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Why My Site’s 2dn Highest # of Visitors Is From India

The largest number of visitors to my blog is from the Unites States.  The second highest number is from India.  I do have some blog posts in four different Indian languages: Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Gujarati.  India is a highly populated country.  Do these things explain fully why so many visitors from India come to my blog, as opposed to, say, the UK, or Germany (I have articles in German as well)?

Personally, I think the reason so many Indian users visit my blog is because they believe it is about sex.  India is one of those countries in which men are “sex starved”.  Because, you know, sex is like food.   If you don’t have it, you die.  In India, sex is more taboo than in the Western World, and men “need” to visit online sites in order to “get” sex.

How do I know they are searching my site for sex?  Because of the key words- lovely exotic Indian languages, reminiscent of a rajah dressed in rich robes, his red-jeweled headpiece bedazzled by the late afternoon Delhi sun, putting a golden quill to a paper and swirling a voluptuous word onto the delicate page, indecipherable to the eyes of uncultured Western adventurers: “Vagina,” “sex films,” “penis in anus,” “naked movies.”

Gorgeous.  India is a rich culture with a strong history and a tradition in which women were often honored.  Indian men, please act like it, or leave my blog.  Otherwise, I’m kind of happy you waste five minutes of your time on a radical feminist blog.  Perhaps it will take some time out from your quest to quench your so -called “sex-starvedness.”

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OMG why Don’t U Like Sex??



I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to hold off of having sex (PIV or any other type), if it’s for a good reason (i.e., not “because the guy in da sky said so”).

Sometimes people are assumed to be abstinent just because they haven’t had sex by a “reasonably old enough” age, but that is an obviously wrong assumption to make.  Sometimes people aren’t avoiding sex.  It might be that they just haven’t had the opportunity or they just never went out purposely looking for it (but weren’t avoiding it either).



I have been called “prude”, “Christian”, asked “how is that possible your’e so pretty?” (apparently that means I didn’t have any reason to reject the OTHER person!),

“But you’re 23! It’s just…unusual!” (a HUGE exaggeration- BTW, “unpopular” and “unusual” don’t mean the same thing”).
“Are you a lesbian?” (Wish I was. But no, I don’t dislike men sexually, I just am not ready for sex with anyone I’ve happened to have datet yet.),
“Are you celibate?” (No, I don’t avoid it, I just haven’t been in the right situation yet. Have you ever ___ yet? Why not?? You don’t like it???)

“You said you aren’t comfortable until you get to know or love someone- so do you like sex or not?” (Idiot, I like it IF I’m in love with the person, would hate it if I;m not. Just like I like eating foods I enjoy the taste of, hate eating those I don’t).

“Did you get sexually molested as a child?” (Um, NO)

“Then why are you so afriad of sex?” (I’m not, retard. I’m not ready or interested in having it until I get that spark.)

“Well, when would that happen?  Like how many months does it take generally take?” (Oh, usually it takes 2 months 22 days and 38 minutes exactly.  Idiot!  I don’t know.  It depends on the person.  It depends on the situation.  Yuo’re being very rude by trying to “make” me like you.)

“You’re confused.”/”you’re confusing.” (No. I’m not. Just because I’m not robotically predictable in who I’ll love [who is? are you, sir?] doesn’t mean I’m unpredictable.  You’re just sore at me because you didn’t get what you wanted.)

“I think we should stop seeing each other.” (Loser. Good for me, then. I’m not the one losing out.)




I think the subtle demonizing of chaste and conservative women is not what the feminist movement needs. We have thrown away valuable ties with conservative and old fashioned women for what? So we can be “liberated” to have more sex with men? (I can see all the “feminist” men grinning right now!)

Is that what benefits women? Or is that what benefits men?


Conservative women may not sound like “fun”, but they know how men are.  They are wise and safe.  They understand the lure of the “sexual liberation” movement was hiding dark intentions.  Sure, it’s good to allow women to experiment sexually, and it’s right to fight for women’s right not to be punished more for performing the same sexual lifestyle as a man, but is that really what “liberal” men are clamoring for?

Or are they waiting for the pussy gate to come down so they can get some more meat?

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Drugging and seducing fat women?

Possible trigger warnings.


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So Women not Wanting to Have Sex Involves “Excuses”?



This rather hurtful article was written by a writer called “Mommyfriend”, but she is no friend to mothers or to women, at least judging by the fact that her article implies women are making excuses for not having sex.


The “excuses”: watching TV, kids are awake, kids might wake up, let’s talk instead, I need shower, tired. headache, I am too fat now, I’m too cold, let’s cuddle instead, legs too hairy, you did something wrong to me, I have unshaved crotch, upset about something else, period cramps, just showered and want to stay clean, ovulating, PMS, have to get up early, just had a bad day.


Men know these are not “excuses”.  They know full well these are legitimate reasons a person might not want to have sex.  But because they want sex, they want to throw a fit and blame you whenever you don’t give them what they want, even if you aren’t doing it on purpose, or aren’t doing it to be mean.  They don’t care.  They just want what they want and are prepared to accuse you of something they know is unjust and untrue if they don’t get their way.  This is why they hire women like this- Handmaidens of the Patriarchy (HOPs, HOP’s)- to write this shit.

You would think spouses, especially mothers, would get a little more empathy and respect.  Sheesh!


The woman who wrote the article is obviously mocking the “excuses” and the women who make them, even if it is a sort of self-mock (she uses the word “we”, as if she does it herself, or empathizes with those who do).  “You know these are just excuses.  We aren’t really worried we’ll wake the kids up!” she seems to sneer, as if she is trying to convince men that women are all sneaky liars by acting like she is one herself, and that so are her sisters, the amorphous “we” that she claims all women belong to- the “we” who are holding back sex for no reason other than that that’s how we roll!

These sorts of attitudes and behaviors are male-encouraged and male-enforced, and serve to provide men with an excuse to mistrust women.  “See, the bitch/chick/she-devil/psycho cunt who wrote that article admits it!  They’re all sneaky whores-and-prudes-at-the-same-fucking-time-omg-no-thats-not-a-contradiction who won’t have sex with us so they deserve to be cheated on and raped!!!!”

Hence, I don’t blame Mommyfriend for her article. She probably has bills to pay and a face to save, and even though patriarchy despises women equally on an internal psychological level, the women who conform to it are treated better materially and physically (though not always).  We must not blame the victim class, but instead, the oppressor class. To blame Mommyfriend for her article against other women would be like blaming a Negro slave for writing a pro-slavery article aimed at other Negroes, even though it’s obvious the white masters are making her do it, and that they started slavery to begin with.


So, the article kind of pissed me off, and not to mention, was written in very unprofessional grammar and tone (I hope that makes people take it less seriously).

But what really bothered me were the comments below, some of which advocated emotional abuse of wives, misogyny, and outright cheating.  Let’s have a look:


donaldhizer (signed in using yahoo)

ATTENTION LADIES: Men are simple creatures, unlike women. Men have three simple very basic drives, sex, food, and sleep. If you take care of his needs any self respecting man will be more than happy to take care of you and your needs. It’s really that simple!
Donald gives a typical male response: We can’t help it.  We’re too simple for our own good.  If you can’t figure us out, it’s your fault.  You don’t deserve anything better than a simpleton.

A response to Donald:

nicegirl1578 (signed in using yahoo)

Not always true. I spent 4 years taking “care” of my husband, hoping like HELL he’d take care of me…it took cutting him to ribbons to get him to understand the pain he was putting me though while I waited for him to take care of me. Not every man is “simple” like you claim.
Reply · 3 · Unlike · July 7 at 4:33pm
This girl tells it like it is!!  The next commenter is another male excuse maker:

Stephen Katz · Subscribe · Biomedical Equipment Technician at United States Army

Ummmm…. I do think he was generalizing. Don’t you??? Let’s not be so naive. OK? He also stated any self respecting man. Not quite sure how yours was, but I don’t think he was self respecting, because to be a respectful man also means that you are mindful of others as well. All in all I think his post is quite on point. 3 very basic drives is about right and yes– It really is that simple. Quit trying to thumb your nose at it just because you personally have a shitty husband.
Reply · 2 · Like · August 4 at 9:10am
Stephen starts off saying nice things, like how a respectable man respects others…then sneaks in the whole “men are simple!” thing, which
A: pretends that men are “too stupid” to know what’s good,
B: that it is desirable and natural for some persons to be simple-minded and that women should put up with these partners, and
C: that being straightforward and simplistic is synonymous with having unrefined and unwholesome tastes and values (sex, beer, ‘n’ sports, etc)
Then I chimed in:

Works at Self Employed Jewelry Designer

Men are not “simple creatures”- they merely have more of their needs met by society so they think that means they can be selfish and not think about others, not cultivate a full personality and interests.Besides, I do not think my goal in life should be to fulfill a man’s needs.

Reply · 1 · Like · Tuesday at 11:17am
Sounds reasonable.  I don’t think being simple and having an unfulfilling shallow life is good, nor is expecting a personal sex slave.  But Douchey von Douchenstein has to waltz in with:

Misi Waiki Tuimaseve · BYU College (CCWS)

[my name], are you married? If you’re not married, then your goal is not to fulfill a man’s need! That’s understandable “thank you for saying that”! But if you are married, then your goal is to fulfill the needs of your husband. And if your husband’s needs are not met and not satisfied with how you treat him, then never complain or get angry if your husband is meeting his needs and having sex with another woman!
Reply · Like · about an hour ago
So if I don’t fuck my husband he can screw around on me?  Right.  Asshole.  Oh, and BTW, this is why I’m never getting married.  Take heed.  So I replied to him:

[me] Works at Self Employed Jewelry Designer

No, jerk. sex is not a “need”- you will not die if you don’t have sex. Being married means loving each other, not serving each other. And it certainly doesn’t mean one partner serving the other only.Let me guess how often you get laid. Hmmm…never.

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Next comment from Douchenstein:

Misi Waiki Tuimaseve · BYU College (CCWS)

Hahaha @ [me]! In general, sex is not a need in life! It’s many times —> Lust! When you and your husband exchanged vows and your Yes I do at your wedding ceremony, your sex life was included as meeting the needs both you and your husbatnd! It’s not a need life wise, it’s a need between a man and a woman as a couple! When your husband wants to have sex with you, he needs to fulfill his feeling of enjoying sex, making love to or with his wife And if you don’t meet that need, then he can go find somewhere to meet his need.
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So it’s 1822 and when I said “I do,” this meant I belong to my hubby in the Biblical sense?  No. Uh-uh.  And I love the way he throws in that “but it’s for your pleasure tooooo!” schtick.  Besides, if having sex, like he says, is about fulfilling a feeling, then how can he get that fulfilling feeling from anyone other than his true love?  See how easy it is to debunk their lies?
Shakespeare strikes again!:

Works at Self Employed Jewelry Designer

Um, I don’t know what era and/or country you’re from, but we no longer believe, as a society, that sex is a requirement of marriage. And never anywhere did I hear that a person is allowed to cheat on their spouse because they don’t get sex.And BTW, you are implying sex is something a person literally cannot resist, which is not true. You can choose not to have it, and you won’t die or blow up. If you won’t die if you don’t have it, then it isn’t any kind of “need”. That is, it’s something a person can control themselves not to choose to do.

Reply · Like · 2 seconds ago
Some other comments dotted the article, some good, but most bad:

jayman77772004 (signed in using yahoo)

…habitually not giving sex to your husband is generally demonic…and to neglect it in marriage is to give an open invitation to Mr. Satan…
  • Works at Self Employed Jewelry Designer

    I don’t think it’s “demonic” not to have sex with someone. You are severely exaggerating.Your comment reminds me of those Muslims who claim a wife who will not give sex to her husband is going to hell, or is full of demons.

    Or those Christians 500 years ago who said a woman who will not have sex with her husband is a witch.

    Sex is not something to be given and taken. It is something to be enjoyed by two people together.

    yuo’ve probably never been laid in your life.

    Reply · 1 · Like · Tuesday at 11:18am
  • [me] Works at Self Employed Jewelry Designer

    You truly ought to be arrested. That is, unless you are joking. I cannot tell if you are being sarcastic or not, that’s how stupid the comment sounds to my ears.
    Reply · Like · 2 seconds ago

Mac Walsh · Hudson Community College

I swear, if my knees didn’t hurt so much, I’d think gay had to be better. Women are batshitinsane.
[Yeah, because we’re the ones raping and beating and shooting people all the time.]
A rare word of wisdom from a male commenter, who puts responsibility on men:

Edwin Snell · Matsumoto-shi, Nagano, Japan

Get real. giving in to your husband? Men begging for sex? ha ha ha you make me laugh. Women need sex MORE THAN MEN DO. A man who knows his stuff will know how to fulfill that need, and the woman won`t need to create a bunch a mental coping mechanisms for the bad sex.
(however, he does say that women need sex more than men…and this might be a way to trick women into having it!)

Works at Self Employed Jewelry Designer

I agree with Edwin.Men are taught not to respect women’s bodies and are taught, during sex, to only think about thier own physical enjoyment and not their partner’s. Hence, women do not enjoy sex with them.

In addition, many of the “excuses” (headaches, tired, etc) are not “excuses” at all, but are true and acceptable reasons not to want to have sex! Who wants to do any kind of physical activity when you have a headache?

Reply · Like · Tuesday at 11:21am
Some comments were from women (or those who pretended to be women) who beat their sisters up for being mean and nasty sex-withholders:

OMG, so true…all of them, so true!!

Deanna commented on Mar 02 12 at 7:55 pm


Women that don’t like and want sex should not get married. Sex is the most important part of marriage. It bonds two people together, reduces stress and is just damn good fun.

Unfortunately I was married to an jerk who didn’t like sex and made me feel like a slut for wanting sex and made my life a misery. If you don’t want sex, then let your spouse go, you are a poor excuse for a mate.

Dirty Girl commented on May 04 12 at 10:24 pm


Making excuses not to have sex? As a woman who loves sex and especially giving my man oral sex…I find this article so sad that so many women don’t enjoy sex…NOT me. I have always had a strong and passionate sex drive so I can’t relate to the article. The more sex I have the better I feel about myself and body. I work out 2 hours a day…and still make time to ride my man “like a rental car…long and rough”

Blonde1 commented on May 06 12 at 8:28 pm


I was married to a gynecologist and managed his very large practice; so many women were just not interested in sex. And I would hear these excuses used. Of course men can only be rejected so many times; and that is how its seems. Rejected by the one you love. Can you blame them for taking up hobbies for hours, hanging in the garage, not doing the little romantic things anymore, and for cheating. Egos begin to take a big hit and little chemistry and flirting, leaves an unsatisfied man with a temptation to great to resist. Think about that. Men are very simple, unlike complicated us. They love you and work to provide for and share a home with you. The intimate part is necessary and natural and very healthy mentally and physical. Culinary skills are much appreciated by the fellas and they enjoy being close and snuggling as well. But deprive them of that sexual need, they become unsatisfied and let down, then radars are up looking for someone to satisfy that need. And there are plenty of women ready to be the next Mrs. Personally I enjoy a very healthy libido and think sex is something amazing and special that forges a connection getting us through a tough and often difficult world. It is as God meant it to be. Peace and love ❤

Trish commented on May 07 12 at 12:59 am


Well, I have recently started to say, “If you ain’t taking care of your man than someone else will”
It’s just that simple girls. Men are very easy creatures to please. I found out the hard way and after it was almost too late. Stop with the petty excuses.

MIA commented on Jun 01 12 at 12:40 am


sex IS important to maintaining intimacy in a relationship. AND IT’S FUN! Isn’t that how/why we made our babies in the first place? WTF ladies, don’t make us all seem like dried up old prunes. Put out every once in a while and quit whining about everything.

Diana commented on Jun 18 12 at 7:12 pm


I think this article is terrible. Why is it humorous to that some peoples sex lives are in the toilet. Sad just plain sad. Who cares if the kids are awake or asleep… if your showered or unshowered…etc… If you don’t have sex with him someone else will. That is your husband, your man, whatever… If you don’t think for one second their isn’t some sneaky whore waiting for him to walk around sex starved you are wrong. Their are plenty of women out there who prefer someone who is already “attached” and NEEDS them. If you starve him out someone else will feed him… that is just nature. God designed us to want sex and to like sex, preferably with our mate. If you find yourself not wanting sex then try something new to spice it up, go to a doctor to find out if you are hormonally imbalanced, do it anyway until you figure out what is wrong. But, don’t slam the lid on the honey pot! The space between you and your mate will grow wider and wider until you are so far apart that you can’t someone else stepping in and him stepping out.

MM commented on Jun 19 12 at 8:09 am


I am an ex mistress of a married man. When I met him I ask him why he wanted to cheat. His answer, ” For every woman that turns a man off there is one right around the corner that will turn him on.”

I gave this man what he wasn’t getting at home, as several before me had done. I was different though because he and I fell in love. When his wife found out about me she was irate. My words to her were, ” Because you wouldn’t take care of him you gave him to me and I am not giving him back.” And I didn’t.

I am an ex mistress because we just celebrated our 20th anniversery and he has never cheated. So for all you women who say no…as some of the comments have stated, ” You are a single woman in training.”

Nursejean1107 commented on Jun 26 12 at 12:10 pm

There were nasty male excuses (we love sex, we can’t help it, ladies are tricksters, etc):

Okay. So using the attitudes expressed above, you make excuses, regularly, and finally he, and he will, goes out and finds someone who will have sex with him. Sorry, you don’t get to be outraged !!! You do not get to go out regularly with your friends – who you spend more time talking to than you do to him, and commiserate, endlessly, about what sh**s men are. Well, you can do all those things, but it won’t do you any good. It might get you a nice divorce, but he will often consider that a damned good deal. It is often amazing what a good divorce can do for a man. Oh, and get this – you do not get to make all the rules in the relationship.

Blueboyo commented on May 05 12 at 8:20 am


It’s all men commenting. You know why? We hear all these excuses and we need to understand that it isn’t just my own wife giving me the cold shoulder.

We try to be nice, we try to be understanding, and then we get crapped on by the person who is supposed to love us the most. We’re more than happy to have gabfest, to ‘just hold you,’ and to give you a little time alone when the kids are finally asleep so you can just chill out… but eventually there needs to be a certain social interaction that helps create the cement that keeps a marriage together (and people who pretend otherwise are lying to themselves).

Go long enough with the exucses and eventually, we stop talking to you. We stop doing nice things for you. We stop giving a rat’s butt about what you think. And then you get irritated with us because we’re ‘cold and unfeeling.’

Well, it’s ’cause you made us that way.

JD commented on May 06 12 at 12:21 am


Don’t want to have sex? No problem. That’s what blowjobs are for.

David commented on May 31 12 at 4:04 pm


Those excuses are keeping Ashley Madison in business. Good strategy girls.

Steve commented on May 31 12 at 5:23 pm


Women, who are more controlling than men–by FAR, think that, ‘general’ BAD behaviour (including these excuses) are normal, customary, & required so that, they can keep their acquired ‘dog’ in check. I agree with nearly ALL of the commenters who chide & deride this arrogant & destructive mind-set which MOST women (attempt to) employ. Men are finally beginning to resist women’s pathetic need to feel ‘empowered’ so that, they can feel good about their insecure & weak minds. We’re tired of it–period! Any man who tolerates this crap from his female companion is a fool & is heading for a split/break-up. Women, please heed this advice: MUTUAL respect-&-courtesy is the ONLY way you will keep a man (with a back-bone). I think these ‘articles’ easily prove my point (–”controlling women”), &, there are soooo many more.


“Love, Peace, Chicken-grease”

Keith B.R. commented on May 31 12 at 6:30 pm


I got “I’m depressed/stressed and have no libido.” Then, “I”m on antidepressants and they’ve left me with no libido.” Then, “I can’t have sex at night because it wakes me up too much.” Then, “I can’t have sex because I feel so sick all the time because I’m pregnant.” Then, “I’m a new mother and I’m really stressed and I don’t want sex.” Then, “I’m just getting older. All my sisters are the same way. They’re just not interested.”

Finally, after listening to this shit through six years of marriage, and being more understanding than a husband should ever bem I found out she’d been cheating on me with her boss for a the final year and a half. She hasn’t been able to explain to me exactly what happened; our therapist says that some women just need to have the excitement of an affair to revive their libido.

Having discovered this, I told her I wanted to have sex more often. She said her libido was gone because she felt such shame and guilt over the affair.

We’re getting divorced.

Men: Sex is part of marriage. Don’t cheat–it makes you less of a husband and a man. But tell her what you need and expect, and if it’s unacceptable–get out. Get out FIRST. I suspect this is the REAL reason women don’t want to have sex–they enjoyed the romance of courtship, but once the marriage is over, there’s nothing to be excited about, the daily grind begins, and then, she’d be very much in the mood with someone else.

Like, at every f’ing night of a conference; on days off she takes without telling you; or when she tells you she’s going out by herself to a movie and leaving you home with your kids. I swear to God.

Trout Almondine commented on May 31 12 at 7:27 pm


She was 34, never married and did not want kids. A lot of fun in the bed. Sex was only2-3 times a week, but we lived a very busy lifestyle.
Then we got married. After a year she decided that she wanted a baby. I am older and my child is grown, but I understand the desire. Sex increases 4-6 times a week. I get very happy.
20 months and one fertility doctor later she is pregnant! Then the baby comes and sex comes to a near total stop.
The baby is not a toddler and sex has dropped to once every3 months, and them she complains about having it.
I love her, but the fact is that if their was not a baby involved I would be so gone. I feel like I have had my whole life stolen from me in order to give her the one thing that she said she never wanted. I no longer get to travel, I have very little to no free time, and to top it all off I will not be able to retire until I am at least 71 years old.
My marriage is a sexless disaster. As much as I love my wife and child I often with they did not exist. and her response is to constantly demand another child!
Think what you want, but given the chance I would screw around in a heart beat. At least then there would be some sort of intimacy in my life.

typo commented on Jun 01 12 at 6:11 am


Give an excuse for that too often and get ready to find your own home. No alimony either! You on your own!

Scott commented on Jun 06 12 at 7:07 pm


Yes we started down that busy life of parents over 3 decades ago and I heard all of these. Hey guess what I worked from 3 am til 6 pm to get all the things she thought she needed so I could take care of her needs. I also did the evening cooking, laundry, vacuuming and all the yard chores and household maintainance. Oh yes I still desired her after all of this! Did I still want to talk, yes. But she did not want to enjoy physical intimacy. I finally told her she could haver as much conversation as I had sex. After all we each connect in a different way. Conversation is her way and sex is mine as is the case with most men and women. That was almost 20 years ago. We have had sex maybe once a year since and talked the same. You see I don’t need conversation, just communicating the to do lists and she does not need sex. So that is the way we live.

teebone commented on Jun 15 12 at 12:41 pm


Guys, it’s the same BS with most women and relationships. The darned thing is…there are actually women with a similar high libido, you just can’t tell the difference in the dating stages. Your not gonna know until you’ve sealed your fate. Girls, if we knew you wanted to come home and watch TV, eat chocolates and pass out every night, we would have stopped by with a pizza, enjoyed your company as a friend then went home and got laid by the hot neighbor girl with no strings attached. But you already knew that, right?

Wolf commented on Jun 18 12 at 7:54 pm


Okay. So using the attitudes expressed above, you make excuses, regularly, and finally he, and he will, goes out and finds someone who will have sex with him. Sorry, you don’t get to be outraged !!! You do not get to go out regularly with your friends – who you spend more time talking to than you do to him, and commiserate, endlessly, about what sh**s men are. Well, you can do all those things, but it won’t do you any good. It might get you a nice divorce, but he will often consider that a damned good deal. It is often amazing what a good divorce can do for a man. Oh, and get this – you do not get to make all the rules in the relationship.

Blueboyo commented on May 05 12 at 8:20 am

It’s all men commenting. You know why? We hear all these excuses and we need to understand that it isn’t just my own wife giving me the cold shoulder.

We try to be nice, we try to be understanding, and then we get crapped on by the person who is supposed to love us the most. We’re more than happy to have gabfest, to ‘just hold you,’ and to give you a little time alone when the kids are finally asleep so you can just chill out… but eventually there needs to be a certain social interaction that helps create the cement that keeps a marriage together (and people who pretend otherwise are lying to themselves).

Go long enough with the exucses and eventually, we stop talking to you. We stop doing nice things for you. We stop giving a rat’s butt about what you think. And then you get irritated with us because we’re ‘cold and unfeeling.’

Well, it’s ’cause you made us that way.

JD commented on May 06 12 at 12:21 am

Don’t want to have sex? No problem. That’s what blowjobs are for.

David commented on May 31 12 at 4:04 pm

Those excuses are keeping Ashley Madison in business. Good strategy girls.

Steve commented on May 31 12 at 5:23 pm

I got “I’m depressed/stressed and have no libido.” Then, “I”m on antidepressants and they’ve left me with no libido.” Then, “I can’t have sex at night because it wakes me up too much.” Then, “I can’t have sex because I feel so sick all the time because I’m pregnant.” Then, “I’m a new mother and I’m really stressed and I don’t want sex.” Then, “I’m just getting older. All my sisters are the same way. They’re just not interested.”

Finally, after listening to this shit through six years of marriage, and being more understanding than a husband should ever bem I found out she’d been cheating on me with her boss for a the final year and a half. She hasn’t been able to explain to me exactly what happened; our therapist says that some women just need to have the excitement of an affair to revive their libido.

Having discovered this, I told her I wanted to have sex more often. She said her libido was gone because she felt such shame and guilt over the affair.

We’re getting divorced.

Men: Sex is part of marriage. Don’t cheat–it makes you less of a husband and a man. But tell her what you need and expect, and if it’s unacceptable–get out. Get out FIRST. I suspect this is the REAL reason women don’t want to have sex–they enjoyed the romance of courtship, but once the marriage is over, there’s nothing to be excited about, the daily grind begins, and then, she’d be very much in the mood with someone else.

Like, at every f’ing night of a conference; on days off she takes without telling you; or when she tells you she’s going out by herself to a movie and leaving you home with your kids. I swear to God.

Trout Almondine commented on May 31 12 at 7:27 pm

She was 34, never married and did not want kids. A lot of fun in the bed. Sex was only2-3 times a week, but we lived a very busy lifestyle.
Then we got married. After a year she decided that she wanted a baby. I am older and my child is grown, but I understand the desire. Sex increases 4-6 times a week. I get very happy.
20 months and one fertility doctor later she is pregnant! Then the baby comes and sex comes to a near total stop.
The baby is not a toddler and sex has dropped to once every3 months, and them she complains about having it.
I love her, but the fact is that if their was not a baby involved I would be so gone. I feel like I have had my whole life stolen from me in order to give her the one thing that she said she never wanted. I no longer get to travel, I have very little to no free time, and to top it all off I will not be able to retire until I am at least 71 years old.
My marriage is a sexless disaster. As much as I love my wife and child I often with they did not exist. and her response is to constantly demand another child!
Think what you want, but given the chance I would screw around in a heart beat. At least then there would be some sort of intimacy in my life.

typo commented on Jun 01 12 at 6:11 am

Give an excuse for that too often and get ready to find your own home. No alimony either! You on your own!

Scott commented on Jun 06 12 at 7:07 pm

I’ve heard so many of these, and I relate to so many of the comments above that I’m almost driven to tears – and I’m a MAN. Not that men don’t/shouldn’t cry, but I’m not sure that they should cry about SEX. The article above makes me angry, and some of the comments sound like things that I don’t want to hear (baby with her after already having raised my own child, etc) for fear that I might be going down the same road. The woman having the affair with her boss is depressing, not because I’m afraid my wife is/was cheating, but because if she is, all she needs to do is let me know so I can too. The thought has crossed my mind, and I’m not sure she hasn’t/isn’t.

I’ve heard so many excuses: busy trying to chase the almighty dollar, “my mind doesn’t work like that”/”Is that all you think about?”, “you don’t x, you don’t y, you aren’t ‘nice’ “, “you ____ed, ____ed, and _____ed (nearly a lifetime ago) and don’t you think that’s hard to get over?”, and the hits keep on coming. If you’re busy owning/running your multiple businesses, I understand, but I’d rather be poor and get it on even *sometimes* than live this life. It’s not all I think about; I’d still appreciate it if you thought about it and did it with me sometimes. I love you – mostly, but not like I would if we did it from time to time.
I’m realizing that you believe that the “mind” of everyone you know/control should “work like” yours; why not come ’round to my way of thinking, even if it’s only to be physical instead of being greedy, self-centered, controlling, and spoiled? I *used to be* ‘nice’ and I used to x, y, z, AND I did other stuff that was actually WAY good, but you never noticed until I didn’t do them: guess why it’s hard for me to be that way anymore. I can’t undo all the bad stuff I’ve done, but I wouldn’t have married you if I thought I was going to be “punished” so ‘ex post facto’: you should’ve hammered me then (or not married me), before I was committed.

Many of the Ladies above have said that if you make excuses, “he’s going to get it somewhere”. Well, I got sick of competing with the phone, dumb reality TV, work, FaceTime /w friends, travel with friends, etc. I had affairs w/ 2 different women (1 recently-divorced, 1 in a marriage similar to mine physically, but didn’t meet either on the internet – I don’t do that) in less than a week. I felt alive again, it was better than it EVER has been with my wife, and I don’t *love* my wife any less. I don’t feel good about it, but after a laundry list of excuses (many like the ones in the Blog above) for YEARS, I don’t feel as bad as others would say I SHOULD. I hate myself a little bit for cheating, but I hate her a little for making me feel it was necessary. She’s shown me that marriage isn’t such a sacred thing. She can subcontract house-cleaning, cooking, errands, etc. Why can’t I subcontract for some lovin’?

Browsing commented on Jun 06 12 at 11:15 pm

Yes we started down that busy life of parents over 3 decades ago and I heard all of these. Hey guess what I worked from 3 am til 6 pm to get all the things she thought she needed so I could take care of her needs. I also did the evening cooking, laundry, vacuuming and all the yard chores and household maintainance. Oh yes I still desired her after all of this! Did I still want to talk, yes. But she did not want to enjoy physical intimacy. I finally told her she could haver as much conversation as I had sex. After all we each connect in a different way. Conversation is her way and sex is mine as is the case with most men and women. That was almost 20 years ago. We have had sex maybe once a year since and talked the same. You see I don’t need conversation, just communicating the to do lists and she does not need sex. So that is the way we live.

teebone commented on Jun 15 12 at 12:41 pm

Guys, it’s the same BS with most women and relationships. The darned thing is…there are actually women with a similar high libido, you just can’t tell the difference in the dating stages. Your not gonna know until you’ve sealed your fate. Girls, if we knew you wanted to come home and watch TV, eat chocolates and pass out every night, we would have stopped by with a pizza, enjoyed your company as a friend then went home and got laid by the hot neighbor girl with no strings attached. But you already knew that, right?

Wolf commented on Jun 18 12 at 7:54 pm

Why not face the truth? The only woman that gives childish excuses is one who believes that SHE should control the relationship. She gives ZERO thought for the needs of her husband. Excuses show weakness as well as a dishonest nature. Most of you act as if the husband is just some tool to use at your discretion. He’s just an ATM….go make that money hubby. You are all fools. You want him to treat you a certain way, or touch you a certain way….but whoa…hold the boat, because if he wants anything even close to that, YOU have to present an excuse. You all act as if the husband does nothing around the house. Who takes care of the lawn? Who takes care of the cars? Who takes care of maintenance issues on the home? Who goes to work every damned day? Who does the bills? If you have a lazy bum who does nothing, NO EXCUSES, tell him what you think. But most of you idiots don’t have that. If you have a decent husband and you treat him like some kind of vibrator who is just there to pleasure you when YOU need it, guess what……make all the excuses that you want to your friends AFTER he has left your cold, lying butt for a woman who knows what a man needs and is willing to give it to him. You act as if men are cavemen, so, if you are going to treat them that way, they will act accordingly, and you are all fools if you truly believe that you can manipulate a man sexually in order to put yourself first and in control in a relationship. Want to know why the divorce rate is so high these days? Women who want to be in control and ration sex…..number one reason. But, go ahead and make excuses… need to reverse the trend now. So, who is the real dog now?

I don’t think so…. commented on Jun 19 12 at 9:14 am


Oh, one other comment. TYPO….I totally understand what you are saying. It’s hard to be in a relationship where you were completely suckered in. She got what she wanted, now you are just an old trophy on a dusty shelf. She realizes that you are true to your vows, which means you are a good boy and won’t stray out of the yard. I’d say once that child is in his/her teens, break free from that prison that she has deliberately placed you in and run like hell. The child will have the right, in most states, to visit you at will without you having to go through those nasty custody battles. Usually once a child hits 14, the courts ask THEIR opinion instead of the mother/father. Look it up for your state. Start preparing for your freedom now. Women like that are ridiculous and psychotic. I’m not an expert…. this is just MY opinion. You don’t have to act on it. It’s what I would do if I were in your situation.

I don’t think so…. commented on Jun 19 12 at 9:23 am


Thank you for reminding me why I got devorced.

Barnabas commented on Jun 29 12 at 3:30 pm


Before we were married (2nd Marriage for both), i would go to her home. one night she told me she was sick. it was a 2 hr drive one way. i said thats fine, i just want to
see you. just before the lights went out she turned to me and said, I know you want it, i wont deny. in the morning she pulled it out in the kitchen, and asked where are we going now? to the bedroom? for one more time. i told my friend that she hurt me before we were married.
now 7 years later close to our 7 yr marriage, she has all the excuses. 2 nights ago, i asked politely of which the reply was you know i hurt my hand. my answer was, it is a long way from your pussy. she was extremely mad the next day, although i have not once raised my voice to her in 7 yrs.
yes, i am looking. it is not fun to have to leave the love of your life and sole mate, but when the sex is bad, the marrage is 90% bad too.
we were high school sweet hearts and we picked up 36 yrs later after not seeing each other since H.S. like we never left. i have done quit well financially + she has not. that is the sad part. doesnt look like we will grow old together either. same problem with other wife. the other never made an effort. at least this one did in the beginning. i can say as a friend of mine said many yrs ago, about a wife he had with a huge sex drive, “at least i had her for a coulple of yrs” she used to stop him as he left for work in the morning……..should have asked for her name~!!
Sad + disappointed but not down + out, yet. the worse of it is she doesnt know the real consequences of her actions as she will be starting out again alone and poor.

Bob Borders commented on Aug 16 12 at 9:48 pm


Sounds like a bunch of selfishness to me. Almost everything I have read so far is me, me,me, I,I,I and what about me. You need to be more giving of yourself to your partner. Not everybody “feels” like having sex all the time, but you do it for your partner not for you. Both men and women need to make an effort to meet each others needs and desires. It has taken me a few years to realize that when I am attentive to my wife’s emotional needs, she is attentive to my physical needs. Example; do something around the house that you know she hasn’t done or has been asking you to do and you haven’t yet. I would almost guarantee she will be a happy woman and do something for you in the bedroom. Women,do something nice for your man like an unexpected oral, I will almost guarantee he will show you some appreciation. Now this isn’t a 100% anything but both will be surprised by the changes in attitude in your partner. Some relationships may be really far gone and this may take time, but no relationship is too far gone until divorce.

Steve commented on Aug 16 12 at 11:05 pm

And then there were the rarer sensible comments:

WHY would you need an EXCUSE?????! I am going with just say no. Why would more be needed in a GOOD relationship.

Laura commented on May 31 12 at 5:49 pm


I married a younger man and almost as soon as the I dos were over I went into menopause…big time. I make efforts to have sex, but now he doesn’t want it. It’s been a pretty miserable 3 years…I’m sure for both of us.

kathy commented on May 31 12 at 6:13 pm


Let me see….
My Ex stopped washing up “down there”, making him smell and taste NASTY.
Me performing oral sex on him quickly became a chore, and I no longer enjoyed it.
Also, He felt that brushing his teeth after smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes and drinking coffee all day was no longer necessary.
He was emotionally and verbally abusive, and I lived with criticism on a daily basis from him.
Of course, he complained all the time that I was never “in the mood” and expected me to initiate.
Why would I want to have sex with someone who didn’t respect me enough to keep himself clean,,,or to treat me like a person?

Celeste S. commented on May 31 12 at 6:28 pm


So, no matter how big of an ass a man is, it is all because his wife won’t give him any!? Very funny! I gave my exhusband sex two to three times a week for twenty years and he was STILL an ass. Do you think it might be possible that he was just an unfeeling, cold, self centered ass…whether he got sex or NOT!
Duh! And to the men who insist they cant be kind considerate and lovinng to a woman because she does not give him enough sex, lets turn that one around,,,,if you ARE kind, considerate and loving..perhaps she will WANT to give you sex!

linda commented on May 31 12 at 8:42 pm


I get what everyone is saying: but women need affection and kindness BEFORE bed. Sex begins at sunrise, and I don’t mean literally. I work full time at a VERY demanding job. He likes the money I bring home, as he’s very materialistic and loves the income. But he was waking me up EVERY NIGHT, 7 nights a week at 2AM sharp for sex. Every NIGHT. Then again at 4AM. I began to dread bedtime. I was so exhausted during the day I’d fall asleep at meetings at work. Tried to tell him. He ignored me. This went on for over 2 years of our marriage. That’s when I began to make excuses. Let’s not ignore the fact that he was hyper-critical as a person. He also told me in bed one night-angry with me about something-that a former girlfriend was “great in bed” and that “he really enjoyed himself and she enjoyed herself.” Think I’ll ever forget. And no-this was NOT after I’d begun to withdraw. It was in the middle of those marathon sex mornings. Last, hebegan to urge me to initiate sex. WHo wanted to? WHo had time??

Yvonne commented on Jun 06 12 at 4:13 pm


why should women be forced to do things they don’t want to do?

b commented on Jun 16 12 at 2:47 pm


The last 5 years of my marriage involved almost no sex. my partner was very ill and yet we shared intimacy of different sorts. Keeping someone feeling comfortable, as pain free as possible, helping with their mobility, feeding them, maintaining their dignity, inventing a different way to communicate when their voice and hand control have gone, that is true love, true intimacy. Yes, I missed the sex, but I miss my partner now, more. If you can do it and mean it, have a bunch of sex. I miss that too. But first and most important, keep the respect and loyalty.

harmony commented on Jun 18 12 at 7:57 pm


Wow. I laughed when I read these excuses, then I read the comments. One person referenced that it’s not humorous that there are men living in sexless marriages. Just to clarify, I was laughing at the excuses, not the situation… But as a woman, I will say this – To the men: Stop with this, “what you won’t do, another woman will” please. Go and find that woman then buddy. LEAVE your wife, and find that woman. Don’t waste your time cheating like one comment said, it makes you less of a man. Tell your wife you don’t like the way things are, and if they don’t change you’re out. Be willing to deal with the consequences of divorce as well, don’t weasel into an affair to avoid alimony and/or child support because you still might end up having to pay it as well.

Women: Don’t make excuses. If you don’t want to, don’t. You’re a grown up and shouldn’t be making excuses for anything PERIOD. But be prepared to deal with the consequences. If your man wants sex and you don’t want to participate, he can and eventually will leave so he can get it. Simple as that.

Men need to speak up and say that the excuses on a REGULAR basis are out of hand. No one is saying you aren’t supposed to have expectations. But you need to question the excuses instead of chalking them up to something that women do to try to control men. Women are only “controlling” if you let them be. And not all women make excuses. Use your common sense and be an adult. You can tell if a woman has genuine issues or if a woman is just BSing you. I suspect a woman who uses several or all these excuses all the time is lying to you. Either way you won’t get any results by complaining that women are trying to control you with excuses to turn down sex. Fix your situation.

Tee commented on Jun 26 12 at 6:43 am

I entered the last comment (so far):

I have heard this “men are simple creatures” bull since it first came out.  It’s getting tiring, and it’s showing itself for the excuse that it is by now.  No normal human being lives life as an unemotional beer-and-sex loving robot.  The “men are simple” myth serves three purposes:A: It pretends that men are “too stupid” to know what’s good, and so they shouldn’t be judged when they do something wrong

B: That it is desirable and natural for some persons to be simple-minded and that women should put up with these partners.

C: That being straightforward, honest, and simplistic (a good thing) is synonymous with having unrefined and unwholesome tastes and values (sex, beer, ‘n’ sports, etc), and with being shallow and not having any cares emotions (not a good thing).

The “men naturally like more sex than women” bull is also debunkable:

*Why would it be advantageous for a male to spread his seed around, instead of choosing the most suitable mate?  If both the man and the woman are choosy, then this will be the best chance for the offspring to have good genes.

*How can any good hearted person want to accept or be in support of the idea that an activity which is performed by two partners should be unenjoyable for one of those partners?

*If men want sex and women don’t, then isn’t every sexual encounter between men and women rape?  Surely that cannot be!  Sex is supposed to be agreed upon.

*”Women just don’t like sex” is an excuse for men who don’t want to have to pleasure their wives and who just want their wives to pleasure them.  Who would want to have sex with someone who doesn’t know how to pleasure you?

*Our society’s definition of “sex” refers to the act of putting a penis into a vagina (PIV).  This is not the only way to have sex, and, unfortunately, it is a way that tends to pleasure men more often than women.

If female-centric or non-penetration sexual activities such as stimulating the clitoris were considered by our soceity to be “real” sex, and not “foreplay” or “preliminaries” or “less important”, then women would enjoy sex more, because there would be ways of having sex that pleased them as well as the males.  We could have PIV AND other kinds of sex. Both partners can be happy.

The only reason many American men are simple and do not require a lot emotionally is because they are already emotionally fulfilled, because women are taught to fulfill men’s emotional needs, but not vice versa- men are told by society they do not have to love and care about their woman…that they can pretend to “love” her, by giving her gifts and sappy words in exchange for sex, and that this act is the same as genuinely loving a person.

It is not.

Pretending to be kind is not the same as being kind, and people will know if you are just pretending to be kind to them- if you are just going through the motions (saying all the right words, getting all the right gifts) or if you genuinely care about them.  No one wants to be close to someone who doesn’t care about them, and it gets easy to tell who’s faking.

It is not true that women are more complicated or emotional than men- they just have more complicated problems they have to deal with in life.

Anyone who believes a man has the right to cheat on his wife because she  won’t “give” him sex (something that is meant to be enjoyed, not given or taken), is a sick person.

No one withholds sex as a punishment.  All I see are a bunch of men who aren’t getting what they want and now they’re throwing a hissy fit and trying to blame their wife because they didn’t get to fire one off when they wanted to.

Headaches, children being awake, emotional stress, being angry at your partner because they treated you poorly, feeling tired, having to get up early- these are all legitimate reasons a person wouldn’t want to have sex, not “excuses”.

And never in my life have I ever believed that “men need sex” and “women need love”.  ALL human beings need love first and foremost, not sex.  Sex is just a wonderful and fun way of expressing love and having fun with your partner (in many, but not all peope’s opinion).

When people say that “men need sex, women need love”, what they mean is that men aren’t asking for love as much as women are- it’s not that they don’t need it.  Want to know why women are asking for more love?  Because men are encouraged to act like shallow, soulless sex-machines instead of embracing the humanity they were born with.

Women need to ask for more love, and men need to ask for less, because women aren’t getting love but men are.  Oh, and by the way, if you are only acting or pretending to be nice to your wife in order to get sex, you aren’t really being nice.  If you are only saying nice words, or buying gifts for someone so they’ll do something for you, then you aren’t really being nice, and the person may find out and resent you for not being genuine.

think about it- when someone does something nice for you, and you find out later they only did it so they could get something in return, do you evaluate that person as “nice”, or as “pretending to be nice”?  I would assume it would be the second.

And she’s not withholding sex from you as a punishment for being mean.  She doesn’t want to have sex with you because most normal, psychologically healthy people don’t want to have sex with someone who is nasty to them.  Then again, the majority of American men do not seem to be psychologically or emotinoally healthy.

And one last long and important point: you cannot feel emotionally hurt because someone isn’t having sex with you.  Not getting to have fun does not feel the same as being hurt or having someone be cruel or hateful to you.

I have seen loads of men who blab on and on about being “unemotional” creatures who only care about sex…and then whine that their girlfriend doesn’t love them because she won’t swallow them after they haven’t washed, or because she won’t “give” them anal.  How can a “simple creature” who is not emotionally sensitive (as many men describe themselves) feel unloved (which is an emotional thing)?
Answer: they can’t.  It’s a lie.  You can’t have no feelings and at the same time get those nonexistent feelings hurt.

“Men aren’t emotional creatures” is an excuse some (unfortnately, a large amount) men use in order to get out of having to love someone else, or care about them.  They need love.  They’d scream if they didn’t get it.  It’s just that they don’t want to have to love anyone else more than is convenient.

As usual, I insist on having the last laugh!
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Prečo máme vždy P.I.V?


Ospravedlňujem sa za zlý preklad.


Prečo máme vždy P.I.V?

PIV, pohlavný styk, v ktorom je kladený penis v pošve, je považovaný za vymedzenie pojmu “normálny” sex lekári, psychológovia, TV, a väčšina mužov. Ale mal by uvedenie penis v pošve byť považovaný za jediný spôsob, ako mať sex, alebo dokonca normálne sexuálnu aktivitu?

Pozrime sa na niektoré mýty:

* Mýtus. S P.I.V je jediný spôsob, ako otehotnieť. To nie je pravda.Spermie môžu plávať až do pošvy zvonku. Tehotenstvo je často spôsobené týmto spôsobom.

* Mýtus. P.I.V je najpríjemnejšie druh sexu. To je hlúpe. To je príjemné pre väčšinu mužov, nie väčšina žien. Každý má iné preferencie, ale väčšina žien, ako majú svoje miesto stimulovať klitoris. Pošva má menej nervy vo vnútri, takže radosť žena cíti pri PIV zvyčajne pochádza z stimuluje klitoris, taky. Prečo nie stimuláciu klitorisu s penisom? Obaja partneri budú mať radosť.Väčšina žien nemajú PIV tak, ako by si stimuláciu klitorisu. Niektoré ženy nenávidia P.I.V. Povedal: “PIV je zábava” je veľmi tvrdohlavý, ako hovoriť, “zmrzlina chutí dobre”, alebo “červená je najlepšia farba”.

* Mýtus. Pošva je diera, takže to malo byť preniknutý. Nozdry a uši sú otvory. Mali by sa tiež preniknúť? A riť? Pupok? Krku? Močová trubica? Niektoré diery nie sú určené na prenikol. Je smutné, že mnoho mužov zobraziť ženu ako otvor injekčnej objektu sa držať veci do.

* Mýtus. Pošva môže vypľuť deti, tak to môže byť tiež prenikol. Nie, len preto, že otvor na tele môže pľuvať objekt von neznamená, že je potrebné, aby objekty vnútri neho. Môžete hovno. Znamená to, že análny sex je normálna alebo zábavná? Môžete si odplivnout.Znamená to, že uvedenie penis do krku je príjemné? Ako je to s použitím otvorenú ranu? To je diera, taky. Niektoré diery na tele nie sú chcel byť vyplnená s objektmi.

* Mýtus. PIV je najčastejšia forma sexu vo filmoch, knihách, história, TV, a našej spoločnosti, tak je to väčšinou normálne. Len preto, že niečo, čo je bežné alebo vždy existovala v histórii neznamená, že je to dobré alebo normálne. Byť rasistický bolo bežné pred niekoľkými stovkami rokmi. Znamená to, že je rasista je správne a normálne?Muži majú na starosti väčšina médií, vrátane filmu, knihy a hudobný priemysel. Ich názory sú zastúpené. Muži obvykle disponujú P.I.V omnoho viac než ženy. PIV je zobrazený ako hlavný spôsob, ako mať sex v knihách a filmoch, pretože ľudia si to. Názory žien sú ignorované, alebo filmy vykazujú vyššie percento žien ako sympatie PIV to v reálnom živote.

* Mýtus. Väčšina žien má PIV, a oni si nesťažujú, takže sa asi bude páčiť. Ako viete, že ste skutočne vychutnať niečo, ak spoločnosť a médiá, filmy, knihy a televízne vysielanie, sa neustále snaží, aby sa vám to? Niektoré ženy sa zmiasť, aby si mysleli, že si PIV, pretože priatelia, TV, lekári, psychológovia, a manželia, aby ženy si myslia, že je niečo zle s nimi fyzicky alebo psychicky, ak to tak nie je.Znamená to, že ženy ako P.I.V? Ak je potrebné radikálne zmeniť svoj postoj, alebo orgán, ktorý to páči, ale zjavne nie je naozaj páči!

* Mýtus. Penis je v tvare dlhej tyče, pretože to znamenalo ísť dovnútra pošvy. Päsť je v tvare dlhej tyči. Je päsť chcel ísť do krku?Je penis má ísť do riti? V prípade, že päsť hore, vagína? Nie všetky penisy sú veľké a dlhé. Niektoré z nich sú takmer vôbec viditeľné.Niektoré sú menšie, než je priemerná pyskov ohanbia a clitoris.Existuje mnoho veľké pysky ohanbia a clitorises, a existuje veľa malých penisy. Existujú rôzne veľkosti a tvary medzi oboma mužského a ženského genitálu. Myšlienka, že penis je potrebné veľké je spoločensky postavený. Chlapci, ktorí majú penisy spoločnosť považuje príliš malý prijatá k lekárovi, aby im pomohla rast. Ženy s veľkými clitorises a labia mohol dostať operáciu k “oprave” na “problém”. Dievčatá povedané, sedieť s nohami dohromady, čo spôsobuje, že genitálie byť vylisované menšie.Chlapci povedané, na dotyk a venovať pozornosť ich penisy, a to pozornosť a fyzický kontakt im pomôže stať sa viac. Spoločnosť sa domnieva, veľké penisy a tesné vaginas ideálne, ale to spôsobuje istú katastrofu pre ľudí, ktorí praktizujú PIV Veľké penisy a tesné vaginas spôsobiť bolesť pre ženy!

* Mýtus. Ak sa vám nepáči PIV, ste prudérnej človek, potláčaný, alebo anti-sex. PIV nie je jediný spôsob, ako mať sex, a nemal by byť považovaný za najviac normálny sexuálny akt, takže nie je anti-sex, ak sa vám nepáči to. Možno ako iné sexuálne aktivity, ako keď váš klitoris pobozkal alebo hladil, alebo dotyku s penisom, alebo trením proti svojim partnerom. Nepáčil sex Na všetkých nejde o zlú vec, a to buď. Nie každý má rád sex rovnako ako nie každý rád čokoládu, sushi alebo klasickú hudbu. Volanie ženy, ktoré nemajú rady PIV prudérnej človek je taktika muži používajú sa napáliť do robia.


1. Čo mám robiť, keď môj manžel chce mať PIV a ja nie? Čo keď sa snaží presvedčiť, aby som to urobil?
Stačí povedať nie! Ak nechcete robiť niečo, vy nemusíte. Keď sa snažia presvedčiť vás na to, že je nepríjemné a je treba ju zastaviť.Ak sa hovorí, že ho nemiluješ, pretože nebudete robiť PIV, je to zle.Ak nechcete robiť veci, ktoré sa necítite, to neznamená, že ho nemiluješ. Ak by vás miloval, on by sa snažiť, aby ste sa cítili previnilo, takže by ste mali PIV (alebo akýkoľvek iný druh sexu).

2. Môj partner a ja začal mať PIV a spýtal som sa ho zastaviť a on sa nezastavil. Je to zle?
Ak by pokračoval, akonáhle sa mu zastaviť, je to znásilnenie.”Počkaj, ja som skoro hotový”, nie je prijateľný. Ak vás niekto zranil teraz, alebo ak chcete prestať, potrebuje prestať. Ak sa čaká, až on je “dokončený” raz si povedal mu, nech prestane, to znamená, že sa stará viac o svoje radosti, než je vaše bezpečie. To je znásilnenie. Musíte ho poslať na poradcu, hlási ho, alebo vzťah ukončiť. Je to tak vážne.
Niektorí muži používajú túto ospravedlnenie. Akonáhle začnú sa nemôže zastaviť, pretože je to “prirodzené nutkanie”. To je hlúposť.Keď rodičia v posteli a ich dieťa chodí do, muž vždy zastaví. Keď sú v posteli a zazvoní telefón, on sa zastaví. Ak zlodej vstúpi do domu, on sa zastaví. Ak dieťa vstupe do miestnosti, telefónne zvonenie, alebo trestné vstupovať ho chcete zastaviť toto “prirodzené nutkanie”, vaša žiadosť o zastavenie by mal byť rovnako dôležitá.

3. Môžem ešte P.I.V keď chcem?
Samozrejme! Nie všetky ženy nenávidia P.I.V. Niektorí to nevadí.Niektorí dokonca baví. Väčšina žien, ktorí majú požíva clitoris stimuláciu viac. Ale každý je individuálny a všetci sme si radosť rôznymi spôsobmi. Niektorí ľudia si orgazmus pred pobozkal na ucho. Ostatní si jeden z bytia preniklo. To je ich názor a oni by mali cítiť slobodne robiť, čo ich baví.
Ale radosť nie je jediná dôležitá vec. Potrebujeme vedieť, PIV nesie riziko, že ostatné sexuálne praktiky nemajú. PIV je viac pravdepodobné, že spôsobí tehotenstva ako u iných zákonov, napríklad orálny sex. To môže viesť k vyšším výskytom rakoviny krčka maternice alebo choroby u žien, pretože ženy sú tie, ktoré dostávajú tekutiny.
Mali by ste si mať P.I.V ak budete chcieť. Je to vaše právo si vybrať z rôznych sexuálnych aktov. Je dôležité porozumieť rizikám niektoré úkony vykonávať, rovnako ako by ste mali pochopiť riziká jazdy na bicykli alebo riadenie auta alebo pitie alkoholu.

4. Prečo sa cítim divne, pretože nemám P.I.V?
Možno divný pocit, pretože spoločnosť vám povie, to je normálne, aby si PIV Filmy a piesne použiť len slovo “sex” sa odkazovať na PIV, a myslia si, stimuláciu klitorisu či iné úkony sa nepovažujú za “reálne” pohlavia. Sexu, že ženy, ako sú nazývané “Príprava”, ako by oni nie sú tak dôležité.
Mnoho žien používa mazadlo, alebo brať lieky, aby PIV príjemnejšie a menej bolestivá. Ak ženy si bolesť z PIV, že by sa dalo nazvať “príliš tesné” a povedal, navštíviť lekára, aby mohli dostať “pevnú”.Oni si s diagnózou predstierajú podmienok, ako je “vaginizmus”, aj keď by mohli ženskej vagíny nie sú navrhnuté tak, aby sa preniknúť.Keď ženy nenávidia PIV, spýtajte sa ich lekári v prípade, že boli sexuálne zneužívané, alebo ak máte ochorenie, ktoré robia PIV ťažké. Zámerom lekárov nie je bezpečnosť žien a šťastia. Chcú, aby sa “zlomený” ženu, ktorá nenávidí PIV a “opraviť” jej za manžela. To dokazuje, že je zaujatosť v našej spoločnosti, a to je v prospech mužov a ich vyžitie, a nie ženy a ich právo byť v bezpečí.

5. A čo muža radosť?
Nemáte žiadnu povinnosť vykonávať nepríjemné pohlavné akty, aby niekto iný radosť. On môže stimulovať penis trením proti svojmu klitorisu. Vzhľadom k tomu, spermie mimo pošvy môže spôsobiť tehotenstvo, použite ochranu. Strata potešenie necíti tak zlé ako v bolesti, takže je to lepšie pre mužov stratiť radosť než pre ženy, ktoré majú byť zranený. Ak PIV nebolí, ale nie je príjemné, stále by ste nemali byť požiadaní o to. Aj keď sa vám bude páčiť, nemali by ste povinná. To je zlé pre vaše manžel, že budete ho to potešilo.Použitie iných ľudí pre zábavu je zlé.

6. Ale nie je PIV dať mužom väčšiu radosť, ako trenie?
Prečo na tom? Stále nie je povinný prosím inú osobu tým, že robí niečo, čo nemajú. Čo keď sa udusenia mu dal väčšiu radosť, než PIV? Ste povinný ho udusiť? Čo keď sa udusenia ho, zatiaľ čo on používa lieky mu dáva ešte väčšiu radosť, než len dusiť ho? Mali by ste si kúpiť drogy mu taky? Čo keď sa kope ľuďom dáva mu radosť, pretože je to sadista? Mali by ste ho nechať kopnúť vám v žalúdku?

7. Ak PIV nie je príjemné niektorých žien, prečo väčšina lesbických žien použiť umelé penisy alebo iné druhy falošných penisov?
Veľa lesbičiek nepoužíva také veci. Dildá v tvare penisu a predmety boli vynájdené preto, že spoločnosť chce si ženy potrebujú muža byť sexuálne šťastný. Mnoho lesbičky objavili miesto klitoris. Niektoré lesbičky, ktorí kupujú umelé penisy to preto, že sú oklamaní do myslenia prenikanie je najviac príjemné sexuálny akt pre ženu.Samozrejme, radi niektoré lesby, a niektorí heterosexuáli, bytie preniklo. Ale je to veľmi hrubý pre spoločnosť prevziať všetky z nich to páči, alebo predpokladať, že žena potrebuje muža, alebo človek-formoval objekt, aby bol šťastný.

8. Môj partner nemal tlačiť ma do s PIV, som sa rozhodol to urobiť.Ale ja som sa cítil nesvoj neskôr. Prečo?
Možno ste si naozaj chcete urobiť. Spoločnosť sa často chová ako násilník. To hovorí, ženy musia mať PIV, alebo že musí niesť následky (lekári, sociálne výsmech). Často, dievčatá si myslia, že sa rozhodli mať PIV, ale som skutočne presvedčený o tom, na to spoločnosť. Cíti sa, ako keby bola znásilnená. Ona bola znásilnená, vlastne tým, že spoločnosti.
Ak PIV bolo bolestivé, môžete byť naštvaný, pretože si myslíte, že muži sú schopní ublížiť ženy sexuálne, ale že ženy nemôžu zraniť ľudí. Je to ako prírodné ťa horšie, pretože tie sú ohrozené, a nie on.To nie je pravda. Ak ste tlačil svoj klitoris a labia up proti jeho semenníkov, to by mu ublížil. To nie je pravda, že ženy nemôžu zraniť muža sexuálne. Ale spoločnosť by nikdy hovoriť takýto akt “normálny sex”, pretože muž je zranenie. Ale spoločnosť sa domnieva, PIV je “normálny sex”, aj keď sa zraní niekoľko samíc. A pretože PIV nie je nutné pre tehotenstvo, nie je dôvod sa domnievať, PIV je normálne, pretože to spôsobí reprodukciu.

9. Ale nie je P.I.V prirodzený spôsob, ako mať sex? Nie je to inštinktívna, alebo tak niečo?
Nie všetky zvieratá majú PIV, a nie všetci ľudia majú PIV V spoločnostiach a éry, v ktorej je sex nie je diskutovali mladí ľudia ani nevedia, ako sa majú PIV Musí sa naučiť, aby svoje penisy do vagín žien. Keby to bolo prirodzený inštinkt, prečo by sa napríklad učil na to? Niektorí ľudia hovoria, že je prirodzené, aby sa zmiasť ženy do myslenia je to niečo, čo máš robiť, alebo sa ospravedlňovať znásilňovať ženu.

10. Cítim sa divne, keď nemáme P.I.V. Je to, akoby sme naozaj nemal sex.
Tento pocit je kvôli kultúrnym klimatizácia. Spoločnosť sa snaží, aby si myslíte, že PIV je “skutočný” sex. P.I.V je len jeden druh sexu. Ak spoločnosť za análny sex “reálne” sex, alebo sex v ktorom jeden partnerskej tlmivky iné, alebo pohlavia, ak je penis rútil krčka maternice do maternice, možno ste mali podobné pocity o týchto aktov. Nemusíte mať P.I.V mať sex. Ak máte radi PIV, je v poriadku robiť to, ale mali by ste sa dozvedeli o zlé dôsledky ako prvý, a uistite sa, že vaša túžba robiť to nebola ovplyvnená inými ľuďmi, alebo v médiách. Je dobré mať celý rad sexuálnych aktov, ale uistite sa, že je verný sám sebe a nič nerobia, že si nepríjemné.

Prosím, podeľte sa s ostatnými toto video dievčat a nebojte sa diskutovať PIV s vašimi priateľmi, ak to nevadí diskutovať o takýchto veciach. Ďalšie ženy potrebujú počuť, zvlášť keď si mnohí ľudia myslia, že sú jediní, ktorí nemajú radi PIV Muži nemajú právo používať svoje telo k sexu, PIV, alebo iných zákonov, a je potrebné vedieť, ako odmietnuť.

PIV nesie nebezpečenstvo, vrátane tehotenstva, riziko rakoviny krčka maternice, bolesti, slzenie, sucho, bolestivosť a psychologické pocity inváziu (najmä v prípade, že muž je aktívnym partnerom). Môžete si ho mať, ale vždy by ste mali porozumieť rizikám, ako prvý, riziká, že spoločnosť často zakrýva.
Nedovoľte, aby tlaky spoločnosti, médiá, a od manželov ovplyvniť vaše rozhodnutie, a uistite sa, že skôr, než máte PIV
Vlastníte svoje telo!

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De ce nu avem întotdeauna P.I.V?


Îmi cer scuze pentru traducere săraci.


De ce nu avem întotdeauna P.I.V?

PIV, actul sexual în care este pus penisul in vagin, este considerată a fi definiţia de “normal” de sex de către medici, psihologi, TV, si majoritatea barbatilor. Dar ar trebui să punerea penisului în vagin fi considerat singurul mod de a avea sex, sau chiar o activitate sexuala normala?

Să examinăm unele mituri:

* Mitul. Având în P.I.V este singura modalitate de a obţine gravidă.Acest lucru nu este adevărat. Spermatozoizii pot înota până vagin din exterior. Sarcina este cauzat de multe ori în acest fel.

* Mitul. P.I.V este tipul cel mai plăcut de sex. Aceasta este o prostie. Este plăcută pentru majoritatea barbatilor nu, majoritatea femeilor. Toată lumea are preferinţe diferite, dar cele mai multe femei, cum ar fi clitorisul lor având loc stimulat. Vaginul are nervii mai puţine în interiorul, astfel încât o femeie se simte placere in timpul PIV, de obicei, vine de la stimularea clitorisului, de asemenea. De ce nu stimula clitorisul cu penisul? Ambii parteneri vor primi placere. Majoritatea femeilor nu se bucură de PIV la fel de mult ca se bucura de stimularea clitorisului. Unele femei urasc P.I.V.Spunând “PIV este distractiv” este foarte incapatanat, cum ar fi zis, “inghetata are un gust bun”, sau, “roşu este culoarea cea mai bună”.

* Mitul. Vaginul este o gaura, asa ca e menit sa fie penetrate. Nările şi urechile sunt găuri. În cazul în care aceştia să fie, de asemenea, penetrat? Şi anus? Buric? Gât? Uretra? Unele găuri nu sunt menite sa fie penetrate. Din păcate, mulţi oameni a vizualiza o femeie ca un obiect de gaura-umplută pentru a lipi lucruri în.

* Mitul. Vagin poate scuipa copii, astfel că poate fi, de asemenea, penetrat. Nu. Doar pentru ca o gaura de pe corp poate scuipa afară un obiect nu înseamnă că este menit să ia obiecte în interiorul acestuia. Puteţi caca. Nu ca sexul anal medie este normal sau placut? Puteţi scuipat. Asta înseamnă că punerea penisul in gat este plăcut? Ce despre utilizarea o rana deschisa? Aceasta este o gaura, de asemenea. Unele găurile de pe corp nu sunt destinate a fi umplut cu obiecte.

* Mitul. PIV este cea mai comuna forma de sex din filme, cărţi, istorie, TV, şi a societăţii noastre, asa ca e cea mai normală. Doar pentru ca ceva este comun sau a existat întotdeauna în istorie nu face bine sau normal. Fiind rasist a fost de comun câteva sute de ani în urmă. Asta înseamnă să fii rasist este drept sau normal?Barbatii sunt responsabile de cele mai multe mass-media, inclusiv filmul, cartea, şi industriile de muzică. Opiniile lor sunt reprezentate.Barbatii de obicei se bucura P.I.V mult mai mult decât femeile. PIV este portretizat ca principala modalitate de a face sex în cărţi şi filme, deoarece oamenii se bucure de ea. Opiniile femeilor sunt ignorate, sau filme arată un procent mai mare de femei pe placul PIV decât în ​​viaţa reală.

* Mitul. Cele mai multe femei au PIV, şi ei nu se plâng, aşa că probabil se bucure de ea. Cum ştiţi să vă bucuraţi de ceva, de fapt, dacă societatea şi mass-media, filme, cărţi, şi TV, se încearcă în mod constant pentru a face să vă bucura de ea? Unele femei se pacaleasca în gândire de care se bucură PIV, deoarece prieteni, TV, medici, psihologi, şi soţi, fac femeile cred că e ceva în neregulă cu ei, fizic sau psihologic, dacă acestea nu fac. Aceasta înseamnă că femeile, cum ar fi P.I.V? În cazul în care au nevoie pentru a schimba drastic atitudinea lor sau organismul să-l place, în mod evident nu le place cu adevărat!

* Mitul. Penisul este ca o formă de băţ lung, deoarece este menit pentru a merge in interiorul vaginului. Pumnul se forma ca un băţ lung. Este pumnul menite să meargă în jos în gât? Este penisul ar trebui să meargă în anus? În cazul în pumnul urca vagin? Nu toate penisurile sunt mari şi lung. Unele sunt greu vizibile, la toate. Unele sunt mai mici decât media labiile si clitorisul. Există multe labiile mari şi clitorises, şi există mai multe penisuri mici. Există diferite dimensiuni si forme, atat in randul organelor genitale masculine şi feminine. Ideea că penisurile trebuie să fie mare este construită social. Baietii care au penisuri societăţii consideră prea mici sunt luate la medic pentru a le ajuta să crească. Femeile cu clitorises mari şi labiile s-ar putea ajunge la operatie “repara” “problema”.Fetele se spune să stea cu picioarele lor, împreună, ceea ce face ca organele genitale sa fie stoarse mai mici. Baietii sunt spus să atingă şi să acorde atenţie la penisuri lor, şi această atenţie şi contactul fizic ajută să crească mai mult. Societatea consideră că penisurile mari şi vagine înguste ideale, dar acest lucru duce la dezastru sigur pentru persoanele care practică PIV Penisurile mari şi vagine inguste provoca durere pentru femei!

* Mitul. Dacă nu faci ca PIV, eşti mironosiţă, reprimate, sau anti-sex. PIV nu este singurul mod de a face sex, si nu ar trebui să fie luate în considerare actul cel mai sexual normal, asa ca nu sunt anti-sex, dacă nu-l place. S-ar putea ca alte activităţi sexuale, cum ar fi sarutat cu clitorisul tau sau mîngîie, sau atins cu penisul, sau frecarea împotriva partenerul tau. Nu place sex, la toate nu este un lucru rău, fie. Nu tuturor le place sexul la fel cum nu toata lumea ii place ciocolata, sushi, sau muzica clasica. Femeile de asteptare care nu le place PIV mironosiţă este o tactica de oameni folosesc pentru a le păcăli în a face aceasta.


1. Ce trebuie să fac în cazul în care soţul meu vrea să aibă PIV si eu nu? Ce se întâmplă dacă el încearcă să mă convingă să o fac?
Doar spune nu! Dacă nu vrei să faci ceva, nu trebuie sa. Dacă el încearcă să vă convingă să o faci, el este enervant şi trebuie să se oprească. Dacă el spune că nu-l iubesc pentru că nu veţi face PIV, e greşit. Dacă nu vrei să faci lucruri pe care nu sunt confortabil cu, acest lucru nu inseamna ca nu-l iubesc. Dacă el te-a iubit, el nu va încerca să face sa te simti vinovat, astfel încât să-ar avea PIV (sau orice alt tip de sex).

2. Partenerul meu si am inceput sa am PIV si l-am rugat să se oprească şi el nu sa oprit. Este greşit acest lucru?
În cazul în care el a continuat drumul, o dată ce i-au spus să se oprească, e viol. “Stai, eu sunt aproape terminat”, nu este acceptabil. Dacă sunteţi rănit în prezent, sau dacă doriţi să opriţi acum, el are nevoie pentru a opri acum. Dacă el aşteaptă până când el a “terminat”, odată ce l-ai spus să se oprească, aceasta înseamnă că îi pasă mai mult decât plăcerea de siguranţa dumneavoastră. Asta e viol. Ai nevoie să-l trimită la un consilier, un raport-l, sau de a termina relatia. Este atât de gravă.
Unii oameni folosesc această scuză. Odată ce începe nu se pot opri pentru că este un “impuls natural”. Aceasta este o prostie.Atunci când părinţii sunt în pat şi copilul lor merge în, omul întotdeauna se opreşte. Atunci când sunt în pat şi sună telefonul, el se opreşte. În cazul în care un hoţ intră în casă, el se opreşte. În cazul în care un copil intra in camera, un apel telefonic, sau un criminal intră să-l facă să se oprească acest “îndemn natural”, cererea dvs. de a opri ar trebui să fie la fel de important.

3. Pot avea mai P.I.V dacă vreau să?
Desigur! Nu toate femeile urasc P.I.V. Unii nu-l deranjează. Unii se bucura chiar. Cele mai multe femei care se bucura de stimularea clitorisului se bucure de ea mai mult. Dar toată lumea este un individ şi vom obţine toate plăcere în moduri diferite. Unii oameni primi un orgasm de a fi sărutat pe ureche. Alţii obţine unul de a fi penetrat. Asta e opinia lor, şi ei trebuie să se simtă liber să facă ce le place.
Dar plăcerea nu este singurul lucru important. Avem nevoie să ştim PIV prezintă riscuri pe care alte practici sexuale care nu fac. PIV este mult mai probabil să provoace sarcinii decât alte acte, cum ar fi sexul oral. Aceasta poate duce la rate mai mari de cancer de col uterin sau de boală la femei, deoarece femeile sunt cele care primesc fluide.
Tu trebuie să se simtă liber de a avea P.I.V dacă doriţi. Este dreptul tău de a alege dintr-o varietate de acte sexuale. Este important să se înţeleagă riscurile unor acte desfăşoară, aşa cum ar trebui să înţeleagă riscurile de mersul pe bicicleta sau când conduc o maşină sau de consumul de alcool.

4. De ce mă simt ciudat pentru ca eu nu P.I.V?
S-ar putea simti ciudat, deoarece societatea va spune că este normal să se bucure de PIV Filme şi cântece utiliza numai cuvantul “sex”, pentru a se referi la PIV, şi ei cred că stimularea clitorisului sau a altor acte nu sunt considerate ca “real” sex. Practici sexuale, cum ar fi faptul că femeile sunt numite “preliminarii”, ca în cazul în care nu sunt la fel de importante.
Multe femei folosesc lubrifiant sau de a lua medicamente pentru a face PIV plăcută sau mai puţin dureroase. Dacă femeile dureri de PIV acestea ar putea fi numit “prea strâns” şi-a spus medicilor de a vizita astfel încât acestea să poată obţine “fix”. Ei se diagnosticat cu condiţiile pretind ca “vaginism”, chiar daca vaginele femeilor nu ar putea fi concepute pentru a fi penetrat. Atunci când femeile urasc PIV, medicii cere-le, dacă acestea au fost abuzate sexual, sau daca au boli care fac PIV dificil. Medicii de intenţia nu este de femei de siguranţă şi de fericire. Ei vor să ia o “rupt” o femeie care urăşte PIV si “repara” ei pentru soţul ei. Acest lucru se dovedeşte există părtinire în societatea noastră, şi este în favoarea oamenilor şi bucuria lor, femeile care nu şi dreptul lor de a fi în siguranţă.

5. Ce despre bucuria omului?
Nu ai nici o obligaţie de a efectua acte sexuale incomode pentru a da altcineva placere. El poate stimula penisul prin frecarea clitorisului. Din material seminal în afara vaginului poate cauza sarcinii, vă rugăm să folosiţi protecţie. Pierderea de bucurie nu se simte la fel de rău ca fiind, în durere, asa ca e mai bine pentru om să-şi piardă bucurie decât pentru o femeie să fie rănit. Dacă PIV nu doare, dar nu este plăcut, tot nu ar trebui să fie rugat să facă acest lucru. Chiar dacă te bucura de ea, nu ar trebui să fie obligat. Este greşit pentru soţul tău să se aştepte să-l rog. Folosirea altor persoane pentru plăcere este rău.

6. Dar nu PIV dea oamenilor mai mult decât plăcerea de frecare?
De ce această chestiune? Nu esti obligat să vă rog, încă o altă persoană de a face ceva ce nu se bucura. Ce se întâmplă dacă sufocare l-au dat mai mult de plăcere PIV? Eşti obligat să-l sufoca?Ce se întâmplă dacă sufocare-l în timp ce el foloseşte droguri îi dă plăcere chiar mai mult decât doar el sufocare? Ar trebui să-i cumpăr medicamente, prea? Ce se întâmplă dacă piciorul persoane îi dă plăcere, deoarece el este un sadic? Ar trebui sa te lasă-l să te lovească cu piciorul în stomac?

7. Dacă PIV nu este placut pentru unele femei, de ce majoritatea lesbiene folosesc dildo-uri sau alte tipuri de penisuri false?
O mulţime de lesbiene nu folosesc astfel de lucruri. Dildo-uri şi obiecte în formă de penis-au fost inventate pentru ca societatea vrea sa cred ca femeile au nevoie de masculi pentru a fi fericit sexual. Multe lesbiene au descoperit clitorisul loc. Unele lesbiene dildo-uri care cumpara o fac pentru ca sunt pacaliti de penetrare în gândire este actul sexual mai placut pentru o femeie. Desigur, unele lesbiene, şi unii heterosexuali, se bucură de a fi penetrat. Dar este foarte nepoliticos pentru societate să îşi asume Toate acestea le place, sau să presupunem că o femeie are nevoie de un om sau un obiect în formă de om pentru a fi fericit.

8. Partenerul meu nu ma presiune în având în PIV, am ales să o fac.Dar m-am simţit incomod după aceea. De ce?
Poate că nu ai vrut cu adevarat sa-l faci. Societatea de multe ori actioneaza ca un violator. Ea spune femeile acestea trebuie să aibă PIV, sau că ei trebuie să sufere consecinţele (medici, ridiculizarea sociale). De multe ori, fetele cred că ei au ales să aibă PIV, dar le-am fost de fapt convins să o facă de către societate. Ea se simte ca ea a fost violată. Ea a fost violată, de fapt, de către societate.
Dacă PIV a fost dureros, ar putea fi, de asemenea, supărat, deoarece credeţi că oamenii sunt capabili de a rani sexual de femei, dar că femeile nu pot răni oameni. Se simte ca natura te-inferior, deoarece sunt vulnerabili şi nu-l. Acest lucru nu este adevărat. Dacă aţi împins clitorisului si labiilor împotriva testiculele lui, care l-ar durea. Nu este adevărat că femeile nu pot răni oameni sexual. Dar societatea nu s-ar numi un astfel de act de “sex normal”, deoarece masculin este obtinerea rănit. Dar societatea crede PIV este “sex normal”, chiar dacă răneşte unele femei. Şi, din moment ce PIV nu este necesar pentru a sarcinii, nu există nici un motiv să credem PIV este normal, pentru că provoacă reproducere.

9. Dar nu este P.I.V mod natural de a face sex? Nu este instinctiv sau ceva?
Nr Nu toate animalele au PIV, şi nu toţi oamenii au PIV În societăţile sau ere, în care sexul nu se discută, tinerii nici măcar nu ştiu cum să aibă PIV Ei trebuie să fie învăţaţi să penisurile lor în vaginele femeilor. Dacă ar fi fost un instinct natural de ce ar avea nevoie să fie învăţaţi să-l facă? Unii oameni spun ca este natural, în scopul de a pacali femeile în gândire ceva ce ei ar trebui să facă, sau să se scuze pentru violarea unei femei.

10. Mă simt ciudat atunci când nu avem P.I.V. Este ca si cum nu am avea cu adevarat sex.
Acest sentiment se datorează condiţionat cultural. Societatea încearcă să te fac să crezi PIV este “real” sex. P.I.V este doar un singur tip de sex. În cazul în care societatea a considerat sex anal “real” sex, sex sau în care unul dintre parteneri bobinele alte, sau sex, atunci când penisul rupt prin colul uterin in uter, este posibil să fi avut sentimente similare cu privire la aceste acte. Nu aveţi nevoie pentru a avea P.I.V să aibă sex. Dacă vă bucura de PIV, este bine sa o faci, dar ar trebui să înveţe despre consecinţele negative în primul rând, şi asiguraţi-vă că dorinţa dumneavoastră de a face acest lucru nu a fost influenţată de către alte persoane sau de către mass-media. Este bine de a avea o varietate de acte sexuale, dar asiguraţi-vă că sunt în curs de sincer cu tine însuţi şi nu fac nimic esti inconfortabil cu.

Vă rugăm să împărtăşesc această video cu alte fete şi nu-ţi fie frică, pentru a discuta PIV cu prietenii tăi, dacă nu te superi discute astfel de chestiuni. Mai multe femei au nevoie să audă acest lucru, mai ales că mulţi cred că ei sunt singurii care nu le plac PIVBarbatii nu au dreptul de a folosi corpul pentru sex, PIV, sau alte acte, şi trebuie să ştie cum să refuze.

PIV desfăşoară pericole, inclusiv a sarcinii, riscul de cancer de col uterin, durere, lăcrimare, uscăciune, sensibilitate, sentimente şi psihologice de a fi invadat (mai ales daca partenerul de sex masculin este activ). Sunteţi liber să-l aibă, dar trebuie să înţelegeţi întotdeauna riscurile în primul rând, riscurile pe care societatea de multe ori acoperă.
Nu lasa presiunile din partea societăţii, mass-media, şi de la sotii influenţa decizia, şi asiguraţi-vă să se gândească înainte de a avea PIV

Detii corpul tau!

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Dlaczego zawsze musimy P.I.V?


Przepraszam za słabą tłumaczenia.


Dlaczego zawsze musimy P.I.V?

PIV, stosunek seksualny, w którym penis jest umieścić w pochwie, jest uważany za określenie “normalnych” płci przez lekarzy, psychologów, telewizor oraz ludzi najbardziej. Ale należy umieszczenie penisa w pochwie uznać, że jedynym sposobem, żeby uprawiać seks, a nawet normalne aktywności seksualnej?

Przyjrzyjmy niektóre mity:

* Mit. Mając P.I.V jest jedynym sposobem, aby zajść w ciążę. To nie jest prawda. Plemniki mogą podpłynąć do pochwy z zewnątrz.Ciąża jest często spowodowane w ten sposób.

* Mit. P.I.V jest najbardziej przyjemny rodzaj seksu. To jest głupie.Jest to przyjemne dla większości ludzi, a nie kobiet najbardziej.Każdy ma inne preferencje, ale większość kobiet jak o swoje łechtaczki stymulowane zamiast. Pochwa ma mniej nerwów w środku, więc przyjemność kobieta czuje się podczas PIV zazwyczaj pochodzi od stymulowania łechtaczki, too. Dlaczego nie stymulować łechtaczkę z penisem? Obaj partnerzy będą czerpać przyjemność. Większość kobiet nie korzystają z PIV jak lubią stymulacji łechtaczki. Niektóre kobiety nienawidzą P.I.V. Mówiąc: “PIV jest zabawa” jest bardzo uparty, jak mówią, “lody smakuje” lub “czerwony jest najlepszy kolor”.

* Mit. Pochwa jest dziura, więc to miał być penetrowane. Nozdrza i uszy są otwory. Powinny one także być penetrowane? I odbyt?Pępek? Gardło? Cewki moczowej? Niektóre dziury nie są przeznaczone do przeniknięcia. Niestety, wielu mężczyzn zobaczyć kobietę jako obiekt dziura wypełnionej trzymać rzeczy w.

* Mit. Pochwa może wypluć dzieci, więc może też być penetrowane.Nie tylko dlatego, dziura na ciele może pluć się wykorzystać obiekt nie znaczy, że ma wziąć obiektów wewnątrz niego. Możesz kupa.Czy to znaczy seks analny jest normalne, czy przyjemne? Można pluć. Czy to oznacza wprowadzenie penisa w dół gardła jest przyjemne? Co na temat korzystania z otwartą ranę? To dziura, też.Niektóre dziury na ciele nie mają być wypełnione przedmiotami.

* Mit. PIV jest najbardziej rozpowszechnioną formą seksu w filmach, książkach, historii, telewizja, a nasze społeczeństwo, więc to najbardziej normalny jeden. Tylko dlatego, że coś jest wspólne lub zawsze istniał w historii nie czyni to dobrze, czy normalne. Bycie rasistą było powszechne kilkaset lat temu. Czy to oznacza bycie rasistą jest dobre czy normalne? Mężczyźni są za większość mediów, w tym filmie, książce i przemysłu muzycznych. Ich opinie są reprezentowane. Mężczyźni zazwyczaj cieszą P.I.V znacznie więcej niż kobiet. PIV jest przedstawiana jako główny sposób na seks w książkach i filmach, ponieważ ludzie się spodoba. Opinie kobiet są ignorowane, lub filmy wykazują wyższy odsetek kobiet lubiących PIV niż zrobić w realnym życiu.

* Mit. Większość kobiet ma PIV, a oni nie narzekają, więc pewnie się spodoba. Skąd wiesz, tak naprawdę cieszyć się coś, jeśli społeczeństwo i media, filmy, książki i TV, stale staramy się Wam spodoba? Niektóre kobiety oszukać się do myślenia, cieszą PIV ponieważ przyjaciele, TV, lekarze, psychologowie, i mężowie, że kobiety myślą, że coś jest z nimi fizycznie lub psychicznie, jeżeli tak nie jest. Czy to znaczy kobiety, jak P.I.V? Jeśli muszą drastycznie zmienić swoje nastawienie lub podmiot, który się podoba, ale oczywiście tak naprawdę nie podoba!

* Mit. Penis jest w kształcie kija bo to oznaczało, aby przejść wewnątrz pochwy. Pięść ma kształt długiego kija. Jest pięść myśli zejść do gardła? Czy penis jechać w odbyt? Jeżeli pięść w górę do pochwy? Nie wszystkie penisy są duże i długie. Niektóre z nich są ledwo widoczne w ogóle. Niektóre z nich są mniejsze niż średnia warg sromowych i łechtaczki. Istnieje wiele duże wargi sromowe i clitorises, a istnieje wiele małych penisów. Istnieją różne rozmiary i kształty między obu narządów płciowych męskich i żeńskich.Pomysł, że penisy musi być duży jest konstruowane społecznie.Chłopcy, którzy mają penisy społeczeństwo uważa za małe są brane do lekarza, aby pomóc im rosnąć. Kobiety z dużymi clitorises i warg sromowych może się operacji, aby “naprawić” “problem”.Dziewczyny kazano siedzieć z nogami razem, co powoduje, że genitalia być ściśnięte mniejsze. Chłopcy powiedzieli dotknąć i zwracać uwagę na swoje penisy, a ta uwaga i kontakt fizyczny pomaga im rozwijać się. Stowarzyszenie uważa, wielkie penisy i ciasne pochwy idealne, ale powoduje to pewne nieszczęście dla ludzi, którzy praktykują PIV Wielkie penisy i ciasne pochwy powodować ból dla kobiety!

* Mit. Jeśli tego nie zrobisz jak PIV, jesteś świętoszek, stłumiona, lub anty-sex. PIV nie jest jedynym sposobem na seks i nie powinien być uważany za najbardziej normalny akt seksualny, więc nie jesteś anty-seks, jeśli nie podoba. Zachęcamy innych czynności seksualnych, jak posiadanie łechtaczka pocałował lub głaskać, lub dotknięte penisa, lub pocieranie przeciwko swoim partnerem. Nie lubić seks At All złej listy dialogowej rzeczy, albo. Nie każdy lubi seks tak samo jak nie czekolada likes everyone, sushi czy muzyki klasycznej. Wywoływanie kobiety, którzy nie lubią świętoszek PIV jest taktyka ludzie używają celu skłonienie ich do robią.


1. Co należy zrobić, jeśli mój mąż chce mieć PIV a ja nie? Co zrobić, jeśli on próbuje przekonać mnie to zrobić?
Po prostu powiedz nie! Jeśli nie chcesz, aby coś zrobić, nie musisz.Jeśli stara się przekonać do zrobienia, to on jest denerwujący i trzeba się zatrzymać. Jeśli on mówi, że go nie kocham, bo nie zrobi PIV, że jest źle. Jeśli nie chcą robić rzeczy, które nie są wygodne, to nie znaczy, że go nie kocham. Jeśli on cię kocha, nie chciał spróbować, aby czuć się winnym tak to masz PIV (lub jakikolwiek inny rodzaj seksu).

2. Mój partner i ja zaczęłam mieć PIV i poprosiłem go, aby zatrzymać i nie przestać. Czy to źle?
Gdyby jechał po kazali mu przestać, to jest gwałt. “Czekaj, jestem prawie gotowy” jest nie do przyjęcia. Jeśli są teraz boli, lub jeśli chcesz zatrzymać teraz, że musi teraz zatrzymać. Jeśli on czeka, aż on “Wykonało się” jak już powiedziałem mu się zatrzymać, to znaczy, że bardziej dba o przyjemności niż bezpieczeństwa. To gwałt. Musisz wysłać go do doradcy, zgłoś go lub zakończyć związek. To takie poważne.
Niektórzy ludzie używać tej wymówki. Gdy zaczną one nie mogą przestać, bo to “naturalne pragnienie”. To jest głupie. Kiedy rodzice są w łóżku i ich dziecko wchodzi, człowiek zawsze zatrzymuje.Kiedy są w łóżku i telefon dzwoni, on zatrzyma. Jeśli złodziej wchodzi do domu, on zatrzyma. Jeśli dziecko wprowadzając pokój, dzwonienia telefonu lub przestępstwo wchodzące uczynić go chce zatrzymać tę “naturalną skłonność”, prośba, aby zatrzymać powinno być tak samo ważne.

3. Czy nadal mogę mieć P.I.V jeśli chcę?
Oczywiście! Nie wszystkie kobiety nienawidzą P.I.V. Niektórzy nie przeszkadza to. Niektórzy nawet spodoba. Większość kobiet, które lubią się cieszyć stymulacji łechtaczki więcej. Ale każdy jest indywidualny i wszyscy czerpać przyjemność na wiele sposobów.Niektórzy ludzie dostają orgazmu od całował je na uchu. Inne dostać jeden z przeniknął jest. To ich opinia i powinny czuć się swobodnie robić, co lubią.
Ale przyjemność nie tylko ważne jest. Musimy wiedzieć, PIV niesie ze sobą ryzyko, że inne praktyki seksualne nie robić. PIV jest bardziej prawdopodobne, aby spowodować ciążę niż innych aktów prawnych, takich jak seks oralny. Może to doprowadzić do wyższych wskaźników rozwoju raka szyjki macicy lub choroby u kobiet, ponieważ kobiety są te otrzymujące płynów.
Powinieneś czuć swobodnie mieć P.I.V jeśli chcesz. To twoje prawo do wyboru z różnych aktów seksualnych. Ważne jest, aby zrozumieć ryzyko niektórych ustaw wykonujących, jak należy rozumieć ryzyko jazdy na rowerze czy jazdy samochodem lub picia alkoholu.

4. Dlaczego czuję się dziwnie, bo nie P.I.V?
Możesz czuć dziwne, ponieważ społeczeństwo powie, że to normalne, aby cieszyć PIV Filmy i pieśni tylko używać słowa “sex” odnosi się do PIV i myślą stymulacji łechtaczki lub innych ustaw nie liczą się jako “prawdziwego” seksu. Praktyk seksualnych, że kobiety, jak nazywane są “eliminacje”, a jeśli nie są one równie ważne.
Wiele kobiet używać smaru lub zażywać leki do PIV przyjemne lub mniej bolesne. Jeśli kobiety dostają bólu z PIV mogą być nazywane “zbyt mocno” i powiedział, aby odwiedzić lekarza, aby mogli uzyskać “stałe”. Oni się z rozpoznaniem udają warunków, takich jak “pochwicy”, choć pochwy kobiet nie mogą być przeznaczone do przeniknięcia. Kiedy kobiety nienawidzą PIV, lekarze zapytać, czy były one wykorzystywane seksualnie, lub jeśli mają chorób, które sprawiają, PIV trudne. Intencją lekarzy jest nie bezpieczeństwo kobiet i szczęścia. Chcą podjąć “Broken” kobietę, która nienawidzi PIV i “naprawić” jej za mąż. Dowodzi to jest stronniczość w naszym społeczeństwie, i to na korzyść mężczyzn oraz korzystanie z nich, a nie kobiet i ich prawo do poczucia bezpieczeństwa.

5. Co o ludzkiej przyjemności?
Nie masz obowiązek wykonywania niewygodnych akty seksualne dać komuś przyjemność. Potrafi pobudzać jego penisa przez ocierania łechtaczki. Od nasienia na zewnątrz pochwy może być przyczyną ciąży, skorzystaj ochronę. Utrata radości nie czuje się tak źle, jak jest w bólu, więc lepiej dla tego człowieka do stracenia przyjemności niż dla kobiety być boli. Jeśli PIV nie boli, ale nie jest przyjemne, nadal nie należy wymagać, aby to zrobić. Nawet jeśli Ci się spodoba, nie powinny być zobowiązane. To źle dla męża oczekiwać można podobać się Bogu. Stosowanie innych ludzi dla przyjemności jest złem.

6. Ale nie PIV dać ludziom więcej przyjemności niż tarcie?
Dlaczego, że materia? Nadal nie jesteś zobowiązany do proszę inną osobę, wykonując coś, czego nie lubisz. Co jeśli dusząc go dał mu więcej przyjemności niż PIV? Czy jesteś zobowiązany do dusić go? Co jeśli dusząc go, gdy używa narkotyków, daje mu jeszcze więcej przyjemności niż tylko dusząc go? Należy kupić mu leki, też?Co jeśli kopanie ludzi sprawia mu przyjemność, bo jest sadystą?Należy pozwolić mu kopnąć cię w żołądku?

7. Jeśli PIV nie jest przyjemne dla niektórych kobiet, to dlaczego większość lesbijek używać dildos lub inne rodzaje fałszywych penisów?
Wiele lesbijek nie używać takich rzeczy. Dildos i penis w kształcie przedmioty zostały wymyślone dlatego, że społeczeństwo chce myśleć kobiety potrzebują mężczyzn być seksualnie szczęśliwy.Wiele lesbijek odkryli łechtaczki zamiast. Niektóre lesbijki, którzy kupują wibratory to zrobić, ponieważ są one nabrać na penetracji myślenia jest najbardziej przyjemny akt seksualny dla kobiety.Oczywiście, niektóre lesbijki i niektórzy heteroseksualne, lubi być penetrowane. Ale to bardzo niegrzeczny dla społeczeństwa podjąć wszystkie z nich podoba, czy założyć, że kobieta potrzebuje mężczyzny ani mężczyzna w kształcie obiekt do szczęścia.

8. Mój partner nie naciskać mnie do konieczności PIV, wybrałem to zrobić. Ale czułem się nieswojo później. Dlaczego?
Być może nie chciał tego robić. Społeczeństwo często działa jak gwałciciela. Mówi kobiety muszą mieć PIV, albo że muszą ponieść konsekwencje (lekarze, społeczne ośmieszenie). Często dziewczyny myślą, że zdecydują się Państwo na PIV, ale już rzeczywiście przekonany do tego przez społeczeństwo. Ona czuje się jak została zgwałcona. Została zgwałcona, rzeczywiście, przez społeczeństwo.
Jeśli PIV było bolesne, może być także zły, bo myślisz, że ludzie są w stanie krzywdzi kobiety seksualnie, ale, że kobiety nie mogą skrzywdzić ludzi. To jest jak natura sprawiło, że gorszy, bo są wrażliwe i nie niego. To nie jest prawda. Jeśli wciśnięty łechtaczki i warg sromowych się na swego jąder, które go zranić. To nieprawda, że ​​kobiety nie mogą skrzywdzić ludzi seksualnie. Ale społeczeństwo nigdy by nazwać taki akt “normalny seks”, ponieważ mężczyzna jest coraz rannych. Ale społeczeństwo wierzy PIV jest “normalny seks”, nawet jeśli rani kilka samic. A ponieważ PIV nie jest konieczne do ciąży, nie ma powodu, aby sądzić, PIV jest normalne, ponieważ powoduje reprodukcję.

9. Ale nie jest P.I.V naturalny sposób, żeby uprawiać seks? Czy to nie jest instynktowna, czy co?
No nie wszystkie zwierzęta mają PIV, a nie wszyscy ludzie mają PIVW społeczeństwach, w których lub epok seks nie jest dyskutowanych, młodzi ludzie nawet nie wiedzą jak mają PIV Muszą się nauczyć, aby umieścić swoje penisy w pochwy kobiet. Gdyby to był naturalny instynkt dlaczego musieliby się uczyć to zrobić?Niektórzy ludzie mówią, że to naturalne, aby oszukać kobiety do myślenia, to coś oni mają zrobić, czy usprawiedliwiać za zgwałcenie kobiety.

10. Czuję się dziwnie, kiedy nie mamy P.I.V. To tak, jakbyśmy naprawdę nie uprawiać seks.
To uczucie jest spowodowane kulturowym uwarunkowaniem.Towarzystwo stara się, by myślisz PIV jest “prawdziwy” seks. P.I.V jest tylko jeden rodzaj seksu. Jeśli społeczeństwo uważa seks analny “REAL” seks, albo seks, w którym jeden partnerskie dławiki inne, albo seks gdzie penis rozerwał przez szyjkę do macicy, być może miał podobne odczucia na temat tych aktów. Nie musisz mieć P.I.V uprawiać seks. Jeśli lubisz PIV, to jest w porządku to zrobić, ale trzeba nauczyć się o złych konsekwencjach pierwsze, i upewnić się, że pragnienie to zrobić nie był zależny od innych ludzi lub przez media. Dobrze jest mieć różne akty seksualne, ale upewnij się, że tylko będąc sobą i nie robić nic jesteś nieswojo.

Proszę podzielić się ten film z innymi dziewczynami i nie bójcie się, aby omówić PIV ze znajomymi, jeżeli nie masz nic przeciwko omawianiu tych spraw. Więcej kobiet trzeba to usłyszeć, zwłaszcza, że ​​wielu uważa, że ​​są jedynymi, którzy nie lubią PIV Mężczyźni nie mają prawa do używania swojego ciała na płeć,, PIV lub innych ustaw, i trzeba wiedzieć, jak odmówić.

PIV niesie niebezpieczeństw, w tym ciąży, ryzyko raka szyjki macicy, ból, łzawienie, suchość, bolesność i psychologicznych uczucia najechał bytu (zwłaszcza jeśli mężczyzna jest aktywnym partnerem). Jesteś wolny, aby go mieć, ale zawsze należy zrozumieć ryzyko pierwsze, ryzyko, że społeczeństwo często zaciera.
Nie pozwól, naciski ze strony społeczeństwa, mediów, a od mężów wpłynąć na waszą decyzję, i upewnij się, że przed masz PIV

Masz swoje ciało!

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Hvorfor må vi alltid ha P.I.V?


Jeg beklager dårlig oversettelse.


Hvorfor må vi alltid ha P.I.V?
PIV, samleie der penis er satt i skjeden, anses å være definisjonen av “normal” sex av leger, psykologer, TV, og de fleste menn. Men skal sette penis i skjeden anses den eneste måten å ha sex, eller enda en normal seksuell aktivitet?
La oss undersøke noen myter:

* Myte. Å ha P.I.V er den eneste måten å bli gravid. Dette er ikke sant. Sperm kan svømme opp i skjeden fra utsiden. Graviditet er ofte forårsaket denne måten.

* Myte. P.I.V er den mest underholdende typen sex. Dette er dumt.Det er hyggelig for de fleste menn, ikke de fleste kvinner. Alle har forskjellige preferanser, men de fleste kvinner liker å ha sin klitoris stimulert stedet. Skjeden har færre nerver inne, så gleden en kvinne føles under PIV vanligvis kommer fra stimulere klitoris, også.Hvorfor ikke stimulere klitoris med penis? Begge parter vil få glede.De fleste kvinner ikke liker PIV så mye som de liker stimulering av klitoris. Noen kvinner hater P.I.V. Å si “PIV er gøy” er veldig sta, som å si, “is smaker godt”, eller “rød er den beste fargen”.

* Myte. Skjeden er et hull, så det er ment å bli penetrert. Nesebor og ører er hull. Skulle de også bli penetrert? Og anus? Navlen?Halsen? Urinrøret? Noen hull er ikke ment å bli penetrert. Dessverre mange menn viser en kvinne som et hull fylt objekt å stikke ting inn.

* Myte. Skjeden kan spytte ut babyer, så det kan også bli penetrert.Nei Bare fordi et hull på kroppen kan spytte et objekt ut betyr ikke det er ment å ta gjenstander innsiden av det. Du kan akterdekk.Betyr dette anal sex er normal eller morsomt? Du kan spytte. Betyr at du setter penis ned i halsen er hyggelig? Hva med å bruke et åpent sår? Det er et hull, også. Noen hull på kroppen er ikke ment å bli fylt med gjenstander.

* Myte. PIV er den vanligste formen for sex i filmer, bøker, historie, TV, og vårt samfunn, så det er mest vanlig en. Bare fordi noe er vanlig eller har alltid eksistert i historien ikke gjør det bra eller normal. Å være rasistisk var vanlig noen hundre år siden. Betyr det at å være rasistisk er riktig eller normal? Menn er ansvarlig for de fleste medier, inkludert filmen, boken, og musikkbransje. Deres meninger er representert. Menn som regel nyte P.I.V mye mer enn kvinner. PIV blir framstilt som den viktigste måten å ha sex i bøker og filmer fordi menn liker det. Kvinners meninger blir ignorert, eller filmer viser en høyere andel av kvinner like PIV enn i virkeligheten.

* Myte. De fleste kvinner har PIV, og de klager ikke, så de sannsynligvis det glede. Hvordan vet du at du faktisk nyte noe hvis samfunnet og media, filmer, bøker og TV, prøver hele tiden å få deg nyte det? Noen kvinner lure seg til å tro de nyter PIV fordi venner, TV, leger, psykologer, og ektemenn, gjør kvinner synes det er noe galt med dem fysisk eller psykisk hvis de ikke gjør det. Betyr dette at kvinner som P.I.V? Hvis de trenger å drastisk endre sin holdning eller kroppen til å like det, de åpenbart ikke egentlig liker det!

* Myte. Penis er formet som en lang stokk fordi det er ment å gå inne i skjeden. Neven er formet som en lang pinne. Er knyttneve ment å gå ned i halsen? Er penis skal gå i anus? Skulle knyttneve gå opp i skjeden? Ikke alle peniser er stor og lang. Noen er knapt synlige i det hele tatt. Noen er mindre enn gjennomsnittet kjønnsleppene og klitoris. Det er mange store kjønnsleppene og clitorises, og det er mange små peniser. Det er forskjellige størrelser og former både blant mannlige og kvinnelige kjønnsorganer. Ideen om at peniser trenger å være stor er sosialt konstruert. Gutter som har peniser samfunnet anser for lite blir tatt med til legen for å hjelpe dem å vokse. Kvinner med store clitorises og kjønnsleppene kan få operasjon for å “fikse” det “problemet”.Jenter blir bedt om å sitte med bena sammen, noe som fører til at kjønnsorganene å bli presset mindre. Gutter blir bedt om å berøre og ta hensyn til sine peniser, og denne oppmerksomheten og fysisk kontakt hjelper dem vokse mer. Samfunnet anser store peniser og trange vaginaer ideelle, men dette fører sikkert katastrofe for mennesker som praktiserer PIV Store peniser og trange vaginaer forårsake smerte for den kvinnelige!

* Myte. Hvis du ikke liker PIV, er du snerpete, undertrykte, eller anti-sex. PIV er ikke den eneste måten å ha sex, og bør ikke anses som mest normal seksuell handling, så du er ikke anti-sex hvis du ikke liker det. Du kan like andre seksuelle aktiviteter, som å ha din klitoris kysset eller strøk, eller berøring med penis, eller gni opp mot din partner. Ikke like sex i det hele er ikke en dårlig ting, heller. Ikke alle liker sex like ikke alle liker sjokolade, sushi, eller klassisk musikk. Calling kvinner som ikke liker PIV snerpete er en taktikk menn bruker for å lure dem til å gjøre det.


1. Hva bør jeg gjøre hvis min mann ønsker å ha PIV og jeg ikke gjør det? Hva om han prøver å overbevise meg til å gjøre det?
Bare si nei! Hvis du ikke ønsker å gjøre noe, trenger du ikke må.Hvis han prøver å overbevise deg til å gjøre det, er han irriterende og må stoppe. Hvis han sier at du ikke elsker ham fordi du ikke vil gjøre PIV, er han feil. Hvis du ikke ønsker å gjøre ting du ikke er komfortabel med, betyr ikke dette at du ikke elsker ham. Hvis han elsket deg, ville han ikke prøve å få deg til å føle seg skyldig, så du ville ha PIV (eller noen annen type sex).

2. Min partner og jeg begynte å ha PIV og jeg ba ham stoppe, og han stoppet ikke. Er dette feil?
Hvis han holdt det gående når du ba ham stoppe, er det voldtekt.”Vent, jeg nesten ferdig” er ikke akseptabelt. Hvis du blir skadet nå, eller hvis du ønsker å stoppe nå, må han stoppe nå. Hvis han venter til han er “ferdig” når du har fortalt ham om å stoppe, betyr det at han bryr seg mer om din nytelse enn din sikkerhet. Det er voldtekt.Du må sende ham til en rådgiver, rapportere ham, eller avslutte forholdet. Det er så alvorlig.
Noen menn bruker denne unnskyldningen. Når de begynner de kan ikke stoppe fordi det er en “naturlig trang”. Dette er dumt. Når foreldrene er i seng og deres barn går i, stopper mannen alltid. Når de er i seng og telefonen ringer, stopper han. Hvis en røver kommer inn i huset, stopper han. Hvis et barn kommer inn i rommet, en telefon som ringer, eller en kriminell inn få ham ønsker å stoppe denne “naturlige trang”, din forespørsel å stoppe bør være like viktig.

3. Kan jeg fortsatt få P.I.V hvis jeg vil?
Selvfølgelig! Ikke alle kvinner hater P.I.V. Noen har ikke noe imot det. Noen også nyte det. De fleste kvinner som liker nyte det klitoris stimulering mer. Men alle er en individuell og vi alle få glede på forskjellige måter. Noen mennesker får en orgasme fra å bli kysset på øret. Andre får en fra å bli penetrert. Det er deres mening, og de skal føle seg fri til å gjøre det de liker.
Men gleden er ikke det eneste viktige. Vi trenger å vite PIV bærer risikoen for at andre seksuelle praksis ikke gjør det. PIV er mer sannsynlig å forårsake graviditet enn andre handlinger, som oral sex. Det kan føre til høyere forekomst av livmorhalskreft eller sykdom hos kvinner, fordi kvinner er de som mottar væsker.
Du bør gjerne ha P.I.V hvis du vil. Det er din rett til å velge fra en rekke seksuelle handlinger. Det er viktig å forstå risikoen enkelte handlinger bærer, akkurat som du bør forstå risikoen for å sykle eller å kjøre bil eller drikke alkohol.

4. Hvorfor føler jeg meg rar fordi jeg ikke P.I.V?
Du føler deg kanskje rart fordi samfunnet forteller deg at det er vanlig å nyte PIV Filmer og sanger bare bruke ordet “sex” for å referere til PIV, og synes de stimulering av klitoris eller andre handlinger som ikke telle som “ekte” sex. Sex praksis at kvinner som er kalt “innledning”, som om de er ikke like viktig.
Mange kvinner bruker glidemiddel eller ta medisin for å gjøre PIV hyggelig eller mindre smertefull. Hvis kvinner får smerter fra PIV de kan kalles “for stram” og beskjed om å besøke leger slik at de kan få “fast”. De blir diagnostisert med liksom forhold som “vaginisme”, selv om kvinners vaginaer kanskje ikke designet for å bli penetrert.Når kvinner hater PIV, leger spør dem om de ble seksuelt misbrukt, eller hvis de har sykdommer som gjør PIV vanskelig. Legers intensjon er ikke kvinners sikkerhet og lykke. De ønsker å ta en “brutt” kvinne som hater PIV og “fikse” henne for ektemannen. Dette beviser at det er skjevhet i vårt samfunn, og det er i favør av menn og deres glede, ikke kvinner og deres rett til å være trygg.

5. Hva om mannens nytelse?
Du har ingen plikt til å utføre ubehagelige seksuelle handlinger for å gi noen andre glede. Han kan stimulere hans penis ved å gni mot klitorisen din. Siden sæd utenfor skjeden kan føre til graviditet, vennligst bruk beskyttelse. Losing nytelse føles ikke så ille som å være i smerte, så det er bedre for mannen å miste nytelse enn for kvinnen å bli såret. Hvis PIV ikke vondt, men er ikke hyggelig, du fortsatt ikke bør bli bedt om å gjøre det. Selv om du liker det, bør du ikke være forpliktet. Det er galt for mannen din å forvente deg å behage ham. Bruk av andre mennesker for fornøyelsens skyld er onde.

6. Men ikke PIV gir menn mer glede enn å gni?
Hvorfor gjør den saks skyld? Du er fortsatt ikke forpliktet til å ta en annen person ved å gjøre noe du ikke liker. Hva om kvelende ham, ga ham mer glede enn PIV? Er du forpliktet til å kvele ham? Hva om kvelende ham mens han bruker narkotika gir ham enda mer glede enn bare kvelende ham? Bør du kjøpe ham medisiner, også? Hva hvis sparker folk gir ham nytelse fordi han er en sadist? Skulle du la ham sparke deg i magen?

7. Hvis PIV er ikke hyggelig for noen kvinner, hvorfor flertallet av lesbiske bruker dildoer eller andre typer falske peniser?
Massevis av lesbiske bruker ikke slike ting. Dildoer og penis-formede gjenstander ble oppfunnet fordi samfunnet ønsker å tenke kvinner trenger menn for å være seksuelt lykkelig. Mange lesbiske har oppdaget klitoris i stedet. Noen lesbiske som kjøper gjør dildoer det fordi de er lurt til å tro penetrasjon er det mest behagelige seksuell handling for en kvinne. Selvfølgelig, nyte noen lesbiske, og noen heterofile og blir penetrert. Men det er veldig uhøflig for samfunnet å anta ALLE av dem liker det, eller å anta at en kvinne trenger en mann eller en mann-formet objekt å være lykkelig.

8. Min partner ikke presse meg til å ha PIV, valgte jeg å gjøre det.Men jeg følte ubehag etterpå. Hvorfor?
Kanskje du ikke egentlig ønsker å gjøre det. Samfunnet fungerer ofte som en voldtektsforbryter. Det forteller kvinner at de må ha PIV, eller at de må lide konsekvensene (leger, sosial latterliggjøring).Ofte jenter tror de valgte å ha PIV, men de har faktisk blitt overbevist om å gjøre det av samfunnet. Hun føler at hun ble voldtatt. Hun ble voldtatt, faktisk, av samfunnet.
Hvis PIV var smertefull, kan du også være sint fordi du tror er menn i stand til å skade kvinner seksuelt, men at kvinner ikke kan skade mennesker. Det føles som naturen skapte deg mindreverdig fordi du er sårbar og ikke ham. Dette er ikke sant. Hvis du presset klitoris og kjønnsleppene opp mot testiklene hans, det ville skade ham. Det er ikke sant at kvinner ikke kan skade menneskene seksuelt. Men samfunnet ville aldri kalle en slik handling “normal sex” fordi den mannlige er å bli skadet. Men samfunnet mener PIV er “normal sex”, selv om det sårer noen kvinner. Og siden PIV er ikke nødvendig for graviditet, er det ingen grunn til å tro PIV er normalt fordi det fører til reproduksjon.

9. Men er P.I.V ikke den naturlige måten å ha sex? Er det ikke instinktiv eller noe?
Nei, ikke alle dyr har PIV, og ikke alle mennesker har PIV I samfunn eller tidsepoker der sex ikke er diskutert, ikke unge menn ikke engang vet hvordan de skal ha PIV De må læres opp til å sette sine peniser i kvinners vaginaer. Hvis det var et naturlig instinkt hvorfor ville de trenger å bli lært opp til å gjøre det? Noen menn sier det er naturlig for å lure kvinner til å tro det er noe de skal gjøre, eller å lage unnskyldninger for å ha voldtatt en kvinne.

10. Jeg føler rart når vi ikke har P.I.V. Det er som vi ikke hadde egentlig ha sex.
Denne følelsen skyldes kulturelle condition. Samfunnet prøver å få deg til å tenke PIV er “ekte” sex. P.I.V er bare én type sex. Hvis samfunnet ansett anal sex “ekte” sex, eller sex som en partner choker den andre, eller sex hvor penis rev gjennom livmorhalsen inn i livmoren, har du kanskje hatt lignende følelser om disse handlingene. Du trenger ikke å ha P.I.V å ha sex. Hvis du liker PIV, er det greit å gjøre det, men du bør lære om de dårlige konsekvensene først, og sørg for at ønske om å gjøre det ikke var påvirket av andre mennesker eller av media. Det er godt å ha en rekke seksuelle handlinger, men sørg for at du blir sann mot deg selv og ikke gjøre noe du ikke er komfortabel med.

Vennligst dele denne videoen med andre jenter og ikke vær redd for å diskutere PIV med vennene dine, hvis de ikke har noe imot å diskutere slike saker. Flere kvinner trenger å høre dette, spesielt siden mange tror de er de eneste som ikke liker PIV Menn har ingen rett til å bruke kroppen for sex, PIV, eller andre handlinger, og du trenger å vite hvordan å nekte.

PIV bærer farer, inkludert graviditet, risiko for livmorhalskreft, smerter, tårer, tørrhet, sårhet, og psykologiske følelse av å bli invadert (spesielt hvis den mannlige er den aktive partner). Du står fritt til å ha det, men du bør alltid forstår risikoen først, risikoen som samfunnet ofte dekker opp.
Ikke la press fra samfunnet, media, og fra ektemenn påvirke din beslutning, og sørg for å tenke før du har PIV

Du eier din kropp!

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Warum haben wir immer P.I.V?

Ich für die schlechte Übersetzung entschuldigen.

Warum haben wir immer P.I.V?

PIV, Geschlechtsverkehr, in dem der Penis in der Vagina gelegt wird, gilt als die Definition von “normalen” Sex von Ärzten, Psychologen, TV, und die meisten Männer zu sein. Aber sollte Inbetriebnahme des Penis in der Vagina, der einzige Weg, um Sex, oder sogar eine normale sexuelle Aktivität haben berücksichtigt werden?

Betrachten wir einige Mythen:

* Mythos. Mit P.I.V ist die einzige Möglichkeit, schwanger zu werden. Das ist nicht wahr. Sperma schwimmen kann bis in die Scheide von außen. Schwangerschaft wird oft auf diese Weise verursacht.

* Mythos. P.I.V ist die schönste Art von Sex. Das ist albern. Es ist angenehm für die meisten Männer, die meisten Frauen nicht. Jeder hat andere Vorlieben, aber die meisten Frauen, als hätten ihre Klitoris stimuliert statt. Die Vagina hat weniger Nerven innen, so dass die Freude eine Frau während der PIV kommt in der Regel von Stimulation der Klitoris, auch fühlt. Warum nicht der Klitoris mit dem Penis? Beide Partner erhalten Vergnügen. Die meisten Frauen genießen nicht PIV so viel wie sie durch Stimulation der Klitoris zu genießen. Einige Frauen hassen P.I.V. Wie man “PIV macht Spaß” ist sehr eigenwillig, wie wenn man sagt, “Eis schmeckt gut”, oder “Rot ist die beste Farbe”.

* Mythos. Die Scheide ist ein Loch, so dass sie gedacht ist durchdrungen werden. Nasenlöcher und Ohren sind Löcher. Sollten sie auch durchdrungen werden? Und der Anus? Navel? Throat?Harnröhre? Einige Löcher sind nicht dazu gedacht, durchdrungen werden. Leider sehen viele Männer eine Frau als lochgefüllten Objekt, die Dinge in kleben.

* Mythos. Die Scheide kann ausspucken Babys, so kann es auch durchdrungen werden. Nein. Nur weil ein Loch auf dem Körper können ein Objekt ausspucken bedeutet nicht, dass es gemeint ist, Objekte in der Sache annehmen. Sie können poop. Heißt das, dass Analsex normal ist oder Spaß? Sie können spucken. Heißt das, indem Sie den Penis in den Hals ist angenehm? Wie sieht es mit einer offenen Wunde? Das ist ein Loch, auch. Einige Löcher auf dem Körper sind nicht dazu gedacht, um mit Objekten gefüllt werden.

* Mythos. PIV ist die häufigste Form von Sex in Filmen, Bücher, Geschichte, TV, und unsere Gesellschaft, so ist es die normalste ein. Nur weil etwas schon immer oder häufig in der Geschichte existiert, macht es nicht gut oder normal. Als Rassist war es üblich ein paar hundert Jahren. Heißt das, dass rassistische oder richtig ist normal? Die Männer sind verantwortlich für die meisten Medien, einschließlich dem Film, Buch und Musik-Industrie. Ihre Meinungen sind vertreten. Männer in der Regel genießen P.I.V viel mehr als Frauen. PIV wird als der wichtigste Weg, um Sex in Bücher und Filme zu haben, weil Männer es genießen porträtiert. Frauen-Meinungen werden ignoriert, oder Filme zeigen einen höheren Anteil von Frauen Gefallen tun PIV als im wirklichen Leben.

* Mythos. Die meisten Frauen haben PIV, und sie beklagen sich nicht, so dass sie wahrscheinlich zu genießen. Woher wissen Sie, die Sie wirklich genießen etwas, wenn die Gesellschaft und die Medien, Filme, Bücher und TV, ständig versuchen, machen es dir gefallen? Einige Frauen täuschen sich selbst zu denken, sie genießen PIV, weil Freunde, die TV, Ärzte, Psychologen, und Männer, die Frauen denken, es ist etwas falsch mit ihnen physisch oder psychisch, wenn sie dies nicht tun. Bedeutet dies, dass Frauen wie P.I.V? Wenn sie sich drastisch verändern ihre Einstellung oder Körper zu mögen müssen, sie offensichtlich nicht really like it!

* Mythos. Der Penis ist wie ein langer Stock geformt, weil es soll in der Scheide zu gehen. Die Faust ist wie ein langer Stab geformt.Gemeint ist die Faust nach unten gehen die Kehle? Ist der Penis soll im Anus gehen? Sollte die Faust nach oben in die Scheide?Nicht alle Penisse sind groß und lang. Einige sind kaum sichtbar sind. Einige sind kleiner als die durchschnittliche Schamlippen und der Klitoris. Es gibt viele große Schamlippen und Klitoris, und es gibt viele kleine Penisse. Es gibt verschiedene Größen und Formen sowohl bei den männlichen und weiblichen Genitalien. Die Idee, dass Penisse groß sein müssen ist sozial konstruiert. Jungen, die Penisse Gesellschaft als zu klein sind, haben mit dem Arzt getroffen werden, um ihnen helfen zu wachsen. Frauen mit großen Schamlippen und Klitoris Might Get Chirurgie zu “reparieren” das “Problem”. Mädchen werden aufgefordert, mit den Beinen zusammen zu sitzen, was dazu führt, die Genitalien gequetscht zu kleiner werden. Jungen wird gesagt, zu berühren und achten auf ihre Penisse, und diese Aufmerksamkeit und körperlichen Kontakt hilft ihnen wachsen. Gesellschaft hält große Penisse und Vaginas engen ideal, aber das verursacht eine Katastrophe für Menschen, die PIV üben Big Penisse und Vaginas engen Schmerzen verursachen für die weibliche!

* Mythos. Wenn Sie nicht wie PIV tun, du bist prüde, verdrängt, oder Anti-Sex. PIV ist nicht der einzige Weg, um Sex zu haben, und sollte nicht als die meisten normalen sexuellen Aktes werden, so sind Sie nicht Anti-Sex, wenn Sie es nicht mögen. Vielleicht möchten Sie andere sexuelle Aktivitäten, wie mit Ihrem Kitzler gestreichelt oder geküsst, berührt oder mit dem Penis oder Reiben gegen Ihren Partner. Nicht zu mögen an Sex ist keine schlechte Sache, auch nicht. Nicht jeder mag Sex genauso wie nicht jeder mag Schokolade, Sushi, oder klassische Musik. Aufruf von Frauen, die nicht gerne PIV prüde ist eine Taktik, Männer benutzen, um sie in es zu tun zu verleiten.


1. Was muss ich tun, wenn mein Mann will PIV haben und ich nicht?Was, wenn er versucht, mich davon zu überzeugen, es zu tun?
Sag einfach nein! Wenn Sie nicht wollen, etwas zu tun, müssen Sie nicht auf. Wenn er Sie zu überzeugen, es zu tun versucht, ist er ärgerlich und muss aufhören. Wenn er sagt, du liebst ihn nicht, weil du es nicht tust PIV, er ist falsch. Wenn Sie nicht möchten, dass Dinge, die Sie nicht so gerne tun, heißt das nicht, du liebst ihn nicht.Wenn er euch geliebt habe, würde er nicht versuchen, Sie fühlen sich schuldig, so dass Sie würde PIV (oder jede andere Art von Sex) haben.

2. Mein Partner und ich begann mit PIV und ich fragte ihn, damit aufzuhören, und er hörte nicht auf. Ist das falsch?
Wenn er geht, sobald Sie ihm gesagt zu stoppen gehalten, ist es Vergewaltigung. “Ich bin fast fertig Warten” ist nicht akzeptabel.Wenn Sie wird jetzt weh tun, oder wenn du jetzt aufhören wollen, er muss jetzt aufhören. Wenn er, bis er “fertig” ist, wenn Sie ihm gesagt haben, zu stoppen wartet, bedeutet das, er kümmert sich mehr um Ihren Genuss als Ihre Sicherheit. Das ist Vergewaltigung.Sie müssen ihn mit einem Berater zu senden, ihm Bericht zu erstatten, oder beenden die Beziehung. Es ist so ernst.
Einige Männer nutzen diese Entschuldigung. Sobald sie anfangen sie können nicht aufhören, weil es ein “natürliches Bedürfnis” ist.Das ist dumm. Wenn Eltern im Bett sind und ihr Kind kommt herein, der Mann hält immer. Als sie im Bett und das Telefon klingelt sind, hält er inne. Wenn ein Räuber das Haus betritt, hört er auf. Wenn ein Kind den Raum betritt, ein Telefon klingelt, oder eine kriminelle Eingabe machen ihn wollen diesen “natürlichen Bewegungsdrang”, Ihre Anfrage zu stoppen sollte genauso wichtig sein zu stoppen.

3. Kann ich trotzdem P.I.V, wenn ich will?
Natürlich! Nicht alle Frauen hassen P.I.V. Einige habe nichts dagegen. Einige sogar zu genießen. Die meisten Frauen genießen, die es genießen Klitoris Stimulation mehr. Aber jeder ist ein Individuum, und wir alle bekommen Lust auf unterschiedliche Weise. Manche Menschen bekommen einen Orgasmus aus, am Ohr küsste. Andere bekommen eine aus durchdrungen. Das ist ihre Meinung, und sie sollten das Gefühl frei zu tun, was ihnen Spaß macht.
Aber Freude ist nicht die einzige wichtige Sache. Wir müssen wissen, PIV birgt Risiken, die andere sexuelle Praktiken nicht. PIV ist wahrscheinlicher, Schwangerschaft als andere Taten, wie zum Oralsex zu verursachen. Es kann zu höheren Raten von Gebärmutterhalskrebs oder Erkrankungen bei Frauen führen, da Frauen die, die Aufnahme von Flüssigkeiten sind.
Sie sollten sich gerne an P.I.V haben, wenn Sie wollen. Es ist dein Recht, aus einer Vielzahl von sexuellen Handlungen zu wählen. Es ist wichtig, um die Risiken tragen einige Handlungen zu verstehen, so wie Sie sollten die Risiken der mit dem Fahrrad oder Auto fahren oder Alkohol trinken zu verstehen.

4. Warum fühle ich mich komisch, weil ich nicht P.I.V tun?
Sie könnten das Gefühl komisch, weil die Gesellschaft erfahren Sie, es ist normal, PIV genießen Filme und Lieder nur das Wort “Sex”, um PIV beziehen, und sie denken, Stimulation der Klitoris oder andere Handlungen nicht als “echte” Sex zählen. Sex-Praktiken, die Frauen wie heißen “Vorbereitungen”, als wären sie nicht so wichtig sind.
Viele Frauen benutzen Schmiermittel oder nehmen Medikamente, um PIV angenehm oder weniger schmerzhaft. Wenn Frauen Schmerzen bekommen von PIV sie vielleicht als “zu eng” werden, und erzählte den Ärzten zu besuchen, so dass sie “fest” bekommen kann. Sie bekommen mit pretend Bedingungen wie “Vaginismus” diagnostiziert, obwohl Frauen Vaginas könnte nicht entworfen, um durchdrungen werden kann. Wenn Frauen hassen PIV, fragen Ärzte, wenn sie sexuell missbraucht wurden, oder wenn sie Krankheiten, die PIV erschweren. Doctors ‘Absicht ist nicht, Frauen Sicherheit und Glück. Sie wollen eine “gebrochene” Frau, die PIV hasst und “Fix” ihr für ihren Mann zu nehmen. Das beweist, es gibt Voreingenommenheit in unserer Gesellschaft, und es ist zu Gunsten der Männer und ihre Freude, nicht Frauen und ihr Recht, sicher zu sein.

5. Wie sieht es mit Vergnügen des Mannes?
Sie haben keine Verpflichtung, unbequem sexuelle Handlungen vorzunehmen, um jemand anderen Freude zu bereiten. Er kann seinen Penis durch Reibung an Ihre Klitoris zu stimulieren. Da Sperma außerhalb der Vagina Schwangerschaft verursachen können, benutzen Sie bitte Schutz. Losing Genuss fühlt sich nicht so schlimm wie in Schmerzen, also ist es besser für die Menschen zu Genuss, als für die Frau, verletzt zu werden verlieren. Wenn PIV nicht weh tut, ist aber nicht angenehm, sollten Sie dennoch nicht gebeten, es zu tun ist. Auch wenn Sie es genießen, sollten Sie nicht verpflichtet werden. Es ist falsch, für Ihren Mann zu erwarten, dass Sie ihn bitte. Mit anderen Menschen zum Vergnügen ist böse.

6. Aber nicht PIV geben Männer mehr Freude als Reiben?
Warum tut das? Du bist immer noch nicht verpflichtet, eine andere Person, indem Sie etwas, das Sie nicht mögen bitte. Was ist, wenn würgt ihn gab ihm mehr Freude als PIV? Sind Sie verpflichtet, ihn zu würgen? Was ist, wenn würgt ihn, während er Drogen verwendet verleiht ihm noch mehr Freude als nur ihn zu würgen? Sollten Sie kaufen ihn Drogen, auch? Was ist, wenn Menschen kicking gibt ihm Freude, weil er ein Sadist ist? Sollten Sie ließ ihn treten Sie in den Bauch?

7. Wenn PIV ist nicht angenehm zu einigen Frauen, warum die Mehrheit der Lesben Dildos benutzen oder andere Arten von gefälschten Penisse?
Viele Lesben verwenden Sie nicht solche Dinge. Dildos und Penis-förmigen Objekte wurden erfunden, weil die Gesellschaft will, dass Frauen brauchen Männer, sexuell glücklich. Viele Lesben haben die Klitoris entdeckt statt. Einige Dildos Lesben, die es tun, weil sie in das Denken Penetration sind getäuscht zu kaufen, ist die angenehmste sexuellen Akt für eine Frau. Natürlich genießen Sie ein paar Lesben und einige Heterosexuelle, durchdrungen. Aber es ist sehr unhöflich für die Gesellschaft zu übernehmen ALLE von ihnen mag es, oder davon ausgehen, dass eine Frau einen Mann oder einen Mann-förmiges Objekt, glücklich zu sein braucht.

8. Mein Partner nicht unter Druck zu mir in die mit PIV, entschied ich mich, es zu tun. Aber ich fühlte mich unwohl danach. Warum?
Vielleicht haben Sie nicht wirklich wollen, um es zu tun. Gesellschaft wirkt oft wie ein Vergewaltiger. Es erzählt Frauen müssen sie PIV haben, oder dass sie unter den Folgen leiden (Ärzte, soziale Spott).Oft denken Mädchen wählten sie zu PIV haben, aber sie haben tatsächlich davon überzeugt gewesen, die ihr von der Gesellschaft zu tun. Sie fühlt sich wie sie vergewaltigt wurde. Sie wurde vergewaltigt, eigentlich, durch die Gesellschaft.
Wenn PIV war schmerzhaft, können Sie auch wütend sein, weil Sie denken, Männer sind in der Lage zu verletzen Frauen sexuell, sondern dass Frauen Männer kann nicht schaden. Es fühlt sich an der Natur hat dich minderwertig, weil du verwundbar und ihn nicht gibt. Das ist nicht wahr. Wenn Sie Ihre Klitoris und Schamlippen gegen seine Hoden geschoben, wäre das tat ihm weh. Es ist nicht wahr, dass Frauen kann nicht schaden Männer sexuell. Aber die Gesellschaft würde nie nennen eine solche Handlung “normalen Sex”, weil das Männchen am Anfang verletzt wird. Aber die Gesellschaft glaubt PIV ist “normalen Sex”, obwohl es einige Frauen verletzt. Und da PIV ist nicht erforderlich, Schwangerschaft, gibt es keinen Grund zu der Annahme PIV ist normal, da es Wiedergabe verursacht.

9. Aber ist es nicht P.I.V den natürlichen Weg, Sex zu haben? Ist es nicht instinktiv oder so etwas?
Nein, nicht alle Tiere haben PIV, und nicht alle Menschen haben PIVIn Gesellschaften oder Epochen, in denen Sex nicht diskutiert wird, haben junge Männer nicht einmal wissen, wie man PIV haben Sie müssen lernen, ihre Penisse in Frauen-Vaginas gestellt werden.Wenn es ein natürlicher Instinkt waren, warum würden sie brauchen, um es zu tun gelehrt werden? Einige Männer sagen, es ist natürlich, um Frauen zu denken, es ist etwas, was sie tun sollen, oder um Entschuldigungen für Vergewaltigung einer Frau machen, sind zu täuschen.

10. Ich fühle mich komisch, wenn wir nicht haben P.I.V. Es ist wie wir eigentlich nicht haben wollte Sex.
Dieses Gefühl ist aufgrund der kulturellen Konditionierung.Gesellschaft versucht, dass Sie denken PIV “real” ist Sex. P.I.V ist nur eine Art von Sex. Wenn die Gesellschaft als Anal-Sex “echten” Sex, Sex oder bei denen ein Partner den anderen würgt, oder Sex, wo der Penis durch den Gebärmutterhals in die Gebärmutter zerrissen, du ähnliche Gefühle hatte vielleicht über diesen Rechtsakten haben. Sie brauchen nicht zu P.I.V haben, Sex zu haben. Wenn Sie PIV zu genießen, ist es in Ordnung, es zu tun, aber Sie sollten über die schlimmen Folgen erst lernen, und vergewissern Sie sich Ihren Wunsch zu tun, sie nicht durch andere Menschen oder durch die Medien beeinflusst. Es ist gut, um eine Vielzahl von sexuellen Handlungen zu haben, aber achten Sie darauf, dass sich selbst treu und tun nichts, du bist unangenehm.

Bitte teilen Sie dieses Video mit anderen Mädchen und haben Sie keine Angst zu PIV mit Ihren Freunden zu diskutieren, wenn sie nichts dagegen haben solche Fragen diskutieren. Immer mehr Frauen brauchen, das zu hören, zumal viele sie sind die einzigen, die nicht gerne denken PIV Männer haben kein Recht, Ihren Körper für Sex, PIV, oder sonstige Handlungen zu verwenden, und Sie müssen wissen, wie sich zu weigern.

PIV trägt Gefahren, einschließlich Schwangerschaft, Risiko für Gebärmutterhalskrebs, Schmerzen, Tränenfluss, Trockenheit, Wundsein und psychologische Gefühl, während überfallen (vor allem, wenn das Männchen der aktive Partner ist). Sie sind frei, es zu haben, aber Sie sollten immer die Risiken verstehen, zuerst die Risiken, dass die Gesellschaft oft verdeckt.
Lassen Sie sich nicht Druck aus der Gesellschaft, die Medien, und von Ehemännern Einfluss auf Ihre Entscheidung, und stellen Sie sicher, zu denken, bevor Sie PIV haben

Sie besitzen Ihren Körper!

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 Bakit lagi naming P.I.V?

Humihingi ako ng paumanhin para sa mahihirap na pagsasalin.

Bakit lagi naming P.I.V?

PIV, iyutan na kung saan ang buto ay ilagay sa ang puki, ay itinuturing na ang kahulugan ng “normal” sex ng mga duktor, psychologists, TV, at karamihan sa mga tao. Ngunit dapat paglagay ng titi sa puki isaalang-alang ang tanging paraan upang magkaroon ng kasarian, o kahit ang isang normal na sekswal na aktibidad?

Sabihin suriin ang ilang mga paksa:

* Gawa-gawa. Ang pagkakaroon P.I.V ay ang tanging paraan upang makakuha ng mga buntis. Na ito ay hindi totoo. Tamud ay maaaring lumangoy ang puki mula sa labas. Pagbubuntis ay madalas na sanhi sa ganitong paraan.

* Gawa-gawa. P.I.V ay ang pinaka-kasiya-siya na uri ng sex. Ito ay uto. Ito ay kasiya-siya para sa karamihan ng mga tao, hindi karamihan sa mga kababaihan. Ang bawat tao’y may iba’t-ibang mga kagustuhan, ngunit karamihan sa mga kababaihan tulad ng pagkakaroon ng kanilang mga klitoris ay stimulated sa halip. Puki ay may mas kaunting nerbiyos sa loob, kaya kasiyahan ang babae ng isang feels habang PIV karaniwang ay mula sa stimulating ang klitoris, masyadong. Bakit hindi pasiglahin ang klitoris sa titi?Parehong mga kasosyo ay makakuha ng kasiyahan. Karamihan sa mga kababaihan ang hindi tamasahin ang PIV bilang magkano bilang masiyahan sila clitoral pagpapasigla. Ang ilang mga kababaihan galit P.I.V. Nagsasabing “ang PIV ay masaya” ay masyadong matigas sa palagay, tulad ng sinasabi, “sorbetes panlasa magandang”, o, “pula ang pinakamahusay na kulay”.

* Gawa-gawa. Ang puki ay isang hole, kaya ito ay nilalayong ay natagos. Nostrils at tainga ay butas. Dapat din sila natagos? At ang anus? Pusod? Lalamunan? Yuritra? Ang ilang mga butas ay hindi nilalayong natagos. Sadly, maraming mga tao na tingnan ang isang babae bilang isang hole-punong bagay sa dumikit ang mga bagay sa.

* Gawa-gawa. Ang puki ay maaaring dumura ang sanggol, kaya ito rin ay natagos. Hindi lamang dahil sa isang butas sa katawan ay maaaring dumura isang bagay out ay hindi nangangahulugan na ito ay nilayon upang kumuha ng mga bagay sa loob nito. Maaari mong tae. Ba na ibig sabihin ng anal sex ay normal o kasiya-siya? Maaari mong dumura. Ba na ibig sabihin ng paglalagay ng titi pababa sa lalamunan na ang ay kasiya-siya? Paano ang tungkol sa paggamit ng isang bukas na sugat? Iyan ay isang butas, masyadong. Ang ilang mga butas sa katawan ay hindi nilalayong napuno sa bagay.

* Gawa-gawa. Ang PIV ay ang pinaka-karaniwang paraan ng sex sa mga pelikula, mga libro, kasaysayan, TV, at ang aming lipunan, kaya ito ay ang pinaka-normal na isa. Dahil lang sa isang bagay ay karaniwan o laging umiiral sa kasaysayan ay hindi gumawa ng mabuti o normal ang mga ito. Pagiging rasista ay karaniwang ng ilang daang taon na ang nakakaraan. Ba na ibig sabihin ng pagiging rasista ay tama o normal? Lalaki ay sa singil ng karamihan sa media, kabilang ang mga pelikula, libro, at mga industriya ng musika. Kanilang opinyon ay kinakatawan. Tao ay karaniwang tamasahin P.I.V mas higit pa kaysa sa mga kababaihan. Ang PIV ay portrayed bilang ang pangunahing paraan upang magkaroon ng sex sa mga libro at mga pelikula dahil ang mga tao magtamasa ito. Kababaihan opinyon ay binalewala, o mga pelikula ay nagpapakita ng isang mas mataas na porsyento ng mga kababaihan na gustuhin ang PIV kaysa sa totoong buhay.

* Gawa-gawa. Karamihan sa mga kababaihan ay may PIV, at hindi sila magreklamo, kaya sila ay marahil tamasahin ito. Paano mo malalaman ang tunay na tamasahin ang isang bagay kung ang lipunan at ang mga media, mga pelikula, mga libro, at TV, ay patuloy na sinusubukan mong matamasa ito? Ang ilang mga kababaihan ululin ang kanilang sarili sa iniisip masiyahan sila PIV dahil kaibigan, TV, mga doktor, psychologists, at husbands, mga kababaihan sa tingin may sira sa kanila pisikal o psychologically kung gawin nila hindi. Ang ibig sabihin nito babaeng tulad P.I.V ay?Kung kailangan nila upang baguhin nang husto ang kanilang saloobin o katawan sa nais ito, sila ay malinaw naman ay hindi talagang gusto ito!

* Gawa-gawa. Titi ay hugis tulad ng isang mahabang stick dahil ito ay nilalayong pumunta sa loob ng puki. Ang kamao ay hugis tulad ng isang mahabang stick. Ay kamao nilayon upang pumunta down ang lalamunan? Ay titi dapat pumunta sa anus? Dapat kamao ang pumunta ang puki? Hindi lahat ng mga penises ay malaki at mahaba. Ilang ay marahil ay hindi makikita sa lahat. Ilang ay mas maliit kaysa sa average labia at klitoris. Mayroong maraming mga malaki labia at clitorises, at may mga maraming maliit na penises.May iba’t ibang laki at hugis sa parehong mga lalaki at babae maselang bahagi ng katawan. Ang ideya na mga penises kailangan upang maging malaki ang lipunan constructed. Boys na may masyadong maliit na ang isinasaalang-alang ng penises lipunan ay kinuha sa doktor upang matulungan ang mga ito lumaki.Mga kababaihan na may malaking clitorises at labia ay maaaring makakuha ng pagtitistis sa “ayusin” ang “problema”. Mga batang babae ay sinabi sa umupo sa kanilang mga binti ay sama-sama, na nagiging sanhi ng ang mga ari sa kinatas mas maliit. Boys ay sinabi sa hawakan at magbayad ng pansin sa kanilang penises, at ito pansin at pisikal na contact ay tumutulong lumaki pa ng mas madami. Lipunan ay isinasaalang-alang ng malaki mga penises at masikip vaginas mainam, ngunit ito ay nagiging sanhi ng ilang mga kalamidad para sa mga tao na magsagawa PIV Big penises at masikip vaginas maging sanhi ng sakit para sa babae!

* Gawa-gawa. Kung hindi ka tulad ng PIV, ikaw ay napakaselang tao, repressed, o anti-sex. Ang PIV ay hindi ang tanging paraan upang magkaroon ng sex, at hindi dapat isaalang-alang ang pinaka-normal na hindot, kaya hindi ka anti-sex kung hindi mo gusto ito. Baka gusto mo iba pang mga sekswal na gawain, tulad ng pagkakaroon ng iyong klitoris kissed o stroked, o baliw sa ang titi, o hudhod up laban sa iyong mga kasosyo. Hindi pagkagusto sex SA LAHAT isn’ta masamang bagay, alinman. Hindi lahat ay kagustuhan sex tulad ng hindi na tsokolate lahat paggusto, Sushi, o classical na musika. Pagtawag sa mga kababaihan na hindi gusto PIV napakaselang tao ay isang taktika na lalaki gamitin upang linlangin ang mga ito sa paggawa nito.


1. Ano ang dapat kong gawin kung ang aking asawa nais na magkaroon ng PIV at gagawin ko hindi? Paano kung siya sumusubok para kumbinsihin sa akin na gawin ito?
Lamang humindi! Kung hindi mo nais na gawin ang isang bagay, hindi mo na kailangang. Kung siya ay sinusubukang kumbinsihin mong gawin ito, siya ay nakakainis na at kailangang ihinto. Kung sabi niya hindi mo mahalin kanya dahil hindi mo gawin ang PIV, siya ang mali. Kung hindi mo nais na gawin ang mga bagay na ikaw ay hindi komportable, ito ay hindi nangangahulugan na hindi mo mahal kanya. Kung mahal mo siya, hindi siya subukan sa tingin mo nagkasala kaya nais mong magkaroon ng PIV (o anumang iba pang uri ng sex).

2. Ang aking partner at ako nagsimula pagkakaroon ng PIV at tinanong ko sa kanya upang itigil at hindi siya ay itigil. Ito mali?
Kung itinatago siya pagpunta sa sandaling sinabi mo sa kanya upang itigil, ito ay panggagahasa. “Maghintay, halos ako tapos” ay hindi katanggap-tanggap. Kung ikaw ay nasaktan ngayon, o kung nais mo upang ihinto ngayon, siya ay kinakailangan upang ihinto ngayon. Kung siya ay naghihintay hanggang sa siya ay “tapos na” isang beses mo na sinabi sa kanya upang itigil, ito ay nangangahulugan na siya ay nagmamalasakit higit pa tungkol sa iyong kasiyahan sa iyong kaligtasan. Na ang panggagahasa.Kailangan mo upang ipadala sa kanya sa isang tagapayo, ulat sa kanya, o tapusin ang relasyon. Ito ay na malubhang.
Ang ilang mga tao gamitin ang dahilan na ito. Sa sandaling simulan nila hindi nila maaaring ihinto dahil ito ay isang “natural na himukin”.Ito ay hangal. Kapag ang mga magulang ay sa kama at ang kanilang anak walks sa, ang tao laging tumitigil. Kapag ang mga ito sa kama at ang telepono singsing, siya tumitigil. Kung ang isang magnanakaw pumapasok sa bahay, siya tumitigil. Kung ang isang anak sa pagpasok sa room, tugtog ng telepono, o isang kriminal pagpasok gumawa ng nais sa kanya upang itigil ito “natural gumiit”, ang iyong kahilingan upang itigil ang dapat lamang bilang mahalaga.

3. Maaari ko pa rin magkaroon ng P.I.V kung gusto ko?
Siyempre! Hindi lahat ng mga kababaihan galit P.I.V. Ilang hindi tututol ito. Ang ilang mga kahit tamasahin ang mga ito. Karamihan sa mga kababaihan na tamasahin tamasahin ito klitoris pagpapasigla higit pa. Ngunit ang lahat ay isang indibidwal at namin ang lahat ng kaligayahan sa iba’t ibang paraan. Ang ilang mga tao ay makakuha ng isang orgasm na kissed sa ang tainga.Iba ng isa mula sa na natagos. Na ang kanilang opinyon, at dapat silang mag-atubili na gawin kung ano ang masiyahan sila.
Ngunit ang kasiyahan ay hindi lamang ang mahalagang bagay.Kailangan naming malaman PIV nagdadala panganib na hindi ang iba pang mga sekswal na kasanayan. PIV ay mas malamang na maging sanhi ng pagbubuntis kaysa sa iba pang mga gawain, tulad ng oral sex. Maaari itong humantong sa mas mataas na mga rate ng servikal kanser o sakit sa kababaihan, dahil ang mga kababaihan ay ang mga tumatanggap ng fluids.
Dapat mong huwag mag-atubiling upang magkaroon P.I.V kung gusto mo. Ito ay ang iyong karapatang pumili mula sa isang iba’t ibang mga sekswal na mga kilos. Ito ay mahalaga na maunawaan ang mga panganib ng ilang mga gawang dalhin, tulad ng dapat mong maunawaan ang mga panganib ng pagsakay isang bike o nagmamaneho ng kotse o pag-inom ng alak.

4. Bakit Pakiramdam ko ay kakaiba dahil hindi ko P.I.V?
Maaari mong huwag mag-kakaiba dahil ang lipunan ay nagsasabi sa iyo ito ay normal na upang tamasahin ang PIV Mga pelikula at kanta lamang gamitin ang salitang “sex” upang sumangguni sa PIV, at sa tingin nila clitoral pagpapasigla o iba pang mga gawain ay hindi mabibilang bilang “tunay na” sex. Kasarian kasanayan na ang mga kababaihan tulad ay tinatawag na “mga preliminaries”, bilang kung sila ay hindi bilang mahalaga.
Maraming mga kababaihan ang gumamit ng pampadulas o kumuha ng gamot sa PIV kasiya-siya o mas masakit. Kung ang mga kababaihan makakuha ng sakit mula sa PIV maaaring sila ay tinatawag na “masyadong masikip” at sinabi upang bisitahin ang mga doktor upang maaari silang makakuha ng “fixed”. Sila ay masuri gamit ang magpanggap mga kondisyon tulad “vaginismus ang”, kahit ang mga kababaihan mga vaginas ay hindi maaaring dinisenyo upang natagos. Kapag ang mga kababaihan ay galit PIV, doktor hilingin sa kanila kung sila ay sekswal na inabuso, o kung mayroon silang sakit na gumawa ng PIV mahirap. Doktor ‘intensyon ay hindi babae kaligtasan at kaligayahan. Nais nilang gumawa ng isang “sirang” babae na hates PIV at “fix” sa kanya para sa kanyang asawa. Ito ay nagpapatunay na may bias sa ating lipunan, at ito ay sa pabor ng mga tao at ang kanilang mga kasiyahan, hindi babae at ang kanilang mga karapatan upang maging ligtas.

5. Paano ang tungkol sa kasiyahan ang tao?
Wala kang obligasyon na gawin ang hindi komportable sekswal na mga kilos upang magbigay ng ibang tao kasiyahan. Siya pasiglahin ang kanyang titi sa pamamagitan ng hudhod laban sa iyong klitoris.Dahil tabod sa labas ng puki ay maaaring maging sanhi ng pagbubuntis, mangyaring gamitin ang proteksyon. Mawala ang kasiyahan ay hindi pakiramdam bilang masamang bilang sa sakit, kaya ito ay mas mahusay para sa mga tao upang mawala ang kasiyahan kaysa sa para sa babae na nasaktan. Kung PIV ay hindi nasaktan, ngunit ay hindi kasiya-siya, hindi pa rin dapat hilingin sa iyo na gawin ito. Kahit na masiyahan ka, hindi mo dapat na obligado. Ito ay mali para sa iyong asawa sa inaasahan sa iyo na mangyaring kanya. Paggamit ng ibang tao para sa kasiyahan ay masama.

6. Ngunit hindi PIV na magbigay ng mga lalaki sa karagdagang kasiyahan kaysa sa gasgas?
Bakit ang bagay na iyon? Pa rin kayo ay hindi obligadong mangyaring ibang tao sa pamamagitan ng paggawa ng isang bagay na hindi mo tamasahin. Paano kung choking siya nagbigay sa kanya ng karagdagang kasiyahan sa PIV? Obligado ka mabulunan sa kanya? Ano ang kung ng choking kanya habang siya ay gumagamit ng mga gamot ay nagbibigay sa kanya ng mas maraming kasiyahan kaysa lamang choking kanya? Dapat kang bumili sa kanya ng mga gamot, masyadong? Ano ang kung kicking tao ay nagbibigay sa kanya ng kasiyahan dahil siya ay isang sadista? Dapat mong ipaalam sa kanya sipain mo sa tiyan?

7. Kung ang PIV ay hindi kasiya-siya sa ilang mga kababaihan, bakit ang karamihan ng mga lesbians na gamitin mga dildos o iba pang mga uri ng mga pekeng mga penises?
Hindi gumamit ng mga bagay tulad ng maraming mga lesbians ko.Dildos at mga buto-hugis na mga bagay ay imbento dahil ang lipunan ay gustong mag-isip mga kababaihan na kailangan ng mga lalaki sekswal na masaya. Maraming lesbians natuklasan klitoris sa halip. Ilang mga lesbians na bumili dildos na gawin ito dahil sila ay fooled sa pag-iisip pagtagos ay ang pinaka-kaaya-aya hindot para sa isang babae. Syempre, ang ilang mga lesbians, at ilang mga heterosexuals, enjoy na natagos. Ngunit ito ay masyadong bastos para sa lipunan upang ipalagay LAHAT sa kanila na gusto ito, o upang ipalagay na ang isang babae ay nangangailangan ng isang tao o isang tao sa hugis ng bagay na maging masaya.

8. Ang aking mga kasosyo ay hindi presyon sa akin sa pagkakaroon ng PIV, pinili ko na gawin ito. Ngunit ko nadama hindi komportable afterward. Bakit?
Marahil hindi mo talaga nais na gawin ito. Madalas gumaganap ng lipunan tulad ng isang rapist. Ito ay nagsasabi ng mga kababaihan dapat silang magkaroon ng PIV, o na dapat silang magdusa ang mga kahihinatnan (doktor, panlipunan libakin). Kadalasan, ang mga batang babae tingin nila pinili upang magkaroon ng PIV, ngunit aktwal na sila ay kumbinsido na gawin ito sa pamamagitan ng lipunan. Siya feels tulad ng siya ay raped. Siya ay raped, talaga, ng lipunan.
Kung PIV ay masakit, maaari mo ring galit dahil sa tingin mo lalaki ay kaya ng pagyurak kababaihan sekswal, ngunit na babae ay hindi maaaring saktan ng mga tao. Feels tulad ng kalikasan ginawa mo mababa dahil ikaw ay mahina at hindi siya. Na ito ay hindi totoo.Kung hunhon ang iyong klitoris at labia laban sa kanyang testicles, na nasaktan siya. Ito ay hindi tunay na ang mga kababaihan ay hindi maaaring saktan ng mga tao sekswal. Ngunit lipunan ay hindi kailanman ay tumawag tulad ng isang gawa “normal sex” dahil lalaki ay nagsisimula nasugatan. Ngunit ang lipunan ay naniniwala ang PIV ay “normal sex”, kahit injures ilang babae. At dahil ang PIV ay hindi kinakailangan para sa pagbubuntis, walang dahilan na naniniwala ang PIV ay normal dahil ito ay nagdudulot ng pagpaparami.

9. Ngunit hindi P.I.V ng natural na paraan upang magkaroon ng sex? Ay hindi ito katutubo o isang bagay?
Hindi. Hindi lahat ng mga hayop ay may PIV, at hindi lahat ng mga tao ay may PIV Sa lipunan o panahon na kung saan ang sex ay hindi tinalakay, ang batang lalaki ay hindi kahit na malaman kung paano magkaroon ng PIV Mayroon sila ay tinuruan upang ilagay ang kanilang mga penises sa kababaihan vaginas. Kung ito ay isang likas na likas na ugali kung bakit sila ay kailangan na itinuro na gawin ito? Ang ilang mga tao sabihin na ito ay natural upang ululin ang mga kababaihan sa iniisip ito ay isang bagay na sila ay dapat na gawin, o upang gumawa ng mga excuses para sa raping ng isang babae.

10. Pakiramdam ko ay kakaiba kapag wala kaming P.I.V. Ito ay tulad ng hindi namin ay talagang magkaroon ng sex.
Ang pakiramdam na ito ay dahil sa kultura conditioning.Sinusubukan ng lipunan upang gumawa ng sa tingin mo PIV ay “real” sex. P.I.V ay isa lamang uri ng sex. Kung isinasaalang-alang ang lipunan anal sex “real” kasarian, o sex sa kung saan ang isa partner chokes ang iba pang, o sex na kung saan ang buto ang torus sa pamamagitan ng serviks sa matris, maaari mo na may katulad na mga damdamin tungkol sa mga gawain. Hindi mo kailangan na magkaroon ang P.I.V upang magkaroon ng sex. Kung tamasahin mo PIV, ito ay okay na gawin ito, ngunit dapat mong malaman ang tungkol sa masamang kahihinatnan una, at tiyakin ang iyong pagnanais na gawin ito ay hindi naiimpluwensyahan ng ibang tao o sa pamamagitan ng ang mga media. Ito ay mahusay na magkaroon ng iba’t-ibang mga sekswal na mga kilos, ngunit tiyakin na ikaw ay pagiging totoo sa iyong sarili at huwag gawin ikaw ay hindi komportable sa.

Mangyari lamang na ibahagi ang video na ito sa iba pang mga batang babae at huwag matakot upang talakayin ang PIV sa iyong mga kaibigan, kung hindi sila tututol tatalakayin tulad ng bagay.Higit pang mga kababaihan na kailangan upang marinig ito, lalo na dahil marami na sa tingin nila ang lang na hindi gusto PIV Mga tao ay walang karapatan upang gamitin ang iyong katawan para sa sex, PIV, o iba pang mga gawain, at kailangan mong malaman kung paano upang tanggihan.

PIV nagdadala panganib, kabilang ang pagbubuntis, ang panganib ng servikal kanser, sakit, pansiwang, pagkatuyo, sakit, at mga pangkaisipan damdamin na invaded (lalo na kung ang lalaki ay ang aktibong partner). Ikaw ay libre upang magkaroon ito, ngunit dapat palagi kang maunawaan ang mga panganib una, ang mga panganib na lipunan ay madalas sumasaklaw up.
Huwag hayaan ang pressures mula sa lipunan, ang mga media, at mula sa mga husbands iimpluwensya sa iyong desisyon, at siguraduhin na mag-isip bago magkaroon mo PIV

Nagmamay-ari ka ng iyong katawan!

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