did we hear about sex and gender?  Was not OJ a man and Nicole a woman?  Doesn’t gender and hatred of women fit (one might say “like a glove!”) into the topic of wife-beating?  If OJ was supposed to have beat his wife, does that not make it more likely he murdered her, too?  And if he had hateful views against females, doesn’t that mean it was more likely he beat her?  It doesn’t convict him, but is does shed needed light.

Andrea Dworkin speaks about the blatant evidence for OJ Simpson’s guilt:

Spectators of the trial who supported Simpson created a whole “all civilized people support Simpson because it would be racist not to” smokescreen to disguise the real reason they were supporting him: because he was being accused of harming their mortal enemy, a woman.  Racism suddenly becomes unfashionable when men find out they can bond with men of other races to the detriment of women.  This is not an accident, as in, “these men can’t help it, they aren’t educated about women’s rights!”  It is deliberate hatred of women for the sake of being women.

I have noticed the same thing in regard to the Emmett Till case.  Emmett Till was the black victim of a ghastly murder which was undertaken against him because he whistled in a sexual manner at a white woman.  He was not supposed to whistle at her because he was black, and people rightly protested the fact that blacks were treated worse than whites for committing the same wrong.  However, has anyone stopped to think why it took the murder of a sexual harasser to stir white men’s anger?  If Till hadn’t performed the ultimate bonding mechanism- sexual taunting of a woman- that binds men together (at least, the ones most societies deem “normal” men), would so many men have come to his help?

What if it was a woman who was harmed in a gender-specific manner, such as being raped by a white man, denied the right to an abortion, etc (as opposed to Rosa Parks, whose situation wasn’t particularly gender related)?  Would people be so quick to help her?  It seems the white men only cared about Emmett Till because, though not deserving of death, he did perform a misogynist act.  Race was just a very handy (because very subtle) smokescreen for covering up the fact that they were bonding with him over misogyny.

All the malestream media can report with regard to these two events is how racist both events were (obviously, race was much more involved in the Till case).  But what they refuse to report is that in both these situations, a woman was harmed, hurt, or abused in some way.  The malestream media, including history textbooks, do not side with Till and other black males because they are black and oppressed, but because they are not women.  Remember that.

Do I know OJ did it?  No.  Not the murder.  I don’t know.  I have not looked over the evidence.  However, I do know that there were elements other than race that influenced people’s view of the all-American “star”, whether or not people want to be honest enough to consider those.

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Male Celebrities Abusing Their Women


This was an article or, rather, a collection of male celebrities who have probably abused their wives or girlfriends.  I’m going to expand on it.   My comments in blue.




“Short List of Male Celebrities that beat and/or rape women” – O RLY?







  • Charlie Sheen   (Douchebag.  Once said prostitutes were acceptable to treat badly).
  • Sean Connery  (said in interview he thinks some wives need to be beat).
  • Gary Oldman   (All around wack job.  Doesn’t mean he is a wife beater, but I would still check). 
  • David Hasselhoff  (Snobby SOB.  Wife beater?  I don’t know.  But he should be an intersting character). 
  • Mel Gibson  (Racist, sexist, Christian, anti-semite, Jesus torture porn movie maker, weirdo).
  • Michael Fassbender  (Don’t know anything about him). 
  • Nicholas Cage  (Creep, douchebag, shitty actor, sounds like your typical brutish Italian culture male, something I read last year about him beating his wife or girlfriend). 
  • Gary Busey   (Whack job, supposedly just a very weird guy in real life). 
  • Bill Murray  (ditto). 
  • Eminem  (Talented lyricist, but unfortunately uses his talent to bash women and gays because…?)
  • Alec Baldwin  (Verbally abused daughter during divorce, called her a pig, acts like a baby in his general life, doesn’t follow rules, etc). 
  • Phil Hartman  (Surprised about this one.  He sounded relatively gentle.  I thought his wife killed him.  Maybe she had a reason).
  • Tommy Lee  (Didn’t expect this one to be on here.  Then again, he is a rockstar, and I don’t exactly have a soft spot for rockstars).  
  • Josh Brolin  (Don’t know anything about him). 
  • Sean Penn  (He’s the king of all douchebags.  Totally totally believe he would do it.  I’m guessing with Robin Wright, Princess Bride girl).  
  • Woody Allen  (He’s a possible pedophile,  because his Soon Yi girl, his stepdaughter, was in a relationship with him.  If not pedophilia, incest then). 
  • Roman Polanski  (Child rapist.  Skipped town when Sharon Tate got pregnant, because he didn’t want to see her body go all whacky, which is, sadly, why he wasn’t there when the Manson girls got her). 
  • Axl Rose  (He once attacked a person in the audience who filmed his concert.  Yup.  Totally reasonable reaction for someone who will still be making millions otherwise).  
  • Sonny Bono  (Didn’t know about this one.  He seemed kind of  benign. Perhaps it is the Pygmalion effect, since “Sonny” sounds friendly, and “Bono” derives from the Latin for “good”). 
  • John Lennon  (I’m half surprised, half not.  He was kind of a douchebag verbally). 

“WHOA whoa whoa. All those guys beat/raped women? I’d love to see this list with citations for all of ‘em.”   (whoa, whoa, whoa!  You’re saying LOTS of men beat women?  I’m shocked, tell you.  Shocked!)

Let’s go through them all, mycutiemarkisagun style:


Charlie Sheen – would not be shocked if he murdered a prostitute. Seriously.   (Me either.  He should be arrested for his comments about it being acceptable to treat prostitutes badly). 

Sean Connery – dat infamous Barbara Walters interview.    (I blogged about this).  

Gary Oldman – Accused during nasty divorce, thoroughly investigated, exonerated, won full custody while the wife got short, court-monitored visits. See my thoughts on Bill Murray.   (I knew he was a weirdo, and a drunk.  Brilliant actor, and I enjoyed him greatly as Beethoven, but he is still a weird character).  

David Hasselhoff – Alcoholic. There’s a reason the Suffrage and Temperance movements were joined at the hip.  (Drunken men show their true character.  Maybe we should ALLOW alcohol, because it lets us know who the dangerous little cocks are).  

Mel Gibson – no explanation needed  (A right wing Christian hating women?  You don’t say!  I’ve also noticed anti-semitism and anti-female behavior and ideas seem to go together.   I don’t know why.  Perhaps the constant complaining by Jews about being treated poorly reminds them of how women complain to them about their treatment so they have the same hatred towards they who remind them of their foul abusive behavior, be it towards females or Jews.  I have blogged in the recent past about Judaism and my opposition to it, at least to one form of it, but I am highly opposed to hatred against innocent members born into the Jewish race or religion). 

Michael Fassbender – Girlfriend filed for restraining order, claimed he bursted an ovarian cyst by dragging her (!!!!). District Attorney investigated (after she dropped charges), found no evidence. He cooperated, said nothing publicly. And last year he was spotted passionately making out with her after an awards show??? lol the fuck. I’m gonna label this one “idk” and lean towards his innocence.   (I’ve never watched his material or heard him in an interview.  The fact, though, that they were making out says nothing.  Some people have mixed feelings about those who beat them, and some are afraid to not cooperate with them). 

Nicholas Cage – Arrested for drunken assault on wife.   (Aha!  I knew it.  “Get me the big one!”  “No, Ronnie I won’t do it!”  “Chrissie, get me the big one!  I’m gonna cut my throat!!”  “Well, here ya go Ronnie!  I can’t help but say yes to ya!”)

Gary Busey – nutcase, more surprising if he didn’t  (LAWL). 

Bill Murray – This a tough one. His 2nd wife accused him of this during a nasty divorce. IMHO, any shocking and unprecedented accusation that suddenly comes out for the first time during a heated divorce needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s like accusations of war crimes during a civil war. Bill only addressed this once, saying he was so devastated by the accusations that he comtemplated suicide. Bill Murray. Suicide. Yeah, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.   (Perhaps he didn’t.  Though he is reported to be odd and reclusive). 

Eminem – 

I feel so ashamed/

I snap, “Who’s that dude?”, I don’t even know his name/

I laid hands on her, I never stoop so low again/

I guess I don’t know my own strength/ 

– Love the Way You Lie, which I know you heard on the radio 700,000 times   (The lyrics seem to detail a man who doesn’t even realize how abusive he is). 

Alec Baldwin – Remember what I said about Nasty Divorces? Well this was like the Russian Civil War of celebrity divorces.  (He is all-around cocky and ill-behaved). 

Phil Hartman –THIS IS MOTHERFUCKING BULLSHIT, WHY IS HE ON THIS LIST, THE MAN WAS SHOT TO DEATH IN HIS FUCKING SLEEP BY HIS FUCKING PSYCHO WIFE, ITS MISANDRIST IN THE EXTREME TO PUT HIM ON HERE, SHAME ON YOU! BTW, no, I can’t even find any accusations against the man. Did I mention he’s DEAD BECAUSE HIS WIFE FUCKING MURDERED HIM? What fucking bullshit. ProTip: when your partner murders you in your sleep, you’re a *victim* of domestic abuse. I am fully ready to tell the OP and every reblogger of this list to FUCK OFF simply because ofthis. How unfair can you get?  (So because a woman happens to shoot a man, it’s misandry,  even if she didn’t shoot him BECAUSE he was a man.  And you aren’t a victim if the only time your victim can escape from you is if you’re asleep.  But, this would only be true if he were really beating her.  Which I don’t know from this article yet.  Whenever I hear someone call a woman a “psycho”, I take it with a grain of salt.  This is always what men call women who react at a normal level to their abuse, who react the same way they would if they were treated the same way).   

Tommy Lee – Any member of Mötley Crüe is firmly in Charlie Sheen territory. Did you know Nikki Sixx once ate a Cheesesteak w/ a 8 ball of cocaine on it?  (Sick son of a bitch.   Doesn’t mean hes a wife beater, but still.  Sounds like typical “male” behavior).  

Josh Brolin – Arrested for domestic battery. Wife later called it a “misunderstanding”. Mmm-hmm. Still married….  (A misunderstanding.  Perhaps she is telling the truth, or perhaps she had to call it that to escape more beating.  Still married doesn’t mean anything). 

Sean Penn – Oh.Jesus. If you don’t know omfg you should sit down first. This dude……tied his wife to a chair – ankles and wrists bound –  for like 9+ hours and just beat the shit out of her while he drank straight outta the bottle. Left her there while he went to buy more booze. Finally, she saved her life by talking him into a bathroom break and MAKING A RUN FOR IT to the car. He was pounding on the car windows while she desperately called 911 and tried to get the keys into the ignition. Real. Life. Horror Movie shit. I mentioned the wife was Madonna, right?The cops said they couldn’t even recognize her because of her injuries.Yeah. EASILY the worst on this list.  (I didn’t know this about Sean Penn, and I was shocked to find out it was Madonna when I got to the end of the article.  I always think of Madonna as really loud and strong, so he must really be a pretty blatant abuser to subdue her.  She’s brave to leave him.  I’m not super into celebrities,  but I’m surprised I never heard of this.  I knew Sean Penn was weird, but this is unexpected).

Woody Allen – Actuallyreadabout his *15 year marriage* to Soon-Yi past what Mia Farrow has screamed at you, then kindly take his name off this list. Let’s start w/ the fact that Soon-Yi was adopted during Mia’s previous marriage, and she NEVER saw Woody as a father figure. Mia & Woody were never married and they never even lived together. In fact, Soon-Yi & Woody barely knew each other until he had some extra Knicks tickets, invited her along, and they hit it off. She was 19 when they started seeing each other. The nude photos were taken when she was 20.  (Still, it’s a bit creepy). 

Now. Would you like to know what Mia Farrow did in response?

Why, she cut off Soon-Yi’s tuition money,lied to the press by claiming Soon-Yi was *mentally retarded*, and – without any evidence whatsoever – accused Woody of molesting his 7 y/o daughter.

Here, read Soon-Yi’s own words on the subject:

“Please don’t try and dramatize my relationship with Woody Allen. He was never any kind of father figure to me. I never had any dealings with him. He rarely came to our apartment before his own children were born. Even then, he never spoke and the truth is I never cared that much for him. He was always preoccupied with work and never talked to me. Not really to any of us. Only when Dylan was born did he start visiting regularly and then only to play with the baby. My own father is Andre Previn, who came to visit pretty often and took us all out frequently. When I first got friendly with Woody, he and Mia were finished with their romance and were just friends. I think Mia would have been just as angry if he had taken up with another actress or his secretary. 

I’m not a retarded little underage flower who was raped, molested and spoiled by some evil stepfather-not by a long shot. I’m a psychology major at college who fell for a man who happens to be the ex-boyfriend of Mia. I admit it’s offbeat, but let’s not get hysterical.”

Still think he belongs on this list?   (This is quite possible.  I will consider both sides of this story). 

Roman Polanski – Well documented.  (He belongs in a gas chamber). 

Axl Rose – I remember reading a Maxim article about veteran roadies where they ALL said the one band they would never work for was Guns & Roses, due to the utter horror stories they’ve heard from fellow roadies about Axl. Forget Charlie Sheen territory – this guy was probably the fucking Zodiac Killer or some shit man.  (So he was universally declared by these guys to be dangerous, all the roadies.  I will believe he beats his girlfriends.  Once again, rock is not my favorite kind of music, or, rather, not my favorite genre with regards to the people surrounding it).  

Sonny Bono – “When I smoke out, I hit the trees harder than Sonny Bono!” HAHAHAHA BEST EMINEM LINE EVER. Anyway, Cher has repeatedly said Sonny was a terrible husband that cheated on her like crazy and exploited her for money while mismanaging their finances. But I can’t find anything about him beating her. And she still loves him as a mentor and teacher, if nothing else. Why are we putting dead ppl on this list anyway? That dude died when Clinton was President.  (Why are we putting dead people?  So we know what people are capable of and we know that it’s possible for someone who is alive today to have a different stage persona than their persona at home.  He may not have beaten her, but he still sounds jerky). 

John Lennon – Yep. He beat the women he loved his whole life. From Liverpool to Yoko Ono. Think aboutTHATthe next time you get all weepy over over “Imagine”, hippie.Overrated song anyway.  (I wish we could have more details.  I believe it, though.  He was a combination of a nice guy and a jerk.  A very strange combination). 

Sean Bean – Arrested for domestic assault. Say it ain’t so, Ned.  (Not Boromir!  Did someone try to take the Ring from him?)

Elvis Presley – Late-era druggie Elvis is firmly in Charlie Sheen territory. Repeatedly forced himself on Priscilla in pill-fueled hazes.  (Weird.  Just…weird.  Being on drugs, maybe it wasn’t his true persona.  Yet, perhaps the opposite is true.  Perhaps it allows your true nature out.  And how come some people who are on drugs don’t rape and beat their wives).  

Kelsey Grammar –StatutoryRape. 17 y/o.   (Vladimir from Anastasia?  No!)

Rob Lowe – “Back in 1988, during the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, Lowe taped himself in compromising positions with a 16-year-old girl and a young woman. Lowe agreed to perform 20 hours of community service to avoid criminal charges.” – everything about this screams “lolwut” to me. The Democratic National Convention? Huh?  (Sex perverts at a political convention?  Shocking!  Never happens, I tell ya!  I always thought Rob Lowe was one of the “safe” ones).  

Chris Brown – He got it tattooed on his neck, yo.  (Fucking creep.  I want to steal all his CDs and burn radical feminist stuff all over them and sell them each for $1!  :D )


So to summarize: All you self-righteous SJW ppl that reblogged this without taking a second to verify ANY of it can fuck off.  (Of course.  But perhaps once this stuff is verified, you should direct your anger at the loads of men and self-hating women who want to blame the victims).  

I mean, Phil Hartman? Really? Beyond disgusting.  (I don’t know about this, so I won’t comment, but I will say that we should at least look into the possibility she killed him because he abused).  

One of my favorite things to see on tumblr is all the SJWs getting shot the fuck down by someone who did actual research into the subjects they rail against.

Keep fighting the good fight.

I’m seriously disgusted by this post. I mean, there’s a good number of men here who are being falsely accused of serious crimes and one of them is the fucking victim of domestic abuse fuck you for putting Phil Hartman on this list.


Nice biased list you’ve got there. I have some too.

Black guys who beat up women that society doesn’t care about any more.  (OK, I don’t know what race has to do with this, but…)

  • OJ Simpson  (Andrea Dworkin hates him, so my best bet is that he at least most likely did something).  
  • Mike Tyson  (He’s a jerk, bit off someone’s ear).  
  • Wesley Snipes  (Don’t know anything about him). 
  • Dr. Dre  (Friends with Eminem). 
  • Ike Turner  (Beat Tina.  What a jerk.  There’s Ike and Tina, Whitney and Bobby, and Chris and Rihanna.   Three generation of women of color being abused).  

Famous men who were beaten by women and no one ever really cared.  (Who didn’t?  Men didn’t?  Society didn’t?)

  • Abraham Lincoln.
  • Bobby Brown.
  • Humphrey Bogart.
  • Christian Slater.
  • Al Green.
  • Ron Artest.
  • Stephen Hawking.
  • Lionel Richie.
  • Joe Elliott

It’s not about race, and it shouldn’t be about gender. It’s about domestic abuse being unacceptable. It about the fact Chris Brown has been utterly unrepentant about brutally abusing someone. It about him showing up to the Grammys three days ago grinning like the fucking Cheshire Cat with his victim on his arm.  (No.  It shouldn’t be about gender, but the fact that it is is because of the behavior of men, because men choose to do it to their victims based on gender.  Many woman abuse, too, but they are not supported by a system in which they can be believed and not blamed for it, the way many men are).  

someone please collect this

marcus preferably because he has a really good vocabulary to use on people like this

I’m glad this post clears these up point-by-point.

Bill Murray being accused of domestic violence really depresses me to no end and I get upset every time I see it.

And Jesus, Phil Hartman…

Phil Fucking Hartman. Seriously. The man was a goddamned sweetheart. Be ashamed. (Also Bill Murray? Seriously?)




This was an interesting article, and I enjoyed reading it.  



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Told You.

Guess he really should be arrested.



(and another great page detailing all the famous men who have abused women)




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