To Answer a Question about girls and periods…



“why do girls get upset when we talk about there periods”


This was a keyword which was searched for on my site. 

I will answer the question.



Girls- at least most- don’t like when people, especially men, talk about their periods, for the same reason all people don’t like to talk about private body part issues- it’s embarrassing.

Also, girls know that men tend to use “you’re having your period” as way to hide the real reasons a woman might be angry.  For example, Bob lies to Mary, and Mary is upset.  Bob tells Mary she’s angry because she’s having her period (i.e., not because of what HE did!)

Sometimes, boys like to demean girls by pretending that their periods are weird or disgusting, so when girls hear boys talking about it, they automatically tense up and expect the worst.



Overall, I just think it’s rude to talk about other people’s bodily functions, especially if it’s not for a necessary or medical reason. 





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