How the Freedom Movements Cater to Masculinity

I’ve noticed that most “freedom” movements, in history, have been dominated by men, more so than other movements. 
The American revolution. The French Revolution. The sixties. Etc. 
This is because the male dominated Ron Paul robot “freeeeeeduuuummmmbbbbbbb!!!” crowd cares about freedom all right. The freedom to do “whatever they want,” which always coincidentally happens to be problematic and oppressive toward women, blacks, gays, Native Americans, etc. 
In the American Revolution (which I’m still in favor of), the Iroquois (coincidentally a matriarchal) tribe, I believe sided with the British, not because they were filthy traitors, but because the Americans were going to swallow up their land with their newfound Freeeeeduummmbbb!!1!1!1!11! 
Men could now be capitalistically free and financially oppress other men. They were socially free so now they could oppress women and behave in abhorrent manner via twisted use of “free speech” laws (remember: freedom for the wolf is tyranny for the sheep!) which they now use to defend problematic porn and hate speech. They were politically free so no one was stopping them from marching, in all their glorious self centered dood-hood, over the Natives’ land and people. 
I read a book for a college history course- I forget what it’s called- but it was all about how men during the American revolution era were rediscovering the values of male bonding and same sex attachments. 
In the French Revolution the theme was “Liberty, equality, and fraternity,” and the word fraternity is very heavily one of male bonding. Liberty for men from feminine like responsibilities and ties, equality (to predicate bonding) among all males, and fraternity meaning loyalty to men of all creeds and classes and to the cause of above said virtues, which included smashing anything feminine and smothering that (oppressive or not) at least promoted responsibility and sociality. 
That book I talked about before ended off with a chapter about how great Freemasonry was (shocker!) and how it promoted this wonderful male bonding and that it helped glue American society together. 
Same thing in France. Instead of the warm sticky effeminate familial form of the monarchy, people were “free” to “do what they wilt” and to act on individualist and selfish and detached (“masculine”) pursuits, free from the bonds of mother country, sister earth, and fellow society. Logic, finance, and intellect were the new gods, not faith, feelings, home, and love. 
In the 1960s, in America, the sexual revolution struck. Although the 1950s wasn’t a picnic for women, now that the pill made it easy to prevent pregnancy, women had “no excuse” to refuse sex and several “great thinkers” of the era wanted to “liberate” women for the same reason a monkey wants to “liberate” a banana from a tree or a hound wants to “liberate” a fox from his den. 
Once again, it was freedom of, by, and for men. 
The Rock and Roll movement, especially the late 60s/early 70s genre, promoted bestial sexuality, dark and esoteric occultism, and the longing for lack of structure and responsibility and safety in favor of Dionysian “values,” which overwhelmingly benefit rapists and not women.

Women who weren’t interested were “prudes,” “uncool,” “unliberated,” and spiritually unenlightened.  
Because enlightenment and freedom and advancement and logic is letting a man stick his dick in you. 
Now as it was then. 

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5 thoughts on “How the Freedom Movements Cater to Masculinity

  1. I dont agree with classifying certain way of behaving as masculine and feminine, i think women too should be free from the construct of femininity and we all should be free to do what we want with our own bodies, just not with other peoples. Women should not have to be bound to connection and emotion because to say they are feminine and women should be feminine is simply gender and has to go.

    • I agree. But the truth is, men are conditioned from birth to act in ways out society considers “masculine” and women in ways it considers “feminine.” When some men (the ones who embrace gender roles and male superiority) are faced with behaviors they know are associated with females (even though no behavior is “naturally” female or male), they attack it.

      • They tend to attack women for rejecting their assigned behaviours. Its not a case of attacking femininity because they value the proceeds of women preforming it and they label the things feminine they dont want to have to do. Many of the things are binding things and women get a double dose because they have to not only do their own but mens share of these things too. Some of the things assigned feminine are things that dont need to be done but men as a group want done, like womens bodies being altered to suit their wishes.

  2. FabFro

    ALL OF THIS! I was just thinking about this for some time now, and when I was reading about the civil rights movement for blacks, I noticed that all matters concerning black females were pushed off to the side and swept under the rug; it was all about teh menz! Not saying lynching and beatings wasn’t bad, or course it was and still is. But why isn’t the raping of a black woman by a man not side by side with the atrocity of lynching? A lot of what happen to black women in slavery is underplayed to this day and overshadowed by what happens to black men, and black men only.

    I also think this currently applies to the whole Gamer Gate movement; how women were all fake geek gamers until the misogynist gamers got called out on it, and then magically these same “fake girl gamers” that they were just degrading the day before Gamer Gate blew up, are now REAL gamers speaking about the issues…and, and now these REAL girl gamers feel the same way as these dudes!
    They only now use these same women that they couldn’t/can’t stand just for numbers. I would argue that, yes, ALL movements created by men are indeed about covering him and giving him what he wants. He could care less about women or people of color. We’re like tissues to him; once he’s done using us to fap in, he’ll toss us off to the side.

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