The “Born This Way” Theory is Patent Bullshit

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Things I’ve Noticed About Patriarchy and its Sicknesses

-Women are called “sensitive” by men because men don’t want to admit their horrific behavior towards women causes women to be unhappy.

-Many men want to liberate women for the same reason monkeys want to liberate bananas from trees.  

– Racism suddenly becomes unfashionable when men find out they can bond with men of other races to the detriment of women. 

-The “right” to have sex means an underclass of people is obligated to provide it. 

-If prostitution is liberating, why aren’t half of prostitutes men? You get money for having sex. Men are supposed to like sex and they’re supposed to like money. Come on, guys! Deal breaker!

-Men trade their humanity for acceptance into the boys’ club. If turned away, they demand-still soulless and soiled with the mud they chose to roll in- that women let them back into the Eden they cast themselves out of. When women shut the door, they are called the Devil and Eden Hell. 

-Marriage and pregnancy are the ball and chain patriarchy uses to keep women imprisoned. Men are drafted to act as the jailers. Men who refuse are traitors. 

-The unwillingness to subjugate women gets a man kicked out of the boys’ club. This includes unwillingness to lie to women about men and men’s abilities, especially their genitals and their genitals’ abilities.

-The Rock and Roll movement, especially the late 60s and early 70s genres, promoted bestial sexuality, dark and esoteric occultism, and lack of structure, responsibility, and safety in favor of Dionysian “values,” which overwhelmingly benefit rapists and not women.

-Why are a surprising amount of gay men misogynistic? It’s obvious. Gay men are still men. It’s patriarchy, not hetero-archy.

-Many men don’t really like PIV- or any type of sex, for that matter. They like the feeling of phallically conquering something, perhaps including, as secondary benefit, exotic physical sensations to flavor the process.

-Emmett Till was the black victim of a ghastly beating and unjust murder which were undertaken against him because he whistled in a sexual manner at a white woman…but has anyone stopped to think why it took the murder of a sexual harasser to stir white men’s anger?

-At least men used to be cultured. Then women gained access to literature, philosophy, and the arts, and men suddenly didn’t want to play with those anymore. 

-The male dominated libertarian revolutions care about freedom all right: the freedom to do whatever they want…which coincidentally happens to be problematic and oppressive toward women, black people, gays, Native Americans, etc.

-Do men ever get pressured to go to the doctor’s for erection check ups, or ejaculation control, or napkins for semen “protection”? Why aren’t men hounded to visit an andrologist from age 16 on? Is it, perchance, that the penis is considered perfect?

-The lesbian and gay movements have a vastly different underlying motive. Lesbians are fighting to end social oppression and intolerance; the gay movement is fighting a cock block. 

-The great catch-22: Are masculized men homoerotic because they love men or because they hate women?

-In the French Revolution the theme was “Liberty, equality, and fraternity,” and the word fraternity is very heavily one of male bonding. Liberty for men from feminine like responsibilities and ties, equality (to predicate bonding) among all males, and fraternity meaning loyalty to men of all creeds and classes and to the cause of above said virtues, which included smashing anything “feminine” that (oppressive or not) at least promoted responsibility and sociality. 

-Male dominated societies always call menstrual blood “dirty”. But notice their attitude towards other bodily fluids- diarrhea, vomit, semen, spit, bile, earwax, pimple pus- they never consider those substances uniquely disgusting. Only the things men cannot produce are considered inhumanly dirty. 

-Marriage is a trap.

Babies and giving birth is a trap.

Monogamy is a trap.

Heterosexuality is a trap.

Religion is a trap.

“Love” is a trap.

Patriarchy is a trap.

Obedience is a trap.

Tradition is a trap.

Capitalism is a trap.

Society and culture are a trap.

Women in all cultures are trapped by patriarchy.

-The act of classifying sexuality as hetero or homo is based on a frame that appeals to masculine ideals (as defined by patriarchy): you love or are attracted to people based on their genitals. It’s a very genital-oriented view of attraction. “Do you like cock or cunt?”

-Men, in general at least, have underlying homoerotic and phallophilic desires. Yet because of heterosexual edicts a man can’t come out and ask other men for sex. Men, as a class, must therefore wordlessly agree to establish a situation in which homosexual behavior or at least titillation is unavoidable: the locker room. 

Although most men have underlying homoerotic tendencies, no man may ask outright for homosexual contact. A request stems from desire; desire signifies need; need signifies weakness, since, in men’s minds, need means ability to be manipulated via that need, and said manipulation could mean the needy individual being forced, if he is desperate enough, to accept being penetrated- being made a woman. 

Therefore, communal male nudity must be ritualized, normalized, ordained from above, expected, forced by circumstance or tradition, and thrust upon men, who would otherwise have to request it and risk being branded as “needy” and hence wiling to take a subordinate role. 

Communal nudity also establishes generic male bonding and allows men to simultaneously perceive the differences among men (underscoring their supposed individuality) and, on a peculiar flip side of this coin, giving them false ideas about “a normal man’s body” (false due to the fact that many men, particularly those with “inadequate” genitals or abilities, do not use locker rooms). Men use this supposedly accurate knowledge about “normal men’s bodies” (and the access to knowledge about all male genitals, behaviors, and personalities the locker room supposedly gives them) to tell women what men are. This is usually lacking in any mention of male inabilities or physical/psychological/behavioral similarities to women. Women cannot know about men who eschew masculinity or who are physically not oppressor material. 

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I’d Rather Be Called “Boy” Than “Girl”: OJ Simpson, Women’s Rights, And Race

I’d rather be black than a woman.  I’m never going to apologize for that.  Until white women go around raping black men, I’m going to take the “it’s worse to be black than a woman” with a grain of salt.  The whole shaker, rather.   At least when you’re black, you don’t have to love someone from the group that oppresses you, the way women (most of whom are heterosexual) do.  You don’t have to be afraid of being raped, and you can at least go to “your side of the tracks” at the end of the day.  You enjoy the benefits of a bigger physical strength (probably socially-induced because of greater feeding and strength training) so you can be relatively safe if you’re a male.

I have written– at length- about the (seemingly) surprising tendency of liberals to be misogynists, often to an even larger extent than conservatives.  The OJ Simpson case is a sort of talking point about this matter.  Liberal men seem to hate women even more than conservative men.  At least, their ideologies are more destructive.  For all their talk about banding together to fight oppression along racial, religious, class, and sexuality lines, the fact that women are being abused is conspicuously absent.

During the OJ Simpson trial, one could turn on the TV and hear a lot about race, since Nicole Brown Simpson, OJ’s murdered wife, was white and OJ was black.  OJ was rich and famous and Nicole was not as much so, so we heard about class.  But how often did we hear about sex and gender?  Was not OJ a man and Nicole a woman?  Doesn’t gender and hatred of women fit (one might say “like a glove!”) into the topic of wife-beating?  If OJ was supposed to have beat his wife, does that not make it more likely he murdered her, too?  And if he had hateful views against females, doesn’t that mean it was more likely he beat her?  It doesn’t convict him, but is does shed needed light.

Andrea Dworkin speaks about the blatant evidence for OJ Simpson’s guilt:

Spectators of the trial who supported Simpson created a whole “all civilized people support Simpson because it would be racist not to” smokescreen to disguise the real reason they were supporting him: because he was being accused of harming their mortal enemy, a woman.  Racism suddenly becomes unfashionable when men find out they can bond with men of other races to the detriment of women.  This is not an accident, as in, “these men can’t help it, they aren’t educated about women’s rights!”  It is deliberate hatred of women for the sake of being women.

I have noticed the same thing in regard to the Emmett Till case.  Emmett Till was the black victim of a ghastly murder which was undertaken against him because he whistled in a sexual manner at a white woman.  He was not supposed to whistle at her because he was black, and people rightly protested the fact that blacks were treated worse than whites for committing the same wrong.  However, has anyone stopped to think why it took the murder of a sexual harasser to stir white men’s anger?  If Till hadn’t performed the ultimate bonding mechanism- sexual taunting of a woman- that binds men together (at least, the ones most societies deem “normal” men), would so many men have come to his help?

What if it was a woman who was harmed in a gender-specific manner, such as being raped by a white man, denied the right to an abortion, etc (as opposed to Rosa Parks, whose situation wasn’t particularly gender related)?  Would people be so quick to help her?  It seems the white men only cared about Emmett Till because, though not deserving of death, he did perform a misogynist act.  Race was just a very handy (because very subtle) smokescreen for covering up the fact that they were bonding with him over misogyny.

All the malestream media can report with regard to these two events is how racist both events were (obviously, race was much more involved in the Till case).  But what they refuse to report is that in both these situations, a woman was harmed, hurt, or abused in some way.  The malestream media, including history textbooks, do not side with Till and other black males because they are black and oppressed, but because they are not women.  Remember that.

Do I know OJ did it?  No.  Not the murder.  I don’t know.  I have not looked over the evidence.  However, I do know that there were elements other than race that influenced people’s view of the all-American “star”, whether or not people want to be honest enough to consider those.

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Why My Site’s 2dn Highest # of Visitors Is From India

The largest number of visitors to my blog is from the Unites States.  The second highest number is from India.  I do have some blog posts in four different Indian languages: Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Gujarati.  India is a highly populated country.  Do these things explain fully why so many visitors from India come to my blog, as opposed to, say, the UK, or Germany (I have articles in German as well)?

Personally, I think the reason so many Indian users visit my blog is because they believe it is about sex.  India is one of those countries in which men are “sex starved”.  Because, you know, sex is like food.   If you don’t have it, you die.  In India, sex is more taboo than in the Western World, and men “need” to visit online sites in order to “get” sex.

How do I know they are searching my site for sex?  Because of the key words- lovely exotic Indian languages, reminiscent of a rajah dressed in rich robes, his red-jeweled headpiece bedazzled by the late afternoon Delhi sun, putting a golden quill to a paper and swirling a voluptuous word onto the delicate page, indecipherable to the eyes of uncultured Western adventurers: “Vagina,” “sex films,” “penis in anus,” “naked movies.”

Gorgeous.  India is a rich culture with a strong history and a tradition in which women were often honored.  Indian men, please act like it, or leave my blog.  Otherwise, I’m kind of happy you waste five minutes of your time on a radical feminist blog.  Perhaps it will take some time out from your quest to quench your so -called “sex-starvedness.”

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Brice Taylor’s “Thanks For the Memories” and the Reality Behind America’s Beloved Male Celebrities

Click to access taylor-thanks-memories.pdf

Wow. I just finished skimming through Brice Taylor’s “Thanks for the Memories”.  Although I skimmed, not read, I got enough information to have my eyes opened to the reality of celebrity life in the United States, and perhaps worldwide. Her memoir, satirically referencing Bob Hope, who handled her as his personal sex toy, deals with the very real problem of powerful group’s of men trying to take over the world. This is nothing new to world history. This is always how things have worked, or should we say, have not worked (because how can you call war, genocide, slavery “working”)?

Brice refers to an international ring of sex slaves owned by many powerful celebrities and world leaders. She was personally owned by Bob Hope, the comedian. (You know, the totally unfunny one from the 1940s- like there’s only one of those)!  Implicated in her book are people such as John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Sylvester Stallone, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Gerald Ford, LBJ, Ted Kennedy (surprise, surprise), Prince Philip, Mickey Rooney, and many others, including her own father, who once buried her under the house in a coffin. Many victims or quasi-victims (some people, although abusers, were brainwashed into it) are also listed, such as Barbra Streisand, Elvis Presley, and Princess Diana. She talks much about the elite groups such as the illuminati, and the Manchurian agenda, and how groups of famous men from all over the world meet to share prostitutes and slaves.  Kissinger, although not using her for sex, used her as his personal computer, and therefore, she has a high level of knowledge about how the government and world powers of the world work.

In addition to being sexually abused and tortured, Brice had one baby tortured in front of her, and another baby stolen to be groomed to marry into the monarchy in Britain. This is how the world has worked since day one.  If you’re surprised, check your premises.  Brice is a Christian now and draws the conclusion that these people are Satanists and are trying to have Satanism control the world.  Not so hard to believe. After all, Christianity itself, when under control of evil people at least, try to do the same thing. Men, or at least the majority of men, have that uncanny ability to twist something around and fuck it up, literally.  Although many Satanists and witches have been pro-female, the same thing can happen with that thought system.  It’s easy to twist any thought system, or religion, for one’s purposes.

It’s easy to see why many branches of Satanism are harmful to women. They preach open sexuality, doing whatever you want, and they emphasize getting to know the dark side of your nature. Of course, these can be twisted in a good way as well, and many Satanists are feminists or at least do not abuse women. So it really depends on the Satanists you happen to meet, or the particular branch, rather than the nature of the philosophy, since we know already that all philosophies can be twisted to hate women. Even feminism. (See Hugo Schweizer).  Still, there is a lot of ample evidence to suggest that there is Satanists who are trying to achieve world power, a new influence a lot of the world’s governments, just as Christianity, in whatever form, influenced a lot of world governments 500 years ago. I’m a history major, if you want to come at me with some kind of a “stupid conspiracy theories” argument, I’m damn ready.  😀

Needless to say, this book carries an extremely strong trigger warning.  Brice was severely sexually abused, sometimes tortured, emotionally manipulated, had hypnotism used on her to create obedience, and out of the strategy of self protection she developed multiple personalities (à la Sybil).  Many doctors do not want to treat her, because they were afraid to get sued or put out of business, or even hurt, by the elites she wanted to point fingers at.  It also carries a trigger warning for those who are afraid to see their favorite celebrities implicated in a horrifying sex, rape, slavery, and murderous lifestyle.  Then again, tp people sensitive to that kind of trigger, I kind of want to say “get the fuck used to it.”

Is it so hard to believe that a man, or group of men, from the 1940s era, the era in which women were called dames and broads, would go a little further and personally own sex slaves? Is it so hard to believe that just because somebody is famous and powerful, and the media, which they probably help control, calls them beloved, it’s impossible for them to do heinous things?  It is so hard to believe that a world leader would do such things? If Adolf Hitler owned sex slaves, we’d be sure to hear about it, and we’d say “oh yeah, of course!”  So why is it so hard to believe that our presidents and world leaders could have sex slaves as well?  Is it so hard to believe that there is a very elite, highly powerful group of men who sell, train, and abuse women and children for their own purposes?  Why?  What else have they been doing for the entire course of human history?

Unfortunately, if you check the reviews, a lot of people claim she is a liar even though the book seems to have gotten mostly positive reviews.  How do they know?  Why is it always that the potential victim is presumed to be a liar?  Yes, some (very few) people fabricate rape or other charges, but the percentages are so low, and the circumstances (a world with slavery, patriarchy, “right to sex”, and sex slavery) so indicative that even these people have some motive, that it becomes dangerous to assume any possible victim is lying, until judiciously proved otherwise.  Do they not want to see their favorite celebrities implicated on Are they just being careful not to throw themselves into what they see as another conspiracy theory?  Or are they just on there to write one star reviews, like a lot of people do, just for fun?  Are they being paid by the people who own these sex rings?  Who knows?

Although I listed her book here from a free site, I would like us to buy the book from her, if possible, to show us that we stand with her, and because, after being handled by men, as we all know, the psychiatric bills must be astronomical!   Also, I think we need to stand with her and help her expose these elites and torturers for the entire world to see.  At least, the half of the world we trust.

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Slandering A Rape Victim

The Turkish woman who beheaded her rapist has been slandered by the men’s rights activists on FaceBook:

Millions of young girls like to go to FaceBook, and what will happen when they look at these kinds of posts and become afraid to stand up for rape victims?





Turkish mother sits in Jail for Shooting her Rapist in the penis before Beheading him

Nevin Yildirim is sitting in a Turkish jail for killing her alleged rapist. Just a few days ago the 26-year-old admitted to shooting her husband’s cousin–who she alleges raped her&#8211…
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  • Rik Little This story is a perfect example of feminist lies in the media. Nevin Yaldirim had a long history of violence against men, women and children as well as making false allegations many people. At one point five years ago she was held in an insane asylem for killing other peoples dogs with a shovel and making violent threats against neighbors. This latest case is pure feminist ‘victim’ propaganda taken from TURKEY (the country where the true story of ‘Midnight Express’ took place.) cherryblossomlife is manhating feminist bullshit as a news source.
  • Me: But at least if people hear her story they will feel empowered to kill thier attckers.

    And how do we know the other stories you are claiming aren’t true aren’t anti-feminist lies?

    I appreciate the insight, I’m just wondering about whether or not it’s a good practice to accuse blacks and women of lying.

  • Rik Little If someone is lying be they man, woman,black, white, journalist or Nevin Yildirim it is ALWAYS a “good practice” to call them out on it especially when those lies are used to incite violence, murder and gender hatred (Feminism). If all someone has to do is “hear her STORY” (which IS false) to “feel empowered to kill”, then that listener is as sick, as violent, as hateful and as confused about reality as this nutcase in Turkey. The very concept of Feminism is hatred of males based on government propaganda and lies from the CIA, NOW and sheeple people with unusual genital pride and a victim complex. The “patriarchy” VICTIM argument that cherryblossomlife still spews to confused impressionable little girls is so 2005 and hateful reprehensible child abuse.
  • Me: Why do you think it’s impossible for women to want rights without hating men?

    It’s not possible for someone to want rights without hating someone else?

  • Rik Little What? Do you mean the “Right” to take the law into your own hands and murder somebody (and behead them) because they are feminist and entitled and feel abused, neglected or raped? “Feminism” certainly “Wants” too much when it already has the most already in every arena as they continue to HATE males with false stereotypes (and false “statistics”) and selfish victim posing, lies and constant manipulation. And “feminism” is NOT “women”. Most women have figured that out already. The “hate” of feminism is clear with the actions (mostly legal lobbying paid with taxpayer VAWA money) of the National Organization for Women (and their Foundation and many State and local chapters. It views “rights” as the Nazis viewed it their “Right” to criminalize and compromise Jews with the ‘Race and Resettlement Act’. VAWA is no different except it is based on gender hatred of males. Both were organized by a government elite pandering to devide families and retain power.
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  • Me: Um. why do you have to be a feminist to hate being raped?
  • Me:  Is a man who hates being raped a feminist? Is a little girl who hates being rapes and wants to punish her rapist a feminist?

    How do you know it’s not just someone who hates being raped and wants thier attacker to be harmed? How do you know they can’t have those feelings but not support womens’ movements?

    It’s impossible to want to punish your rapist without wanting women’s liberation? I’m confused.

  • Me: If someone wasn’t really raped, of course they shouldn’t take revenge on anyone.

    But if they were raped, you are saying they shouldn’t take action? How so?

    And maybe i should have added- the chances of him being falsely accused of rape, especially in that country, are next to nothing.
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Pierce Brosnan Defends Rapist o-roman-1044881

Very disappointed. He says he wants Polanski’s ordeal to end quickly and the chapter in his life to be closed.  Though he doesn’t defend the rape, he doesn’t condemn the rapist.

I’m not all that surprised, actually.  This is typical of the vast majority of men. Though I suspect there are VERY few good men, I think they cannot be trusted as a whole, because of the likelihood of a bad man lying and pretending to be a good man (who probably make up less than .004 of the population of the world).  How can I know if a particular man is the (literally) one in a million exception to masculnity and patriarchy…or if he’s one of the loads who pretend to be genuine human being for some kind of favor?

It’s just sad because he used to be a favorite actor of mine.  Talented, handsome, intelligent, good hearted, environmentalist.  I thought the fact that he had a wife who died from ovarian cancer would make him more sympathetic to women.  Guess not.

Now it’s just one more man I had some faint glimmer of hope for, who has to be cast out.

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Surprise, Surprise. NAMBLA Supports Masculinity

Aha! I knew it. Male bonding, including many instances of homosexuality and pedophilia, are, in fact, anti-woman.

The War Against Boys was written by a HOtP (Handmaiden of the Patriarchy) to justify the idea that boys should be allowed to be masculine (unruly brats). We can see here that NAMBLA- North American Man Boy Love Association- condones this attitude. (Now why could that be)?

Is it because patriarchy thrives on male bonding (men bonding with each other for the sake of being men), and that, to accomplish that, a boy must be brainwashed into that from an early age? “Sex before 8, or it’s too late!”

This is similar to what I was talking about in my article “Some Controversial Thoughts On Male Homosexuality”. It’s this idea that men must bond mentally and sexually, because women aren’t even good enough to fuck.

Many gay men were likely bothered by the article, thought I hope they were not and I said at the end that I am aware of the difference between healthy homosexuality in which two men love each other, and unhealthy “male bonding.” I’m not saying that most homosexual men are misogynists. I’m saying that most misogynists are homosexuals. Or at least some potentially twisted form of “homosexual.” And what makes more sense? If you are judging a human’s worth based on its genitalia, then naturally this will figure in to your choices of partnership- sexually and otherwise- at some point.

The fact that NAMBLA supports this “male bonding” along with also supporting pederasty proves my point: that, among “properly masculine” men, there exists a correlation between tendency to hate women, prize traditional masculinity, and desire sexual contact with males, preferably of a rape or unconsensual nature.

Perhaps, among most men, and even among many boys, there is a wish to be involved in a dangerous sexual relationship. Not to say that most boys want to be sexually molested (most don’t). But maybe among the ranks of those boys and men who have that pure “masculine” instinct, it remains possible that they merely identify with sexual activity that borders on the non consensual.

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Rape Threat Towards Me On FaceBook

His name is Steven Jeffers and he lives in Charleston, West Virginia.  He threatened me with rape because I told the truth about Julian Assange.  Let’s give him hell, girls!

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Embarazadas niñas nicaragüenses obligados a convertirse en madres



Embarazadas niñas nicaragüenses obligados a convertirse en madres

Por José Adán Silva

Las niñas en una escuela rural en Nicaragua. Crédito: Oscar Navarrete / IPS

MANAGUA, 22 ago 2012 (IPS) – Carla perdió todo cuando ella quedó embarazada a los 13 años: su primer año de escuela secundaria, su familia, su novio, y su felicidad. Pasó un año mendigando en las calles de la capital nicaragüense antes de que ella fue recogida por un refugio para madres jóvenes.

Su vida se vino abajo en diciembre de 2006, cuando su madre descubrió que estaba embarazada de tres meses, como resultado de haber sido violada por uno de sus profesores de primaria. Su madre le dio una paliza salvaje con un cinturón y la lanzó fuera de la casa, diciendo que no podía permitirse otra boca que alimentar.

Bebé de Carla * murió al nacer debido a problemas respiratorios. Durante el embarazo, un vecino dejaba dormir en su casa, pero no dio sus comidas. Así que ella vende dulces caseros y le pidió un pequeño cambio en las paradas de autobús, donde sufrió acoso sexual continuo de los hombres que le ofreció dinero, drogas o alimentos a cambio de sexo.

Fue llevada inicialmente en Casa Alianza, la rama latinoamericana de la Covenant House de Nueva York, una organización niño abogacía internacional. Pero a la edad de 15 años se fue a vivir en un refugio de la escuela, donde tomó cursos de cosmetología y belleza. Ahora, 19 años, trabaja en ese campo, y es también un motivador voluntario en el centro para madres jóvenes, que ella dijo que le salvó la vida y le enseñó que tenía los derechos humanos.

El caso de Carla, con quien IPS se puso en contacto con una organización no gubernamental que trabaja con niños en situación de riesgo y los adolescentes, ilustra un fenómeno que adquiere proporciones alarmantes en esta nación centroamericana, uno de los pocos países en el mundo donde el aborto es ilegal en todas las circunstancias.

En este país de 5,8 millones de personas, una de las más pobres de América Latina, había 1,3 millones de nacimientos en el sistema de salud pública en los últimos 10 años. De ese total, 367.095 nacimientos correspondieron a niñas y adolescentes, incluyendo a 172.535 niñas menores de 14 años, según un informe estadístico del Ministerio de Salud para el período 2000-2010, dado a conocer en julio.

Eso significa que las niñas y los adolescentes representan el 27 por ciento de todos los nacimientos en instituciones de salud pública. Y el 47 por ciento de estos jóvenes tenían entre 10 y 14 años – que representan el 13 por ciento de los embarazos atendidos en los servicios de salud pública.

El doctor Osmany Altamirano, asesor en materia de derechos sexuales y reproductivos en la oficina de Nicaragua de los hijos de caridad globales Plan Internacional, dijo a IPS que el problema era grave pero está mejorando.

“En el año 2000, las madres adolescentes fue de 31 por ciento del total. La tasa de embarazo en adolescentes ha disminuido, aunque sigue siendo el más alto de América Latina, y una de las más altas del mundo “, dijo.

Un estudio realizado en 2007 por el Centro Latinoamericano y Caribeño de Demografía informó que Nicaragua fue el país con la mayor tasa de natalidad entre las adolescentes en América Latina.

Nicaragüenses en edad de procrear (10 a 49) representan el 65 por ciento de la población femenina total, y el 37 por ciento de esa porción está entre las edades de 10 y 19 años.

Altamirano dijo que el fenómeno del embarazo adolescente en Nicaragua forma parte del ciclo de la pobreza en la que la mayoría de las madres jóvenes han vivido.

“Las niñas embarazadas reproducir el ciclo de la pobreza, porque se convierten en madres antes de cumplir biológicamente maduro – en otras palabras, son las madres con bajo peso que sufren de desnutrición crónica y dar a luz bajo peso al nacer y de corta estatura bebés”, dijo.

También dijo que el 47 por ciento de las adolescentes embarazadas y adolescentes no terminan la escuela primaria, efectivamente perder su derecho a la educación.

“Muchos se ven obligados a buscar trabajo en condiciones de desventaja, ya que no tiene experiencia o formación en una profesión u oficio, otros se lanzan a las calles, y muchos terminan como víctimas de explotación sexual”, dijo.

Según la Organización Mundial de Salud (OMS), las estadísticas de 2009, 16 millones de niñas entre las edades de 15 y 19 años dan a luz cada año, lo que representa el 11 por ciento de todos los nacimientos en todo el mundo.

Karla Nicaragua, con la Asociación Quincho Barrilete, dijo a IPS que en un estudio realizado en 2011 entre las adolescentes en Managua, el 60 por ciento admitió haber sido presionado o inducido a tener relaciones sexuales con parientes, compañeros de clase, vecinos o incluso sus padres.

El fenómeno se explica, entre otras cosas, por un tejido social “que considera el embarazo como algo normal” y “por un sistema legal que obliga a las mujeres a dar a luz, incluso bajo condiciones de riesgo médico”, dijo Nicaragua, cuya asociación se dedica a la protección de los niños de la calle en Managua y para prevenir la violencia contra los niños.

Desde el año 2006, esta nación centroamericana ha sido uno de los pocos países del mundo donde el aborto es ilegal en cualquier circunstancia, y se castiga con prisión – incluso si el embarazo es resultado de violación o incesto, o la vida de la madre está en peligro .

“La falta de educación científica, el sexo precisa en la escuela y en la familia, el acoso sexual y el abuso, la presión de grupo entre los adolescentes, la pobreza y el hacinamiento, junto con un sistema de justicia permisiva, son todos factores que influyen en la alta tasa de embarazos adolescentes”, que dijo.

Lorna Norori con el Movimiento contra el Abuso Sexual (MCAS), dijo que la violencia sexual se oculta detrás de las estadísticas sobre el embarazo adolescente.

Código Penal de Nicaragua establece que las relaciones sexuales con una menor de 14 años, aun con el consentimiento de la menor, que equivale a la violación, y se castiga con 12 a 15 años de prisión, el activista por los derechos humanos de las mujeres, dijo.

Norori acusó al Estado de Nicaragua de complicidad en la política pública de obligar a las jóvenes embarazadas para dar a luz, a pesar de que la ley establece claramente que son víctimas de violación.

Alrededor del 40 por ciento de las víctimas de violación en Nicaragua no tienen acceso a la justicia, de acuerdo con el estudio “Indignación: Datos Sobre Violencia sexual en Nicaragua 2011” (La indignación: Estadísticas sobre la violencia sexual en Nicaragua 2011), llevado a cabo por el MCAS.

Para el estudio, la organización compararon los registros del gobierno instituto forense (IML) y de la Oficina de la Policía Nacional de mujeres y niños (la Comisaría de la Mujer y la Niñez).

El estudio señala que si bien el IML reportó un total de 4.409 exámenes médicos forenses de las víctimas de violación en 2011, la Comisaría de la Mujer y la Niñez sólo se registran 3.047 casos manejados por la oficina del fiscal.

Los registros IML muestran que más del 85 por ciento de los exámenes forenses se llevaron a cabo en las niñas menores de edad. De ellos, el 36,5 por ciento eran adolescentes entre las edades de 13 y 17 años y el 49 por ciento eran niñas menores de 12 años.

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Si estás de visita en Nicaragua, a continuación, tratar de educar a estas niñas. Diles que se mantenga alejado de los hombres y salir de ese país peligroso. Una huelga de sexo sería bueno, también, si las mujeres tenían alguna forma de escapar de los golpes inevitables que tendrían lugar!

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