Men Are Dangerous

Men are dangerous.  Men will rape you and beat you.  Men will lie to you to get sex and money from you.  Do not marry a man. There are some good men in the world.  But most are bad and will pretend to be good to fool you.  They want your money, sex, or to control you.  Do not trust them.  You only need your sisters.  Befriend other women.  Leave men alone.  Women must be a group together so we can protect each other against male violence and hate.  Save as much money as you can. Leave your home if you are married to a man.   Live with sisters, mothers, aunts, and other women friends.  Forget men, and let your sisters be your true friends.

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3 thoughts on “Men Are Dangerous

  1. It is lovely to have found you. I have a blog on facebook and write about the suppressed knowledge of the sacred feminine. I’m not sure of your facebook name – I’d be grateful if you could let me know?

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