A Fun Game


Lots of times, men do mean things to me. They laugh at what I have to say, they interrupt me, they accuse me of having a bias, they call me stupid. Then I complain. I tell them to shut their mouths. So they get irritated and say that women must be awfully sensitive. Or that women must not like being interrupted, laughed at, and such.
Well, here’s a fun game I made up!:

Next time a man does something mean to me and says I’m only bothered by it because I’m a woman, I’m going to assume that men are NOT bothered by it, and then start doing it to them!


For example:

[Bob: “The movie Titanic wasn’t very good.”

Me: “Actually it was made very well. It had great special effects, superb music, and a solid plot.”

Bob: “You don’t know what your talking about. You’re stupid. You don’t know anything about film. You’re only saying that because you’re a girl. Your mother’s a hog.”

Me: “Hey, you asshole, you can’t talk that way to me! I don’t like being accused of stupidity or bias.”

Bob: “Humph! Girls! How did I guess?”

Me: “You mean only girls hate being talked to that way? Only women hate being accused of stupidity and bias? I guess men like being talked to that way, then. I’ll start doing it to men. Thanks for clueing me in!”

Bob: “YOUR a fucking psycho bicth!!!!!11!1!11!” (shouted at fucking psycho decibel level). ]


Ladies, who’s with me?


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