Slandering A Rape Victim

The Turkish woman who beheaded her rapist has been slandered by the men’s rights activists on FaceBook:

Millions of young girls like to go to FaceBook, and what will happen when they look at these kinds of posts and become afraid to stand up for rape victims?





Turkish mother sits in Jail for Shooting her Rapist in the penis before Beheading him

Nevin Yildirim is sitting in a Turkish jail for killing her alleged rapist. Just a few days ago the 26-year-old admitted to shooting her husband’s cousin–who she alleges raped her&#8211…
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  • Rik Little This story is a perfect example of feminist lies in the media. Nevin Yaldirim had a long history of violence against men, women and children as well as making false allegations many people. At one point five years ago she was held in an insane asylem for killing other peoples dogs with a shovel and making violent threats against neighbors. This latest case is pure feminist ‘victim’ propaganda taken from TURKEY (the country where the true story of ‘Midnight Express’ took place.) cherryblossomlife is manhating feminist bullshit as a news source.
  • Me: But at least if people hear her story they will feel empowered to kill thier attckers.

    And how do we know the other stories you are claiming aren’t true aren’t anti-feminist lies?

    I appreciate the insight, I’m just wondering about whether or not it’s a good practice to accuse blacks and women of lying.

  • Rik Little If someone is lying be they man, woman,black, white, journalist or Nevin Yildirim it is ALWAYS a “good practice” to call them out on it especially when those lies are used to incite violence, murder and gender hatred (Feminism). If all someone has to do is “hear her STORY” (which IS false) to “feel empowered to kill”, then that listener is as sick, as violent, as hateful and as confused about reality as this nutcase in Turkey. The very concept of Feminism is hatred of males based on government propaganda and lies from the CIA, NOW and sheeple people with unusual genital pride and a victim complex. The “patriarchy” VICTIM argument that cherryblossomlife still spews to confused impressionable little girls is so 2005 and hateful reprehensible child abuse.
  • Me: Why do you think it’s impossible for women to want rights without hating men?

    It’s not possible for someone to want rights without hating someone else?

  • Rik Little What? Do you mean the “Right” to take the law into your own hands and murder somebody (and behead them) because they are feminist and entitled and feel abused, neglected or raped? “Feminism” certainly “Wants” too much when it already has the most already in every arena as they continue to HATE males with false stereotypes (and false “statistics”) and selfish victim posing, lies and constant manipulation. And “feminism” is NOT “women”. Most women have figured that out already. The “hate” of feminism is clear with the actions (mostly legal lobbying paid with taxpayer VAWA money) of the National Organization for Women (and their Foundation and many State and local chapters. It views “rights” as the Nazis viewed it their “Right” to criminalize and compromise Jews with the ‘Race and Resettlement Act’. VAWA is no different except it is based on gender hatred of males. Both were organized by a government elite pandering to devide families and retain power.
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  • Me: Um. why do you have to be a feminist to hate being raped?
  • Me:  Is a man who hates being raped a feminist? Is a little girl who hates being rapes and wants to punish her rapist a feminist?

    How do you know it’s not just someone who hates being raped and wants thier attacker to be harmed? How do you know they can’t have those feelings but not support womens’ movements?

    It’s impossible to want to punish your rapist without wanting women’s liberation? I’m confused.

  • Me: If someone wasn’t really raped, of course they shouldn’t take revenge on anyone.

    But if they were raped, you are saying they shouldn’t take action? How so?

    And maybe i should have added- the chances of him being falsely accused of rape, especially in that country, are next to nothing.
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