Women Objectify Men by Hugo Schwyzer


Summary: Hugo Schwyzer, who used to have sex with female college students on his professor desk, is saying that women can be just a lustful as men (so maybe men can get off the hook).

It’s not that all humans, including men, need to and should be emotionally satisfied human beings- no!  It’s that women can and should be as dirty as men!  After all, those are feminism’s goals- making women act like the typical dood/guy/male!

Women need to acknowledge they are just as visual as men and that this is the price they paid for feminism!!  Now men aren’t needed anymore so men just sit around and look pretty!  And now, boo hoo, maybe hot men will be objectified too because they are beautiful!  Never mind that they have the choice- they can be unattractive or attractive and be successful either way!

And now that women objectify men, it’s maybe ok for us to do it, yayayayay!

And he’s shallow and hot so if a woman falls for him and gets burned by his lack of character, it’s her fault!



(I was disappointed to find out, in this article, that Ryan Lochte was a douchebag- I had thought he was supposed to be really nice.  Guess I re-learned my lesson!)

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