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It’s a Trap

Marriage is a trap.
Babies and giving birth is a trap.
Monogamy is a trap.
Heterosexuality is a trap.
Religion is a trap.
“Love” is a trap.
Patriarchy is a trap.
Obedience is a trap.
Tradition is a trap.
Capitalism is a trap.
Society and culture are a trap.

Women in all cultures are trapped by patriarchy.

Marriage traps women by keeping a woman stuck to one man. She must serve and obey him in most cultures. She is a slave. She cannot find another husband if her husband is abusive.

Women who take care of babies do not have time to work or enjoy their lives. Women who have babies must take care of them and cannot leave their house or husband. A woman might favor her son over other women. She is therefore stuck to the male gender. Giving birth too often makes women tired so they cannot escape a bad husband or housework. There are too many people in the world. Giving birth makes the world too crowded.

Monogamy means a person may only have one spouse. They are usually not allowed to divorce that spouse. This means if a woman is married to a bad man, she cannot get rid of him. If every person is allowed to have a spouse, then men who are bad, lazy, or selfish can have a wife. If monogamy was abolished, women would be able to share the few good men in a society. They would be allowed to ignore the bad ones.

Heterosexuality forces women to marry men instead of women. But most men are selfish, sexist, lazy, and tyrannical. If women were allowed to marry other women we would have happier marriages. A few women would have sex with males to get pregnant and then get rid of the men. Isn’t that what they do to us?

Most religions believe women are inferior to men. They tell women to obey their husbands and have children. They say women are sinful and that their bodies are dirty. When religion is controlled by men, it benefits men. Most religions tell people to accept bad things that happen to them. Men do bad things to women and tell women God will be happy if women accept the abuse.

People tell women that if they love a man they will be happy. They tell women that if they love a man, he will treat her kindly. They say that if a woman loves a man, she won’t mind his bad behavior. Books and movies and songs are written about “love”, romance, and marriage. They try to brainwash women into marrying men.

Patriarchy is the worldwide system of law, religion, government, economics, medicine, and culture that benefit men. Law, religion, money, the government, doctors, and culture work together to benefit men and to control women.

*In many countries, the laws benefit only men. If a man and a woman commit the same crime, the man is punished less. Sometimes, the law forces women to accept less money for working at the same job as a man. In some countries, like Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive cars.

*Religions say that women are inferior to men. They also say that God wants women to obey men. Since no one can see or hear God, makes can pretend God said anything they want him to say. (Maybe God isn’t a “he”. Maybe it’s a “she”!)

*Governments punish women who do not obey unfair rules. They are modeled after patriarchal families- the dictator at the top, the peasants (children and women) at the bottom. They must obey the father or dictator.

*Doctors make women take the same medicines as men even though their bodies are often different. This makes women sick. Male doctors control and regulate birth because they are afraid of women’s power to give birth. Unnatural births cause pain for women. Psychologists diagnose women as “crazy” when they dare to speak against patriarchy. Women who are beaten by their husbands are diagnosed as “hysterical.”

*Movies and books portray women as depressed if they do not have a husband. Clothing styles women wear make it hard for women to move and breathe. Art portrays women as weak and submissive. Magazines tell women they must be beautiful to be loved by society.

“The good woman is obedient,” most societies say. This is not true. They are trying to trick women into becoming slaves to males. Obedience is never a good thing. If you obey someone unconditionally, you will do evil if they command you to.

“Our culture must not change its traditions.” This is stupid. What if slavery or murder was the tradition of a society? Should people continue to kill people and own slaves? “Women must obey because it is tradition.” This is evil.

Capitalism makes rich people richer. It makes poor people poorer. Most rich people are male. Most women are poor. Capitalism allows rich men to take money from poor women.

Society makes unmarried women feel ashamed. Society makes ugly women feel ashamed. Many cultures tell women they should be depressed if they do not conform.

If we want to liberate women, we must fight against all these things. Do not let patriarchy oppress you!


This article will be translated into many different languages.

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Pussy Riot vil bli fengslet i to år

(bruk Google Oversett # no / AF /)


Dette er uakseptabelt.

Faen ta den russiske regjeringen.

Faen Vladimir Putin.

Faen påtalemyndighetene.

Faen forfølgerne.

Faen kirken.

Faen patriarkatet.


Frigjøre “Pussy Riot”!

Nå protestene er bare begynnelsen …

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Pussy Riot werden für zwei Jahre ins Gefängnis kommen

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Das ist inakzeptabel.

Scheiß auf die russische Regierung.

Fick Wladimir Putin.

Scheiß auf die Staatsanwälte.

Scheiß auf die Verfolger.

Scheiß auf die Kirche.

Fick Patriarchat.


Liberate “Pussy Riot”!

Jetzt sind die Proteste sind erst am Anfang …

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Pussy Riot vil blive fængslet i to år

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Dette er uacceptabelt.

Fuck russiske regering.

Rend Vladimir Putin.

Fuck anklagere.

Fuck forfølgere.

Fuck kirken.

Rend patriarkatet.


Befri “Pussy Riot”!

Nu protester er kun lige begyndt …

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Pussy Riot Jailed for Two Years



This is unacceptable.

Fuck the Russian government.

Fuck Putin.

Fuck the prosecutors.

Fuck the persecutors.

Fuck the church.

Fuck patriarchy.


Free Pussy Riot!

Now the protests are only beginning…

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Free Pussy Riot — Kill Patriarchy

Please visit this website after you read the article.

Pussy Riot is a musical group of several women who are feminists.  They are against oppression and injustice.  When they performed a protest prayer inside a cathedral, they were arrested and taken to jail.  They have been locked in jail for months, and haven’t seen their children. They may be sent to prison for seven years……for offending religious people and a politician.

The trial of Pussy Riot is reminiscent of the witch trials in medieval Europe.  Women who are speaking out against the abuse of humanity are being called “obnoxious” and “offensive” and “dangerous”.  They are being tortured by being denied food and water and sleep.  Their trial is like a medieval inquisition.  Neo-Nazis are even accusing Pussy Riot of being Jewish infiltrators!  (  use  )

They have been in jail since March.  They are being kept in a cage, like animals.  They have not seen their children since their arrest.  This is ridiculous.  That means they were away from their children for 5 months.  That is unacceptable.  These women are political prisoners.  They did not hit anybody.  They did not destroy property or artwork in the church.  They did not commit slander (Putin actually IS bad!)  They did not defraud anyone of their money.  So why are they being held?  Why it is necessary to keep them as political prisoners?

The answer: they challenged patriarchy.  Their songs are a challenge against patriarchy.  Their name is a challenge against patriarchy.  What was their crime?  Offending Vladimir Putin, who is a male.  Even if Pussy Riot did not mention feminism specifically, they challenged what males love the most: authority and control.  Though their own husbands seem to be supportive and loving, most men in Russia and in the world are horrible and their patriarchy needs to be erased.   Even though the judge is a woman, it is still the system of patriarchy that is oppressing Pussy Riot.  The woman judge is a tool and the patriarchy is using her against other women.  Patriarchy hires women to help oppress other women so that it can blame women for their own oppression.

Putin is trying to stay in power until 2024.  He is obviously scared about what happened to the dictators Egypt and Libya.  He does not want to be removed.

Where was the jail term for the Pope when he said women should not be priests?  He offended women, so where are the police who must arrest him?  Are the religious people’s “hurt feelings” causing as much pain as being a woman who is sent to jail?  Is having your religious feelings hurt as painful as being forced to give birth after you are raped?  Is it as painful as being told you are sinful and evil?

We all know Vladimir Putin is a moron and a former KGB agent who would rather see Russia be Communist again, rather than a free country.  He is popular among neo-Nazis I have met.  He believes punishment and authoritarianism are the ways to solve problems.  Aren’t most men similar, especially Caucasian men?  This is why radical feminism is part of the solution.  It recognizes and attacks bad masculine behavior.

Alexei Nikiforov, the federal cock-sucker (I meant to say “prosecutor”!), says Pussy Riot deserves to go to jail because they “abused God.”  Did he forget about how people who are not rich are being abused?  Did he forget about how women are being abused?  Children?  People who are homosexual?  People who oppose war?  Children who are being sexually abused by priests?  Perhaps he has amnesia and should not be allowed to continue working at his job.

How can they arrest someone for “being decadent”?  People must be arrested for being decadent?  This means all the political officials (mostly males) should be in maximum security prisons for 500 years each!!

A seven year jail term is ridiculous. Many people in the United States who rob or attack people do not have to spend seven years in jail. Yet these women are being arrested because they oppose a politician.  (We now know who we must NOT vote for in the next election!)

We all know this: Pussy Riot would have never been punished so harshly if they were all men.
Police, we spit on you!  Putin, we spit on you! Catholic and Orthodox Churches, and all male-dominated religions, we spit on you, too!  Patriarchy, we spit on you most of all!

A verdict will take place on Friday.  We must do more than pray and hope for the women’s release.  We need to fight for change in our world.  If we can, we must protest outside the courthouse where the women are being tried for a “crime” they did not commit.  Big things have small beginnings.  Perhaps we can use this tragedy to start a worldwide revolution of women.  We will overthrow patriarchy in every country, and we will dismantle every religion and culture that pushes women down!

Free Pussy Riot!

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Birth Is Not Meant to be Painful

“How are you going to get that big thing out of that little hole?!” “You’d better go to the doctor’s to make sure nothing goes wrong when it happens.” “Make sure to lie down; that’s the proper position.”  “Oh, you wait and see!  You’ll be screaming in pain, all right!”  “We’ll tell you when to push.  We know when the right time is.”

Suppose we talked about pooping this way?  We’d get laughed out of town!  The anus expands, for God’s sake!  The digestive system is natural; we don’t need a doctor to “help” it along.  Lying down works against gravity.  Telling people to expect pain makes them tense up and causes pain.  And how does the doctor know when to push?  It’s not happening to his body.

Everybody knows pooping comes naturally and we don’t need medical intervention to do it.  So why do we talk about birth in this special, scary way?  Is it because we’re bringing a new life into the world?  No, because then we’d be talking about sex this way, forcing people to have sex under a doctor’s watch, poking and prodding.  It’s because it’s a female only experience.  If both men and women gave birth, or if only men gave birth, it would not be regulated and treated like a disease.  Since only women give birth, it has to be coded as an alien experience and a potential disaster, since, as we all know, women’s bodies are completely fucked up weaker versions of men’s bodies, and if men cannot do something, it needs to be vilified and the person who’s able to do it should be seen as “needing help”.  It’s like when Johnny’s jealous because his neighbor got a shiny toy car, so he says, “Well it’s a stupid car anyway!!  It’ll break!”



We don’t send men to the doctors’ every other hour to make sure their bodies don’t spontaneously combust, nor do we force doctors to watch men when they have sex “just in case” they get priapism or some other sexual problem.  So why do women need doctors to help them fulfill their functions?  Answer: we don’t.



Laura Shanley, the owner of the website Unassisted Childbirth (, and the mother of four home delivered pain free children, believes childbirth is inherently safe and relatively or completely pain-free, and that the reasons we experience pain are because of poverty, illness, and fear or shame about our bodies.  If you don’t think something psychological like fear can influence something physical like birth, think again, and use stage fright as an example.  If fears of being onstage can cause shaking, sweating, vomiting, fainting, and dry mouth, then your fear of birth can cause you to tense up and feel pain as well, because, as Shanley puts it, your uterus literally turns white when you’re afraid, since the blood drains out of it, like it drains out of your face.  Here you are, on a hospital bed, possibly in stirrups like an animal, with people surrounding you, watching you, and you’re expected to perform a private function like expelling something from your vagina?  Get real!  (Don’t forget your old aunt told you horror stories)!



It is a very common and very wrong misconception that childbirth was universally painful until doctors came to the rescue.  (Excuse me. White, western, male doctors).  Native American tribes gave birth with little or no pain and you could observe a tribe for a hundred years and see one, maybe zero complications.  Births were painful for women in “the old days” because of poverty, being underfed and overworked, and, in the case of wealthy women, they were corseted, kept away from the sun, and told to be ashamed of their bodies.  Normal women with healthy bodies have rarely died in childbirth throughout history, and when birth was largely moved to the hospital in the 1920s, mortality rates actually rose.  A large study conducted in 1933 proves that homebirth is safer than hospital birth.  (Mayer Eisenstein, MD, The Home Court Advantage, 1988.)



When birthing women enter the hospital, they are swarmed by machinery and people- often men- in white coats, told what to eat (usually nothing), told when to push, and made to lie down, narrowing her pelvic opening and making it hard to utilize gravity.  She’s kept “on schedule”, often for the convenience of the doctor, and treated like a machine instead of an intelligent adult.  The schedule is often arbitrary and if she’s not on it, she’s given dangerous drugs to speed up, making contractions very painful, causing her to need more drugs, and dulling her mind and body so she cannot bond with the baby after birth.  The “complications” doctors cause during birth have led to 1 in 4 babies being born through Caesarean section.  Babies are taken from the mothers after birth to be weighed, as if they are specimens or Nazi Superbabies.  They give the babies eye drops “in case” the mother has a venereal disease, which is an extremely rude thing to assume.

Fortunately, women all over the world are rediscovering the fact that birth works best when it is not interfered with and when the mother is free to listen to her own body, the way eating and walking and every other activity work.  But there is much poverty and shame to overcome.



You can see why doctors want to regulate birth- it’s a 50 billion dollar a year industry and it’s the number one reason people go to the hospital.  Cesarean sections are being sold to women for “complications” such as breech births (easily dealt with) and not giving birth “fast enough” (every birth is different).  Pitocin is given to women to help speed up labor, and it can have the following consequences: slowing labor down, requiring more drugs to speed it up; dangerous drop in the mother’s blood pressure; baby has to be pulled with forceps because the mother’s body is too lazy to expel it; breathing difficulties for the baby; dulls the mother’s and baby’s minds, making it hard to bond after birth; vomiting and inhaling fluids, resulting in the mother choking to death; paralysis of the mother, retardation or death of the baby.



The idea that women need help to give birth comes from male jealousy of ability to give birth and from the idea that women’s bodies are not as competent as men to deliver babies.  Part of this hatred is pushed by religions, such as Catholicism, which taught that women’s bodies are sinful and dirty.  Women were told by religions to be ashamed of their bodies and therefore tense up during birth, and are not given the correct knowledge of how to care for their bodies before they are pregnant.  Since our society thinks women’s bodies are inappropriate and since medicine is usually geared towards men’s bodies, women are less prepared for childbirth and menopause.



Of course, if you happen to need a doctor to give birth, or believe, for some reason or another, you will be in pain, by all means utilize one (be sure they’re a natural doctor, though, and not a drug pusher in a suit), and if you do happen to have a true complication, then get help, just the way you would if you had a complication with walking or eating.  But don’t go through your pregnancy with fear and shame and don’t let yourself believe you need “help” to give birth if you’re happy and healthy.  Nature didn’t intend it that way.



If you had pain during birth, it was because of patriarchal medicine, clothes, and foods, or because you were sick or overly afraid of the experience.  Don’t blame yourself or think you are less of a woman, and do not think birth is supposed to be painful just because you were unlucky.  If something “went wrong” or your child even dies when born at home, remember that the same number (probably even higher) babies have complications at the hospital as do when they’re born at home, and babies who die at home would have died had they been born at the hospital as well.  Women have been giving birth for thousands of years without help and if the death and destruction rates were anywhere near as high as the pro-medicalized birth crowd says, the human race would have died out.



Someday we will bring birth back to where it is supposed to be- in our hands!

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