What I Wouldn’t Give For More Feminine Girls!

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing “feminist” girls going around in tough boyish clothes and acting like unemotional bullies.  They’re joining the Army, getting “masculine” jobs, and beheading their Barbies.   In short, I’m tired of seeing girls act like boys.


I thought feminism meant the embettering of women’s lives.  What could be better than allowing a woman to be free to act like a human being- a cultured, loving, artistic, beauty-loving person- instead of like the subhuman ones who want to destroy beautiful things?  Is it really feminist to adopt the oppressive and life-hating characteristics of “masculine’ society?

Such things as love, romance, color, kindness, sparkles, and beauty are not feminine things.  They are human things.  But patriarchy has made them feminine, by deciding that the definition of being masculine means to hate them or leave them behind.  Rather, it’s not so much that patriarchy has made lovable things feminine, as much as it has made the hatred of them masculine.


Innocent little girls and boys are beaten up or psychologically abused because they like the “wrong” types of movies, books, music, and activities.  The liberal feminists’ solution is to make girls cold and hard and uncultured, like boys are made to be.  They want girls to join the Army, act like tough girls at the gyno and talk casually about medical topics, make crude jokes, throw away their Barbies and their pink clothes, watch ridiculous action movies, be unoffended by actual misogyny…and belittle other women.




It’s hard not to be disappointed when you meet the young daughter of a friend who is a student or whatever, and you are dying to talk about some feminine topic with her- either clothing, or movies you like, or how horrible sex and boys are…and she just doesn’t care.  Or worse, she’s a funfem.  Sometimes they simply don’t care about the damage sex and abuse does to them.  It’s like they don’t even have human nature.  Sure, you understand that they might not have analyzed the political aspects of feminism.  That’s believable.  But how can they not have instincts, feelings, wants and needs?  Don’t they dislike being called Bitch, Hoe, and being pushed around by boyfriends and their culture?


Sometimes you are longing for a young friend who will just listen to your wisdom and understand the almost simplistic truths about the gender war and the hatred of girls and humanness, called “femininity”.

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4 thoughts on “What I Wouldn’t Give For More Feminine Girls!

  1. KG

    Masculinity is not about hatred of beauty. Neither does femininity have some sort of monopoly over love, or over talking about movies and how horrible boys are.

    More importantly: do you realize how conservative and anti-feminist it is to expect girls to be feminine, and to be disappointed by those girls who aren’t? Although you’ve defined femininity in a very bizarre way, this sort of expectation is at least stifling, if not outright patriarchal.

    • Ah! Let me make it a little more clear:

      1. In our society, being “masculine” in the popular sense means hating life, beauty, enjoyment, and feelings. Mainstream feminists believe the solution to bringing fairness and equality is to encourage girls to adopt the same unhealthy standards boys are forced to.

      2. There’s nothing wrong with being butch or tough. That’s not what I’m talking about when I mean “boyish”. When I say “boyish”, I mean the girls who try to try to sanitize their lives of anything the patriarchy might consider feminine, even if they are important human traits, like loving others and enjoying certain movies or themes. Also, the girls who start doing the same oppressive behavior men do against women, like dismiss them for liking Barbies. But, of course, no one should be forced or socially coerced into doing or being anything. I was just stating that I think girls are adopting traits for the wrong reason and that it’s led to an abnormally short amount of “feminine” girls.

      3. Of course a girl can be tomboyish if she wants to, and I’m not opposed to it. I’m just tired of the girls who do it for dishonest reasons, or who tell women that in order to be a feminist you have to imitate what our society wants men to be. It’s like we’re still letting men call the shots, by saying that they still make the rules about what a valuable human being is like (“masculine”) and that we should have to fit into that mold in order to be treated equally. I’m not disappointed by someone who chooses to be who they are for honest reasons (though I DO oppose those who choose to embrace the bad qualities of “masculinity”).

      4. Masculinity, in our modern culture at least, is, in fact, about hatred of beauty, hatred of culture, and hatred of intellectuality. “I hate scented candles, I’m a guy.” “Egyptian cotton? I don’t know what the hell that is!” “Who ever heard of Beethoven?” “I haven’t read a book since ninth grade.” Even many self-described masculine men will admit to this.

      5. Many traits that are described as “feminine” in our culture are, in fact, better than “masculine” ones as defined (morality, gentleness, awareness, social skills) and when people choose to give up those traits, they are, in fact, making a decision about their personalities for the worse.


      I’m aware that not all brands of masculinity are the same, and that not all men are “masculine” is one way or another, or sometimes not in any way. But the particular brand of masculinity in the modern United States definitely is hateful of beauty and culture. It is also what we’d call “biophobic” (hateful of life), as evidenced by the obsession with violence, phrases like “sick” used to mean “good”, eschewing health food and bodily care, and twisted jokes and acts upon small kittens or other animals. It’ll be a lot happier a world if girls and boys are taught that they don’t have to adopt the “values” patriarchy has currently set as “masculine” in order to be free.

      I’m also aware there are many girls who are “boyish” (but embrace the healthy traits, not the destructive ones) and that they are a welcome change from all the girls of the past, the fancied-up princesses.

      Thanks for your reply, it was well thought out, and I’ll try to make my articles clearer in the future! Peace!

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