Visiting Prostitutes is Degrading…For the John?

Basic summary:

-A woman friend of mine took me to them, so I’m not as responsible!
-It was scary and intimidating, especially when they made the girls line up…it was scary for ME!
-It was humiliating FOR ME because she inspected me for disease (even though I could leave anytime)
-I was happy afterwards so it’s not degrading, herp a derp!
-Some brothels don’t treat prostitutes badly, so it’s OK!! they didn’t feel victimized.
-Your male relative might visit a prostitute in the future, so let’s make sure johns’ behavior is normalized!
-We need to condemn people who take advantage of women forced into it, but that’s not all prostitutes!

John* is a writer by trade, a frustrated rock star in his spare time, a social media junkie, and a committed atheist.” [how did i guess?  walking talking stereotype]


To be fair, I do think it’s possible for a person to choose sex work as a valid choice, but it’s just too damn hard to tell whether a particular woman did or did not make a meaningful choice when she’s living under a patriarchy.  Still, my guess is that sex work jobs that are done by those who legitimately choose to do it would still be low in number, even without a patriarchy.

And as much as I want to think he’s a nice guy, this “John” fellow smacks of being an apologist for all sorts of things.



*well, if the name fits!

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