Important! translating this into Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, and Bengali later!


December/January is wedding season in India.  In light of the fact that there are more than 100,000 women murdered for dowry in India every year, we are making an advisory post for Brides-To-Be and their families.  Please protect yourselves from dowry extortion, violence and murder.

1. Back Out Of Any Wedding Arrangement Where Any Kind of Financial Demand is Made in Cash or Kind:  

  • A gift is something given with love; it is never asked for.
  • But when grooms and their families start specifying how much money they want for the wedding, what kinds of gifts – houses, cars, etc. they want for the wedding, what other favors such as jobs, promotions etc. they want for the wedding, and they threaten to call the wedding off if these ‘gifts’ are not given to them, then this is not gift-giving.  This is blackmail!  It is illegal! It is extortion!  It…

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