Emotions are important, too

A great post by Heretic, from Fools That Men Adore (a great play on words and a great blog). I have questioned the misogyny in Thelema ever since I got involved with a male practitioner of the spiritual system, and I’ve discovered a lot of junk in there. I’m not sure Thelema can be redeemed, but regardless of that, I want to expose the misogyny in certain parts of it.

Fools that men adore

There is a strange dichotomy in the West between the value of reason and the value of the emotions, or a mind-body split. In my years of being among other Thelemites and occultists I have observed much talk deriding the importance of the emotions which are of the body and associated with “femininity” (and weakness) while reason is of the mind and associated with “masculinity” (and hence strength). Emotions are considered fearful and things to avoid if you don’t want to be pegged as crazy or hysterical. In fact, this extends to psychiatry and society in general. But they are not the exclusive focus of this post.

As Thelema is part of the Western Mystery Tradition, this is not very surprising. For those of us in the West, it is a unique challenge because Westerners like to look for quick fixes and rely on a lot of theory and abstractions, whether…

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