Male Celebrities Abusing Their Women


This was an article or, rather, a collection of male celebrities who have probably abused their wives or girlfriends.  I’m going to expand on it.   My comments in blue.




“Short List of Male Celebrities that beat and/or rape women” – O RLY?







  • Charlie Sheen   (Douchebag.  Once said prostitutes were acceptable to treat badly).
  • Sean Connery  (said in interview he thinks some wives need to be beat).
  • Gary Oldman   (All around wack job.  Doesn’t mean he is a wife beater, but I would still check). 
  • David Hasselhoff  (Snobby SOB.  Wife beater?  I don’t know.  But he should be an intersting character). 
  • Mel Gibson  (Racist, sexist, Christian, anti-semite, Jesus torture porn movie maker, weirdo).
  • Michael Fassbender  (Don’t know anything about him). 
  • Nicholas Cage  (Creep, douchebag, shitty actor, sounds like your typical brutish Italian culture male, something I read last year about him beating his wife or girlfriend). 
  • Gary Busey   (Whack job, supposedly just a very weird guy in real life). 
  • Bill Murray  (ditto). 
  • Eminem  (Talented lyricist, but unfortunately uses his talent to bash women and gays because…?)
  • Alec Baldwin  (Verbally abused daughter during divorce, called her a pig, acts like a baby in his general life, doesn’t follow rules, etc). 
  • Phil Hartman  (Surprised about this one.  He sounded relatively gentle.  I thought his wife killed him.  Maybe she had a reason).
  • Tommy Lee  (Didn’t expect this one to be on here.  Then again, he is a rockstar, and I don’t exactly have a soft spot for rockstars).  
  • Josh Brolin  (Don’t know anything about him). 
  • Sean Penn  (He’s the king of all douchebags.  Totally totally believe he would do it.  I’m guessing with Robin Wright, Princess Bride girl).  
  • Woody Allen  (He’s a possible pedophile,  because his Soon Yi girl, his stepdaughter, was in a relationship with him.  If not pedophilia, incest then). 
  • Roman Polanski  (Child rapist.  Skipped town when Sharon Tate got pregnant, because he didn’t want to see her body go all whacky, which is, sadly, why he wasn’t there when the Manson girls got her). 
  • Axl Rose  (He once attacked a person in the audience who filmed his concert.  Yup.  Totally reasonable reaction for someone who will still be making millions otherwise).  
  • Sonny Bono  (Didn’t know about this one.  He seemed kind of  benign. Perhaps it is the Pygmalion effect, since “Sonny” sounds friendly, and “Bono” derives from the Latin for “good”). 
  • John Lennon  (I’m half surprised, half not.  He was kind of a douchebag verbally). 

“WHOA whoa whoa. All those guys beat/raped women? I’d love to see this list with citations for all of ‘em.”   (whoa, whoa, whoa!  You’re saying LOTS of men beat women?  I’m shocked, tell you.  Shocked!)

Let’s go through them all, mycutiemarkisagun style:


Charlie Sheen – would not be shocked if he murdered a prostitute. Seriously.   (Me either.  He should be arrested for his comments about it being acceptable to treat prostitutes badly). 

Sean Connery – dat infamous Barbara Walters interview.    (I blogged about this).  

Gary Oldman – Accused during nasty divorce, thoroughly investigated, exonerated, won full custody while the wife got short, court-monitored visits. See my thoughts on Bill Murray.   (I knew he was a weirdo, and a drunk.  Brilliant actor, and I enjoyed him greatly as Beethoven, but he is still a weird character).  

David Hasselhoff – Alcoholic. There’s a reason the Suffrage and Temperance movements were joined at the hip.  (Drunken men show their true character.  Maybe we should ALLOW alcohol, because it lets us know who the dangerous little cocks are).  

Mel Gibson – no explanation needed  (A right wing Christian hating women?  You don’t say!  I’ve also noticed anti-semitism and anti-female behavior and ideas seem to go together.   I don’t know why.  Perhaps the constant complaining by Jews about being treated poorly reminds them of how women complain to them about their treatment so they have the same hatred towards they who remind them of their foul abusive behavior, be it towards females or Jews.  I have blogged in the recent past about Judaism and my opposition to it, at least to one form of it, but I am highly opposed to hatred against innocent members born into the Jewish race or religion). 

Michael Fassbender – Girlfriend filed for restraining order, claimed he bursted an ovarian cyst by dragging her (!!!!). District Attorney investigated (after she dropped charges), found no evidence. He cooperated, said nothing publicly. And last year he was spotted passionately making out with her after an awards show??? lol the fuck. I’m gonna label this one “idk” and lean towards his innocence.   (I’ve never watched his material or heard him in an interview.  The fact, though, that they were making out says nothing.  Some people have mixed feelings about those who beat them, and some are afraid to not cooperate with them). 

Nicholas Cage – Arrested for drunken assault on wife.   (Aha!  I knew it.  “Get me the big one!”  “No, Ronnie I won’t do it!”  “Chrissie, get me the big one!  I’m gonna cut my throat!!”  “Well, here ya go Ronnie!  I can’t help but say yes to ya!”)

Gary Busey – nutcase, more surprising if he didn’t  (LAWL). 

Bill Murray – This a tough one. His 2nd wife accused him of this during a nasty divorce. IMHO, any shocking and unprecedented accusation that suddenly comes out for the first time during a heated divorce needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s like accusations of war crimes during a civil war. Bill only addressed this once, saying he was so devastated by the accusations that he comtemplated suicide. Bill Murray. Suicide. Yeah, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.   (Perhaps he didn’t.  Though he is reported to be odd and reclusive). 

Eminem – 

I feel so ashamed/

I snap, “Who’s that dude?”, I don’t even know his name/

I laid hands on her, I never stoop so low again/

I guess I don’t know my own strength/ 

– Love the Way You Lie, which I know you heard on the radio 700,000 times   (The lyrics seem to detail a man who doesn’t even realize how abusive he is). 

Alec Baldwin – Remember what I said about Nasty Divorces? Well this was like the Russian Civil War of celebrity divorces.  (He is all-around cocky and ill-behaved). 

Phil Hartman –THIS IS MOTHERFUCKING BULLSHIT, WHY IS HE ON THIS LIST, THE MAN WAS SHOT TO DEATH IN HIS FUCKING SLEEP BY HIS FUCKING PSYCHO WIFE, ITS MISANDRIST IN THE EXTREME TO PUT HIM ON HERE, SHAME ON YOU! BTW, no, I can’t even find any accusations against the man. Did I mention he’s DEAD BECAUSE HIS WIFE FUCKING MURDERED HIM? What fucking bullshit. ProTip: when your partner murders you in your sleep, you’re a *victim* of domestic abuse. I am fully ready to tell the OP and every reblogger of this list to FUCK OFF simply because ofthis. How unfair can you get?  (So because a woman happens to shoot a man, it’s misandry,  even if she didn’t shoot him BECAUSE he was a man.  And you aren’t a victim if the only time your victim can escape from you is if you’re asleep.  But, this would only be true if he were really beating her.  Which I don’t know from this article yet.  Whenever I hear someone call a woman a “psycho”, I take it with a grain of salt.  This is always what men call women who react at a normal level to their abuse, who react the same way they would if they were treated the same way).   

Tommy Lee – Any member of Mötley Crüe is firmly in Charlie Sheen territory. Did you know Nikki Sixx once ate a Cheesesteak w/ a 8 ball of cocaine on it?  (Sick son of a bitch.   Doesn’t mean hes a wife beater, but still.  Sounds like typical “male” behavior).  

Josh Brolin – Arrested for domestic battery. Wife later called it a “misunderstanding”. Mmm-hmm. Still married….  (A misunderstanding.  Perhaps she is telling the truth, or perhaps she had to call it that to escape more beating.  Still married doesn’t mean anything). 

Sean Penn – Oh.Jesus. If you don’t know omfg you should sit down first. This dude……tied his wife to a chair – ankles and wrists bound –  for like 9+ hours and just beat the shit out of her while he drank straight outta the bottle. Left her there while he went to buy more booze. Finally, she saved her life by talking him into a bathroom break and MAKING A RUN FOR IT to the car. He was pounding on the car windows while she desperately called 911 and tried to get the keys into the ignition. Real. Life. Horror Movie shit. I mentioned the wife was Madonna, right?The cops said they couldn’t even recognize her because of her injuries.Yeah. EASILY the worst on this list.  (I didn’t know this about Sean Penn, and I was shocked to find out it was Madonna when I got to the end of the article.  I always think of Madonna as really loud and strong, so he must really be a pretty blatant abuser to subdue her.  She’s brave to leave him.  I’m not super into celebrities,  but I’m surprised I never heard of this.  I knew Sean Penn was weird, but this is unexpected).

Woody Allen – Actuallyreadabout his *15 year marriage* to Soon-Yi past what Mia Farrow has screamed at you, then kindly take his name off this list. Let’s start w/ the fact that Soon-Yi was adopted during Mia’s previous marriage, and she NEVER saw Woody as a father figure. Mia & Woody were never married and they never even lived together. In fact, Soon-Yi & Woody barely knew each other until he had some extra Knicks tickets, invited her along, and they hit it off. She was 19 when they started seeing each other. The nude photos were taken when she was 20.  (Still, it’s a bit creepy). 

Now. Would you like to know what Mia Farrow did in response?

Why, she cut off Soon-Yi’s tuition money,lied to the press by claiming Soon-Yi was *mentally retarded*, and – without any evidence whatsoever – accused Woody of molesting his 7 y/o daughter.

Here, read Soon-Yi’s own words on the subject:

“Please don’t try and dramatize my relationship with Woody Allen. He was never any kind of father figure to me. I never had any dealings with him. He rarely came to our apartment before his own children were born. Even then, he never spoke and the truth is I never cared that much for him. He was always preoccupied with work and never talked to me. Not really to any of us. Only when Dylan was born did he start visiting regularly and then only to play with the baby. My own father is Andre Previn, who came to visit pretty often and took us all out frequently. When I first got friendly with Woody, he and Mia were finished with their romance and were just friends. I think Mia would have been just as angry if he had taken up with another actress or his secretary. 

I’m not a retarded little underage flower who was raped, molested and spoiled by some evil stepfather-not by a long shot. I’m a psychology major at college who fell for a man who happens to be the ex-boyfriend of Mia. I admit it’s offbeat, but let’s not get hysterical.”

Still think he belongs on this list?   (This is quite possible.  I will consider both sides of this story). 

Roman Polanski – Well documented.  (He belongs in a gas chamber). 

Axl Rose – I remember reading a Maxim article about veteran roadies where they ALL said the one band they would never work for was Guns & Roses, due to the utter horror stories they’ve heard from fellow roadies about Axl. Forget Charlie Sheen territory – this guy was probably the fucking Zodiac Killer or some shit man.  (So he was universally declared by these guys to be dangerous, all the roadies.  I will believe he beats his girlfriends.  Once again, rock is not my favorite kind of music, or, rather, not my favorite genre with regards to the people surrounding it).  

Sonny Bono – “When I smoke out, I hit the trees harder than Sonny Bono!” HAHAHAHA BEST EMINEM LINE EVER. Anyway, Cher has repeatedly said Sonny was a terrible husband that cheated on her like crazy and exploited her for money while mismanaging their finances. But I can’t find anything about him beating her. And she still loves him as a mentor and teacher, if nothing else. Why are we putting dead ppl on this list anyway? That dude died when Clinton was President.  (Why are we putting dead people?  So we know what people are capable of and we know that it’s possible for someone who is alive today to have a different stage persona than their persona at home.  He may not have beaten her, but he still sounds jerky). 

John Lennon – Yep. He beat the women he loved his whole life. From Liverpool to Yoko Ono. Think aboutTHATthe next time you get all weepy over over “Imagine”, hippie.Overrated song anyway.  (I wish we could have more details.  I believe it, though.  He was a combination of a nice guy and a jerk.  A very strange combination). 

Sean Bean – Arrested for domestic assault. Say it ain’t so, Ned.  (Not Boromir!  Did someone try to take the Ring from him?)

Elvis Presley – Late-era druggie Elvis is firmly in Charlie Sheen territory. Repeatedly forced himself on Priscilla in pill-fueled hazes.  (Weird.  Just…weird.  Being on drugs, maybe it wasn’t his true persona.  Yet, perhaps the opposite is true.  Perhaps it allows your true nature out.  And how come some people who are on drugs don’t rape and beat their wives).  

Kelsey Grammar –StatutoryRape. 17 y/o.   (Vladimir from Anastasia?  No!)

Rob Lowe – “Back in 1988, during the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, Lowe taped himself in compromising positions with a 16-year-old girl and a young woman. Lowe agreed to perform 20 hours of community service to avoid criminal charges.” – everything about this screams “lolwut” to me. The Democratic National Convention? Huh?  (Sex perverts at a political convention?  Shocking!  Never happens, I tell ya!  I always thought Rob Lowe was one of the “safe” ones).  

Chris Brown – He got it tattooed on his neck, yo.  (Fucking creep.  I want to steal all his CDs and burn radical feminist stuff all over them and sell them each for $1!  😀 )


So to summarize: All you self-righteous SJW ppl that reblogged this without taking a second to verify ANY of it can fuck off.  (Of course.  But perhaps once this stuff is verified, you should direct your anger at the loads of men and self-hating women who want to blame the victims).  

I mean, Phil Hartman? Really? Beyond disgusting.  (I don’t know about this, so I won’t comment, but I will say that we should at least look into the possibility she killed him because he abused).  

One of my favorite things to see on tumblr is all the SJWs getting shot the fuck down by someone who did actual research into the subjects they rail against.

Keep fighting the good fight.

I’m seriously disgusted by this post. I mean, there’s a good number of men here who are being falsely accused of serious crimes and one of them is the fucking victim of domestic abuse fuck you for putting Phil Hartman on this list.


Nice biased list you’ve got there. I have some too.

Black guys who beat up women that society doesn’t care about any more.  (OK, I don’t know what race has to do with this, but…)

  • OJ Simpson  (Andrea Dworkin hates him, so my best bet is that he at least most likely did something).  
  • Mike Tyson  (He’s a jerk, bit off someone’s ear).  
  • Wesley Snipes  (Don’t know anything about him). 
  • Dr. Dre  (Friends with Eminem). 
  • Ike Turner  (Beat Tina.  What a jerk.  There’s Ike and Tina, Whitney and Bobby, and Chris and Rihanna.   Three generation of women of color being abused).  

Famous men who were beaten by women and no one ever really cared.  (Who didn’t?  Men didn’t?  Society didn’t?)

  • Abraham Lincoln.
  • Bobby Brown.
  • Humphrey Bogart.
  • Christian Slater.
  • Al Green.
  • Ron Artest.
  • Stephen Hawking.
  • Lionel Richie.
  • Joe Elliott

It’s not about race, and it shouldn’t be about gender. It’s about domestic abuse being unacceptable. It about the fact Chris Brown has been utterly unrepentant about brutally abusing someone. It about him showing up to the Grammys three days ago grinning like the fucking Cheshire Cat with his victim on his arm.  (No.  It shouldn’t be about gender, but the fact that it is is because of the behavior of men, because men choose to do it to their victims based on gender.  Many woman abuse, too, but they are not supported by a system in which they can be believed and not blamed for it, the way many men are).  

someone please collect this

marcus preferably because he has a really good vocabulary to use on people like this

I’m glad this post clears these up point-by-point.

Bill Murray being accused of domestic violence really depresses me to no end and I get upset every time I see it.

And Jesus, Phil Hartman…

Phil Fucking Hartman. Seriously. The man was a goddamned sweetheart. Be ashamed. (Also Bill Murray? Seriously?)




This was an interesting article, and I enjoyed reading it.  



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