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Fighting Against PIV in All the World’s Languages

As you may have noticed, I have recently posted my article about resisting PIV in every different language Google Translate has to offer.  I now have the pamphlet posted on my blog a total of 65 times, in 65 different languages, including English, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and Polish.

Although the translations were by no means perfect or professional, as I only speak English fluently (and only speak a little German and a little Italian), I took special care to make sure the message was as clear as possible, especially in languages unsimilar to English, and especially in languages native to countries in which patriarchy is the strongest (Arabic, Japanese, Polish, Italian, Hindi, etc).

I took care to avoid using colloquialisms and non-literal phrases and words, and after translating the text from English to a foreign language, I switched the translator tabs and posted my foreign language text into the entry box and checked how it translated into English.  Often, it was laughable.  Other times, it was pitifully inaccurate, so I tried my best to change the wording, while keeping the general spirit of the article.

What made me a bit bitter was the fact that many languages, especially non-Western ones, did not have words for “clitoris”, “clitorises”, “labia”, “heterosexual” and “homosexual”, “dildo”, and in one or two cases, even “vagina”!  It was much less likely for the languages to lack a word for “penis” than it was for “clitoris” or other female organs.  Often, when I translated a sentence with the words “men” and “women” into it, the word “women” came out the same, but “men” was often translated to “people.”  No such correlation was found with the word “women”, at least not that I noticed.

I guess men are people but women are women.  Sigh.

The PIV article was a long one, and had a lot of advanced concepts, at least those that can be considered advanced for those not schooled in feminism.  If I am to translate more articles in the future (which I hope to do), I will word them very simply and not use colloquialisms and odd phrases.

I will not use long sentences.

I will start simply, writing simply, and addressing simple topics.

I will give simple solutions and address universal problems women everywhere have to face.

I will backwards translate my articles back into English to make sure they sound okay before I post them.

I will add tags to my article that are in the language the article is in.

I will even put articles of the same language into the same category on my blog.

I encourage other RadFem bloggers to do the same, and translate their articles into different languages.  It’s a women’s revolution, not an English language revolution.

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Why it is Permissible to Steal and Burn Porn Paraphernalia



In the nation of America, we tend to have this idea that if you leave human beings alone, they will naturally do what is right.  While this is the case (speaking of normal, natural humans, at least), it is not true of those living in the modern Western world.


While “leave it be” might have worked in some naturalistic, communal, nature-loving, fair, just, tolerant society, it does not work when the people you are “leaving be” (giving freedom from government) are not this sort of good person.  It doesn’t work with people who are selfish, greedy, materialistic, patriarchal, and nature-hating.  “Leave it be”, libertarianism, anarchism, and the like philosophies only work when the people you are liberating can handle that liberty in an adult manner.

Likewise, we also have this idea in America that if a law or rule is in place, there’s probably a good reason for it, and that therefore we must obey it.  The idea is that the most important thing is to follow the law, because that ostensibly protects people’s liberty, and it’s more important to adhere to the books’ idea of fairness than to act outside of the law, even if our actions outside of the law are more fair than the laws on the books.

For example, the law says we cannot steal and burn pornographic magazines, because that would be damaging property and interfering with the store owner’s and the publisher’s right to make money.  But the harm done to the women and girls in the porn magazine (who are often forced to pose) and the harm done to the sex slaves whose jailers and underground prisons are paid for by the sales of the porn is objectively greater.

However, since a few pieces of paper that say we cannot put a physical, forced stop to this travesty because that would interfere with the “system” and “mess up” the social and legal structure and cause chaos……we must let these girls continue to be enslaved?



I believe if someone is being hurt, wronged, or tortured, then books be damned. 



I believe if you know something is wrong, and the law doesn’t, then you have the responsibility to step in.  More harm will be caused by the evil than by the “chaos” that would ensue should the rule or law be broken (in order to stop the evil).  If you see a man beating up a 2 year old child across the tracks, and the law says you cannot cross the tracks, what will cause more harm?  Allowing the beating, or simply crossing the tracks?

Much of the money used in porn magazines and porn sites and porn videos goes to the underground sex service industry, where young girls from all over the world are often caught and forced to work in the sex industry.  It is known as the “white slave trade” because many white and Eastern European women are trafficked in it.  We don’t hear much about it except from feminist blogs and from parents (in reaction to some such young teen on the news who “disappears” now and then while on vacation).

Even the women who aren’t living in cages overseas in some sex slavery ring are still being tortured by the patriarchal product of pornography.  Pornography serves as a manual for harming women- much as a Nazi manual serves the same purpose for harming Jews. Every time a man sees a woman in an animal pose being raped in a foldout in one of those magazines, he is being encouraged to treat women in the same way.  In addition, many of the women who are posing are forced or tricked into it.  Even if they do so of their own accord, it is still difficult to determine whether they truly made the choice to do so out of their own desire or out of the desires of patriarchy, which are possibly influencing them.  (only in a society free of sexism and other bigotry could we truly know what each and every individual really desires to do, and what they truly chose to do without outside influence).

Why would it be so wrong to sneak into a few porn stores, carry off a bunch of material, and set fire to it?  Or better yet, burn our own radical feminist content over the DVDs and recycle the magazines to make paper to write our books and pamphlets on?



Who would it really hurt?



It would save a couple of lives, ranging from the woman raped on the street because her rapist read porn, a woman forced to pose for porn photos for any number of reasons, a woman forced to starve because she lost her job to a Playboy bunny type, or even a woman who was snatched off the streets in the Ukraine because some pimp was paid extra for his visit with money that came directly from the profits of the porn magazines.

In addition, if we snuck into their stores and used their crap as blank slates to burn or write our messages over, we could have a free supply of helpful and educational DVDs and pamphlets to give to high school girls and battered women across the country.



Would it really be that bad?

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What Would It Take?


What would it take for humanity to overthrow and transcend patriarchy?  Who must be the warriors in this battle against the patriarchs?  What must be done?  What must society be taught, in order to make this successful?  Must we break laws?  Which laws?  Do we lie to get our way?  Should we speak to children?  The religious?


I believe that women’s liberation from forced sex, second class status, poverty, disease, unwanted pregnancy, torture, death, psychological humiliation, and feeling of otherness is more important than obeying laws, being honest, paying taxes, or respecting the mythical parental right to influence children.


Laws are meant to protect people from being harmed or wronged in a complex society.  To break a law such as “don’t murder” would be to do wrong, it would be to harm someone.  But to break a law such as, “don’t trespass on school property or hand pamphlets to underage children” would not be bringing harm to anyone, or wronging them.  We must weigh the consequences; will the damage done by our action outweigh the damage done if we do not perform the action?  (Also, we must keep in mind that we must only perform such actions if they are the only way to achieve our goal, such as if the goal cannot be achieved in a less destructive way).

If we hand radical feminist pamphlets to sixth graders telling them about PIV sex and gender theories, and teaching them how to take control of their own sexual experiences, is the damage that will be done by them reading the pamphlets and getting their fragile little minds warped greater than the damage that will be done if we don’t hand them the pamphlets, and they become used and abused by men?  Is the risk of getting ourselves sued or thrown in jail (which we can avoid anyway by remaining anonymous and running off before we are caught) really worse than what will happen to those poor girls if they are not taught to be liberated?


If a local politician is seriously in the business of signing a bill that would criminalize accidental miscarriages, should we really refrain from physically forcing him to stop, or from interfering with the police when they try to arrest the suffering pregnant woman who is about to be put in a jail cell?  At what price must we continue to choose to obey the law?


     Over all, I think the necessity of the women’s liberation movement supersedes the necessity of obeying laws which prevent relatively harmless activities. 


What is to be done politically?  A good start would be to vote for all women, only women candidates.  Even those who are supposedly conservative will have empathy with women’s issues, because they must suffer under patriarchy as well.  Also, many conservative women have the same views as radical feminists about many things (the futility of the sexual liberation movement, the intuitive understanding of the nature of masculinity), as opposed to mainstream leftist or fun-fems.  Or, one could run for office herself, as a woman candidate, as a women’s issues supporter…or, if you would rather be a subverter, run under a lukewarm moderate campaign, while avoiding speaking about women’s issues, and then when elected, introduce women’s rights bills into the legislation.


Perhaps one day, if we get enough money pooled, or get enough women on board, we can set up our own nation or society, the way the Jews have done with Israel.  Someplace like Greenland would be nice.  It’s owned by Denmark, which is a relatively liberal country, at least compared to places like Greece and the United States.  And Saudi Arabia.  The cold weather would prevent intruders from wanting to stay too long, and the remoteness of the place would be good for women trying to escape abuse and depression.


Another great idea would be to get either a government fund or a private fund to ship abused women and children from the Middle East and Africa over to havens in Europe, Greenland, Canada, or the US (haha!) until we can clear the rats out of the Middle East and Africa and the other third world countries.  The bad men would be taken out by police force or government edict, the laws changed, and the good men transported to safe havens along with the women and children, but perhaps generally on the periphery.

All of them would be screened- politely and like human beings, please- for issues like emotional and physical abuse, and for evidence of patriarchal family structure.  Women and children would have the choice to leave any abusive husbands that were discovered during the screenings.  Money could be raised by legislating better use of government funds, or by selling baked goods, necklaces, objects on EBay, knitted scarves, collecting money from churchgoers “for a good cause”, and donating part of the income we already make.


We should send speakers to public schools who are supportive of radical feminism.  They can contact the school, advertising their willingness to teach the children about bullying and sexual health issues, and then when they get up to the microphone, they can add in a bunch of stuff that is crucial to our cause, such as the nature of patriarchy, and the helpfulness of lesbian communitarianism.  Of course, we should advertise our services under a different guise every time, lest the schools catch onto the our act, and start banning sexual health speakers because most of them turn out to be radfems in disguise.


If we do get women in office, laws should be passed that promote affirmative action for women and women of color, along with a privilege tax which men should have to pay, since patriarchy unfairly benefits them.  The proceeds from this tax may go to the havens for foreign women, or for the Greenland colony, or for sending condoms and sexual health and pro-feminism pamphlets to Africa.

The driving and voting ages should be lowered for women and lifted for men, since males on average mature much more slowly than females.  Any males entering the police or other law forces should undergo a sexual violence propensity test, and police departments should have a quota of at least 50% women. Most violent crimes committed by the police are by white male officers, who are often sophomoric and immature.  The military must unquestioningly allow gays and lesbians to serve without discrimination, either public or private, and Army rapes must go reported, with offenders being dishonorably discharged.


Women should try to have as many relationships with other women as possible, either lesbian, or, if one cannot change one’s heterosexuality, find a rare good male and be sure to stock up on as many female friends as possible.  The rare good men should be shared by women.


Books and movies as are read and watched by children, such as patriarchal, woman-mocking 1940s films, or fairy tales in which females are demonized as wicked stepmothers should be discussed in schools and only watched for the entertainment value, not as education.



As you can see, it would be difficult but not complex or confusing to free women from men’s chains.  All we need to do is make plans, band together, and keep at it. 

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