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The “Born This Way” Theory is Patent Bullshit

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Some controversial thoughts on male homosexuality

Some thoughts on the issue, in no particular order.




I’m not quite sure how it happened, the current opposition to gays and homosexuality that many men feel.  Why do they hate gays so much?  What caused this all?  When?  There are a few theories I have about why men have hated gays, supported gays, hated lesbians, and why they sometimes hate one more than another:
1. They seemed to hate lesbians more than gays a few hundred years ago, during the early witch hunt eras, like when the prospect of a woman resisting marriage to a man was very dangerous to them, and there was no sexual liberation that allowed them to fuck and chuck any woman.
2. They seemed to somewhat ignore or try to block out the knowledge of gays or lesbians during the Victorian Era, since sex in general was immoral, and so was sexual deviance.  Gays were hated when discussed, but lesbians were invisible since women didn’t have sexual desires, they said.  Perhaps this was…better?…for the lesbians?  I don’t know.
3. Today being gay is severely punished, while being lesbian is called evil but is a little more ignored, or just considered butch, or lesbians get eyerolls or such.  This isn’t because these men hate women less, it’s because they are more focused on the horrifying prospect that men are being dominated by other men, and that they are being turned into women.  So, it is actually because they hate women so much they hate gays.   They still hate Lesbians, it’s just that the topic doesn’t always come up as much.



I’ve noticed that a lot of the people opposed to homosexuality are women, especially religious women.  I wondered why this was, since women are oppressed as well as gays and since the oppression was along similar lines- sex and gender.  Then I started to feel like it might have something to do with this whole nervousness about sex and the body, especially the male body (since anti-homosexuality campaigns usually refer to male homosexuals).  Maybe women were offended by male bodies and male sexuality, so male homosexuality made them afraid.  Therefore they became conservative on the matter.


Then I figured that some instances of homosexuality on the part of men might be fueled by female hatred.  Homosexuals in the Victorian Era, like Oscar Wilde, often disliked women, eve though the popular stereotype is of homosexuals being effeminate.  A key reason may have been because they attracted to their own sex precisely because they disliked the other, much like the rugged cowboy, sick and tired of silly women, bonded in a sexual way with his own rugged brothers.

For example, the 2005 film Brokeback Mountain documents the fictional life of two cowboys who struggle with their homosexual attraction to each other, and the men seem to somewhat see the wives and children as a bit of a burden, annoying and frustrating their desires. These two men long to get away from their wives and kids and go out in the mountains and have an all-male homosexual relationship.




When the masculinity supporting homosexuals use phrases like “you’re homophobic”, they really mean to mock people’s fear- their fear of sex and heterosexuals’ fear of differing sexualities.  It’s just like what men do to women who are afraid to have sex- they like to mock the “effeminate” fear of sex.

For these types of homosexual men, being against homophobia is not about tolerance and justice; it’s about the unacceptability of having a fear of sex, the unacceptability of having a fear of maleness and the male body, or fear of frightening and unknown sexual behavior.  It’s also about, not tolerance for justice’s sake, but about tolerance in the sense that they want to be able to perform any kinds of sexual activities they want and with any kind of partner.

Objectively, there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality, either male or female.  But to a woman who is frightened enough already about the whole topic of sex, frightened because of the behavior of men…do you think she’s going to react with logic and acceptance and tolerance, and without any fear when you introduce a whole foreign concept of sexuality and behavior to her, especially a totally male-centric one as male homosexuality?

Many women are opposed to both homosexuality and to lesbianism in theory, but are able to harbor and accept attractions to other women.  This may be because they see homosexuality and other forms of sexuality which include one or more male partners to be threatening.  It may also be because since the word “homosexuality” implies an attraction based upon physical body parts- i.e., it is an attraction towards a person’s physical, sexual body parts- and women see it as unemotional and are put off by the purely physical aspect of it.  They are put off by the idea that one’s sexual attractions should be determined by the body parts of the partner.  That’s what the average man is attracted by, they think.  Someone’s body parts.

Also, because they live in a male-run society, women define “sex” solely as a physical thing…but, being women (who have to bear the painful role in sexual activity) they think they don’t like sex.  Since any woman-woman relationships are going to include more love, and have less sex (or at least tie sex in with romantic love), they fail to recognize the relationship as a sexual one, and hence, a homosexual one, and therefore do not consider themselves lesbians.  After all, they figure, they can’t be homosexual if they aren’t having sex.

To sum it up, many women consider the subject of homosexuality frightening because it seems sexually exotic (and therefore dangerous), and because they believe that male homosexuality is too full of masculinity (two men) to be non-threatening.


I’m wondering if this whole idea that most gays are effeminate is not an attempt to trick women into supporting the typical homosexual- the uber male who loves other males because they are male.  “It’s okay, we’re all into shopping and clothes and scented candles and puppies and purple!”  But are most homosexual not like that?  Do the masculine homosexuals push around the feminine ones? It seems so.




Here’s what a lot of anti-gay women, or women who think they’re anti-gay, are thinking about the gay rights movement:

you guys have been allowed to fuck each other for god knows how long, in every society, even if it’s just in dark corners or secret clubs.  We have been begging to have the kind of sex we want without getting murdered as witches or mutilated by doctors to cure our lesbianism.  Not to mention the other abuses we suffer from being forced to accept your heterosexuality into our lives.  And now you have the nerve to come out and complain that you aren’t exactly being treated like how human beings are supposed to be treated, that you aren’t getting your assed pleasured as many times as you want, that your behavior is subject to a few penalties which you have to power to at least protest properly, while we don’t?

The gay issue is only an issue because it mainly involves men (lesbians are invisible to them) and because it involves regulations against sexual behavior.  If only lesbians existed in the universe, you can bet gay rights would never have become an issue at all.




The gay marriage and gay sex question, for men, is about getting to do whatever they want; for women, it’s about being fair to others.  So you can see who has the better handle on what social justice means.


I was reading an article on the Radical Hub site and they were talking about male homosexuality and how taboo it is, and one commenter was like, “Where is male homosexuality taboo?  Men’s institutions are cemented by it, the priesthood, the public school, the army and navy, anywhere men gather in groups without women being present.  The taboo is on admitting it to women, and that, depending on the degree of patriarchy present in any given society, can be punishable by death.  Because it is breaking the code of the boys club, which corrals women’s bodies by controlling their minds.  Women must religiously follow heterosexual edicts, men are exempt.”


Ask any good history student, and they’ll tell you that men have been free to fuck each other all throughout history, with a few bans occurring on and off, often from women or from “effeminate” areas in the Church and from other moral-peddlers in society.

In Ancient Greece they were allowed- no, encouraged– to do it.

Ancient Rome, I believe, frowned on it a bit more but didn’t do much about it.

Alexander the Great was gay.

The Spartans were often gay.

Roman emperors had perverse sex with little boys.  (Google “Tiberius and his minnows”)

Sodom and Gomorrah in the ancient Middle East.

Jewish mohels who suck baby boys’ newly circumcised penises.

The Turkish bath sort of places and nude swim areas the classical era men attended to escape women.

The earliest Popes, who compared boys’ naked bottoms to the texture of a peach, and later Popes who instituted orgies in their halls.

Asian sexual practices in India and China and Japan with two young males or one adult male and one younger one.

Various European kings and princes and politicians, sometimes (or often) soldiers.

Masons and other “secret societies”- yeah, we know your secret!- during the American Revolution and the European Enlightenment and other eras.

Gay princes and composers and oddball writers in the 19th Century, like Oscar Wilde.

Cowboys in the old American West, and of course, Brokeback Mountain.

Actors, singers, and other artists who dabble in gay orgies or fuckfests both on and off the screen/stage/paper.

Modern monarchs like Prince Charles, who are caught engaging in homosexual activity at various times, a counterpart to their 19th Century and older European counterparts.

Locker rooms, restrooms, bathroom troughs, and steam rooms, even public street urinals in modern Europe in which men often show off to each other.

Muslim training schools and madrassas where men learn how to praise Allah and bone little boys.


What these men oppose when they’re opposing restrictions against homosexuality is not the unfairness of it all, or the pain and rejection that many homosexual men (mostly the effeminate variety) suffer at the hands of patriarchal men. They oppose, instead, not being able to do whatever they want to do, especially sexually.  They oppose not being allowed to have sex with other men, and hypocritically, they cry out against the “tyranny” of the Church and Victorian Era and other establishments- which they instituted themselves!- and blame the rare good aspects of the Church and religion and morality and all that, for acting “feminine” and not allowing them to have sex or revel in their masculinity. (The good aspects being “don’t hurt the innocent”, “everything in moderation”, “don’t be sexually irresponsible”, “look out for the little guy”, etc).


The fact that they aren’t able to open a simple history book and look at how unrestricted male homosexual sex has been in the past attests to their refusal to be objective and logical, and not to mention their uneducated demeanor whenever they approach any and all issues.   It also proves the casualness with which they blame people who are totally innocent in regards to restricting their disgusting behavior (nagging women, disgusted churchgoers, whiny priests, etc).


You think women cared if they went off and fucked other men?  They were probably happy to have them out of their hands, like Marie Barone is happy to see Frank go to the lodge in Everybody Loves Raymond.  Thank God for the mother fucking lodge!


And lots of the authorities that opposed homosexuality, even if they had stereotypically feminine reasons for doing so, like “morality”, or “safety”, they were established by males, and it was males who banned the behavior.


This aspect of history, the aspect of men screaming about how they aren’t allowed to be homosexual, it reads much more like men trying to regulate other men’s behavior, or even their own behavior……and then getting angry at women who chime in on the wrong side.  If you support homosexual men, you’re a witch.  If you oppose it, you’re a bitch.  Or an old crazy broad.  If you think about it, the issue of males being allowed to be homosexual is almost exclusively an issue that concerns them.  Men regulating other men and punishing them if they step out of line.


The only time women are involved is when they are used as cannon fodder for the anti-homosexual side to fight the opposition, or vice versa.  And of course, for when one side wants to attack the others’ cannon fodder (women), because heaven knows they would rather attack a woman whom their opponent has brainwashed to oppose them than attack another man, even one with violently different opinions. So I guess on a certain level, men love each other so much that most of them are homosexuals.  Some are just repressed and that’s what makes the differences of political opinion.



If you’re an effeminate man, and you love another man and sexually attract to him for proper reasons, then you’re a pussy.  If you’re a woman, then you’re a cunt.  You can’t win.  It sucks.  Welcome to history class.

(I am ¾ done with a bachelors in history so I can kinda say that).

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Women Who Love Other Women

Another pamphlet designed for distribution to school children.


                                         Women Who Love Other Women
Why must women fall in love with men? Most men are selfish, sexist, and abusive. Good men are hard to find. Maybe we should fall in love with women. Women won’t hate you for being a woman; women are much less likely to verbally and sexually abuse you; women won’t impregnate you against your will. Maybe you have attractions to female friends or celebrities but you never realized you could love another woman. Society tries to make women fall in love with men because men want to use women for sex. Society also wants to keep women apart from each other so women can’t break or escape from male control. So why don’t we try something new?

Myths, facts, and questions:

Lesbians are ugly and masculine.
Not all lesbians are masculine. Many are very “feminine” (what our society calls “feminine”). Some lesbian relationships consist of feminine partners, some consist of masculine partners, and some couples have a mannish partner and a feminine partner. Everyone is different.

Lesbians are always angry because they don’t know how wonderful it is to have sex with men.
A lesbian is a woman who is attracted to women, not attracted to men. Having sex with men would not be wonderful for her. Not all lesbians are angry. Some are very happy. They are all individuals like everyone else. The small amount of lesbian and gay people who are often angry are angry because they are abused by prejudiced heterosexual people.

Accepting lesbians into society will drastically change normal relationship structures.
Yes. That’s our intention. We want change. The world is horrible right now. Women are the only demographic group in the world who willingly live with the group who oppresses them- men. Most men in the world are dangerous and selfish. Society forces woman to marry a man and live apart from her family and other women. This does great harm to women. The marriage structure (one man, one woman, living alone in a house) makes it easier for husbands to abuse women and children without women’s families stopping them. For women in poor countries, lesbianism is freedom. Heterosexuality means being forced into sexual slavery to a husband and doing exhausting house or field work. Instead of living with men, women should live in all-female groups with some good men (the minority of men). Most men should live on the outside of this society. This is how elephants and lions live, so it is not unnatural. The good men should be the fathers and the large amout of bad men (rapists, serial killers, woman-abusers, misogynists) will go extinct. Monogamy will no longer be necessary, but people will be free to choose it. Since evil men will be extinct, men will not use women for sex. They will only have sex with someone because of love. Our current one-man/one-woman marriage policy is evil. There are very few good men, and women are not able to share them- women have to accept horrible or abusive men.

How will people have children?
Women will have sex with men to get children, and sometimes for pleasure, but lesbianism will be more common than it is today. Women, especially mothers, should be the focus of society, and men/other women should help them. Children should be taught by the entire community, not inside a family, in which the mother has to do all the work. Women will not have to associate with a man only because he is the father of her child. When women marry men and live inside a heterosexual family, they work inside the home and don’t get paid, but men get paid to work outside the home. Women should not have to be in a relationship with a man just because he is th father of her child. Women should have relationships with other women and raise children together, and heterosexuality will be less common. Men who enjoy women’s sexual organs instead of their personality will not be allowed to have sex with women.

Lesbianism and separating women from men is a very new and different idea.
This is not true. Thousands of years ago, before men began hating women, and before they invented patriarchy, women were the leaders of society. Society loved and respected men, but men were not superior to women and men were not at the center of society.

Lesbians must use dildos or other penis-shaped objects to have sex.
Not all lesbians enjoy penetration and penis shaped objects. The assumtion that all lesbians need penises or penis-shaped objects to be satisfied is offensive. Not all women need men to be happy. Some lesbians don’t like to be penetrated. It’s a personal preference. “Sex” doesn’t necessarily mean putting a penis in a vagina. Sex can also include oral sex, touching the clitoris, or stimulating the nipples. A person does not need to penetrate or be penetrated to say they have had sex. It is also offensive to suggest women have no external genitalia. Women have clitorises, labia, and a pubic mound, and sometimes they can be used for penetration, if the partners enjoy penetration. It is not true that all men have big penises and that all women have small clitorises/labia. Not all penises are bigger than women’s clitorises and labia. Some penises are big, and some are small. Some clitorises and labia are big, some are small. Size has nothing to do with male or female. Male and female were created for reproduction, and size has nothing to do with sperm and eggs.

Should I become a lesbian?
You can do whatever you want. It is good to open up your options. It is difficult for most people to change their sexuality, but it can be worth the difficulty, since most men are not suitable for a romantic relationship. If you cannot become a lesbian, you do not need to force yourself. If you get in a relationship with a man, make sure he is gentle and good.

Am I a lesbian? 
Perhaps. You may have attractions to female friends, classmates, people you work with, actresses, or even cartoon characters. You might be completely uninterested in men or dislike them.

What are the consequences of becoming a lesbian or telling people I’m one?
It depends on your society’s level amount of tolerance for homosexuality. Often, in the Western hemisphere, you will be respected. Unfortunately, lesbians are treated poorly by some people, especially conservative religious people, and people who support patriarchy. If you think you will be harmed, keep your feelings to yourself, but don’t try to change who you are, because you will end up miserable. Try to find internet groups or organizations who will accept you.

Where can I get help if I decide to come out as a lesbian or become one?
The USA national organization for adult homosexuals is: 1-888-843-4564, and the youth group is 1-800-246-7743. Both numbers cost no money to dial. If you don’t want your parents or siblings to know you called the organization, you can use your cell phone or email them on the computer.

Are societies happier if they accept lesbians and if they change marriage structures that are unjust?
Yes. In a lesbian relationship, there is no male influence, therefore patriarchy is weakened by every lesbian relationship. Men who are evil will have no opportunity to teach their sons to be evil. There are 7 billion people in the world and it is overcrowded. There are not enough recources for everyone. Lesbians are more likely to adopt children than to give birth. The other option for women is to marry men and have their wombs regulated like farm animals’ wombs. (Societies never regulate men’s reproductive organs).

Is it impossible to change your sexuality?
For some people it is impossible. For others, it is not. Most people cannot lose a sexual attraction once they have it, but most people can acquire an additional attraction if they try. It is harder to ignore an attraction you already have than to acquire a new one. Sometimes heterosexual men tell women heterosexuality is natural and that it is impossible to change because they want to trick lesbians into having sex with them. “It’s natural. Come into my bed!”

Is sexuality caused by genetics or DNA or nature or some similar thing?
No. Attractions are abstract things and genetics is a physical thing. Physical things cannot cause abstract things. Sexual urges might be caused by physical processes, but who you are attracted to is caused by what is inside in your mind. Sometimes, the mind cannot be changed. Sometimes, it can.

Why does society notice lesbians less than it notices gay men?
Most societies don’t respect women and don’t want to believe they enjoy sex as much as men enjoy sex. They tell everybody that lesbians are unnatural. Another reason may be that men think other men- even gay men- are more important than women and since men control most of the media and news, they pay more attention to gays than lesbians.

Why do most men hate lesbians?
If a woman only has sex with other women, men lose the opportunity to use her for sex. Some men accuse lesbians of hating men because the lesbians don’t have sex with men. This is immature; they are saying, “You hate me because you won’t give me what I want!!” They also hate lesbians because lesbians are not being controlled by a husband or male partner.

Why do most men hate homosexual men?
Homophobic men are afraid that if they have sex with men, they will be harmed in the same manner they harm women. Maybe they deserve it!

What is “corrective rape”?
“Corrective rape” is when a man or a group of men rape and hurt a woman to try to force her to be heterosexual, or to punish her for being a lesbian. Corrective rape occurs very often in Africa, and girls are often gang raped or forced to marry adult men. These men rape them inside the marriage. It also happens in America. A lesbian who enters a bar or other public places might be followed and “corrected” by males. In the entire world, many lesbians are beaten, tortured, raped, have acid thrown in their faces, disowned, killed, or forced to marry men. However, in America and Europe there are many safe communities and organizations that do not hate lesbians and women.

What should I do if someone tries to punish me for being a lesbian?
Call one of the phone numbers and if you think someone will commit violence against you, contact a women’s shelter in a nearby city and get a lawyer. Make sure the lawyer doesn’t hate lesbians and women. If you cannot do this, tell a good teacher what happens in your home. Nobody should be allowed to try to change your sexuality or abuse you. If someone tries to rape you, report him immediately and get a lawyer who tries to help women and lesbians.

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