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Brice Taylor’s “Thanks For the Memories” and the Reality Behind America’s Beloved Male Celebrities

Wow. I just finished skimming through Brice Taylor’s “Thanks for the Memories”.  Although I skimmed, not read, I got enough information to have my eyes opened to the reality of celebrity life in the United States, and perhaps worldwide. Her memoir, satirically referencing Bob Hope, who handled her as his personal sex toy, deals with the very real problem of powerful group’s of men trying to take over the world. This is nothing new to world history. This is always how things have worked, or should we say, have not worked (because how can you call war, genocide, slavery “working”)?

Brice refers to an international ring of sex slaves owned by many powerful celebrities and world leaders. She was personally owned by Bob Hope, the comedian. (You know, the totally unfunny one from the 1940s- like there’s only one of those)!  Implicated in her book are people such as John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Sylvester Stallone, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Gerald Ford, LBJ, Ted Kennedy (surprise, surprise), Prince Philip, Mickey Rooney, and many others, including her own father, who once buried her under the house in a coffin. Many victims or quasi-victims (some people, although abusers, were brainwashed into it) are also listed, such as Barbra Streisand, Elvis Presley, and Princess Diana. She talks much about the elite groups such as the illuminati, and the Manchurian agenda, and how groups of famous men from all over the world meet to share prostitutes and slaves.  Kissinger, although not using her for sex, used her as his personal computer, and therefore, she has a high level of knowledge about how the government and world powers of the world work.

In addition to being sexually abused and tortured, Brice had one baby tortured in front of her, and another baby stolen to be groomed to marry into the monarchy in Britain. This is how the world has worked since day one.  If you’re surprised, check your premises.  Brice is a Christian now and draws the conclusion that these people are Satanists and are trying to have Satanism control the world.  Not so hard to believe. After all, Christianity itself, when under control of evil people at least, try to do the same thing. Men, or at least the majority of men, have that uncanny ability to twist something around and fuck it up, literally.  Although many Satanists and witches have been pro-female, the same thing can happen with that thought system.  It’s easy to twist any thought system, or religion, for one’s purposes.

It’s easy to see why many branches of Satanism are harmful to women. They preach open sexuality, doing whatever you want, and they emphasize getting to know the dark side of your nature. Of course, these can be twisted in a good way as well, and many Satanists are feminists or at least do not abuse women. So it really depends on the Satanists you happen to meet, or the particular branch, rather than the nature of the philosophy, since we know already that all philosophies can be twisted to hate women. Even feminism. (See Hugo Schweizer).  Still, there is a lot of ample evidence to suggest that there is Satanists who are trying to achieve world power, a new influence a lot of the world’s governments, just as Christianity, in whatever form, influenced a lot of world governments 500 years ago. I’m a history major, if you want to come at me with some kind of a “stupid conspiracy theories” argument, I’m damn ready.  😀

Needless to say, this book carries an extremely strong trigger warning.  Brice was severely sexually abused, sometimes tortured, emotionally manipulated, had hypnotism used on her to create obedience, and out of the strategy of self protection she developed multiple personalities (à la Sybil).  Many doctors do not want to treat her, because they were afraid to get sued or put out of business, or even hurt, by the elites she wanted to point fingers at.  It also carries a trigger warning for those who are afraid to see their favorite celebrities implicated in a horrifying sex, rape, slavery, and murderous lifestyle.  Then again, tp people sensitive to that kind of trigger, I kind of want to say “get the fuck used to it.”

Is it so hard to believe that a man, or group of men, from the 1940s era, the era in which women were called dames and broads, would go a little further and personally own sex slaves? Is it so hard to believe that just because somebody is famous and powerful, and the media, which they probably help control, calls them beloved, it’s impossible for them to do heinous things?  It is so hard to believe that a world leader would do such things? If Adolf Hitler owned sex slaves, we’d be sure to hear about it, and we’d say “oh yeah, of course!”  So why is it so hard to believe that our presidents and world leaders could have sex slaves as well?  Is it so hard to believe that there is a very elite, highly powerful group of men who sell, train, and abuse women and children for their own purposes?  Why?  What else have they been doing for the entire course of human history?

Unfortunately, if you check the reviews, a lot of people claim she is a liar even though the book seems to have gotten mostly positive reviews.  How do they know?  Why is it always that the potential victim is presumed to be a liar?  Yes, some (very few) people fabricate rape or other charges, but the percentages are so low, and the circumstances (a world with slavery, patriarchy, “right to sex”, and sex slavery) so indicative that even these people have some motive, that it becomes dangerous to assume any possible victim is lying, until judiciously proved otherwise.  Do they not want to see their favorite celebrities implicated on Are they just being careful not to throw themselves into what they see as another conspiracy theory?  Or are they just on there to write one star reviews, like a lot of people do, just for fun?  Are they being paid by the people who own these sex rings?  Who knows?

Although I listed her book here from a free site, I would like us to buy the book from her, if possible, to show us that we stand with her, and because, after being handled by men, as we all know, the psychiatric bills must be astronomical!   Also, I think we need to stand with her and help her expose these elites and torturers for the entire world to see.  At least, the half of the world we trust.

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Surprise, Surprise. NAMBLA Supports Masculinity

Aha! I knew it. Male bonding, including many instances of homosexuality and pedophilia, are, in fact, anti-woman.

The War Against Boys was written by a HOtP (Handmaiden of the Patriarchy) to justify the idea that boys should be allowed to be masculine (unruly brats). We can see here that NAMBLA- North American Man Boy Love Association- condones this attitude. (Now why could that be)?

Is it because patriarchy thrives on male bonding (men bonding with each other for the sake of being men), and that, to accomplish that, a boy must be brainwashed into that from an early age? “Sex before 8, or it’s too late!”

This is similar to what I was talking about in my article “Some Controversial Thoughts On Male Homosexuality”. It’s this idea that men must bond mentally and sexually, because women aren’t even good enough to fuck.

Many gay men were likely bothered by the article, thought I hope they were not and I said at the end that I am aware of the difference between healthy homosexuality in which two men love each other, and unhealthy “male bonding.” I’m not saying that most homosexual men are misogynists. I’m saying that most misogynists are homosexuals. Or at least some potentially twisted form of “homosexual.” And what makes more sense? If you are judging a human’s worth based on its genitalia, then naturally this will figure in to your choices of partnership- sexually and otherwise- at some point.

The fact that NAMBLA supports this “male bonding” along with also supporting pederasty proves my point: that, among “properly masculine” men, there exists a correlation between tendency to hate women, prize traditional masculinity, and desire sexual contact with males, preferably of a rape or unconsensual nature.

Perhaps, among most men, and even among many boys, there is a wish to be involved in a dangerous sexual relationship. Not to say that most boys want to be sexually molested (most don’t). But maybe among the ranks of those boys and men who have that pure “masculine” instinct, it remains possible that they merely identify with sexual activity that borders on the non consensual.

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