Pierce Brosnan Defends Rapist

http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entertainment/celebrity/pierce-brosnan-calls-for-end-tnted. o-roman-1044881



Very disappointed. He says he wants Polanski’s ordeal to end quickly and the chapter in his life to be closed.  Though he doesn’t defend the rape, he doesn’t condemn the rapist.

I’m not all that surprised, actually.  This is typical of the vast majority of men. Though I suspect there are VERY few good men, I think they cannot be trusted as a whole, because of the likelihood of a bad man lying and pretending to be a good man (who probably make up less than .004 of the population of the world).  How can I know if a particular man is the (literally) one in a million exception to masculnity and patriarchy…or if he’s one of the loads who pretend to be genuine human being for some kind of favor?

It’s just sad because he used to be a favorite actor of mine.  Talented, handsome, intelligent, good hearted, environmentalist.  I thought the fact that he had a wife who died from ovarian cancer would make him more sympathetic to women.  Guess not.

Now it’s just one more man I had some faint glimmer of hope for, who has to be cast out.

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