Why Does Everyone Hate Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber is hated because he makes girls happy.  Simple as that.  He is hated by the media, internet commenters, and men, because he makes girls happy.  He makes music that’s simple and love-oriented, rather than sex-oriented, and he has a charming babyface, no doubt inspiring jealousy among many teenage boys and adult men who want to bed the young girls.
Britney Spears was hated because she appealed to girls.  The Spice Girls are mocked- a joke goes, “what do you call 5 dogs with no balls? The Spice Girls.”  Lady Gaga?  She challenges gender roles.  Backstreet Boys and NSync?  “Stupid bubblegum pop”.

Young men tend to prefer indie music to “shit” like Justin Bieber.  They like avante garde crap because it’s independent, individual.  They correctly see pop music as a sort of social bonding mechanism, so they don’t like it.  They also like anime…they like it because it’s often cold.  It’s not often emotional, or wholesome.  It’s offbeat, it’s dead-behind-the-eyes…of course, depending on the particular cartoon.  (I’m actually a big fan of many animes.)   This worship of lifelessness is also why they like rock music and action movies.


I used to do this culture-loving thing with men I obsessed over- I gradually made them over in my mind to be cultured, colorful, peacocky, emotional, quirky.  I did this to literally every man I fell for.  Of course, when I saw or talked to the man again, I would find out the truth about the extent of his lack of culture and color, and I resented him for it.  He’d see this resentment, and get mad at me and call me a stupid girl.


Girls are expected to accept any stupid stereotypes boys wish to abide by, including hating reading, hating scented candles, hating intellectuality, hating history, hating colors, hating anyone who recognizes whether or not something’s Egyptian cotton…

Women who expect their men not to act like overgrown children are called bitches and masculinity-haters, and are mocked for their own interests, which are deemed feminine, whether or not they actually are feminine according to their culture.

Women are the ones who suffer from this drive to rip men away from the intellectual, the cultured, the artistic, the human. This whole deculturizing of men, this is unfair to WOMEN.


Justin Bieber is a teenager, a kid.  Of course he has feminine features. The Spice Girls and Lady Gaga are ridiculed as ugly even though neither the group nor Lady Gaga are ugly.  The Spice Girls are all classically attractive.  Lady Gaga dresses oddly, but she isn’t really ugly, and I haven’t noticed her rocking male or butch or masculine outfits any more than she rocks any other style.  So when men say “they’re ugly”, what I take it to mean is that strong, talented, liberated women are ugly.


As for Justin Bieber- heaven forbid a young kid like him steal the hearts of the 12 year old girls these men want to rape.  And heaven forbid should he get away with being cute, innocent, and unthreatening…in other words, in their dictionary…girly.  Justin Bieber is not “girly”. He’s Justin Bieber, a pubescent teenager, a child, whose face and voice haven’t matured yet due to his age, not his gender identity or sexuality.  Men don’t like him because he appeals to girls, and, I suppose, by default, that means he is girly.


When girls like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, or whoever, boys have no right to judge that.  They also have no right to make comments about the personal life and the sexuality of a public figure for the purpose of making degrading statements.

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6 thoughts on “Why Does Everyone Hate Justin Bieber?

  1. Well said.

  2. Thank you for this page! I’ve been doing a bunch of research. Might it be acceptable to refer to your post just as long as I link it directly?

    • Of course! After all, that’s what this blog is supposed to be about- education for others to use in the battle.

      Check out my Mrs. Doubtfire one if you’re going to be writing research about popular culture, and feel free to request topics of me.

  3. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you writing this
    article plus the rest of the site is extremely

    • That’s awesome! I’ve been writing more lately and thinking of posting some new ones, and was thinking of adding some videos to the collection- should I?

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