WhiteValkyrie is a sole blogger dedicated to radical feminism, women’s rights, the arts, great food, fun movies, social justice, and serious revolution against the ways of the world.  Chock full of controversial and enlightening posts, WhiteValkyrie is unafraid to speak her mind and call for drastic changes in the world’s nature (although, true to her spirit as a fan of history, always wants to preserve cherished things at the same time!)



Read this blog for exciting attacks on patriarchy and racism, great movie critiques and book reviews, and some fun recipes, craft ideas, practical advice, and the occasional fun story.

After all, what is the use fighting for a revolution if we don’t take part in great everyday activities to create an enjoyable world to live in once change arrives?



WhiteValkyrie enjoys the music of, of course, Richard Wagner.  In addition, she listens to Enya, the Beatles, Mozart, Beethoven, John Williams, Bizet, Satie, The Doors, the Beach Boys, Spice Girls, film scores, Alan Menken, Elvis, big band and swing, and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Her favorite films are: Titanic, Amadeus, Mrs. Doubtfire, Braveheart, Spiderman, Spartacus, Austin Powers, Last Temptation of Christ, Borat, Gone with the Wind, Wizard of Oz, Corpse Bride, Life of Brian, Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame, Lawrence of Arabia, Lord of the Rings, Sister Act, Platoon, Passion of the Christ, Sleepy Hollow, Avatar, Blast From the Past……..

She likes to eat: salmon, sushi, tiramisu, chocolate cake, steak, balsamic salad, blueberries, Brie, nimh chow, popsicles, miso soup, potatoes, Lebanese food, spaghetti, chicken pot pie, sweet potatoes, and gelato.  She enjoys knitting, reading, writing, movies, music, books, walking, taking pictures, eating, jokes, and philosophy.


On this blog, you will find a lot of issues mainstream feminism doesn’t address, and many viewpoints here oppose mainstream “feminism”, such as:


*PIV-centrism (the idea that the main definition of sex should be putting a penis in a vagina)

*Sex-positivism (the idea that women’s liberation is best brought about by “liberating” them to have more sex with men)

*Equality as the solution.  We don’t want to be made “equal” to anyone.  We want to stop men from preying on us.  It’s a war, not a race.  Imagine if instead of freeing slaves, America just made them “equal” to whites.  The whole “equality” issue is a little dry.

*Fun Feminism (the third wave feminism brand which suggests feminism is all about helping women have more fun. more sex, and more money- tangible “benefits”).

*The idea that feminism means getting women to act more like men have been acting, and that they have to hate motherhood, beauty, economic equality, and other “feminine” things patriarchy has deemed evil.

*Mainstream feminism’s “pick your battles” attitude, as if it isn’t okay to be bothered by something because it’s “not too important”.  (in whose opinion?)

*Legalizing prostitution

*Wishy-washy attitude about blaming men for women’s problems and instead blaming “social beliefs” for “brainwashing” men and “making” them pick on women.

*The idea that patriarchy hurts men just as much as women.

*The idea that members of non-oppressed classes should be automatically assumed to understand the suffering of members of oppressed classes.

*Individualistic atomized solutions to the problem of patriarchy/misogyny

*Practicing transsexualism and sex-change for the wrong reasons, such as to be better able to enjoy “feminine” activities, to gain access to women’s locker rooms, or to magically be able to understand what it feels like to grow up oppressed.

*Vive la Difference attitudes, “we’re different and complimentary” crap

*The “Who am I to judge” attitude about male activities and interests, and about life in general.

*The pro-pornography attitude, and the naive belief that S+M and other violent pornographies are not currently done in a manner that is degrading to women.

*Ineffective “good girl” tactics, like following the law, assuming misogynists just need to have things explained to them a little better, and never trying to offend anyone.

*”All-inclusive” cowardliness.  We do not “include” adherents to Wahabbi Islam, misogynists, rapists, or other anti-women sorts in our movement.  That would be like including the Hitler Youth leader in a pro-Jewish rights march.

*Views such as that feminism’s gains should be solely physical and expedient, rather than psychological, such as an end to insults, bigotry, etc.

*The idea that we can win without touching the core systems patriarchy put in place: the current marriage system, the economy, capitalism, the legal system, medicine, the media, and the prostitution/pornography/slavery ring.



Welcome and enjoy WhiteValkyrie’s blog!



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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Pingback: So Women not Wanting to Have Sex Involves “Excuses”? « whitevalkyrie

  2. Am following and looking forward to such wisdom you have in what you blog about. You find few blogs that address these issues out of the “status quo” tat most deem acceptable.

  3. FabFro

    So there is a feminist who can think like this? Interesting and so refreshing! I’m going to be reading much on this blog [and your new one].

    Also, you say:
    “After all, what is the use fighting for a revolution if we don’t take part in great everyday activities to create an enjoyable world to live in once change arrives?”

    Yes, I’ve come to the conclusion that feminism starts at home, not in front of the house that Jack built.

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