The “Born This Way” Theory is Patent Bullshit

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Some controversial thoughts on male homosexuality

Some thoughts on the issue, in no particular order.




I’m not quite sure how it happened, the current opposition to gays and homosexuality that many men feel.  Why do they hate gays so much?  What caused this all?  When?  There are a few theories I have about why men have hated gays, supported gays, hated lesbians, and why they sometimes hate one more than another:
1. They seemed to hate lesbians more than gays a few hundred years ago, during the early witch hunt eras, like when the prospect of a woman resisting marriage to a man was very dangerous to them, and there was no sexual liberation that allowed them to fuck and chuck any woman.
2. They seemed to somewhat ignore or try to block out the knowledge of gays or lesbians during the Victorian Era, since sex in general was immoral, and so was sexual deviance.  Gays were hated when discussed, but lesbians were invisible since women didn’t have sexual desires, they said.  Perhaps this was…better?…for the lesbians?  I don’t know.
3. Today being gay is severely punished, while being lesbian is called evil but is a little more ignored, or just considered butch, or lesbians get eyerolls or such.  This isn’t because these men hate women less, it’s because they are more focused on the horrifying prospect that men are being dominated by other men, and that they are being turned into women.  So, it is actually because they hate women so much they hate gays.   They still hate Lesbians, it’s just that the topic doesn’t always come up as much.



I’ve noticed that a lot of the people opposed to homosexuality are women, especially religious women.  I wondered why this was, since women are oppressed as well as gays and since the oppression was along similar lines- sex and gender.  Then I started to feel like it might have something to do with this whole nervousness about sex and the body, especially the male body (since anti-homosexuality campaigns usually refer to male homosexuals).  Maybe women were offended by male bodies and male sexuality, so male homosexuality made them afraid.  Therefore they became conservative on the matter.


Then I figured that some instances of homosexuality on the part of men might be fueled by female hatred.  Homosexuals in the Victorian Era, like Oscar Wilde, often disliked women, eve though the popular stereotype is of homosexuals being effeminate.  A key reason may have been because they attracted to their own sex precisely because they disliked the other, much like the rugged cowboy, sick and tired of silly women, bonded in a sexual way with his own rugged brothers.

For example, the 2005 film Brokeback Mountain documents the fictional life of two cowboys who struggle with their homosexual attraction to each other, and the men seem to somewhat see the wives and children as a bit of a burden, annoying and frustrating their desires. These two men long to get away from their wives and kids and go out in the mountains and have an all-male homosexual relationship.




When the masculinity supporting homosexuals use phrases like “you’re homophobic”, they really mean to mock people’s fear- their fear of sex and heterosexuals’ fear of differing sexualities.  It’s just like what men do to women who are afraid to have sex- they like to mock the “effeminate” fear of sex.

For these types of homosexual men, being against homophobia is not about tolerance and justice; it’s about the unacceptability of having a fear of sex, the unacceptability of having a fear of maleness and the male body, or fear of frightening and unknown sexual behavior.  It’s also about, not tolerance for justice’s sake, but about tolerance in the sense that they want to be able to perform any kinds of sexual activities they want and with any kind of partner.

Objectively, there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality, either male or female.  But to a woman who is frightened enough already about the whole topic of sex, frightened because of the behavior of men…do you think she’s going to react with logic and acceptance and tolerance, and without any fear when you introduce a whole foreign concept of sexuality and behavior to her, especially a totally male-centric one as male homosexuality?

Many women are opposed to both homosexuality and to lesbianism in theory, but are able to harbor and accept attractions to other women.  This may be because they see homosexuality and other forms of sexuality which include one or more male partners to be threatening.  It may also be because since the word “homosexuality” implies an attraction based upon physical body parts- i.e., it is an attraction towards a person’s physical, sexual body parts- and women see it as unemotional and are put off by the purely physical aspect of it.  They are put off by the idea that one’s sexual attractions should be determined by the body parts of the partner.  That’s what the average man is attracted by, they think.  Someone’s body parts.

Also, because they live in a male-run society, women define “sex” solely as a physical thing…but, being women (who have to bear the painful role in sexual activity) they think they don’t like sex.  Since any woman-woman relationships are going to include more love, and have less sex (or at least tie sex in with romantic love), they fail to recognize the relationship as a sexual one, and hence, a homosexual one, and therefore do not consider themselves lesbians.  After all, they figure, they can’t be homosexual if they aren’t having sex.

To sum it up, many women consider the subject of homosexuality frightening because it seems sexually exotic (and therefore dangerous), and because they believe that male homosexuality is too full of masculinity (two men) to be non-threatening.


I’m wondering if this whole idea that most gays are effeminate is not an attempt to trick women into supporting the typical homosexual- the uber male who loves other males because they are male.  “It’s okay, we’re all into shopping and clothes and scented candles and puppies and purple!”  But are most homosexual not like that?  Do the masculine homosexuals push around the feminine ones? It seems so.




Here’s what a lot of anti-gay women, or women who think they’re anti-gay, are thinking about the gay rights movement:

you guys have been allowed to fuck each other for god knows how long, in every society, even if it’s just in dark corners or secret clubs.  We have been begging to have the kind of sex we want without getting murdered as witches or mutilated by doctors to cure our lesbianism.  Not to mention the other abuses we suffer from being forced to accept your heterosexuality into our lives.  And now you have the nerve to come out and complain that you aren’t exactly being treated like how human beings are supposed to be treated, that you aren’t getting your assed pleasured as many times as you want, that your behavior is subject to a few penalties which you have to power to at least protest properly, while we don’t?

The gay issue is only an issue because it mainly involves men (lesbians are invisible to them) and because it involves regulations against sexual behavior.  If only lesbians existed in the universe, you can bet gay rights would never have become an issue at all.




The gay marriage and gay sex question, for men, is about getting to do whatever they want; for women, it’s about being fair to others.  So you can see who has the better handle on what social justice means.


I was reading an article on the Radical Hub site and they were talking about male homosexuality and how taboo it is, and one commenter was like, “Where is male homosexuality taboo?  Men’s institutions are cemented by it, the priesthood, the public school, the army and navy, anywhere men gather in groups without women being present.  The taboo is on admitting it to women, and that, depending on the degree of patriarchy present in any given society, can be punishable by death.  Because it is breaking the code of the boys club, which corrals women’s bodies by controlling their minds.  Women must religiously follow heterosexual edicts, men are exempt.”


Ask any good history student, and they’ll tell you that men have been free to fuck each other all throughout history, with a few bans occurring on and off, often from women or from “effeminate” areas in the Church and from other moral-peddlers in society.

In Ancient Greece they were allowed- no, encouraged– to do it.

Ancient Rome, I believe, frowned on it a bit more but didn’t do much about it.

Alexander the Great was gay.

The Spartans were often gay.

Roman emperors had perverse sex with little boys.  (Google “Tiberius and his minnows”)

Sodom and Gomorrah in the ancient Middle East.

Jewish mohels who suck baby boys’ newly circumcised penises.

The Turkish bath sort of places and nude swim areas the classical era men attended to escape women.

The earliest Popes, who compared boys’ naked bottoms to the texture of a peach, and later Popes who instituted orgies in their halls.

Asian sexual practices in India and China and Japan with two young males or one adult male and one younger one.

Various European kings and princes and politicians, sometimes (or often) soldiers.

Masons and other “secret societies”- yeah, we know your secret!- during the American Revolution and the European Enlightenment and other eras.

Gay princes and composers and oddball writers in the 19th Century, like Oscar Wilde.

Cowboys in the old American West, and of course, Brokeback Mountain.

Actors, singers, and other artists who dabble in gay orgies or fuckfests both on and off the screen/stage/paper.

Modern monarchs like Prince Charles, who are caught engaging in homosexual activity at various times, a counterpart to their 19th Century and older European counterparts.

Locker rooms, restrooms, bathroom troughs, and steam rooms, even public street urinals in modern Europe in which men often show off to each other.

Muslim training schools and madrassas where men learn how to praise Allah and bone little boys.


What these men oppose when they’re opposing restrictions against homosexuality is not the unfairness of it all, or the pain and rejection that many homosexual men (mostly the effeminate variety) suffer at the hands of patriarchal men. They oppose, instead, not being able to do whatever they want to do, especially sexually.  They oppose not being allowed to have sex with other men, and hypocritically, they cry out against the “tyranny” of the Church and Victorian Era and other establishments- which they instituted themselves!- and blame the rare good aspects of the Church and religion and morality and all that, for acting “feminine” and not allowing them to have sex or revel in their masculinity. (The good aspects being “don’t hurt the innocent”, “everything in moderation”, “don’t be sexually irresponsible”, “look out for the little guy”, etc).


The fact that they aren’t able to open a simple history book and look at how unrestricted male homosexual sex has been in the past attests to their refusal to be objective and logical, and not to mention their uneducated demeanor whenever they approach any and all issues.   It also proves the casualness with which they blame people who are totally innocent in regards to restricting their disgusting behavior (nagging women, disgusted churchgoers, whiny priests, etc).


You think women cared if they went off and fucked other men?  They were probably happy to have them out of their hands, like Marie Barone is happy to see Frank go to the lodge in Everybody Loves Raymond.  Thank God for the mother fucking lodge!


And lots of the authorities that opposed homosexuality, even if they had stereotypically feminine reasons for doing so, like “morality”, or “safety”, they were established by males, and it was males who banned the behavior.


This aspect of history, the aspect of men screaming about how they aren’t allowed to be homosexual, it reads much more like men trying to regulate other men’s behavior, or even their own behavior……and then getting angry at women who chime in on the wrong side.  If you support homosexual men, you’re a witch.  If you oppose it, you’re a bitch.  Or an old crazy broad.  If you think about it, the issue of males being allowed to be homosexual is almost exclusively an issue that concerns them.  Men regulating other men and punishing them if they step out of line.


The only time women are involved is when they are used as cannon fodder for the anti-homosexual side to fight the opposition, or vice versa.  And of course, for when one side wants to attack the others’ cannon fodder (women), because heaven knows they would rather attack a woman whom their opponent has brainwashed to oppose them than attack another man, even one with violently different opinions. So I guess on a certain level, men love each other so much that most of them are homosexuals.  Some are just repressed and that’s what makes the differences of political opinion.



If you’re an effeminate man, and you love another man and sexually attract to him for proper reasons, then you’re a pussy.  If you’re a woman, then you’re a cunt.  You can’t win.  It sucks.  Welcome to history class.

(I am ¾ done with a bachelors in history so I can kinda say that).

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Against Gynecology



Why must there be such a medical concept as gynecology (“womanology”)?  Is there such a thing as andrology?  Is there an andrologist men must visit from the time they are 15 years old or so?  Must they get constant penile exams and medical treatment in order to “prepare” them for sex?  (Should the sole definition of “normal sex” even be “penis into vagina” anyway, and does this create more sexual problems for women than men)?  Is there a special department in every doctor’s office dedicated to fixing that broken male body, telling it how messed up it is, how unpredictable and self-destructing it can be?  No. So why must women be reminded they are merely weaker, sicker versions of males?


Girls and women in our society do not realize it isn’t necessary to have your reproductive organs inspected on a regular basis.  We are not so weak our bodies cannot maintain themselves.  Girls are taught earlier and earlier they are faulty versions of males and that their bodies are potentially self-destructive and malfunctional.  Girls who read about their first gyno visit and what to expect dread it and wonder how they’ll ever go through it without pushing the doctor across the room in fear and pain.  Would you want someone shoving their hand in your vagina and around your pelvis?  (This practice actually exposes women to risk, including that of needing a hysterectomy, according to Dr. Carolyn Westhoff).  Would you want someone shoving a metal speculum in your vagina?  Inserting another finger, often without asking, because, no matter that the particular woman on the table says it hurts, women’s vaginas are meant to be penetrated?  Women’s aversion to exams isn’t proof they are too “sensitive”; it is proof the exams are invasive and unnatural.  These “early visits” are simply conditioning girls for a lifelong endurance of unnecessary and interventionist “check ups” and prescriptions that terrify and inconvenience women.  In fact, cervical cancer screening procedures, studies have shown, have not had any hand in decreasing cancer at all.


“Going to the gynecologist is a must.  It’s not so bad, and you’ll be sorry if you don’t,”……say all the gynecologists.  (They want to make money, of course they are saying this!)  Is it on gynecologists’ “to do” list to screen girls for sexual abuse? No. Instead, are “personal safety, binge drinking, and date rape” (how to blame the victim 101!), birth control for regulating periods (because those periods are so wacky, and women should be like robots and have them at exactly the same time every month), and the benefits and safety of the HPV vaccine (because having PIV- penis in vagina- sex with men is an automatic must).  Apparently, in the minds of these gynecologists, it’s out of the question their patient might be a lesbian, uninterested in sex, or not want PIV.  The vaccine Gardasil is given to girls and young women to prevent them from having sex (PIV) related health problems.  It is given to girls as young as 10, which means our society is aware that girls as young as ten are sexually active.  Merck, the maker of Gardasil, is testing its products on girls inIndiabecause it is cheaper, and they often die because the vaccine is dangerous.


The goal of gynecology isn’t to further women’s health; it’s to make money off female gullibility and to normalize the constant surveillance of female bodies by male society.  If it were really about women’s health, doctors would be inquiring about why women have worse health than men, not setting up special needs health genres for females, and they certainly wouldn’t be pushing drugs or vaccines as the answer to everything.  It’s all about damage control- it’s about “fixing” women who don’t like sex or penetration for their husbands or partners.  It’s about telling young girls to wear tampons so they can “get used to” having a penis forced into their vagina.  It’s about telling women who hate penetration they have made-up conditions, like “vaginismus”, and fixing her so her boyfriend can be less disappointed, but not about telling him to leave her alone!  Because, apparently, male pleasure is more important than female safety.


Why must women- and girls- experience such psychological humiliation and physical pain, just so doctors can reassure them their bodies are faulty versions of males’ and prepare them for PIV?  Why must women who refuse to undergo these degrading exams be denied birth control, migraine medicine, and sometimes any care at all- even non-gyno related (and, in the case ofPoland, denied a job with certain companies)?  Why are doctors’ profits and patriarchy’s fear of women’s bodies more important than keeping people healthy and safe?  They are trying to desensitize girls so they have more compliant women in the future.  We need to ignore gynecologists and refuse to go to any more exams, and instead, practice natural medicine with trusted healers so we can finally be healthy and happy!

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Les femmes qui aiment d’autres femmes

J’ai écrit ce pamphlet en 2012 avec l’intention de le remettre aux enfants des écoles 10-18 ans. Je m’excuse pour le mauvais français.

Les femmes qui aiment d’autres femmes

Pourquoi faut-il les femmes tomber en amour avec les hommes? La plupart des hommes sont égoïstes, sexiste, et abusive. Les hommes bons sont difficiles à trouver. Peut-être que nous devrions tomber en amour avec les femmes. Les femmes ne vous déteste pour être une femme, les femmes sont beaucoup moins susceptibles d’verbalement et sexuellement abuser de vous, les femmes ne vous imprégner contre votre volonté. Peut-être que vous avez les attractions à des amis ou des célébrités féminines, mais vous n’avez jamais réalisé que vous pourriez aimer une autre femme. Société cherche à rendre les femmes tomber en amour avec les hommes parce que les hommes à utiliser les femmes pour le sexe. La société veut aussi à maintenir les femmes en dehors de chacune des femmes d’autres ne peuvent donc pas se casser ou échapper au contrôle des hommes. Alors, pourquoi ne pas essayer quelque chose de nouveau?

Les mythes, les faits, et questions:


Les lesbiennes sont laides et masculin.
Pas toutes les lesbiennes sont masculines. Beaucoup sont très “féminine” (ce que notre société appelle «féminin»). Certaines relations lesbiennes se composent de partenaires féminines, dont certaines se composent de partenaires masculins, et certains couples d’avoir un partenaire hommasse et un partenaire féminin.Chacun est différent.


Les lesbiennes sont toujours en colère parce qu’ils ne savent pas combien il est merveilleux d’avoir des rapports sexuels avec des hommes.
Une lesbienne est une femme qui est attirée par les femmes, non attirés par les hommes. Avoir des relations sexuelles avec des hommes ne serait pas merveilleux pour elle. Pas toutes les lesbiennes sont en colère. Certains sont très heureux. Ils sont tous les individus comme tout le monde. La petite quantité de personnes gays et lesbiennes qui sont souvent en colère sont en colère parce qu’ils sont maltraités par des préjugés les personnes hétérosexuelles.


Accepter les lesbiennes dans la société va considérablement changer les structures des relations normales.
Oui. C’est notre intention. Nous voulons du changement. Le monde est horrible en ce moment. Les femmes sont le seul groupe démographique dans le monde qui ont bien voulu vivre avec le groupe qui opprime les hommes eux-. La plupart des hommes dans le monde sont dangereux et égoïste. Société oblige la femme à épouser un homme et vivre à l’écart de sa famille et d’autres femmes. Cette causent un grave préjudice aux femmes. La structure du mariage (un homme, une femme, vivant seule dans une maison), il est plus facile pour les maris à abuser des femmes et des enfants sans familles des femmes les empêchent. Pour les femmes dans les pays pauvres, le lesbianisme est la liberté.L’hétérosexualité signifie être contraint à l’esclavage sexuel à un mari et faire maison épuisante ou travail sur le terrain. Au lieu de vivre avec les hommes, les femmes devraient vivre dans tous les groupes de femmes-avec quelques hommes de bien (la minorité d’hommes). La plupart des hommes doivent vivre à l’extérieur de cette société. C’est ainsi que les éléphants et les lions vivent, de sorte qu’il n’est pas anormal. Les hommes bons doivent être les pères et les AMOUT grand nombre d’hommes mauvais (les violeurs, les tueurs en série, femme-agresseurs, misogynes) disparaîtront. La monogamie ne sera plus nécessaire, mais les gens seront libres de le choisir. Depuis les hommes méchants seront éteintes, les hommes de ne pas utiliser les femmes pour le sexe. Ils ne avoir des relations sexuelles avec quelqu’un à cause de l’amour. Notre politique actuelle du mariage one-man/one-woman est le mal. Il ya très peu de bons hommes et les femmes ne sont pas en mesure de partager eux-femmes doivent accepter les hommes horribles ou abusif.


Comment les gens vont avoir des enfants?
Les femmes ont des rapports sexuels avec des hommes pour amener les enfants, et parfois pour le plaisir, mais le lesbianisme sera plus répandue qu’elle ne l’est aujourd’hui. Les femmes, surtout les mères, devraient faire l’objet de la société, et les hommes ou les femmes d’autres devraient les aider. Les enfants doivent être enseignés par toute la communauté, pas à l’intérieur d’une famille, dans laquelle la mère doit faire tout le travail. Les femmes n’auront pas à associer à un seul homme parce qu’il est le père de son enfant. Lorsque les femmes épousent des hommes et vivent à l’intérieur d’une famille hétérosexuelle, ils travaillent à l’intérieur de la maison et ne sont pas payés, mais les hommes sont payés pour travailler à l’extérieur de la maison. Les femmes ne devraient pas avoir à être dans une relation avec un homme simplement parce qu’il est le père de son enfant e. Les femmes devraient avoir des relations avec d’autres femmes et d’élever des enfants ensemble, et de l’hétérosexualité sera moins fréquente. Les hommes qui aiment les organes sexuels des femmes au lieu de leur personnalité ne seront pas autorisés à avoir des relations sexuelles avec les femmes.


Lesbianisme et les femmes qui séparent des hommes est une idée très nouvelle et différente.
Ce n’est pas vrai. Des milliers d’années auparavant, avant que les hommes ont commencé haïr les femmes, et avant ils ont inventé le patriarcat, les femmes étaient les dirigeants de la société. Société aimé et respecté des hommes, mais les hommes ne sont pas supérieurs aux femmes et les hommes n’ont pas été au centre de la société.


Lesbiennes devez utiliser godes ou autres objets en forme de pénis à avoir des relations sexuelles.
Pas toutes les lesbiennes profiter d’une pénétration du pénis et des objets de forme. Le assumtion que toutes les lesbiennes ont besoin pénis ou pénis-objets en forme de se contenter est offensant.Toutes les femmes ont besoin des hommes pour être heureux.Certaines lesbiennes n’aiment pas être pénétré. C’est une préférence personnelle. «Sexe» ne signifie pas nécessairement mettre un pénis dans un vagin. Le sexe peut aussi inclure le sexe oral, de toucher le clitoris, ou de stimuler les mamelons. Une personne n’a pas besoin de pénétrer ou être pénétré à-dire qu’ils ont eu des rapports sexuels. Il est également offensante pour penser que les femmes n’ont pas les organes génitaux externes.Les femmes ont le clitoris, les lèvres, et un mont de Vénus, et parfois ils peuvent être utilisés pour la pénétration, si les partenaires profiter d’une pénétration. Il n’est pas vrai que tous les hommes ont des pénis de gros et que toutes les femmes ont des clitoris de petites ou grandes lèvres. Tous les pénis sont plus grandes que le clitoris des femmes et des lèvres. Certains pénis sont grandes, et certains sont de petite taille. Certains clitoris et des lèvres sont grosses, d’autres sont de petite taille. La taille n’a rien à voir avec un homme ou une femme. Mâle et femelle ont été créés pour la reproduction, et la taille n’a rien à voir avec le sperme et les œufs.


Devrais-je devenir lesbienne?
Vous pouvez faire ce que vous voulez. Il est bon d’ouvrir vos options. Il est difficile pour la plupart des gens à changer leur sexualité, mais il peut être utile à la difficulté, puisque la plupart des hommes ne sont pas adaptés pour une relation amoureuse. Si vous ne pouvez pas devenir lesbienne, vous n’avez pas besoin de se forcer. Si vous êtes dans une relation avec un homme, assurez-vous qu’il est doux et bon.


Suis-je lesbienne?
Peut-être. Vous pouvez avoir les attractions à amies, camarades de classe, des gens avec qui vous travaillez, des actrices, ou personnages de dessins animés même. Vous pourriez être complètement indifférent chez les hommes ou les détester.


Quelles sont les conséquences de devenir une lesbienne ou dire aux gens que je suis un?
Il dépend de la quantité au niveau de votre société de tolérance pour l’homosexualité. Souvent, dans l’hémisphère occidental, vous serez respecté. Malheureusement, les lesbiennes sont mal traités par certaines personnes, en particulier les religieux conservateurs, et les gens qui soutiennent le patriarcat. Si vous pensez que vous serez blessé, gardez vos sentiments pour vous, mais ne pas essayer de changer qui vous êtes, parce que vous finirez par misérable. Essayez de trouver des groupes internet ou les organisations qui vous acceptent.

Où puis-je obtenir de l’aide si je décide de sortir en tant que lesbienne ou devient-on?
Une organisation française gay est nommé SOS Homophobie et son site Web est http://www.sos-homophobie.org/~~V Si vous ne voulez pas que vos parents ou frères et sœurs de savoir que vous contacté l’organisation, vous pouvez utiliser votre téléphone cellulaire ou par courriel sur un ordinateur commun.


Sont des sociétés plus heureux s’ils acceptent les lesbiennes et si elles changer les structures injustes de mariage?
Oui. Dans une relation lesbienne, il n’y a pas d’influence masculine, le patriarcat donc est affaibli par toutes les relations lesbiennes.Les hommes qui font le mal n’auront pas la possibilité d’enseigner à leurs fils d’être le mal. Il ya 7 milliards de personnes dans le monde et il est surpeuplé. Il n’y a pas assez de recources pour tout le monde. Les lesbiennes sont plus susceptibles d’adopter des enfants que de donner naissance. L’autre option pour les femmes est d’épouser des hommes et leurs ventres réglementé comme matrices des animaux de la ferme. (Sociétés jamais réguler les organes de reproduction des hommes).


Est-il impossible de changer votre sexualité?
Pour certaines personnes, il est impossible. Pour d’autres, il n’est pas. La plupart des gens ne peuvent pas perdre une attraction sexuelle une fois qu’ils l’ont, mais la plupart des gens peuvent acquérir une attraction supplémentaire s’ils essaient. Il est plus difficile d’ignorer une attraction que vous avez déjà que d’en acquérir un nouveau. Parfois, les hommes hétérosexuels dire aux femmes l’hétérosexualité est naturelle et qu’il est impossible de changer parce qu’ils veulent tromper les lesbiennes à avoir des relations sexuelles avec eux. “Il est naturel. Viens dans mon lit! ”


Est-ce la sexualité causée par la génétique ou de l’ADN ou de la nature ou de quelque chose de semblable?
Attractions n ° sont des choses abstraites et de la génétique est une chose physique. Les choses physiques ne peuvent pas provoquer des choses abstraites. Pulsions sexuelles pourraient être causés par des procédés physiques, mais qui vous êtes attiré par ce qui est causé par l’intérieur dans votre esprit. Parfois, l’esprit ne peut pas être changé. Parfois, il peut.


Pourquoi la société remarquerez lesbiennes inférieure à ce qu’elle remarque les hommes gais?
La plupart des sociétés ne respectent pas les femmes et ne veulent pas croire qu’ils apprécient le sexe autant que les hommes apprécient le sexe. Ils disent que tout le monde que les lesbiennes ne sont pas naturels. Une autre raison peut être que les hommes pensent que les hommes, même les autres hommes gais-sont plus importants que les femmes et les hommes depuis de contrôler la plupart des médias et des nouvelles, ils paient plus d’attention aux gays que des lesbiennes.

Pourquoi la plupart des hommes détestent les lesbiennes?
Si une femme n’a de relations sexuelles avec d’autres femmes, les hommes perdent la possibilité de l’utiliser pour le sexe. Certains hommes accusent les lesbiennes de haïr les hommes, parce que les lesbiennes n’ont pas des rapports sexuels avec des hommes.C’est immature, ils disent: «Vous me haïssez parce que vous ne me donner ce que je veux!” Ils haïssent aussi les lesbiennes parce que les lesbiennes ne sont pas contrôlées par un mari ou leur partenaire masculin.

Pourquoi la plupart des hommes détestent les hommes homosexuels?
Les hommes homophobes ont peur que s’ils ont des rapports sexuels avec des hommes, ils vont être lésés de la même manière qu’ils nuire aux femmes. Peut-être qu’ils le méritent!


Qu’est-ce que “viol correctif”?
“Viol correctif”, c’est quand un homme ou un groupe d’hommes et de violer une femme blessée à essayer de la forcer à être hétérosexuel, ou pour la punir d’être une lesbienne. Viol correctives se produit très souvent en Afrique, et les filles sont souvent victimes de viols collectifs ou forcée à épouser des hommes adultes. Ces hommes de les violer à l’intérieur du mariage. Il arrive aussi en Amérique. Une lesbienne qui entre dans un bar ou autres lieux publics pourrait être suivie et “corrigée” par les hommes. Dans le monde entier, de nombreuses lesbiennes sont battu, torturé, violé, ont jeté l’acide au visage, désavoué, tué, ou forcée à épouser des hommes. Cependant, en Amérique et en Europe il ya beaucoup de collectivités sûres et les organisations qui ne déteste pas les lesbiennes et les femmes.

Que dois-je faire si quelqu’un essaie de me punir d’être une lesbienne?
Contacter SOS, Act Up, ou d’une autre gay ou de l’organisation des femmes, et si vous pensez que quelqu’un va commettre des violences contre vous, contactez un refuge pour femmes dans une ville voisine et d’obtenir un avocat. Assurez-vous que l’avocat ne déteste pas les lesbiennes et les femmes. Si vous ne pouvez pas faire cela, dites un bon enseignant ce qui se passe dans votre maison. Personne ne devrait essayer de changer votre sexualité ou vous abuser. Si quelqu’un essaie de te violer, lui signaler immédiatement et d’obtenir un avocat qui tente d’aider les femmes et les lesbiennes.

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Las Mujeres Que Aman a Otras Mujeres

Un folleto que he escrito. Este folleto debe ser entregado a los estudiantes de edades 10-18.  (Pido disculpas por la calidad de la traducción española malo)



Las mujeres que aman a otras mujeres


¿Por qué las mujeres se enamoran de los hombres? La mayoría de los hombres son egoístas, sexista y abusivo. Los hombres buenos son difíciles de encontrar. Tal vez deberíamos caer en amor con las mujeres. Las mujeres no te odian por ser mujer, las mujeres son mucho menos propensos a verbal y sexualmente a abusar de ti, las mujeres no se le impregnan en contra de su voluntad. Tal vez usted tiene atracciones a sus amigos o celebridades femeninas, pero nunca se dio cuenta de que podía amar a otra mujer. La sociedad trata de hacer que las mujeres se enamoran de los hombres porque los hombres quieren utilizar a las mujeres para el sexo. La sociedad también quiere mantener a las mujeres, aparte de cada mujer por lo que otros no se puede romper o escapar del control masculino. Así que ¿por qué no probar algo nuevo?


Mitos, hechos, y preguntas:


Las lesbianas son feas y lo masculino.
No todas las lesbianas son masculinas. Muchos de ellos son muy “femenina” (lo que nuestra sociedad llama “femenino”). Algunos consisten en las relaciones lésbicas de socios femeninos, algunos constan de socios masculinos, y algunas parejas tienen una pareja varonil y una compañera femenina. Cada persona es diferente.

Las lesbianas siempre están enojados porque no saben lo maravilloso que es tener relaciones sexuales con hombres.
Una lesbiana es una mujer que se siente atraída por las mujeres, no atrajo a los hombres. Tener relaciones sexuales con hombres, NO sería maravilloso para ella. No todas las lesbianas están enojados. Algunos son muy felices. Todos ellos son personas como todos los demás. La pequeña cantidad de gays y lesbianas, que a menudo están enojados están enojados porque son abusados por prejuicios personas heterosexuales.

La aceptación de las lesbianas en la sociedad cambiará drásticamente las estructuras normales de la relación.
Sí. Esa es nuestra intención. Queremos un cambio. El mundo es horrible en este momento. Las mujeres son el único grupo demográfico en el mundo que están dispuestos a vivir con el grupo que oprime los hombres. La mayoría de los hombres en el mundo es peligroso y egoísta. La sociedad obliga a la mujer a casarse con un hombre y vivir separado de su familia y otras mujeres. Esto hace mucho daño a las mujeres. La estructura del matrimonio (un hombre y una mujer, que vive solo en una casa) hace que sea más fácil para los maridos abusen de las mujeres y los niños sin familia de la mujer detenerlos. Para las mujeres en los países pobres, el lesbianismo es la libertad. La heterosexualidad significa ser forzados a la esclavitud sexual de un marido y una casa de agotadoras o haciendo trabajo de campo. En vez de vivir con los hombres, las mujeres deben vivir en todos los grupos de mujeres con algunos hombres buenos (la minoría de los hombres). La mayoría de los hombres deben vivir en el exterior de esta sociedad. Así es como los elefantes y los leones viven, por lo que no es natural. Los hombres buenos deben ser los padres y el amout grande de los hombres malos (violadores, asesinos en serie, abusadores de mujeres-, los misóginos) se extinguirá. La monogamia ya no será necesario, pero la gente será libre de elegir. Dado que los hombres malos se habrán extinguido, los hombres no usan a las mujeres para el sexo. Ellos sólo tienen relaciones sexuales con alguien por amor. Nuestra política actual es el matrimonio one-man/one-woman mal. Hay hombres muy pocas buenas, y las mujeres no son capaces de compartirlas-las mujeres tienen que aceptar los hombres horribles o abusivo.



¿Cómo la gente tiene hijos?
Las mujeres que tienen sexo con hombres para que los niños y, a veces por placer, sino el lesbianismo será más común de lo que es hoy en día. Las mujeres, especialmente las madres, debe ser el foco de la sociedad, y de hombres y mujeres, debe ayudarlos. Los niños deben ser enseñados por toda la comunidad, no dentro de una familia, en la que la madre tiene que hacer todo el trabajo. Las mujeres no tendrán que asociarse con un hombre sólo porque él es el padre de su hijo. Cuando las mujeres se casan con hombres y viven dentro de una familia heterosexual, que trabajan dentro de la casa y no se les paga, pero los hombres se les paga para trabajar fuera del hogar. Las mujeres no deberían tener que estar en una relación con un hombre sólo porque él es el padre de su hijo ª. Las mujeres deben tener relaciones con otras mujeres y criar hijos juntos, y la heterosexualidad será menos común. Los hombres que disfrutan de los órganos sexuales de las mujeres en lugar de su personalidad no se les permite tener relaciones sexuales con mujeres.


El lesbianismo y las mujeres de separación de los hombres es una idea muy nueva y diferente.
Esto no es cierto. Hace miles de años, delante de los hombres comenzó a odiar a las mujeres, y antes de que se inventó el patriarcado, las mujeres eran las líderes de la sociedad. Sociedad de los hombres amados y respetados, pero los hombres no eran superiores a las mujeres y los hombres no estaban en el centro de la sociedad.



Las lesbianas deben usar consoladores u otros objetos en forma de pene para tener relaciones sexuales.
No todas las lesbianas disfrutan de la penetración y objetos en forma de pene. El assumtion que todas las lesbianas necesitan penes u objetos en forma de pene que deben cumplir es ofensivo. No todas las mujeres necesitan a los hombres para ser felices. Algunas lesbianas no les gusta ser penetrados. Es una preferencia personal. “Sexo” no significa necesariamente que poner un pene en una vagina. El sexo también puede incluir el sexo oral, tocando el clítoris, o la estimulación de los pezones. Una persona no tiene que penetrar o ser penetrado a decir que han tenido relaciones sexuales. También es ofensivo para sugerir las mujeres no tienen genitales externos. Las mujeres tienen clítoris, los labios, y un monte de Venus, ya veces se puede utilizar para la penetración, si los socios disfrutar de la penetración. No es cierto que todos los hombres tienen un pene grande y que todas las mujeres tienen clítoris pequeños o mayores. No todos los penes son más grandes que los clítoris de las mujeres y los labios. Algunos penes son grandes, y otras son pequeñas. Algunos clítoris y los labios son grandes, otras pequeñas. Tamaño no tiene nada que ver con hombre o mujer. Hombre y mujer fueron creados para la reproducción y el tamaño no tiene nada que ver con el esperma y los óvulos.


¿Debería ser una lesbiana?
Usted puede hacer lo que quieras. Es bueno para abrir sus opciones. Es difícil para la mayoría de la gente a cambiar su sexualidad, pero puede valer la pena la dificultad, ya que la mayoría de los hombres no son adecuados para una relación romántica. Si usted no puede llegar a ser una lesbiana, no es necesario que te esfuerces. Si te metes en una relación con un hombre, asegúrese de que es suave y bueno.

¿Soy lesbiana?
Tal vez. Es posible que tenga atractivos a sus amigas, compañeros de clase, las personas con las que trabaja, actrices, o incluso personajes de dibujos animados. Usted puede ser completamente desinteresado en los hombres o no les gusta ellos.



¿Cuáles son las consecuencias de ser una lesbiana o decirle a la gente que soy un?
Depende de la cantidad de nivel de la sociedad de la tolerancia hacia la homosexualidad. A menudo, en el hemisferio occidental, se le respeta. Por desgracia, las lesbianas se les trata mal por algunas personas, las personas religiosas, especialmente conservadores, y personas que apoyan el patriarcado. Si usted piensa que se verán perjudicados, a mantener sus sentimientos para sí mismo, pero no tratar de cambiar lo que eres, porque el resultado final será miserable. Trate de encontrar grupos de Internet u organizaciones que te acepten.

¿Dónde puedo obtener ayuda si me decido a salir como una lesbiana o convertirse en uno?
La organización nacional de EE.UU. para los homosexuales adultos es: 1-888-843-4564, y el grupo de jóvenes es 1-800-246-7743. Ambos números no costará dinero a marcar. Si no quieres que tus padres o hermanos para saber que llama a la organización, puede utilizar su teléfono celular o correo electrónico en el ordenador.



¿Son las sociedades más felices si aceptan las lesbianas y si cambian las estructuras matrimoniales que son injustas?
Sí. En una relación lésbica, no hay ninguna influencia masculina, por lo tanto, el patriarcado se ve debilitado por todas las relaciones lesbianas. Los hombres que hacen el mal no tendrá la oportunidad de enseñar a sus hijos a ser malo. Hay 7 millones de personas en el mundo y hacinamiento. No hay recources suficientes para todos. Las lesbianas tienen más probabilidades de adoptar niños a dar a luz. La otra opción para las mujeres es a casarse con hombres y tienen sus vientres regulados como el vientre de animales de granja. (Nunca Sociedades regula los órganos reproductivos de los hombres).



¿Es imposible para cambiar su sexualidad?
Para algunas personas es imposible. Para otros, no lo es. La mayoría de la gente no puede perder la atracción sexual una vez que lo tienen, pero la mayoría de la gente puede adquirir un atractivo adicional si lo intentan. Es más difícil hacer caso omiso de una atracción que ya tienen que adquirir uno nuevo. A veces los hombres dicen a las mujeres heterosexuales la heterosexualidad es natural y que es imposible de cambiar, porque quieren engañar a las lesbianas a tener relaciones sexuales con ellos. “Es natural. Ven a mi cama! ”

La sexualidad es causada por la genética o de ADN o de la naturaleza o algo similar?
No. Atracciones son cosas abstractas y la genética es una cosa física. Las cosas físicas no puede hacer que las cosas abstractas. Impulsos sexuales puede ser causada por procesos físicos, pero que te atrae es causada por lo que hay dentro de tu mente. A veces, la mente no puede ser cambiado. A veces, se puede.



¿Por qué la sociedad cuenta de las lesbianas menos de lo que da cuenta de los hombres gay?
La mayoría de las sociedades no respetan a las mujeres y no quieren creer que disfrutar del sexo tanto como los hombres disfrutan del sexo. Ellos le dicen a todo el mundo que las lesbianas no son naturales. Otra razón puede ser que los hombres piensan que los hombres, incluso de otros hombres gay son más importantes que las mujeres y desde que los hombres controlan la mayoría de los medios de comunicación y noticias, prestan más atención a los gays que las lesbianas.


¿Por qué la mayoría de los hombres odian las lesbianas?
Si una mujer sólo tiene relaciones sexuales con otras mujeres, los hombres pierden la oportunidad de utilizarla para el sexo. Algunos hombres acusan a las lesbianas de odiar a los hombres ya las lesbianas no tienen relaciones sexuales con hombres. Este es inmaduro, sino que están diciendo, “Usted me odia, porque no me das lo que quiero!” Ellos también odian a las lesbianas ya las lesbianas no están siendo controlados por un esposo o una pareja masculina.



¿Por qué la mayoría de los hombres odian a los hombres homosexuales?
Hombres homofóbicos tienen miedo de que si tienen relaciones sexuales con hombres, que se verán perjudicados de la misma manera hacen daño a las mujeres. Tal vez se lo merecen!

¿Qué es la “violación correctiva”?
“Violación correctiva” es cuando un hombre o un grupo de hombres la violación y daño a una mujer para tratar de obligarla a ser heterosexual, o para castigarla por ser lesbiana. La violación correctiva se produce muy a menudo en África, y las niñas son a menudo violaciones colectivas o forzada a casarse con hombres adultos. Estos hombres que la violación dentro del matrimonio. También ocurre en Estados Unidos. Una lesbiana que entra a un bar u otros lugares públicos podría seguir y “corregidos” por los varones. En todo el mundo, muchas lesbianas son golpeadas, torturadas, violadas, tienen ácido arrojado a la cara, repudió, asesinados o forzados a casarse con hombres. Sin embargo, en América y Europa hay muchas comunidades seguras y de las organizaciones que no odian a las lesbianas y las mujeres.



¿Qué debo hacer si alguien trata de castigarme por ser lesbiana?
Póngase en contacto con los números de teléfono por encima y por si cree que alguien va a cometer actos de violencia en contra de usted, póngase en contacto con un refugio para mujeres en una ciudad cercana y conseguir un abogado. Asegúrese de que el abogado no odia a las lesbianas y las mujeres. Si usted no puede hacer esto, decirle a un buen maestro lo que pasa en su casa. Nadie debe permitir que tratar de cambiar su sexualidad o abusar de usted. Si alguien trata de la violación, lo denunciará inmediatamente y conseguir un abogado que trata de ayudar a las mujeres y las lesbianas.

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What Would It Take?


What would it take for humanity to overthrow and transcend patriarchy?  Who must be the warriors in this battle against the patriarchs?  What must be done?  What must society be taught, in order to make this successful?  Must we break laws?  Which laws?  Do we lie to get our way?  Should we speak to children?  The religious?


I believe that women’s liberation from forced sex, second class status, poverty, disease, unwanted pregnancy, torture, death, psychological humiliation, and feeling of otherness is more important than obeying laws, being honest, paying taxes, or respecting the mythical parental right to influence children.


Laws are meant to protect people from being harmed or wronged in a complex society.  To break a law such as “don’t murder” would be to do wrong, it would be to harm someone.  But to break a law such as, “don’t trespass on school property or hand pamphlets to underage children” would not be bringing harm to anyone, or wronging them.  We must weigh the consequences; will the damage done by our action outweigh the damage done if we do not perform the action?  (Also, we must keep in mind that we must only perform such actions if they are the only way to achieve our goal, such as if the goal cannot be achieved in a less destructive way).

If we hand radical feminist pamphlets to sixth graders telling them about PIV sex and gender theories, and teaching them how to take control of their own sexual experiences, is the damage that will be done by them reading the pamphlets and getting their fragile little minds warped greater than the damage that will be done if we don’t hand them the pamphlets, and they become used and abused by men?  Is the risk of getting ourselves sued or thrown in jail (which we can avoid anyway by remaining anonymous and running off before we are caught) really worse than what will happen to those poor girls if they are not taught to be liberated?


If a local politician is seriously in the business of signing a bill that would criminalize accidental miscarriages, should we really refrain from physically forcing him to stop, or from interfering with the police when they try to arrest the suffering pregnant woman who is about to be put in a jail cell?  At what price must we continue to choose to obey the law?


     Over all, I think the necessity of the women’s liberation movement supersedes the necessity of obeying laws which prevent relatively harmless activities. 


What is to be done politically?  A good start would be to vote for all women, only women candidates.  Even those who are supposedly conservative will have empathy with women’s issues, because they must suffer under patriarchy as well.  Also, many conservative women have the same views as radical feminists about many things (the futility of the sexual liberation movement, the intuitive understanding of the nature of masculinity), as opposed to mainstream leftist or fun-fems.  Or, one could run for office herself, as a woman candidate, as a women’s issues supporter…or, if you would rather be a subverter, run under a lukewarm moderate campaign, while avoiding speaking about women’s issues, and then when elected, introduce women’s rights bills into the legislation.


Perhaps one day, if we get enough money pooled, or get enough women on board, we can set up our own nation or society, the way the Jews have done with Israel.  Someplace like Greenland would be nice.  It’s owned by Denmark, which is a relatively liberal country, at least compared to places like Greece and the United States.  And Saudi Arabia.  The cold weather would prevent intruders from wanting to stay too long, and the remoteness of the place would be good for women trying to escape abuse and depression.


Another great idea would be to get either a government fund or a private fund to ship abused women and children from the Middle East and Africa over to havens in Europe, Greenland, Canada, or the US (haha!) until we can clear the rats out of the Middle East and Africa and the other third world countries.  The bad men would be taken out by police force or government edict, the laws changed, and the good men transported to safe havens along with the women and children, but perhaps generally on the periphery.

All of them would be screened- politely and like human beings, please- for issues like emotional and physical abuse, and for evidence of patriarchal family structure.  Women and children would have the choice to leave any abusive husbands that were discovered during the screenings.  Money could be raised by legislating better use of government funds, or by selling baked goods, necklaces, objects on EBay, knitted scarves, collecting money from churchgoers “for a good cause”, and donating part of the income we already make.


We should send speakers to public schools who are supportive of radical feminism.  They can contact the school, advertising their willingness to teach the children about bullying and sexual health issues, and then when they get up to the microphone, they can add in a bunch of stuff that is crucial to our cause, such as the nature of patriarchy, and the helpfulness of lesbian communitarianism.  Of course, we should advertise our services under a different guise every time, lest the schools catch onto the our act, and start banning sexual health speakers because most of them turn out to be radfems in disguise.


If we do get women in office, laws should be passed that promote affirmative action for women and women of color, along with a privilege tax which men should have to pay, since patriarchy unfairly benefits them.  The proceeds from this tax may go to the havens for foreign women, or for the Greenland colony, or for sending condoms and sexual health and pro-feminism pamphlets to Africa.

The driving and voting ages should be lowered for women and lifted for men, since males on average mature much more slowly than females.  Any males entering the police or other law forces should undergo a sexual violence propensity test, and police departments should have a quota of at least 50% women. Most violent crimes committed by the police are by white male officers, who are often sophomoric and immature.  The military must unquestioningly allow gays and lesbians to serve without discrimination, either public or private, and Army rapes must go reported, with offenders being dishonorably discharged.


Women should try to have as many relationships with other women as possible, either lesbian, or, if one cannot change one’s heterosexuality, find a rare good male and be sure to stock up on as many female friends as possible.  The rare good men should be shared by women.


Books and movies as are read and watched by children, such as patriarchal, woman-mocking 1940s films, or fairy tales in which females are demonized as wicked stepmothers should be discussed in schools and only watched for the entertainment value, not as education.



As you can see, it would be difficult but not complex or confusing to free women from men’s chains.  All we need to do is make plans, band together, and keep at it. 

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Women Who Love Other Women

Another pamphlet designed for distribution to school children.


                                         Women Who Love Other Women
Why must women fall in love with men? Most men are selfish, sexist, and abusive. Good men are hard to find. Maybe we should fall in love with women. Women won’t hate you for being a woman; women are much less likely to verbally and sexually abuse you; women won’t impregnate you against your will. Maybe you have attractions to female friends or celebrities but you never realized you could love another woman. Society tries to make women fall in love with men because men want to use women for sex. Society also wants to keep women apart from each other so women can’t break or escape from male control. So why don’t we try something new?

Myths, facts, and questions:

Lesbians are ugly and masculine.
Not all lesbians are masculine. Many are very “feminine” (what our society calls “feminine”). Some lesbian relationships consist of feminine partners, some consist of masculine partners, and some couples have a mannish partner and a feminine partner. Everyone is different.

Lesbians are always angry because they don’t know how wonderful it is to have sex with men.
A lesbian is a woman who is attracted to women, not attracted to men. Having sex with men would not be wonderful for her. Not all lesbians are angry. Some are very happy. They are all individuals like everyone else. The small amount of lesbian and gay people who are often angry are angry because they are abused by prejudiced heterosexual people.

Accepting lesbians into society will drastically change normal relationship structures.
Yes. That’s our intention. We want change. The world is horrible right now. Women are the only demographic group in the world who willingly live with the group who oppresses them- men. Most men in the world are dangerous and selfish. Society forces woman to marry a man and live apart from her family and other women. This does great harm to women. The marriage structure (one man, one woman, living alone in a house) makes it easier for husbands to abuse women and children without women’s families stopping them. For women in poor countries, lesbianism is freedom. Heterosexuality means being forced into sexual slavery to a husband and doing exhausting house or field work. Instead of living with men, women should live in all-female groups with some good men (the minority of men). Most men should live on the outside of this society. This is how elephants and lions live, so it is not unnatural. The good men should be the fathers and the large amout of bad men (rapists, serial killers, woman-abusers, misogynists) will go extinct. Monogamy will no longer be necessary, but people will be free to choose it. Since evil men will be extinct, men will not use women for sex. They will only have sex with someone because of love. Our current one-man/one-woman marriage policy is evil. There are very few good men, and women are not able to share them- women have to accept horrible or abusive men.

How will people have children?
Women will have sex with men to get children, and sometimes for pleasure, but lesbianism will be more common than it is today. Women, especially mothers, should be the focus of society, and men/other women should help them. Children should be taught by the entire community, not inside a family, in which the mother has to do all the work. Women will not have to associate with a man only because he is the father of her child. When women marry men and live inside a heterosexual family, they work inside the home and don’t get paid, but men get paid to work outside the home. Women should not have to be in a relationship with a man just because he is th father of her child. Women should have relationships with other women and raise children together, and heterosexuality will be less common. Men who enjoy women’s sexual organs instead of their personality will not be allowed to have sex with women.

Lesbianism and separating women from men is a very new and different idea.
This is not true. Thousands of years ago, before men began hating women, and before they invented patriarchy, women were the leaders of society. Society loved and respected men, but men were not superior to women and men were not at the center of society.

Lesbians must use dildos or other penis-shaped objects to have sex.
Not all lesbians enjoy penetration and penis shaped objects. The assumtion that all lesbians need penises or penis-shaped objects to be satisfied is offensive. Not all women need men to be happy. Some lesbians don’t like to be penetrated. It’s a personal preference. “Sex” doesn’t necessarily mean putting a penis in a vagina. Sex can also include oral sex, touching the clitoris, or stimulating the nipples. A person does not need to penetrate or be penetrated to say they have had sex. It is also offensive to suggest women have no external genitalia. Women have clitorises, labia, and a pubic mound, and sometimes they can be used for penetration, if the partners enjoy penetration. It is not true that all men have big penises and that all women have small clitorises/labia. Not all penises are bigger than women’s clitorises and labia. Some penises are big, and some are small. Some clitorises and labia are big, some are small. Size has nothing to do with male or female. Male and female were created for reproduction, and size has nothing to do with sperm and eggs.

Should I become a lesbian?
You can do whatever you want. It is good to open up your options. It is difficult for most people to change their sexuality, but it can be worth the difficulty, since most men are not suitable for a romantic relationship. If you cannot become a lesbian, you do not need to force yourself. If you get in a relationship with a man, make sure he is gentle and good.

Am I a lesbian? 
Perhaps. You may have attractions to female friends, classmates, people you work with, actresses, or even cartoon characters. You might be completely uninterested in men or dislike them.

What are the consequences of becoming a lesbian or telling people I’m one?
It depends on your society’s level amount of tolerance for homosexuality. Often, in the Western hemisphere, you will be respected. Unfortunately, lesbians are treated poorly by some people, especially conservative religious people, and people who support patriarchy. If you think you will be harmed, keep your feelings to yourself, but don’t try to change who you are, because you will end up miserable. Try to find internet groups or organizations who will accept you.

Where can I get help if I decide to come out as a lesbian or become one?
The USA national organization for adult homosexuals is: 1-888-843-4564, and the youth group is 1-800-246-7743. Both numbers cost no money to dial. If you don’t want your parents or siblings to know you called the organization, you can use your cell phone or email them on the computer.

Are societies happier if they accept lesbians and if they change marriage structures that are unjust?
Yes. In a lesbian relationship, there is no male influence, therefore patriarchy is weakened by every lesbian relationship. Men who are evil will have no opportunity to teach their sons to be evil. There are 7 billion people in the world and it is overcrowded. There are not enough recources for everyone. Lesbians are more likely to adopt children than to give birth. The other option for women is to marry men and have their wombs regulated like farm animals’ wombs. (Societies never regulate men’s reproductive organs).

Is it impossible to change your sexuality?
For some people it is impossible. For others, it is not. Most people cannot lose a sexual attraction once they have it, but most people can acquire an additional attraction if they try. It is harder to ignore an attraction you already have than to acquire a new one. Sometimes heterosexual men tell women heterosexuality is natural and that it is impossible to change because they want to trick lesbians into having sex with them. “It’s natural. Come into my bed!”

Is sexuality caused by genetics or DNA or nature or some similar thing?
No. Attractions are abstract things and genetics is a physical thing. Physical things cannot cause abstract things. Sexual urges might be caused by physical processes, but who you are attracted to is caused by what is inside in your mind. Sometimes, the mind cannot be changed. Sometimes, it can.

Why does society notice lesbians less than it notices gay men?
Most societies don’t respect women and don’t want to believe they enjoy sex as much as men enjoy sex. They tell everybody that lesbians are unnatural. Another reason may be that men think other men- even gay men- are more important than women and since men control most of the media and news, they pay more attention to gays than lesbians.

Why do most men hate lesbians?
If a woman only has sex with other women, men lose the opportunity to use her for sex. Some men accuse lesbians of hating men because the lesbians don’t have sex with men. This is immature; they are saying, “You hate me because you won’t give me what I want!!” They also hate lesbians because lesbians are not being controlled by a husband or male partner.

Why do most men hate homosexual men?
Homophobic men are afraid that if they have sex with men, they will be harmed in the same manner they harm women. Maybe they deserve it!

What is “corrective rape”?
“Corrective rape” is when a man or a group of men rape and hurt a woman to try to force her to be heterosexual, or to punish her for being a lesbian. Corrective rape occurs very often in Africa, and girls are often gang raped or forced to marry adult men. These men rape them inside the marriage. It also happens in America. A lesbian who enters a bar or other public places might be followed and “corrected” by males. In the entire world, many lesbians are beaten, tortured, raped, have acid thrown in their faces, disowned, killed, or forced to marry men. However, in America and Europe there are many safe communities and organizations that do not hate lesbians and women.

What should I do if someone tries to punish me for being a lesbian?
Call one of the phone numbers and if you think someone will commit violence against you, contact a women’s shelter in a nearby city and get a lawyer. Make sure the lawyer doesn’t hate lesbians and women. If you cannot do this, tell a good teacher what happens in your home. Nobody should be allowed to try to change your sexuality or abuse you. If someone tries to rape you, report him immediately and get a lawyer who tries to help women and lesbians.

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