Toilet Paper Roll Ornaments??

How does one make gift-filled ornaments out of an empty toilet paper roll? Read on and find out. 
1. First pick the excess paper off the roll. 

2. Cut out some thin cardboard or cereal box like material out in the shape of a circle the size of the toilet paper roll holes. You can either use two or one. I’ve used one for mine. 

3. Cut out a small triangle or rectangle of cardboard. Glue one end to the circle and then bend it and glue the other end to the inside of the TP roll. 

4. Select your background paint and paint the outside of the roll, including the outside of the circle. Add decorations or glitter if desired. If you want to paint the inside you can do that too- perhaps even a different color. 

5. Poke holes in the top (opposite of the circle glued to the bottom) on opposite sides of the roll and lace a ribbon through. If the ribbon is too fat cut it at an angle to make a sharp edge. Make it long enough to tie into a bow. This is how you will hang the ornament. 

6. Poke hole in the circle on the bottom and then in the side of the roll an inch or two above it. Then lace a string with a knot or bead through the circle (towards the outside). Do the same with the hole on the side. 

Tie the two strings together to close the circle up against the roll and untie to open it. 

You can also lace a bead on the ribbon that goes through the bottom circle through a chain of beads higher up on the ornament and twist it to keep secure. 

To make the chain of beads, poke two holes somewhat close together on the side of the roll. Take a string and lace one end through the first hole, from the inside of the ornament to the outside, keeping a lot of slack left on the side inside. Then lace beads onto the string and then put that end of the string back inside the ornament and tie the two ends together as close as you can to the inner edge of the ornament. You can glue the inside knot down to the inside of the roll to make sure it stays tight and the outside beads don’t sag. 

7. Here’s the best step: put the gifts inside. 


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