OMG why Don’t U Like Sex??



I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to hold off of having sex (PIV or any other type), if it’s for a good reason (i.e., not “because the guy in da sky said so”).

Sometimes people are assumed to be abstinent just because they haven’t had sex by a “reasonably old enough” age, but that is an obviously wrong assumption to make.  Sometimes people aren’t avoiding sex.  It might be that they just haven’t had the opportunity or they just never went out purposely looking for it (but weren’t avoiding it either).



I have been called “prude”, “Christian”, asked “how is that possible your’e so pretty?” (apparently that means I didn’t have any reason to reject the OTHER person!),

“But you’re 23! It’s just…unusual!” (a HUGE exaggeration- BTW, “unpopular” and “unusual” don’t mean the same thing”).
“Are you a lesbian?” (Wish I was. But no, I don’t dislike men sexually, I just am not ready for sex with anyone I’ve happened to have datet yet.),
“Are you celibate?” (No, I don’t avoid it, I just haven’t been in the right situation yet. Have you ever ___ yet? Why not?? You don’t like it???)

“You said you aren’t comfortable until you get to know or love someone- so do you like sex or not?” (Idiot, I like it IF I’m in love with the person, would hate it if I;m not. Just like I like eating foods I enjoy the taste of, hate eating those I don’t).

“Did you get sexually molested as a child?” (Um, NO)

“Then why are you so afriad of sex?” (I’m not, retard. I’m not ready or interested in having it until I get that spark.)

“Well, when would that happen?  Like how many months does it take generally take?” (Oh, usually it takes 2 months 22 days and 38 minutes exactly.  Idiot!  I don’t know.  It depends on the person.  It depends on the situation.  Yuo’re being very rude by trying to “make” me like you.)

“You’re confused.”/”you’re confusing.” (No. I’m not. Just because I’m not robotically predictable in who I’ll love [who is? are you, sir?] doesn’t mean I’m unpredictable.  You’re just sore at me because you didn’t get what you wanted.)

“I think we should stop seeing each other.” (Loser. Good for me, then. I’m not the one losing out.)




I think the subtle demonizing of chaste and conservative women is not what the feminist movement needs. We have thrown away valuable ties with conservative and old fashioned women for what? So we can be “liberated” to have more sex with men? (I can see all the “feminist” men grinning right now!)

Is that what benefits women? Or is that what benefits men?


Conservative women may not sound like “fun”, but they know how men are.  They are wise and safe.  They understand the lure of the “sexual liberation” movement was hiding dark intentions.  Sure, it’s good to allow women to experiment sexually, and it’s right to fight for women’s right not to be punished more for performing the same sexual lifestyle as a man, but is that really what “liberal” men are clamoring for?

Or are they waiting for the pussy gate to come down so they can get some more meat?

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