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Pussy Riot sarà incarcerato per due anni

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Questo è inaccettabile.

Fanculo il governo russo.

Fanculo Vladimir Putin.

Fanculo i pubblici ministeri.

Fanculo i persecutori.

Vaffanculo la chiesa.

Vaffanculo patriarcato.


Liberate Pussy Riot!

Ora le proteste sono solo all’inizio …

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Pussy Riot Jailed for Two Years



This is unacceptable.

Fuck the Russian government.

Fuck Putin.

Fuck the prosecutors.

Fuck the persecutors.

Fuck the church.

Fuck patriarchy.


Free Pussy Riot!

Now the protests are only beginning…

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Free Pussy Riot — Kill Patriarchy

Please visit this website after you read the article.

Pussy Riot is a musical group of several women who are feminists.  They are against oppression and injustice.  When they performed a protest prayer inside a cathedral, they were arrested and taken to jail.  They have been locked in jail for months, and haven’t seen their children. They may be sent to prison for seven years……for offending religious people and a politician.

The trial of Pussy Riot is reminiscent of the witch trials in medieval Europe.  Women who are speaking out against the abuse of humanity are being called “obnoxious” and “offensive” and “dangerous”.  They are being tortured by being denied food and water and sleep.  Their trial is like a medieval inquisition.  Neo-Nazis are even accusing Pussy Riot of being Jewish infiltrators!  (  use  )

They have been in jail since March.  They are being kept in a cage, like animals.  They have not seen their children since their arrest.  This is ridiculous.  That means they were away from their children for 5 months.  That is unacceptable.  These women are political prisoners.  They did not hit anybody.  They did not destroy property or artwork in the church.  They did not commit slander (Putin actually IS bad!)  They did not defraud anyone of their money.  So why are they being held?  Why it is necessary to keep them as political prisoners?

The answer: they challenged patriarchy.  Their songs are a challenge against patriarchy.  Their name is a challenge against patriarchy.  What was their crime?  Offending Vladimir Putin, who is a male.  Even if Pussy Riot did not mention feminism specifically, they challenged what males love the most: authority and control.  Though their own husbands seem to be supportive and loving, most men in Russia and in the world are horrible and their patriarchy needs to be erased.   Even though the judge is a woman, it is still the system of patriarchy that is oppressing Pussy Riot.  The woman judge is a tool and the patriarchy is using her against other women.  Patriarchy hires women to help oppress other women so that it can blame women for their own oppression.

Putin is trying to stay in power until 2024.  He is obviously scared about what happened to the dictators Egypt and Libya.  He does not want to be removed.

Where was the jail term for the Pope when he said women should not be priests?  He offended women, so where are the police who must arrest him?  Are the religious people’s “hurt feelings” causing as much pain as being a woman who is sent to jail?  Is having your religious feelings hurt as painful as being forced to give birth after you are raped?  Is it as painful as being told you are sinful and evil?

We all know Vladimir Putin is a moron and a former KGB agent who would rather see Russia be Communist again, rather than a free country.  He is popular among neo-Nazis I have met.  He believes punishment and authoritarianism are the ways to solve problems.  Aren’t most men similar, especially Caucasian men?  This is why radical feminism is part of the solution.  It recognizes and attacks bad masculine behavior.

Alexei Nikiforov, the federal cock-sucker (I meant to say “prosecutor”!), says Pussy Riot deserves to go to jail because they “abused God.”  Did he forget about how people who are not rich are being abused?  Did he forget about how women are being abused?  Children?  People who are homosexual?  People who oppose war?  Children who are being sexually abused by priests?  Perhaps he has amnesia and should not be allowed to continue working at his job.

How can they arrest someone for “being decadent”?  People must be arrested for being decadent?  This means all the political officials (mostly males) should be in maximum security prisons for 500 years each!!

A seven year jail term is ridiculous. Many people in the United States who rob or attack people do not have to spend seven years in jail. Yet these women are being arrested because they oppose a politician.  (We now know who we must NOT vote for in the next election!)

We all know this: Pussy Riot would have never been punished so harshly if they were all men.
Police, we spit on you!  Putin, we spit on you! Catholic and Orthodox Churches, and all male-dominated religions, we spit on you, too!  Patriarchy, we spit on you most of all!

A verdict will take place on Friday.  We must do more than pray and hope for the women’s release.  We need to fight for change in our world.  If we can, we must protest outside the courthouse where the women are being tried for a “crime” they did not commit.  Big things have small beginnings.  Perhaps we can use this tragedy to start a worldwide revolution of women.  We will overthrow patriarchy in every country, and we will dismantle every religion and culture that pushes women down!

Free Pussy Riot!

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