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Arrest Sean Connery



I have just come across this video in which Sean Connery admits that he believes women should be slapped in some cases, and that they use stereotypical behaviors he believes women perform in order to justify the abuse.  I suggest a human rights organization take a look at the issue. 





Since Connery is exhibiting behaviors and statements that mark him as a likely abuser and this warrants further attention.  Also, his lashing out against a protected group is in itself a crime in many countries and should therefore be dealt with. 




Sorry, no excuses for calling for violence on women.  Until we live in a post-patriarchal world, we will NEVER be able to determine if a particular slap was “deserved” or not or if it was laid on the woman because she is a woman.  It’s just too hard at this time to tell, so we must assume all violence against women is done because of bias. 



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